WordPress Data leads Opie to “Classic Opie” Taylor

Hey guys,

Mama and I occasionally like to look at the search terms that readers use that result in them finding our blog.  It’s really funny how things end up.

Somebody asked what type of dog that Opie Taylor had. Remember Opie! He’s classic Opie. I’m named after him!  Mama and I were both kind of curious about that question.

Opie Taylor

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So we did a little bit of Internet research. We found out that Opie did have a dog named Gulliver, but we didn’t find out what kind of dog he was.   Indeed, we couldn’t find the episode where we might even see him.

However, we made a really great discovery, or as Mama would say — rediscovery! ( She used to watch the show when she was little — she’s reminding me to tell you that they were re-runs and she is not nearly as old as all that!)  ( Yeah right! )

Anyway, we found a great episode of the Andy Griffith Show called “Dogs, Dogs, Dogs”

We’re going to give you Part I of that episode here and encourage you to watch all 4 parts.  ( no commercials so it’s fairly short for a TV episode!)  We watched the whole thing and it was just a delight!  It will make you smile and make you think a little too.   It’s hard sometimes to watch these old shows with 2011 sensibilities sometimes, but this show manages to retain a lot of charm.  Otis still irks me a little, but oh well… it was the 50’s or early 60’s right?

Here are some things to note while you watch

1.  Different views of Dogs

2. Barney’s Giraffe Story

3.  The effect  the Pack on the main tension of the story.  

4.  Children really are the best conscience  of our society. 

Anyhow, here’s the clip. Let us know  how you liked it.  YouTube will automatically feed you the next part.  Just click on the 2/4 clip to see the  next bit.



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