Please Help – Adoption Alert for L.A. Burbank Area … or anyone willing to drive.

PLEASE help save this dog! He is soooo adoptable!!! The family is young, out of money and heartbroken!

They only have until Wednesday January 19, 2011 to find him a home of he’s off to the shelter.

He’s living in the abandoned house right now and neighbors are feeding him.

Obviously this situation can’t continue!


I just got the email today!

I received this plea from the the president of our Culver City Friends of Animals.

If you live in the L.A./ Burbank area this could be the dog you’ve always wanted. Even if you are a little further north, south, east or west please consider helping in some way – foster the dog yourself, contact a good rescue in the area, and/or share this blog!

To my East Coast, Midwest and Southern and European Blog buddies – if you’ve got Southern Cali friends and relatives please share this posting with them. This doggy sounds ideal.


Here is the background on the sad family and the dog.

This devastated young couple (under 30) with 2 children are heartbroken. The husband hasn’t worked a regular job in 2 years. They just got evicted and had to move in with his mother, who won’t allow them to have their family dog (Obi), who they rescued when he was 6 weeks old. They had a home arranged for Obi but the people backed out at the last minute. The young family has moved and Obi is at the empty house (neighbors are feeding him) until next week, when they are forced to take him to the Shelter! They have nowhere else to put him.

Obi is a 4 year old lovable, neutered, highly trained
(shakes, sits, high fives, lays down, fetches, etc.),
housebroken, great with kids, dog friendly, brindle lab/shep/pit mix.

Cats…if they run, he will chase themHe has all his shots, but they are due soon...This is a great dog that is healthy and just needs to be rescued or re-homed. 




Obi’s losing his entire world and the only family he has ever had!!!


The contact has offered to arrange transport for him…He is in Burbank, CA.

If this looks like a dog that you might like, make a comment and I’ll email you the contacts email address.

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