Opie’s 4th Day of Crate Trainining — We closed the door!

Day 4

Opie’ rates  about 95% on his “Go to Crate Command!” We’ve been unpredictable all day regarding treats. Sometimes he gets a treat, and sometimes he doesn’t. He really likes the dry chicken doggy jerky that was on sale at Centinela Pet Supply and Feed.

I closed the door on him for 2 minutes the first time today. No worries. He just sat there.

Later on in the day, I jumped up to 5 minutes. I closed him in for 5 minutes intermittently all day while reinforcing “Go to Crate” commands.   After a rousing game of leap over the couch, I put him in his little doggy home  for 10 minutes. He was fine. He was tired from the game and curled right up.  After that, we bumped it up to 15 minutes. No problems. No whining, no complaining.  I left the room for one of the 5 minute sessions.  I hadn’t planned on it, but I had one sick husband and one sick child at home.  I had to administer Motrin and wash a thermometer. Opie was great.

Here are the pictures. You can see for yourself how unperturbed he is so far.

Yes, the door is closed. So what, she'll open it in about 2 minutes, right?

Hedgie makes a nice pillow. I’m so sleepy…. zzzzzzzz!
As you can see, so far so good. We’ll continue increasing the time that Opie spends in the crate and disappear from his view for graduated lengths of time.  He really is doing quite well at this.
He’s already discovered that he can avoid grooming wipes and brushing if he disappears into his crate. No one is allowed to coax him out of it. We want him to see it as his personal sanctuary.
Once again, any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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