Am I really part Yorkie?

Hi All!  Opie here!

I went to a new dog park today. My mom will blog about that later.  I met a Yorkshire Terrier for the first time .  Her name was Teddy and she was wearing a pink polka dot dress.  My mom told me that maybe my real doggy mom or my doggy daddy was a yorkie.

Take  a look at this picture.

Teddy is in her pink dress. I don't know the other yorkie.

I look like a giant dog compared to Teddy!  I don’t know much about the birds and the bees, but does this seem odd to you? I just can’t picture it.

Teddy was very nice, by the way. She has a funny little bark that sounds a little like a squirrel’s chattering.  Her dress was very interesting.  Mom was watching me very closely at the park. I think she was afraid that I’d pick Teddy up and chew on her.  I’ll admit, she did look a lot like one of Michael’s stuffed animals, and I like to chew on them a bit.  Teddy actually looked more like a squirrel, but the squirrels in my yard are a bit bigger.

I imagine that if Teddy ran into a squirrel in my yard I’d have to defend her from it.  The squirrel might beat her up, and of course, I’d have to save her. I could be a real hero.  Teddy would really look up to me. Well, she has to look up to me now anyway because she’s so tiny.  I think I’d like to have a Yorkie sister like Teddy.  I wonder how high she can jump?

Super Dog's Dog Tag

I'd be a hero dog if I saved her from the squirrels.


My real question is this — Am I really part Yorkie?   I’m not that small. I weigh21 pounds and I can jump really high.  I’m not the biggest dog in the small dog side of the dog park, but I’m not that small.  Teddy has pretty long brown and grey hair. I have white and grey hair with some brown bits thrown in.  Teddy seems to like her pink dress.  I think I’ll chew up anything that Mom puts on me, no matter how many treats she gives me.  One of the men in the park asked how much Teddy eats.  Teddy’s mom said that she eats 8 kibble pieces twice a day.  I’d bite somebody if that’s all I got fed. I’d have to supplement my diet with a finger or two.  We are so different!

What do you think?  Do we look at all alike?  They told Mom I was part Schnauzer and Yorkie.  I can see the Schnauzer in myself, but the Yorkie.  I just can’t see it.  I’m just too big!

I am one puzzled pup. 

Could someone like Teddy have been my doggy Mom or doggy dad?


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