I Gotta Be Freeee!

Hi, Opie here!

I usually don’t tell my own stories, but this time. I just have to tell you about this cool thing I did.

Mom and Dad and the boys were chillin’ in the living room. They were  watching something . They weren’t watching me.   I had been asleep on my doggie bed, and then, I smelled something, something INTERESTING!  So I hopped up and trotted to the back bedroom. Mom and Dad usually keep the big windows in that room open. I really like that. I can smell everything in the backyard.  Well, the interesting smell was coming through the window.  It was telling me to come closer. I got as close to the screen as I could. I pressed my nose against it and and guess what?

The screen popped open!


I squeezed out the gap! There it was. I was surrounded by the interesting smell — FREEDOM!

I was out in the back yard all by myself. Free to crawl under the bushes, roll in the grass and investigate that really funny smelling place behind the gazebo.  I’m not supposed to go back there.  Mom thinks that there’s some sort of old animal den back there. I wonder what kind of animal. Another dog?  I don’t think it’s there anymore.  It smells old.  Yippee!  Mom and Dad and the boys never leave me out here by myself. They think I’ll eat things I shouldn’t eat or poop somewhere they don’t want me to poop.  But, I was a good boy!  I like being a good boy. I get tons of tummy rubs, and I  LOVE tummy rubs.  Sometimes I just lay down in front of Mom, Dad or the boys. They always give me a good tummy rub when I do that. They say I’m cute!

I had a good time by myself for a while, but then I wished the boys were outside with me. They like to play ball with me. I like to chase Michael. He’s fast, but not as fast as ME!!!

Gregory saw me through  the window and yelled for mom.  He called me and I came.   You see, I am a good boy!  Also, it wasn’t as interesting out there without them.  It was kind of lonely.  I tried to get in the same way I got out, but the gap didn’t want to let me in the right way.  Gregory and Michael and Daddy were at the door. They let me in.  Dad called me a “Dickens.”  He calls me that a lot. He also calls me “honey dog.” I heard Dad tell the boys that I’m really smart,  so that’s why it’s important that they keep the back yard gate latched.  Mom washed me with grooming wipes. I got a little dirty.

Anyway, the window is closed every time I go back in the bedroom now.   I don’t mind. I miss the smell of outdoors, but it’s warmer in that room now.

Gotta go!

Smell you later!



About Opie and Opie's Mom

Snorkie with attitude. My mom writes about me and sometimes she lets me write something too. I was rescued July 11, 2010! I am so happy! I love my family and I hate squirrels. I don't know any cats but the neighborhood cats are fun to bark at. Read Opie's Mom's Blog to find out more about me. View all posts by Opie and Opie's Mom

5 responses to “I Gotta Be Freeee!

  • twobarkingdogs

    You are a very very good boy and I think you deserve some treats!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  • lillij

    Thank you nice lady!

    I’ll tell mom to buy a new bag. I love treats!

    Smell you later,


  • sagechronicles

    Hello, Opie! It sounds like you had fun exploring. I’ve never gone out through a window though. That sounds like fun! I think I might like to try it sometime.

    I love my back yard too. It has so many interesting smells and I like to see if there’s anything new. I really liked it when we had those rats that were getting into Mom’s compost bin. But she wouldn’t let me play with them and I had to come in too.

    I’m going out to see what I can sniff now–catch you later!

  • lillij

    Hi Sage!

    I saw a mouse yesterday. We were on our walk. I was with Mom. A big black bird swooped down to get the mouse but missed. My mom said I was about to see nature in action. The mouse ran away and ran toward us. I was ready for it, but Mom made a funny noise. I didn’t know she could run that fast! It was fun running with Mom. We ran about a block! She was making a funny yelping noise the whole time. Does you mom every make that kind of noise?

    I hope I see a mouse again. It was kind of neat. It looked like a really tiny version of my toy hedgehog. I wonder if it would squeak if I bit into it.

    Well gotta run!

    Smell you later!


  • lillij

    Opie, you are NOT faster than me!


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