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School — I guess, I’ll tolerate it

Hi all,

Opie here.  My boys Gregory and Michael go to school ALL THE TIME!  When they first adopted me in July, they were with me all the time but near the beginning of September they started going away early in the morning and not coming back until later in the afternoon. Then they didn’t really have time to play with me. They were sitting at the table doing things with those funny sticks that no one will let me chew and Gregory, my big brother was on the computer and NOT looking at my Blog.

Mom explained to me that they were going to school.  I don’t like it.  I really didn’t like  that idea.  I want them home with me all the time.

Mom has been taking me along in the van when she takes the boys in the morning.  Dad bought me a new seat belt harness and I sit in the middle seat of the van. Michael sits next to me and Gregory sits in the front with Mom. I I love riding in the car.   She let’s a window down and I love the  interesting  street smells as we drive by.

We Get To School

I love the ride, but I hate it when we finally get to the school. These strangers are waiting at the curb to take MY boys out of the car.  The Van is MY TERRITORY and those are MY BOYS.  KEEP AWAY FROM MY BOYS!   I bark at them and you know what?

They ignore me!  The boys get out of the car and take all there stuff and disappear into this big building.  This makes me sad and my bark turns into a little crying.  I miss them and I am a little scared of these teacher people. What are they doing to my boys?   They are STRANGERS!

Gregory and Michael walking away!

Mom, always talks to me in a calm voice as pull away from the curb and takes me directly to the dog park.  Seeing my buddies, Poppy, Isabella, Chase or Woody or Drake or my new friend Rocky usually makes me feel a lot better.   We wrestle and race around for a while and I feel lots better.

This is me having a good time at the Dog park with Poppy! I'm the one jumping over his head!

Mom says I’ll get used to it.  I do love riding in the car with them. Mom takes me other places too.

The best part of the day is when she takes me with her to pick them up!  I  bark at the principle, because he’s kind of scary, but I am too happy to see the boys to bark at the teachers.  They are so glad to see me!  I get lots of pets and scratches behind my ears and if I turn around in the seat I can get a tummy rub too!

I miss my boys, but if they keep coming home I guess I can tolerate the school thing.


My Collar — a Love– Hate Relationship

Hi guys,

Mom let me write this posting!  I wanted to complain about my collar. 

I ‘m tired of it.  I wear it all the time and it’s noisy! 

Chain Martingale Dog Collar by http://www.Pink...

This isn't mine, but my mom is looking at them on the internet. I don't like pink!

When I was at the shelter, I didn’t have one. Then the lady from the rescue came and got me she put a collar on me that had this dangly thing on it. 

When my mom got me from the rescue lady, she and the boys took me to a big pet store. Gregory and Michael, my human big brothers, picked out a pretty blue collar for me that had waves on it. I don’t know what waves are but that’s what they said it was. It was a Martingale like the black one I had on. They changed my collar right there in the pet store. That day I also got another tag to add to the other one. I was very jingly like Christmas bells. 

For a while I really liked that collar.  But, I got tired of having it on all the time. I jingled every time I moved. 

Scratch my ear. Jingle, jingle! Sit up. Jingle, jingle! Lick my parts. Jingle, jingle.

It’s annoying!

Dad said I was too noisy so he took the rings off the tags and put all of them on one ring.  That made things a little better, but then my license came in the mail. Dad added a THIRD tag to the ring. Mom bought some of those rubber things you can put around the tags and keep them from making a lot of noise.  It was very chewy.  Mom had to dig it out of my mouth.

Collar too loose

Then Dad said my collar was too loose. He tightened it but it was still really, really loose. I hoped he wouldn’t notice, but he notices everything. He’s the one that picks the stickers out of my chin and pulls stuff out of my paws when I can’t quite get it.

 New Collar

A few days ago Mom got me another collar. She tried to get a smaller blue one like the one the boys picked out. But they were out of them. My new collar is smaller and it’s red with a funny design on it.

I don’t’ think mom likes it though. She says it’s too thin and she’s always rubbing the edges trying to make duller.  She’s not happy about how short my hair has gotten right around the edge.

Why do I need a collar at all?

Actually, I don’t see why I need a collar at all.  I asked mom and we had a talk about it.

Conversation with Mom as translated from the original Snorkie

Mom: Opie, did you knock the screen out of the bedroom window the other day trying to get that grey cat?”

The Gas Man

This isn't our gas man but he wears that orange thingy. I hate him!

Me:  Well, yes Mama. That cat doesn’t belong in our backyard, and she poops under the swing set and that’s gross and…

Mom: Did you bark at the gas man when he came through the backyard to read the meter?

Me:   Yes, and he doesn’t belong in our backyard either. He’s ..

Mom: Opie,  did  the gas man leave the fence gate open when he came in?

Me:  Yes, he did, the ….

Mom: And what would you have done if I hadn’t closed the window?

Me: Jumped out and chased him all the way out of the yard.    


“I should mention that I realized that I was about to lose the argument here so I started licking my parts and pretending I wasn’t listening. My human brothers look out the window or play with their game boys when the lecture starts. I don’t have thumbs so I have to make do.”

Mom:  Now, Opie, you know we don’t want you to get lost, right?  We do our best to keep you safe in the house. We take you off leash in the house and at the dog park and in our backyard.  We never take the collar off, because it’s got all your information on it. If you ever got out of the yard and got loss, someone could read your tags and know who you belong to. It’s got all our information on it and if for some reason we didn’t get to you quickly, Randee’s information from Lhasa Home rescue is on it too.  You have to have your Culver City License because if animal control gets you before any of us, then they will take you to Culver City’s No Kill shelter.

Do you understand why you have to wear the collar now?

Me: Well why do I need it in the house?

Looking out the window

I love open windows don't you?

Mom:  Are you going to stop jumping out the window and knocking the screen out?

Me: (Lick, lick, lick) Wait! What about the microchip? Hasn’t that got everything on it too.

Mom:  Yes, it does little Doggins, but how do we know that whoever gets you will have the little doohickey necessary to read the microchip.  The tags are a great back up.

Me: Oh all right.

Mom could tell I was disappointed about not taking off my collar. She gave me an extra long tummy rub and played a long time with me and Hedgie.  Later, I got a little piece of breakfast ham too!

I guess all those tags and the collar are a sign that Mom and Dad care about me and want to keep me safe. 

I guess I’ll have to endure it. Mom says that if she may buy me a new collar soon. She doesn’t like the red one very much.  Oh well, she says it’s this or doggie outfits.  She said something about having to indulge her desire to dress me up. What does that mean?

Oh well!

Smell you later,

Your friend Opie

Adopt a Special Needs Pet and get Extra Special Love!


Attention Southern Californians in the L.A. or South Bay area!

I recieved a great email from my friend Deborah Weinrach of the Culver City Friends of Animals Society!  I want to share it with all of you. Maybe  you have room in your home for an extra special dog that can give you extra special love.

** EBONY **
“Special Needs” Sweety
Harbor Shelter – A1144871
Hasn’t A Clue She’s Different From Other Dogs!
EBONY – 3 yo female Spaniel Mix – URGENT!!!!
ID# A1144871
Intake Date: August 22, 2010
EBONY is a 3 yr old female Spaniel Mix who came to Harbor Shelter as a stray on August 22.  Sweet Ebony is SPECIAL NEEDS – she has a congenital deformity resulting in her hindlimbs being contracted into a flexed position.  Ebony doesn’t seem to be aware that there is ANYTHING wrong with her!  She gets around just great & is very functional – sometimes hopping on one hindlimb, and other times using both hindlimbs.  Ebony is exceptionally sweet, loving, affectionate, and a very happy girl….. she enjoys both human time and playtime w/ her kennel mates.  She loves “lap time”, too.  This very special little girl does not have a clue she is a bit “different” from other dogs….. making her all the more special!!! 
Check out Ebony in action:
If you can help Ebony
please contact Harbor Shelter ASAP!!! 

A special note from Opie:

I never forget that I was a rescued dog.  Please note the intake date.  I don’t know what Ebony’s  execution date is or if she has one yet. Mine was about 30 days from the date of my intake. Lhasa Happy Home Rescue grabbed me  3 weeks before my date.  I was adopted by my mom, and I am so happy and so loved.

You can make Ebony happy too. We doggies have a lot of love to give. We don’t talk back ( much).  We don’t judge at all. We listen to your troubles. We lick you when you need it and we cuddle you. We make you laugh and smile. We bring joy to your lives. We don’t ask for much. Food, a good place to sleep, a chewy toy and walkies so we don’t make a mess.  Sombody please help Ebony. She looks nice!

Take Care,


Harbor Animal Care Center, San Pedro, CA 
Direct Line (310) 548-2632                     
Kennel Supervisior, Leslie Corea,
city cell (213) 305-8323



This is what the dining room table looked like after coffee and doing a little of the cross word puzzle.  Then I got all involved in playing scrabble on the Ipad — Addictive! Yes!


I heard a funny sound behind me, a scuffling noise. I was lying on the couch, absorbed in my game trying to  make a word out of “MXLDR.”  I raised my head, and this is what I saw.  I think he was just about to make his own fun with the newspaper, the paper napkins and the green ball point pen you can’t see. because he’s sitting on it.



In his defense, I’ll point out that all I did was point to the floor and say “Off!” and he  jumped right down.  I wonder what he else he does when we are not paying attention?

One more item — to all my future dinner guests. Please rest assured that the table will be cleaned, inspected and cleaned again before any meal is placed on the table.  However, please be advised.  Be vigilant regarding your dish  It is totally accessible.

Opie’s Many Names


O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other name would smell as sweet.. 

                                                  Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Opie has more than one name in our house. This is not surprising. We all have many names.  For example, I am Mom, Mama, Mommy, Josette, Honey, sweetie, and of course,  WOMAN!!!  As you can imagine, each of these names is evoked in a  different situation. The person using the name is usually in a distinct emotional state when using it.  Opie has different names as well. What follows is a list of his names and the situations which warrant each use.

Opie — Default name. He is referred to in casual conversation by this name. 

OPIE! – He’s being called for some reason.  Here are some  possible reasons:

  •  He’s on the couch trying to bury his bully stick
  •  He’s got  Dad’s cargo shorts in his mouth and Dad isn’t in them.
  •  He’s barking at a critter in the backyard after midnight.
  •  He’s knocked out the screen to get at the critter and bolted into the dark backyard after it.
  • He’s pulled the leash out of my hand in an effort to “climb” a tree to get at a squirrel.

DICKENS DAWG! –  My husband calls him this when he’s being a little Dickens and a rascally little fellow.

I’ve always wondered how that term evolved.  Charles Dickens is the only Dickens I can think of, but it seems odd to call evoke his name when calling someone a rascally mischievous character.  He certainly has some rascally characters in his novels.  The “Artful Dodger” comes to mind as well as Fagan from Oliver Twist and  Uriah Heep, the disgustingly “‘umble” character in Great Expectations.  Somehow, the use of the term “Dickens” to denote a rascally type fellow does not connect that well for me.   Wouldn’t it  be more logical to have developed specific references to the characters in our popular culture rather than  to their author?  I can easily see calling Opie, you little “Dodger,” and saying, ” Don’t give me those “Uriah Heep” eyes!

 If I make a reference to Cujo, you will immediately know I m referring to the vicious  dog in a Stephen King novel of the same name. If I say a dog sounded like the “Hound of the Baskervilles,”  you may not have read that  particular Sherlock Holmes story, but it sounds creepy and mysterious, right?  You don’t refer to a vicious dog as a little Stephen King or as a scary sounding dog as an Arthur Conan Doyle dog. We refer to them by their character names.  Cujo and The Hound!  It just doesn’t make sense. Okay, I digressed.

Honey Dawg — obviously, this is when he’s being sweet, nuzzling in for a pet, flipping over for a belly rub and showing his puppy adoration.  We call him this because it just feels right!

Crazy Nut Dog!  — This name is invoked when his squirrel frenzy will not make him mind!

Moron Dog — He’s usually done something stupid which has exasperated us — tied himself up in his leash, stepped in his water bowl and caused it to spill all over the kitchen floor, or worse yet stepped in another dog’s poo at the dog park, or gotten himself “marked” when he was smelling some dog’s underbelly while said dog was marking a pole. He got “baptised” today by Poppy, one of his little buddies.

Stink Dog — Well, I don’t really have to explain that do I?

Mama’s baby — When he’s the only sweet child in the house. He hasn’t forgotten his homework, had a tantrum, hit his brother, refused to do his chores or complained about the laundry not being done and not noticed that you are wearing a new outfit and feel a little fragile. Mama’s Baby always knows just when to come and sit  on your foot and look up at you and lick your knee. Mama’s baby knows just when a little doggy adoration is just what is needed.

And so those are the many names of Opie! He’s clearly a multi faceted dog.

I'm an onion. I have layers!

Wordless Wednesday — Opie’s Head Shots — L.A. Dog Stories

Opie the Ingenue

Emotionally Distant




Devil - may - care - sophistidog!

Man! That was scary!

Hi there,

Opie here.  I went to the dog park this morning after dropping off my human puppies at school.  My mom just discovered that there’s a really good crew of pups like me that come in the early morning.  We get along great. We run and play and really have a great time.  I had a good time last time I was there. I met Bella and Chase! They were really nice.  Today, I had a good time too. I met Bella and Chase and Princess and  Bailey. I think Bailey and Chase and I are going to be really good buddies.  

We have a really good dog park. Medium guys like me and little guys like Bella ( Schnoodle) and  Chase ( Chihuahua/Terrier/? )  all stay on once side of the fenced park and the big guys stay on the other side.

Tinkerbelle (cropped)

This isn't Chase, but it could be! He looks just like this.

Pete - Miniature Schnoodle

This isn't Bella, but she looks like this. Her hair is curlier and I think she's cuter, but she's my friend so I'm biased.


Today, the park was a little wierd.  Normally, I’m not real barky at the dog park.  But day, the minute I walked in this big white dog barked at me through the fence.  Well, I had to bark back didn’t I?  He was trash talking and … well, … Opie don’t play that!  This was kind of unusual, by the way.  Normally, the big dogs don’t even notice us.

My mom lured me away from the fence with a tennis ball, and soon I was playing with my friends.  I played fetch with Mom and she was really happy, because I usually don’t like to play fetch, but all my friends were doing it and they seemed to like it.  It was fun.  I like it when I get to play with Mom and the dogs.

This little guy looks like Chase, but it's another friend of mine. We're having a good time trying to dominate each other. But we are just playing!

This is me having a good time at the Dog park. We are just playing!

I'm so depressed

It really wasn't the bulldog's day. This isn't him, but he looked like this and he looked so sad when he left.

Two Dogs Fighting

Mom wouldn't take picture of the fight, but it was bad. This is a drawing she found on the Internet. Imagine more dogs in the picture. It was scary.

And then the park got scary

We were having a great time and suddenly I heard something scary.  A lady on the other side of the fence was screaming and crying. The big dogs were not barking in a nice way. They were growling, and this big old bulldog was on his back. They were biting him, and he was crying. All of us stopped and watched. The grown ups on our side of the fence were really quiet and really tense.   The people on the other side of the fence — the big dog side  — were all yelling at their dogs to stop biting the bull dogs. They were pulling on collars and trying to get them away.  I could tell the big dogs were really excited. They had been having fun biting the bull dog and they didn’t want to stop. They were in a frenzy.  There was one  really big guy in particular who wouldn’t stop.  His dad was using his strongest voice and pulling on his collar.  The bull dog wasn’t moving when they got the other dogs away.  His mom was crying. I looked back at my mom and the lady she’d been talking to ( Bailey’s mom). She had her hands over her mouth. They were crying too.  I think they were scared. I could tell my mom was upset. The lady picked up her bull dog and carried him to the fence. He  sat up. She got some water and a towel. I could see he had blood dripping from his head and around his neck.  My mom and the Bailey’s mom asked the lady if she needed anything.  There is an emergency vet a block from our park, and my vet is just a few blocks away.  I wanted the bull dog to got my vet. He’s really nice. He’s got great treats and I like his really soft voice. It makes me calm. I was feeling a little funny.

That was really scary. My friends and I didn’t play for a while after that. We sat by our moms and dads. We weren’t scared, though. We were guarding our moms and dads. I could tell they were unhappy.   The mean dog on the other side of the fence was still over there.  He’s big and if he wanted to I knew he could jump over the fence. I stayed right by my mom. I wasn’t scared, but I didn’t want him to bite any of my friends or my mom. If he bit my mom, I’d have to take him down.  I may be smaller than him, but that’s my mama and he’d better not try it.  I know Bailey was feeling the same way. She was right under he mom’s feet.  Princess and Chase were guarding their dad. 

Eventually, somebody threw Bailey a ball. I had to chase her and the ball, and we were back to playing.  We stopped again though because the mean dog started ANOTHER FIGHT!  He must have been in a really bad mood. Finally, his dad took him home. I think he was in trouble. He wasn’t going to get any treats when he got home.   I think he must have made some other big dogs get in a bad mood too. After he left the old dogs who’d been in the first fight and a couple of new dogs got into ANOTHER  fight.  That makes THREE fights!  I don’t think it was the same sort of thing though.  The new dogs came in with their dad and a really small human.  My mom says that type of human is called a toddler. I could hear them dogs, and they were just saying,  “Stay away from our human puppy. She’s ours and we guard her. Yes,  we know she smells good like food and poo, but she’s ours so BACK OFF!”   I can relate to that. I feel that way about my small humans. However, mine are lots bigger but somehow that doesn’t matter. They are mine and I love them!

Finally, it calmed down and Bailey and  I went back to playing.  We had a good time.

It was scary today, but it was exciting too.   I’m so sleepy.  I can’t wait to get in my bed and have a nice long nap.

Smell you later!

Your friend Opie

Dogs Rule! Pet Adoption Pet Rescue Drives

Help 4 Million Dogs Across the Country!

Hey everybody! I’m jumping on the band wagon to help ownerless doggies get a good meal and in some cases get a good owner.  I’m jumping on the band wagon with Bocci from Bocci’s Beefs and Pedigree Dogs to put a free meal  in a hungry little dog belly, or maybe a big doggy belly!

Go to face book and click on the DANG Button! Don't click it here!

Bocci points out that every year, more than four million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations. Hello! That’s scandalous!  Obviously, these dogs need owners, but that’s a lot of dogs, and they have to eat, right.  Pedigree has stepped up to the plate ( pardon the pun) and will donate food for every person who becomes a fan of theirs on Facebook.  I already did my part, and some pup is going to have a meal today that might otherwise not have.  You can go to this link to become a fan.   

Pedigree will donate a bowl of food to every dog in a shelter or rescue organization if you become a fan or “like” them on Facebook by September 19th.  So, go to the link and hit the button!  ( How long did that take 1 minute?)

I hope my readers will take full advantage of this great opportunity to help millions of homeless dogs. How often do we really get a chance to help our little furry friends en masse?

Okay now, if you want the dogs to have more, then post on your blog about this drive. Pedigree will donate one 20 pound bag of food to the shelters for every blog posting. How does that work? Make certain you have the words,   Dogs Rule  and Pedigree Adoption Drive.   Their search engines will find those key words and Presto — Huge bag of food for pups to eat on for a while! That works for me!

Please remember that Opie was once one of these millions of dogs.  I see pups every day on who’ve been rescued by foundations or are slated for execution because of this terrible situation. 

The least we can do is feed them!  So, all you have to do is

1. Become a fan of Pedigree Pet Rescue adoption Drive on Facebook, ( see link above)

2. And if you blog, do a quick blog about this, so that Pedigree automatically donates a 20 pound bag of food.

By September 19, 2010!

Yeah! Dogs Rule and  Go! Pedigree Adoption Drive!

What can you do locally?

Now, for my Angeleno buddies, what can you guys do? Well, you can do this  thing easily. But there’s one other thing I’d like you to note. 

Go to Face book and donate or sponsor somebody!

September 19th there will be a STRUT YOUR MUTT fundraiser.  I’ve been invited by Randee Goldman the founder and owner of Lhasa Happy Home Rescue, the place that rescued Opie.  I have a very warm place in my heart for this organization.

Here are the details:  Cut and pasted from the Strut your Mutt  Fan page on Facebook. Here is the direct link. or paste it into your browser.

It will be at the Santa Monica Pier from 8:30 – 10:30 AM on September 19, 2010

We will be doing a 1 mile walk to raise money for Lhasa Happy Homes, in conjunction with Best Friends, in an effort to put an end to homeless pets. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please join our “Dog Pack” and walk with us (and your pooch!) or just sponsor one of our walkers. EVERY PENNY raised goes directly to saving lives as we are a volunteer based group. HELP US SAVE INNOCENT LIVES!!! We appreciate your support!

Walk With Us:

Sponsor Us:
(or choose any of our other walkers!)

Message us with any questions and join us in Struttin Our Mutts!

This can be a great week for dogs. Let’s  feed our homeless and hungry pups! Let’s Strutt our Mutts!

Let’s really show the world that 


Mystery Dog — Solve the puzzle!

What is Opie doing with Writing and Analyis in the Law by Helene S. Shapo?  What is he doing with the Untamed Bride by Stephanie Laurens? What’s he doing with the L.A.Times Crossword and Comic section?  Do you wonder what he’s doing with those things?   Then perhaps you can solve the mystery.

 Here’s the scenario.

We leave the house to go out for “Linner”  ( Late lunch early dinner)  Opies been watered, fed and walked. He’s  had good fun chasing squirrels in the backyard and doing who knows what in the monkey grass that’s taller than he is.  We push in all the chairs to the dining room. I move my office chair into the laundry room so that he won’t climb up on my desk and destroy things. I close my laptop ( I found a dog hair on the shift key.  I think he’s started his own blog!)  We believe that we’ve removed everything  from his reach that he could possibly be interested in destroying.

We return and find his leash in the middle of living room, and the aforementioned books and newspapers  strewn about the floor.  All of these items had been out of his reach — or so we thought.

What has he been doing?  Reading? Taking himself for a walk? Grading Unit 8 papers?

Let’s examine the evidence.

Hmm. the legal writing text book —  Why is this out?  Has Opie got a legal problem that he needs to address in writing?  Could it be that he has a draft of a legal Complaint hidden somewhere ?  Or has he been sued and needs to draft up an Answer to the Complaint? These ideas might be more plausible if he had five fingers including a thumb.

What about the romance novel? Is Opie addicted to womens’ fiction? Is he looking for pointers on how to romance the lady dog of his dreams?  Also unlikely — Opie is missing certain parts which might make him interested in attractive lady pups. Romance is unlikely. Additionally, he might have diffculty turning the pages of the novel. Afterall, besides those other parts, he also has no thumbs.

What about the crossword comics section? The puzzle has been filled in by someone other than me. Could Opie have found the clue to the middle  name of the baseball player starting with the letter “E”?  Or is he enjoying the hi-jinx of Marmaduke, that zany Great Dane?  Unfortunately, that thumb issue has cropped up, and quite frankly, I doubt he finds that dog funny at all. Opie has a more refined sense of humor.

And finally — the leash? What was he doing with the leash?  Does Opie have a pup he walks when we’re out? The poop bag was still tied to the end so whoever he walked did not have need of it. Could he have been trying to crochet himself a little doggy jacket with it? It has been unseasonably chilly this summer in Southern California. 

So what do you think?

I ask you fellow bloggers. What was Opie up to?


Image via Wikipedia

What the heck is a Snorkie, anyway?


This is a pair of Miniature Schnauzers, female...

Yah! I'm Katz and this is Jammer! Yah Vol!

Three year old with characteristic long hair

I don't know if Opie's hair will ever get that long, or if I'll let it! Hippy dog!

A Snorkie is a cross between a Yorkie and a Schnauzer.  To understand Opie’s character a little better – his hatred of squirrels, birds, hiss incessant need to track, track, track —  I decided to do a little research on his breeding.


This is not Opie! This is a snorkie named Einstein. Wow, they could be twins.


Here is what I found.

On the Yorkie side of the family this is what we get.

Not surprisingly, Yorkies are from the British Isles. They were brought to Yorkshire by Scottish workers. The British dog snobs say they were bred by common people, and that’s why they know so little about them.  There’s some folderol about this dog and that dog being the originators of the breed, but that’s dull and uninteresting to me. What is interesting is that Yorkies have always been thought of as brave little dogs. They are described as “bold and active.”  The article goes on to say “that the Yorkshire terrier is active,  loves attention, very overprotective and should not show the soft temperament seen in lap dogs.”  I am not too sure I know what they mean by the  “lap dog” temperament.  I followed the link and they defined lap dog as a small dog able to be held in the lap that has no working function other than that of a docile companion.  Well, I’ll say this. Opie is definitely not too small and not that docile.  He does fit on my lap, but he’d rather lie on the couch next to me. He’s not a “lap dog.” He’s feisty!   Retrieved from

A Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie. I think Opies Mom or Dad must have been on the big side. I just can't picture it.

Of course, we all know what Yorkies look like, their distinctive dark brown, grey coats.  Silky smooth seems to be the common grooming doggie do for these cute little doggies.  They have a host of interesting genetic characteristics.   Delicate stomachs and skin allergies seem to be most prominent among them.  Opie does have a delicate stomach. There’s no doubt about that.  However, so far we don’t have any skin issues, especially since we dealt with the flea issue.  A pure bred Yorkie seems to be a good little pup. Did I mention they are also hypoallergenic?  You’d thing with all that hair they’d be an allergy sufferers nightmare, but not so.  I might not have minded a Yorkie  — however, the boys wanted a bigger dog, not so delicate.

Okay now let’s talk about the Schnauzer side of the family.

... Solzinha - Schnauzer

Isn't he a happy fellow?

Well, this seems to be where all of Opie’s hunting instincts come from. Schnauzers were bred to be ratting dogs. They are originally from German.y (Wow, big surprise!)  They have a great temperament — Alert, friendly, obedient, anxious to please and neither too timid nor too aggressive.  This makes sense. Opie is an alert little fellow, and for the most part, he will sit when told to sit. He does love to please us, and I wouldn’t say he’s too timid.  The research also states that Schnauzers are territorial and protective. They were bred not only to ferret out rodents but also to protect children, and guard the family farm.  I’ll say yes to all of that. Opie is territorial, that’s for sure.  You can easily translate read his bark to strangers on the porch — Who are you? Get off my porch. Yes MY PORCH, Get off, Get going! Schnell! Go! Go! Go!

I can often picture Opie walking a beat with a little night stick in his mouth and a tazer strapped to his little waist. “Burglers, squirrels and mailmen — beware! I’ve got teeth and I know how to use them!”   On his morning walk he glues his nose to the pavement until he runs into a tree and a squirrel perched in the upper branches. Then I have to haul on the leash to get him back in gear.   We’re still working on his loose leash walking. He has good days and  “meh” days.

Schnauzers need a lot of socialization with people and animals so that they don’t go nuts.  That’s probably why Opie loves the dog park so much, and why we feel compelled to give him at least two good walks during the day. He actually gets three, but the mid day one is really just a potty run.  Schnauzers  are active dogs who will “make their own fun” if they aren’t given good activity and stimulation.   Does Opie make his own fun? 

Mama: Opie did you make your own fun in the house today while we were out?

Opie: Well Mama. I saw my leash in the top of the basket, and there was all this other interesting stuff in it, and I jumped and it all fell down and went boom. And since it was all on the floor anyway… Your book didn’t’ taste that good, but I found candy wrappers under the boys’ bed and I thought you said that those sandals hurt your feet and why does your desk have so many books and papers piled up? They block my view of the window and I had to take them down and, I lost my bully stick! And  Did you know that Gregory left a French fry on the dining room table? And you locked the trashcan again!

Yes, I guess I did make my own fun, but you were gone for days, and days and weeks and weeks and months and months and years and years….[ At this point, puppy dog eyes come into play]

Mama: Opie we were gone for 20 minutes.

Does Opie make his own fun?  Yep!

Opie at the Dog ParkOpie can’t help the way he is! It’s in his genes. However, it seems like he’s got some great characteristics from both breeds that we can certainly admire.

He’s loyal.

 He’s protective, and he likes to play and be active.

We can work with all of that.  He can’t help his hatred of rodents.  I’m not that fond of them myself. ( Nasty disease carrying little creatures!)  He’s got a few hundred years of this hatred  imprinted into his genetic code. Hey, it’s nature!

Bottom line —  he’s our little Snorkie and we love him!