Where’s the Poop?

It’s beem rainy and cold over the last two days.  Opie had to have a wardrobe addition — a raincoat in order to have the a necessary walk. Remember, he is primarily a house dog, not an outdoor dog.  We are new dog owners so we try and do everything exactly as we should. We walk Opie and encourage him to “do his business” on the city owned curtilage and stay out of yards and flower beds.  After his little doggy guts are emptied we let him range a little in yards, knowing that he’s just sniffing about, no digging or eating of poisonous flowers allowed.

Camoflauge Poop

Walking the dog in the rain was not something we looked forward to.  As expected, it was wet and cold. However, I didn’t expect that my myopic view would be so greatlly handicapped by the rain.  Poor Opie’s mom wears the strongest prescription known to man. I can’t handle trifocals so I  have reading glasses, distance glasses and mid range glasses that I use for the computer.  ( I dont’ know where those are right now. So, I’m using my distance glasses. )  Here’s the problem.  The rain has blown down lots of leaves and other natural debris onto the city curtilage. Opie is capering around and doing a a new thing — pooping and walking around at the same time.  So instead of a neat and tidy pile of dog excrement, we get a trail of it, a trail that must be found during a small deluge and using eye glasses that need windshield wipers and a defogger.  Did I mention that we walked a good ways before he did his business so that I built up a nice sweat inside my rain coat?

Oh Joy!  I’m not sure I can find all his poop? Where the %^$()  is it?

I’ve become what I most abhor… a poop misser

Okay, now I’ve become one of those people I can’t stand and always bad mouth on my walks.

My usual  internal dialogue:  “Gee Whiz! How hard can it be to pick that up? What terrible pet owners!  Don’t they know they make the rest of us look bad?”

Rats!  If I didn’t get every little  acorn of poo I’m going to be labeled by my other pet owner cronies as one of those rotten folk that makes us all look bad. Rats, Rats and Double Rats!

Solution for Rainy Days

It’s raining no walk today buddy. Hit the back yard!

So in the wee hours of the morning when we normally would be jauntily traversing our city streets, stalking squirrels and adding to the city loam, we are instead sending Opie into the backyard.   My youngest watches from the back window so that we know when he wants to come in and when and if he does what he ought to do.

Backyard Dialogue

I’m in the kitchen throwing together school lunches.

Michael: Mom, he peed!

Me: Good did he poo?

Michael: No not yet?

Silence for a while.

Michael: Mom, he’s trying to catch a squirrel.

Me: Okay…

Michael: Mom he’s going behind the  Ficus in the ivy.

Me: Okay

Michael: Mom he’s digging under the swing set.

Me: Okay

Michael: Mom, he’s looking at the wall.

Me: Uh huh.. Okay.

Michael: Mom something dropped out of his butt. I think he pooped.

Me: Okay, let him in.

Older son, Gregory: He didn’t poo!

Michael: Did too!

Gregory: Well, where is it?

Michael: Over there by the bush in the flower bed.

Gregory: He was looking for a squirrel. He didn’t.

Michael: Did so!

Gregory: No, he didn’t!

Michael: Yes, HE DID!

Gregory:  Nope, he didn’t.

Me: BOYS!  Michael take a bag and get the poop! Gregory go with him!

Gregory: Why me?

Me: Because it’s your day to walk him and you’re not walking him in the rain, right?

Both boys are outside.  Some time passes.

Boys in unison: Mom, we can’t find it?

Did I mention that there is a fine rain falling.  We have a rather good sized yard with a huge 50 + year old ficus tree in it. It drops leaves like crazy.

Me: Come on in..

Both Boys: But Mom we might step in it sometime…

Me: Don’t worry about it come on in!

Oldest son: I don’t think he pooped at all.

Michael: Did too!

Gregory: Did not!

Michael: Did too!

Me: BOYS!!!!!

Did Opie poo or not. Who knows. We just know did not do it in the house and for that we are grateful.

Next big rainstorm… … I’m sending my husband out!


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Snorkie with attitude. My mom writes about me and sometimes she lets me write something too. I was rescued July 11, 2010! I am so happy! I love my family and I hate squirrels. I don't know any cats but the neighborhood cats are fun to bark at. Read Opie's Mom's Blog to find out more about me. View all posts by Opie and Opie's Mom

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