Rain, Rain Go Away Come again some Other day!

Preferably while I’m sleeping and then dry up conveniently by the time I get up.

Hi All,

Opie here,

It’s been raining and raining and raining here in Southern California. I’m bummed. The boys are out of school and I was looking forward to some high quality walks. Gregory is playing basket ball at school and planned on running me good. I was looking forward to it. He always takes me on nice long walks. But it’s been nothing but rain nonstop. Every walk I’ve had has been about 2-3 minutes. Just long enough for me to do my duty and get the heck back inside.

Of course, mom says we need the rain. L.A. is basically a desert. But come on! I think rain is God’s squirt bottle. I hate squirt bottles. Nothing good comes out of squirt bottle.

My dear furry friends – you know what I mean. Mom doesn’t use one on me, but I have this lingering dislike of them. I think it must have happened before Mom adopted me. Gives me a chill to think of it. Baths, squirt bottles, rain… it’s all the same. The only silver lining of this nonstop cloud cover is my rain coat. It keeps the rain from on me too much. But the hood defeats me. I just can’t keep up.

Anyway, here are some photos and film of me today. We had a small breather. Mom just decided to walk as long as she could before it started drizzling. It was a full 30 minutes. We took pictures. I caught up on my peemail. (Sparse traffic due to the downpour) looked for squirrels ( they are holed up somewhere) stepped in quite a few mud puddles and got yanked a way from some interesting mushrooms growing up on all the lawns. Mama says that we doggy’s make the mushrooms grow. Hmm. Interesting.

Enjoy the pictures. I don’t know when I’ll get to have a walk like that again. It’s raining again! Whine, whine, whine. L

Oh there’s a song that goes with this little film. Please adjust your volume accordingly.



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