Getting back on my feed! Revving up for Crate training.

Mom says I'm eating like a little monster, but I have a puppy tummy. That's not good.

Hi there,

Opie here!

According to Dad, I’m “back on my feed.” I hadn’t been eating all my food. I’d eat part of my breakfast and then Mom would take it up. I eat two meals a day. At about 6 PM I’d get my dinner but I’d only eat about half of that.  I was eating really only one meal a day.  I wasn’t getting very many treats either.  I dont’ know why I didn’t want to eat.

My tummy felt okay, just a little full.  Mom has a theory.

I’d been eating things I shouldn’t eat and that robbed me of my appetite.

Things I’ve eaten that I shouldn’t:

1. Eraser ( 2) –   They were hidden under the boys desk where they do their homework

2.  I think I ate part of an ink pen.

3. Michael’s wood project — It was this really neat catapult that he built from scratch. He’s a little mad at me right now.

4. Paper napkins off the dinning room table

5. Corner of Gregory’s Student Atlas book

6.  Mom doesn’t know it, but I’m chewing on a piece of the living room rug. It’s in the corner.

7. Dust balls ( Mom wouldn’t like me to tell you that there are some really huge ones under the book shelf.)

8. I ate a bug outside — I don’t know what kind it was, but it was tasty. I usually look for them when the squirrels aren’t in my tree.

9. I chewed some wood bark at Overrieder Dog park. That didn’t agree with me. I threw that up. Next time, I’ll listen to mom when she says “Leave it!”

10.  I ate a hole in Michael’s sock. His socks are the best. I even try to eat them when they are on his feet! He smells so GOOD! He leaves them all sorts of places, even in my bed. I love Michael.

Mom did a clean sweep of the house a few days ago and I haven’t had any of those lovely and tasty things in a couple of days.

I ate all my breakfast yesterday and all my dinner.  I just finished all my breakfast a few minutes ago. I’m waiting on Daddy to take me for my walk.

I am definitely back on my feed.

Mom says that I’m getting into too much stuff. She was on the Internet all day yesterday pricing crates and reading about crate training.  She’s worried I’ll eat something really bad and make myself really sick. 

A dog in a wire crate strapped into a car for ...

I might even be able to go on a family vacation with my crate.


From what I heard her tell Daddy, I’m supposed to like my crate. I’m going to love all the treats I get to go into it and I’ll have a place to hide my bully sticks. Mom’s even talking about making me plate of chicken breasts to expedite my love of the crate.  She wants to associate the crate with my absolute favorite treats.  I LOVE CHICKEN BREAST– Not that dehydrated stuff but the ones that Mom cooks. She hasn’t made me one in a long, long, long, long, long time.

I think I’m going to like crate training. 

I will miss the occasional eraser though. They’re very nice.

Mom says to expect a series of blogs about crate training and some stuff she’s trying to redirect my chewing issues.  She’s doing research now.


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