Man! That was scary!

Hi there,

Opie here.  I went to the dog park this morning after dropping off my human puppies at school.  My mom just discovered that there’s a really good crew of pups like me that come in the early morning.  We get along great. We run and play and really have a great time.  I had a good time last time I was there. I met Bella and Chase! They were really nice.  Today, I had a good time too. I met Bella and Chase and Princess and  Bailey. I think Bailey and Chase and I are going to be really good buddies.  

We have a really good dog park. Medium guys like me and little guys like Bella ( Schnoodle) and  Chase ( Chihuahua/Terrier/? )  all stay on once side of the fenced park and the big guys stay on the other side.

Tinkerbelle (cropped)

This isn't Chase, but it could be! He looks just like this.

Pete - Miniature Schnoodle

This isn't Bella, but she looks like this. Her hair is curlier and I think she's cuter, but she's my friend so I'm biased.


Today, the park was a little wierd.  Normally, I’m not real barky at the dog park.  But day, the minute I walked in this big white dog barked at me through the fence.  Well, I had to bark back didn’t I?  He was trash talking and … well, … Opie don’t play that!  This was kind of unusual, by the way.  Normally, the big dogs don’t even notice us.

My mom lured me away from the fence with a tennis ball, and soon I was playing with my friends.  I played fetch with Mom and she was really happy, because I usually don’t like to play fetch, but all my friends were doing it and they seemed to like it.  It was fun.  I like it when I get to play with Mom and the dogs.

This little guy looks like Chase, but it's another friend of mine. We're having a good time trying to dominate each other. But we are just playing!

This is me having a good time at the Dog park. We are just playing!

I'm so depressed

It really wasn't the bulldog's day. This isn't him, but he looked like this and he looked so sad when he left.

Two Dogs Fighting

Mom wouldn't take picture of the fight, but it was bad. This is a drawing she found on the Internet. Imagine more dogs in the picture. It was scary.

And then the park got scary

We were having a great time and suddenly I heard something scary.  A lady on the other side of the fence was screaming and crying. The big dogs were not barking in a nice way. They were growling, and this big old bulldog was on his back. They were biting him, and he was crying. All of us stopped and watched. The grown ups on our side of the fence were really quiet and really tense.   The people on the other side of the fence — the big dog side  — were all yelling at their dogs to stop biting the bull dogs. They were pulling on collars and trying to get them away.  I could tell the big dogs were really excited. They had been having fun biting the bull dog and they didn’t want to stop. They were in a frenzy.  There was one  really big guy in particular who wouldn’t stop.  His dad was using his strongest voice and pulling on his collar.  The bull dog wasn’t moving when they got the other dogs away.  His mom was crying. I looked back at my mom and the lady she’d been talking to ( Bailey’s mom). She had her hands over her mouth. They were crying too.  I think they were scared. I could tell my mom was upset. The lady picked up her bull dog and carried him to the fence. He  sat up. She got some water and a towel. I could see he had blood dripping from his head and around his neck.  My mom and the Bailey’s mom asked the lady if she needed anything.  There is an emergency vet a block from our park, and my vet is just a few blocks away.  I wanted the bull dog to got my vet. He’s really nice. He’s got great treats and I like his really soft voice. It makes me calm. I was feeling a little funny.

That was really scary. My friends and I didn’t play for a while after that. We sat by our moms and dads. We weren’t scared, though. We were guarding our moms and dads. I could tell they were unhappy.   The mean dog on the other side of the fence was still over there.  He’s big and if he wanted to I knew he could jump over the fence. I stayed right by my mom. I wasn’t scared, but I didn’t want him to bite any of my friends or my mom. If he bit my mom, I’d have to take him down.  I may be smaller than him, but that’s my mama and he’d better not try it.  I know Bailey was feeling the same way. She was right under he mom’s feet.  Princess and Chase were guarding their dad. 

Eventually, somebody threw Bailey a ball. I had to chase her and the ball, and we were back to playing.  We stopped again though because the mean dog started ANOTHER FIGHT!  He must have been in a really bad mood. Finally, his dad took him home. I think he was in trouble. He wasn’t going to get any treats when he got home.   I think he must have made some other big dogs get in a bad mood too. After he left the old dogs who’d been in the first fight and a couple of new dogs got into ANOTHER  fight.  That makes THREE fights!  I don’t think it was the same sort of thing though.  The new dogs came in with their dad and a really small human.  My mom says that type of human is called a toddler. I could hear them dogs, and they were just saying,  “Stay away from our human puppy. She’s ours and we guard her. Yes,  we know she smells good like food and poo, but she’s ours so BACK OFF!”   I can relate to that. I feel that way about my small humans. However, mine are lots bigger but somehow that doesn’t matter. They are mine and I love them!

Finally, it calmed down and Bailey and  I went back to playing.  We had a good time.

It was scary today, but it was exciting too.   I’m so sleepy.  I can’t wait to get in my bed and have a nice long nap.

Smell you later!

Your friend Opie

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Snorkie with attitude. My mom writes about me and sometimes she lets me write something too. I was rescued July 11, 2010! I am so happy! I love my family and I hate squirrels. I don't know any cats but the neighborhood cats are fun to bark at. Read Opie's Mom's Blog to find out more about me. View all posts by Opie and Opie's Mom

5 responses to “Man! That was scary!

  • sagechronicles

    OH, NO, Opie, that is scary. I don’t blame you for staying by your Mom for a while. I don’t usually get scared at the dog park, but I bet I’d do the same thing. We’ve had a couple of little dog fights but nothing as scary as that. Of course, I run over to see what’s going on, but I don’t join in.

    My trainer said that banging something loud, like a metal dog bowl, is good for distracting dogs when they are getting too excited and start fighting. I don’t know if that would have helped in this case, though. It’s lucky that no humans were bitten.

  • Chewy

    wow what an interesting day you had opie.


  • lillij

    It was scary but I wasn’t scared. I’m not a scaredy cat. I forgot to mention that Princess was really mad at the big dogs. She was barking and barking and barking at the big dogs after the 3rd fight. She’s a Chihuahua and she really read them the riot act. Her dad picked her up and calmed her down. She was mad at them for being so mean and scaring our moms and dads. Princess is really brave. She’s tiny, I mean really tiny, but she likes to play and try and get a ride on my back. My mom always laughs when she tries to do that. I’m not sure why… We’re still going to the dog park. Mom says she’s going to donate an old pot and metal spoon to the big dog side. There was nothing to make noise with.

    Time for my walk

    Smell you later,


  • twobarkingdogs

    Yet another reason why we don’t do the dog park anymore. That, and the fact that my mutts are way healthier since we gave it up. Glad the big bad dog went home without causing too much more trouble.

  • Rocky Rue

    My mama gets really up set when we see dumb humans who bring dogs that are aggressive to the park. Why did it take three dog fights for the humans to leave? Is this man with his bad dog going to help pay the vet bill? Let me tell you about my mama, at the first sign of any aggression on the small side or the big side she picks me right up and carry’s me to the car. We are out of there!
    I have seen my mama yell at humans for bring bad dogs to our fun park.

    Opie it sure was nice to meet you and your mom today that the park.

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