Opie — Silky Smooth and flea free! (hopefully)

Scratch, scratch, scratch! Thump, thump, thump.  Hmmm.  “Honey, I think the dog has fleas!”

Well, we are 5 days away from giving him his flea treatment, but he seems beset poor little guy.  I looked at his documents from the rescue organization. According to those documents, he had a flea treatment a little less than a month ago. In fact,  the form shows that he had his treatment the day we picked him up.   We are coming up quickly on the 30 day mark. I have to say I am not terribly impressed with this treatment. He’s been scratching since we’ve had him — so that would be 27+ days!  I”ve seen the evil  little fleas crawl across his snout. I’ve picked them off and crushed them between my finger tips. Never have a killed bug with more relish! ( Oh yeah, mosquitos!)   Fleas are the reason he’s banned from the bed.  Well, that and that special “odor de doggy” that he gives off from time to time. Luckily, we have leather furniture and hard wood floors. We only have rugs in the living room at the entry way and in the bathroom. There aren’t a lot of places for the little beasts to hang out other than Opie!

We’ve got to wash, vacuum and de- flea every place where Opie’s been and hope that’s enough. Our trainer had recommended a “flea bomb”.  However, I am not a fan of spraying poison indiscriminately all over my house.  My house is not a toxic waste dump! But we’ve got to take action.  Every time he scratches, we scratch — sympathetically, of course! ( We hope!)

Opie before going to the groomers

Here I am before going to the groomers. I think I'm going to the dog park.

So, at 10 AM I took Opie to the groomers for a bath and a clip.  Fouad, the groomer  told me to pick Opie up at 5PM. That gave us time to do a lot.  ( By the way, is this an excessive amount of time to be at the groomers?  I’m not at the beauty salon for 7 hours!  I’d go nuts! Poor Opie, I hope they have good magazines. )

10:15AM  I vacuum the h-e-double toothpicks out of the living room rug.

10:30AM I  spray allegedly “safe” flea spray on the living room rug.

10:35AM Gregory beats the h-e- double toothpicks out of the entry way rug. Then I vacuum it and spray it.

10:55 AM I put Opie’s doggy bed, blanket and towel in the washing machine and choose the steam clean option.

11:10 AM I pull the pillow covers off the throw pillows on the couch in preparation of washing them. I pull the rocking chair cushions off as well as well as the big yellow pillow from our bed that briefly served as Opie’s bed before we went to the pet store to get him the one in our room.

The day was filled with spraying flea stuff, Oxyclean, and washing and drying various bulky items.  By 4:30PM Opies personal bedding is completely dry. Other items are either in the wash or the dryer. The flea spray which needed at least an hour to dry has been dry for hours.

I'm silky smooth!

5PM I pick up Opie who is now silky smooth and beside himself with joy to see us. He looks like a midget Afghan hound with his silky do and newly shaved snout.  He smells divine!  He rides in my lap as Daddy drives us home. He sticks his nose out the window and gets his doggy high!

Once home, he’s a ball of excitement! He’s so glad to be home!  He’s also STARVING!  His last meal was at 7:30AM.  We feed him. Take his picture. Cuddle him and then put his Advantix on.  Dad and Greg take him for a walk immediately. That stuff has to dry and its best if it drys outside.  Besides that, Opie has been cooped up all day at the groomers. He needs a vigorous walk.  

“Gotta walk the cobwebs out,” says Daddy!

Now he’s home circling his bed, pawing at it, trying to stamp some of the dryer puffiness out of it.

My bed is puffy! But I am silky smooth!

Home… silky smooth and on his way to being flea free!


About Opie and Opie's Mom

Snorkie with attitude. My mom writes about me and sometimes she lets me write something too. I was rescued July 11, 2010! I am so happy! I love my family and I hate squirrels. I don't know any cats but the neighborhood cats are fun to bark at. Read Opie's Mom's Blog to find out more about me. View all posts by Opie and Opie's Mom

2 responses to “Opie — Silky Smooth and flea free! (hopefully)

  • sagechronicles

    Opie, you are so handsome! I don’t know what fleas are, but it doesn’t sound very good. My Mom says she knows all about them though. They put something on my neck called Frontline. It’s suppose to keep fleas away too. Like what your Mom and Dad used.
    I’ve never been to a groomer–was it fun? My Mom and Dad give me baths. One time they gave me a bath in the back yard. That’s when I went swimming in a mud hole.

    I’m off to take a little nap now,

  • lillij

    Thanks Sage! I’m not that fond of the groomers, but I know Fouad. He took care of me after they got me from the shelter. He was really nice to me and brushed me and rubbed my belly for a long time. I like him. I’ll let him wash me and blow dry my hair. He doesn’t hurt me either. Barbara, my foster mom, told my mom about some bad groomers to stay away from.

    I like being silky smooth. Mom cuddles me more when I smell good. My brushing is going better too. My hair doesn’t pull anymore.

    But best of all — I don’t have any fleas. You dont’ want to know what those are like Sage. They are HORRIBLE. I bite them and scratch them and lick them and they didn’t go away until Mom put on my Advantix drops. It didn’t hurt or anything. Really easy!

    Mom says that I can have a batth at home sometime like you, but for now she loves Fouad. We can walk to him and he’s really, really cheap!

    Well I see Hedgie. He needs to be chewed.

    Gotta go!

    Smell you later!


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