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Opie’s 2011 New Year’s Resolutions


Hi all


Opie here!


Mama’s been scribbling in her journal furiously for the past half hour. She’s says she’s working on her 2011 New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t think she’s having a good time. She’s looking kind of mournfully at the chocolate chip cookies she made for my human brothers – Michael and Gregory. I think she’s thinking that she won’t be eating any more of those. She says I ought to make some resolutions too.


I guess misery loves company. I don’t know if I want to do this at all. But I guess it’s like wearing holiday sweaters. A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. By the way, please help me talk mom out of buying me an everyday sweater. It’s been hitting 45 degrees here, and she’s afraid that I get too cold on my walks. Gee mom for cryin’ out loud I’m wearing a fur coat!


Any way back to the resolution thing — Mama says it’s just a promise to yourself for the next year to make your life and the lives of others better. She says I don’t have to make a lot of them and they should be things that I want and need to do and that will make my life better or the lives of others better. I would whine, but Mama’s got that look in her eye.


So here’s what I came up with.



My 2011 New Years Resolutions


I resolve in 2011 to tug on the leash only once at the beginning of the walk and try and walk without

tugging on the leash for the rest of the walk.



I resolve to find a way to get Mama to take me to the dog park (ANY DOG PARK!) at least twice a week.



I resolve to avoid rolling in cat or other animal poo in the backyard to avoid extra baths.




I resolve to devote at least one blog per week to helping my animal friends get adopted.



I resolve to chew on my dog toys more and Mama’s furniture less. (Mama suggested that one.)


So what do you think? Do you think I can do any of these? Mama says that I should try and get them done as quickly as possible if possible. She says the longer I wait the harder it gets to do.


Do any of you guys know what PROCRASTINATE means? I think this word must be kind of important in Mama’s resolutions.



Happy New Year Everybody!


My Christmas Rocked!!!! – Thanks to Santa, Mama, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa!

Merry Christmas everyone!


I hope you had a great Christmas!




Let me show you.


First of all let me show you the tree! Look at all those presents. Santa Came!


And guess what!

Some of them were for ME!!!!!

Here I am with my presents!



I have a little puppy pull toy and also a little reindeer bear (not pictured).



Yes, that’s me with a stuffed squirrel squeaky toy. Is it wrong to gloat! The joy, oh the joy!


Best of all, it will NOT put my EYE OUT! Yes, Mama and Daddy and I watched the Christmas Story last night after my human brothers had gone to bed. Those dogs stealing the turkey were very naughty.


Presents were great, but the best part was being with my family and being warm and happy and safe.

I got filet mignon with my kibble! Wow. It was great. I got tons of belly rubs and ear scratches. I sat in everyone’s lap and got cuddled and loved. What a great holiday!


I played and played and played. Then I fell asleep!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Twas the Night Before Opie’s First Christmas with Us.


Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

It was my first Eve, first Nativity day

With a tree in our house with which I could not play.

It had colorful balls, shiny, blue, green and red,

That my mom called “off limits,” or I would be dead.

The base of the tree smelled of pine and outdoors.

But no marking the base, presents, branches or floors.

“Your leg better stay down, ’round the tree, Opie dear”

If it goes up, I’m sure you’ll have much to fear”

So, ignoring the tree, I curled up in my bed.

And visions of poultry danced round in my head.

I was dreaming of chicken and turkey and beef

When suddenly I heard sounds much like a thief.

Low growl in my throat, tail straight as an arrow,

I licked my chops, and thought, “Go straight for his marrow!”

I jumped off of our bed quick, nails hitting the floor

And then padded softly to peek through the door.

But what to my “wonderous” eyes should appear,

But a fat bearded guy sporting GI-NORMOUS rear.

He was pulling out presents from out of his pack,

And filling up stockings mom’d hung on a rack!

He had gaily wrapped Wii games and Nintendo stuff.

It was all for my boys so I couldn’t be gruff.

It was Santa who mom said would come on this night

To bring presents and gifts to be opened first light.

He wore a great big fur suit just like Mama Said,

I’m a color blind dog, but I’ll bet it was red.

He had a white beard, looked like squirrel tails to me.

He scratched at the thing – Oh, poor guy has a flea!


He turned from the tree and he beckoned to me.

I padded right over and he knelt on his knee.

He smelled just like chicken, beef and nut butter,

And as I got closer my heart started to flutter.

He had something to give me that smelled just delicious

And I knew that he’d read each and all of my wishes.

I tore off the wrapping and whined with great glee.

It was a fluffy squirrel toy made especially for me.

Old Santa then gave me a gentle head pat,

Then he scratched at my neck till I started to mat.

He drank milk and ate cookies that my boys had left.

I could see right away why he had so much heft.

He patted the couch and turned on the tube.

And then watched the game DVR’d for this Dude.

He split the last cookie with me in the end.

And I knew that I’d count him forever a friend.

With a belch of delight, he turned off the game,

Rose to full height then did what gave him fame.

He lay his gnarled finger on the side of his nose,

Yuck, I thought, but then up the chimney he rose.

I heard a big racket go on, on our roof.

As I looked out the windows, I saw a big hoof

And well reined up beasts with big antlers — bells ringing.

Next Christmas I knew I would have all of the meaning

Why people on Christmas are especially great

Because the Spirit of Giving is the best ghost to date.

So good night Old Santa! Keep going on with your chores

And know that the welcome at our house forever is yours.


Next Christmas could I have one of Blitzen’s Antlers?

It Wasn’t Me! I am Innocent – Somewhat Wordless Wednesday

Hi All,

I think I love the holidays. The house smells like food! Mama and the boys seem to be always making some sort of delicious treat!

Here are some gingerbread houses that Mama and the boys made.

They smell amazing. I swear I don’t know how some of the gum drops and other candy bits ended up on the floor.

Sure, I can reach it. And sure Mama and the boys did go off to see Jeff Bridges in True Grit tonight. Yes, I’ll admit I was not crated or stuck any another part of the house. And yes, Michael forgot to give me my 4PM dinner feeding of Innova Kibble. (By the way, cardboard tastes better than that stuff!)

But I assure you, I did not nibble any part of that gingerbread train. I did not eat the peppermint candy cane even though my breath smells kind of minty fresh. I don’t know why that piece of icing was stuck in my chin hair either.

I assure you I am innocent. Obviously, I’m being framed!

Your Pal Opie,

An unjustly accused Snorkie

Rain, Rain Go Away Come again some Other day!

Preferably while I’m sleeping and then dry up conveniently by the time I get up.

Hi All,

Opie here,

It’s been raining and raining and raining here in Southern California. I’m bummed. The boys are out of school and I was looking forward to some high quality walks. Gregory is playing basket ball at school and planned on running me good. I was looking forward to it. He always takes me on nice long walks. But it’s been nothing but rain nonstop. Every walk I’ve had has been about 2-3 minutes. Just long enough for me to do my duty and get the heck back inside.

Of course, mom says we need the rain. L.A. is basically a desert. But come on! I think rain is God’s squirt bottle. I hate squirt bottles. Nothing good comes out of squirt bottle.

My dear furry friends – you know what I mean. Mom doesn’t use one on me, but I have this lingering dislike of them. I think it must have happened before Mom adopted me. Gives me a chill to think of it. Baths, squirt bottles, rain… it’s all the same. The only silver lining of this nonstop cloud cover is my rain coat. It keeps the rain from on me too much. But the hood defeats me. I just can’t keep up.

Anyway, here are some photos and film of me today. We had a small breather. Mom just decided to walk as long as she could before it started drizzling. It was a full 30 minutes. We took pictures. I caught up on my peemail. (Sparse traffic due to the downpour) looked for squirrels ( they are holed up somewhere) stepped in quite a few mud puddles and got yanked a way from some interesting mushrooms growing up on all the lawns. Mama says that we doggy’s make the mushrooms grow. Hmm. Interesting.

Enjoy the pictures. I don’t know when I’ll get to have a walk like that again. It’s raining again! Whine, whine, whine. L

Oh there’s a song that goes with this little film. Please adjust your volume accordingly.


Opie’s Special Christmas Card

This me trying NOT to be Naughty so Happy Holidays!


Why can’t I pee on it? – An Agreement is forged between Dog and Woman


Hi all,

Opie Here!

There is a tree inside the house!
Mama has told me that I may not “mark it!”

I say – well, why not? It’s a tree isn’t it?

Isn’t it a dogs God given right to lift his leg in celebration of the wonders of the tree? Okay, I know I’m pushing it.

Oh mom has something to say –

What follows is the transcript of the Christmas tree Agreement:

Mama: Now Opie – you mark trees to show your territory right?

Opie: Well somewhat. I also do it because I can. Heh, Heh, Heh!

Mama: Opie the tree will be in our living room which is YOUR territory already right? So why do you need to mark it at all?

Opie: Well, actually the living room is sort of a shared space. For some reasons, I sometimes get booted off the couch so I don’t really feel that I can categorically say that the living room is really mine. However, if you are saying that you are willing to cede over the living room territory on condition that I refrain from marking a certain dying tree that you’ll have in the house, then I may not be averse to such an arrangement. Of course, I’ll need a bit more consideration for this contract than a mere paw shake. Mom, I’m sure you know that real property transactions require more than a handshake. You’ve got to grease the paw, so to speak. Heh, heh, heh!

Mama: I never knew you were such a shark, but if you’re going to play it like that, then I am going to need some concessions as well. Mercenary little mutt! No more “The Practice” reruns for you!

Opie: Go on learned colleague, no need to get testy just because there’s more than one good brain in this house. Heh, heh, heh!

Mama: The tree shall remain Unmarked by the Snorkie known as Opie for all the time that it is present within the house.

Opie: Agreed.

Mama: Not so fast bud, I’m not done yet.

Opie: Hmm.

Mama: All ornaments or other items dangling from said tree will remain unmolested by all canines within the house. At no time, will the Opie Snorkie, touch with paw or nose any ornament dangling from the tree no matter how close in proximity said ornament is to the said canine. Any ornament that resembles any sort of rodent of any type or any sort of animal of any type or any shape and made of any material shall heretofore remain un-violated by the teeth and tongue of said canine.

Opie: Uh.

Mama: I’m not finished… Said canine will also refrain from drinking the water that the tree is sitting in. He shall leave all gaily wrapped presents and all items that are set under around beside and within a 6 foot radius of the tree alone. He will not mark, nose, paw, jump upon, chew or bite any items that falls within this 6 foot radius.

If he does his temporary easement granting use of the living room will be revoked and he will be banned for an indefinite period to the small bathroom, the back bedroom, the backyard or the laundry room. Subject to my discretion he will also possibly forfeit certain items which might be designated for his gifting under the tree and in his Christmas stocking as well as certain items already in his possession, including but not limited to Hedgie, Mr. Greenie, squeaky tennis balls, Bully sticks and other items causing said dog great entertainment and pleasure.

Opie: You mean there will be presents for me under the tree and in the Christmas stockings?

Mama: Maybe… If you agree to this contract, I am willing to give you three chicken jerky strips and a table spoon of peanut butter to seal the deal. What say you, Opie?

Opie: Presents, I get presents too?

Mama: Opie?

Opie: Oh yes! I agree and I’ll throw in free guard duty. Nobody will get near that tree I guarantee it!

Mama: Uh… well..

Opie: No, mama you can count on me! I’m getting presents, la, la, la, presents, fa la , la, la , …

Mama: I’m ending the post now for Opie. He seems to be dancing a jig.


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wordless Wednesday – My New Christmas Sweater!

This wasn’t a birthday present! Mama got it for me way before. I kind of like it. I didn’t chew it at all!


Here I am in all my glory!


I think I like the Green and White Argyle – Very Christmasish!

I’m striking a pose!

You see it’s got a turtle neck to it!

Here you can see the simple elegant front.

Very Tasteful!

What I got for my Birthday and How I scared the Stuffing Out of Mama!

Sunday was my actual birthday! When I woke up mama wished me a happy birthday and then rushed off to take Gregory to some kid’s house. When she came back, I got a lovely piece of turkey sausage in my breakfast and lots of tummy rubs. Turkey Sausage is so, so yummy. I had a smile on my belly all day after that! Mama promised me that my next presents would come on Monday. And they did! But before I tell you about them, I have to tell you about how I scared the stuffing out of Mama.

In the afternoon, Mama took me with her to pick up Gregory from that kids house. We drove a long time, longer than it takes me to go to the far dog park or to pick the kids up from school. It was a great ride. Mama let me ride in the front seat and let the window down a little. I had my head out the whole time! It was great! That was a present in and of itself. We finally got to the kid’s house. Mama turned off the car and my leash to the arm of the car seat and let the window almost all the way up. There was only a little bit of room left. She told me she’d be right back. She was getting Gregory from the kid’s house. I could hear lots of kids and even some dogs barking. I didn’t want her to leave me. I wanted to come too. She took the key out of the ignition and got out of the car. She locked the car with her car keys and made the car beep.

Mama waved at me and walked up the driveway. She said she was sorry, but she’d be right back. Well, I knew she would be but I couldn’t help whining and crying. And I really wanted to go with her into the house. There were more kids and dogs in there. So I jumped around a lot in the car. Guess what? The leash came loose. It just came off the arm of the car seat! Wow! Then I put my paws on the door of the car. I put my paws on the special button, and the window started to go down. Yippee! Usually only Mama can make the windows go up and down! So, being a dog of action I jumped out of the car and went looking for my Mama, my leash dragging behind me.

I found her. She was just walking back to the car with Gregory. She was really surprised to see me — really, really, really, really surprised. Gregory was surprised too. Mama grabbed my leash and asked what I was doing out of the car and how I got out. She told me what a good boy I was for coming straight to her and for not barking at any of the people in the driveway. She rubbed my head, scratched my hears and told me what a good Opie I was for being so smart to come straight to Mama. She wasn’t the least bit mad!

When we got back in the car, though, she was really upset about the window. She couldn’t figure out how I got it down if the car wasn’t on. I think she’s still scratching her head about it. She kept playing with the window and turning the car on and off when we went on my B-day trip to the Dog Park. On the car ride back she told me that I was a good boy, but I scared her really badly. She said I could have gotten really lost and that would be such a tragedy on my birthday to be lost. I could tell she was really scared. I wondered if she’d ever let me ride in the car again. She muttered something about it being a cold day some place (I didn’t catch where. She was muttering) before I got left in the car again. That’s fine by me. I don’t like being left in the car. Maybe from now on Mama will take me everywhere. Wouldn’t that be great?

Oh My Presents!


Okay, let me tell you…

I got three happy birthday tennis balls. I got Mr. Greenie to replace Mr. Weenie (I tore up Mr. Weenie a few days ago. He’s in the toy hospital.) Here is Mr. Weenie. I had him a week but then I tore his head off. He has the best little hat to chew on. I guess I got carried away.


Here’s my new Mr. Greenie. He’s got a cool head to chew on as well. Mama hopes he’ll last longer than Mr. Weenie.


I hope so. Mr. Greenie squeaks. So do my tennis balls. I also got a tennis ball bone. It’s great! It squeaks too. I also got my own personal portable water container for any dog park we got to.

Here I am playing with Mr. Greenie and my tennis ball bone. I can’t decide within one I like better. I love them both. I fetch and play tug of war with both of them. They are so fun!




Mama got me a new seatbelt harness too. I’m not too fond of that. Daddy and Mama put me in it today and adjusted it so I can’t get out of it and I can’t bite it very well. Mom muttered something about seeing if I could escape from this. I don’t’ quite know what she meant by that, but she kept telling dad to make sure it was good and snug. I kept thinking, “Okay, already! It’s snug enough!” I’m not keen on this particular present, but I am still grateful for ALL of my presents.

Best of all, Mama got me a beautiful doggy blanket. It’s just for me. I can sleep on it in my bed or on the couch or have it in the car. It’s soft and it has bones all over it. This will make for good dreams, right?

Oh and I went to Oberrieder Dog park today too. I hadn’t been in a long time. Luckily, there were some dogs there this time. I played with a little grey dog for a while. I tried to race with another dog, but she just wanted to smell everywhere. I did that for a while too but I was itching to play.

I had a great time. I’m going back again soon I think.

I want to thank all of you for my birthday wishes. It feels great to be 1. Michael says that I’m really 7.

I wonder if that means he’ll let me play Legos with him.