Wordless Wednesday – Canine Boarding Photographic Planning

Almost wordless Wednesday

We are going away for a week and Opie must be “kenneled” while we are gone.

In order to accustom him to the boarding facility, he’s been having sleep overs.

For those who are thinking about how to do this here is a pictorial account of what we are doing to get Opie ready for our trip away.

First, off to the Dog Park!

This is so he doesn’t associate riding in the car with going someplace unpleasant —

All the time! ( Trips to the vet, the groomers, the day care — YUCK) Instead, think of trips to the dog park, the pet store and to pick the boys up from school and just to have a really good SNIFF FEST!

Here he is at the dog park!

Good times!

On the way home we stopped at the pet store and bought some new treats and extra food.

Highly recommend – Welcome Home Duck sticks ( really easy to break up into smaller pieces, unlike any of the jerkies which you need to take the kitchen shears to cut reasonably.)

Then we went home for a bit – mostly to gather up his food for the two night sleep over, his snacks and to write his name on his harness (Just like camp – we have to label everything!)


another Car ride, and soon we were at Doggie Central.

The idea behind going to the park was to make him a little tired before we leave him at the Doggie Central boarding facility. We also wanted to give him some quality play time with some canine pals. Not pictured is all the affection he got at home. Beau coup Tummy Rubs and lots of duck treats for sitting and staying like a champion.

That night we missed him terribly in the night! There was much vocal complaining from his hu-brothers and I’ll admit I didn’t sleep as well without him walking on me at least once during the night. Every time I heard a siren go by I worried that the facility was burning down with my dog in it.  I finally had to get up and play a little IPAD scramble to clear my head.

Yes, I’m a true mom!  Paranoid to the max!
However, Opie seemed to pass a decent night.

Here are today’s Webcam pix.

I love the webcam!


Weirdly, the save function for the webcam is not working!

So, sorry for the picture of my screen fellow bloggers.

However, if you choose any facility for your dog make sure they have a webcam. I think it’s stupid for them not to have one. They are not that expensive, easy to install and the peace of mind they give a dog owner is really measurable.

I wonder if they could put webcams in the schools too! At least the pre-schools!  Just a thought.  ( Paranoid Mamas of the world UNITE!)

(And yes, I am doing weight watchers online. I have a blog there that I am not paying much attention to. LOL)

Still, it’s reassuring to see him running around the next morning. He seems calm and the little dominator dogs that were their back in January do not seem to be there today. Excellent!

I fully expect him to be worn completely out when we pick him up tomorrow morning.

Two nights at Doggie Central!

I forsee a special chicken breast dinner for a certain Mr. Furry Pants. 🙂


Hopefully, these two nights will be enough to prepare him for the 5 nights coming up. It won’t seem as if we’ve abandoned him.  That coupled with a few extra perks we’ve arranged should make it more bearable.

The real question is whether we’ll be able to stand it.

Once again, Thank God for Webcams!

Don’t board your dog without them!  




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5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Canine Boarding Photographic Planning

  • Santa, Minnie and Christmas

    That looks like a great boarding place. We’ll have to see if we have a place like that here. We are sure our girls would love to be in a place like that rather than in playpens. They have to be boarded over the last weekend and that boarding place kept them in playpens!

  • Opie and Opie's Mom

    Cage free seems to be the rage around here. We read a lot of reviews and it seems that people either love their facility or they hate it. I like this one because the different sized dogs are very well separated. However, I have qualms because there is an after hours private club next to it and unsavory people still inebriated from their revels hang around the front entrance. Opie — usually a true terrier when confronted with people who NEED to be barked at is usually too tired to pay these people any attention and I’m on my own to get by them. Next time I’m leaving with the Rottweiler family. LOL

    Bottom line — we did our homework. D.Central is not perfect — none of them are, but it’s close and cage free and the webcam makes me feel a lot better.

  • Wendy @ iwuvwes.wuvtags.com

    TOTALLY AGREE on the webcam thing. A few years ago, I left Wes at a facility that looked GREAT, and we did the same, gradual, “getting used to it” thing that you’re doing with Opie. So I felt comfortable leaving him there for a week. They didn’t have a webcam. When we returned from vacation, they handed his bed back to me with a big hole chewed in it. Obviously, he was stressed, and they had no explanation and very little to say about his week. I wished I could have *seen* what went on there. Never again.

  • Snoopy@snoopysdogblog.com

    Hey There,

    Opie, you look like you’re having so much fun there, I think your Mum’s got a good point about the camera, when I tried out a kennel they didn’t have a camera and my Mum could only wonder what I was doing……

    You pal Snoopy 🙂

  • According to Gus

    Oooooh….vacation! It sounds like you are taking all the right steps to make sure Opie is acclimated and comfortable. I hope you have a wonderful time…Opie will be just fine!

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