Mango Minster – I don’t know why I’ve been entered in contest.


Okay, this is my entry into the Mango Minster Contest. I don’t’ know why Mom has entered me in Bad Sport Category.

I am
a bad sport.

Here are the criteria – evidently. I am going to answer them point by point.

  1. Is every toy, bone, or bed on your estate YOURS whether you are using it or not?
  2. Do you bully the other fur kids in your pack?
  3. Do you hide foodables in your mouth even if you don’t like them just so nobody else can have them?
  4. Are all your stuffies beheaded or disemboweled?
  5. Do you already have a plan in place to bribe the bad sport judge or to stuff the reader’s choice ballet box?
  6. In the absence of medical issues, are your potty habits still, ahem, relaxed?
  7. When your humans say, “come” do you just stare at them waiting for them to prove they have noms?


  1. Every toy and bone IS
    mine. I am the only dog in this house. (And I plan on keeping it that way!!!) Just because I like to lay claim to all my human brothers’ socks, chew the occasional expensive basket ball shoe does not mean that I am a bad sport. In fact, I’d like to think that I am very good for the house. My human brothers have to learn how to put stuff away. Because if I can get to it — It IS mine! This works well for me since I can jump ANYWHERE accept the top bunk of my older human brother’s bed. I am working on it. I ‘m in training right now. The incident with the pumpkin pie on the kitchen counter — that was a mere training exercise. Oh have you seen my new townhome crate? I have an upstairs now. Perfect spot for harassing the mail carrier! Yes, I also have a perch on the sofa, and the spot between Daddy and mama in the bed is MINE, not my human brothers! NO kisses until I get my belly rub! I am the cute one.


  2. I don’t bother the other “fur kids in my pack” There are no other fur kids. What about Michael? He’s not a fur kid. He’s human and we’re about the same age in dog years. So I like to chew on him a little. He likes it! Really, he does. Admittedly, while he’s trying to get his socks and shoes on for school, may not be the best time, but we’re great buddies. He loves to play with me. I do tolerate him picking me up and holding me like a baby. If I allow that, then shouldn’t I get some sock chewing time. Come on… throw me a sock!


  3. Stuffing food in my mouth – that’s disgusting. I don’t’ do that. Why should I? I just eat it. I do like to hide bully sticks, but what self respecting Snorkie doesn’t? That’s not disgusting. What’s disgusting is that I keep losing them! Help me! I can’t find my bully stick! AHHHHHHHH! (Whine!)


  4. Mama seems to think that just because she’s had to sew up my toys a couple of times that that’s my fault. What about the Toy manufacturers – don’t they know that we dawgins have teeth? I like to use mine on Mr. Weenie, Mr. Greenie, Hedge and my new sleepy puppy. I can’t help it if their guts just sort of fall out of their fabric covered bodies. How is that my fault? Clearly not!


  5. I don’t’ really need to stuff the readers ballot box. I don’t’ want to win the bad sport award. I’d rather win the “cracker dog award” Which should be renamed jerky or treat dog award by the way. I like meat. My guess is that my fellow blog buddies do to. Wouldn’t you like some nice delicious jerky. I can imagine some nice doggies and kitties who vote for me getting some jerky in the mail some day.. delicious tasty jerky…hmmm.


  6. Okay now the potty thing – now I’ve had 2 accidents in the whole time I’ve lived with my Mama and Daddy. Both times were their fault. They’ll admit that. ‘Nuf said!


  7. Okay on the other issue – coming when called. I’ll admit that I may have a certain ‘deafness when I ‘m involved in sniffing out a rodent in the backyard or harassing the squirrels are barking at our human neighbor next door. Why do they call me when I’m busy? Can anyone answer me that?


Mama you and I need to have a serious talk. I am NOT a bad sport. However, I do like winning stuff so… I suppose, just this once…


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