Snorkie Confessions – Oh the Shame of It!

In the interests of

clear and honest communication,

 I must confess.

I have to confess that I am a food snob.

I am picky, persnickety, and downright haughty when it comes to my regular dog food.

Yes, fellow doggers, I am a food snob. I know I should hang my little Snorkie head in shame!

How did this happen!

Well to be honest I have to blame my stomach and my nerves.

When I first came to my family, I had some tummy troubles.

I felt kind of rotten, my “work product” on walks was not easily “scoopable”. (Sorry if that’s TMI.) And I was prone to “casting up” my accounts a few minutes after eating.

I’m much better now — but the result of these intestinal troubles is a very bland and boring diet.

Mom is quite adamant about giving me stuff that will NOT upset my tummy.

Admittedly, my regular food is of a very high quality.

I eat Innova Adult kibble Small bites for small dogs. This is a really good wholesome food with good natural ingredients and a great track record for being healthy and safe food. Mama says it was on a short list of top dog foods and recommended by our vet when they took me off the prescription food. I’ll admit that I haven’t had any tummy issues with that kibble.

I really do appreciate what Mama is trying to accomplish with giving me good healthy food.

However, I’m a lot like my hu-brothers. They’ll eat their veggies and other healthy stuff that mom forces down their throats provides for them; but, they prefer cheeseburgers, pizza, chocolate shakes French fries and barbeque ribs.

The difference between me and my hu-brothers is that they occasionally get a cheeseburger! The closest I come to a cheeseburger is a miniscule amount of ham, or some low sodium chicken broth added to my food. BLECH!!

Mom has been practically standing on her head to get me to eat my kibble.

Today was actually a good day. See my nice clean bowl. I’m licking my lips too!

What you don’t see is that Mama chopped up a piece of honey cured ham and hid tiny pieces of it on the bottom of the bowl. Then she covered it up with kibble. I had to eat kibble to get to the ham. Tricky Mom!

However, I’m kind of tricky too. I managed to flip a lot of kibble out of the bowl with my nose to get to the ham. See all that kibble on the floor next to my bowl!

Fellow doggers – I know that I am being somewhat obnoxious about this, but I really don’t like my kibble.

So I am asking for you help.

Please, can you tell my mom about a good high quality dog food that is good for doggies with bad bellies that tastes good?

I’m sure some of you guys like the Innova stuff, but it’s just not that appealing to me.

Mom refuses to feed me cheeseburgers, and I refuse to eat that kibble without significant doctoring. We have reached an impasse.

We need your help.

As you hop by today on the blog hop. Please leave your food recommendation.

Thank you in advance for your good advice.

Your persnickety pal,


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