This is what the dining room table looked like after coffee and doing a little of the cross word puzzle.  Then I got all involved in playing scrabble on the Ipad — Addictive! Yes!


I heard a funny sound behind me, a scuffling noise. I was lying on the couch, absorbed in my game trying to  make a word out of “MXLDR.”  I raised my head, and this is what I saw.  I think he was just about to make his own fun with the newspaper, the paper napkins and the green ball point pen you can’t see. because he’s sitting on it.



In his defense, I’ll point out that all I did was point to the floor and say “Off!” and he  jumped right down.  I wonder what he else he does when we are not paying attention?

One more item — to all my future dinner guests. Please rest assured that the table will be cleaned, inspected and cleaned again before any meal is placed on the table.  However, please be advised.  Be vigilant regarding your dish  It is totally accessible.


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Snorkie with attitude. My mom writes about me and sometimes she lets me write something too. I was rescued July 11, 2010! I am so happy! I love my family and I hate squirrels. I don't know any cats but the neighborhood cats are fun to bark at. Read Opie's Mom's Blog to find out more about me. View all posts by Opie and Opie's Mom

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