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Three Scares for Mama over the Memorial Day Holiday!

Hi Everybody,

I gave Mama three bad scares over the weekend! I didn’t mean to do it, but here’s what happened.

Scare #1

In my yard, the crows have baby crows, and they are all trying to learn to fly. Evidently, they are slow learners! Dumb crows! I was capering about on my 4 legs when I was a puppy without any trouble!

Anyway, one of these fledgling fell out of the tree while I happened to be outside. Now, let me tell you! This is not a tiny bird! And it is NOT cute! My mama would agree with me, too! This crow was just a little bit smaller than its mama and daddy. In fact, it was almost as big as I am.

Well, the crow landed practically in my mouth on my head. I was barking at it, and it was cawing at me. All the other crows in the tree were making a terrible racket. Mama came running out as fast as she could; she was yelling something about some Alfred Hitchcock movie. I don’t know if she thought the crow would peck me, or I would take a chunk out of its wing. There are no pictures, because mama ran out bare foot and in her pajamas. She was yelling for Dad to bring the leash. He came running too, but somehow he had his shoes on.

They put the leash on me and I got dragged back inside. Mama ran her hands all over me. I was fine. The crow never got me. The fledgling hopped around for a while in the back and finally managed to fly back up to its perch on the tree.

That was Thursday morning.

Scare #2

Mama let me out for my normal potty run about 7AM. I could see her watching from the yard. I did my normal route around the wall, to the tree, to the side yard and then to the pittosporum bush. I was on my way back towards the house when what do you think happened?

A crow fell out of the tree right in front of me! I thought it was a sign! I hadn’t had my breakfast; I was a little hungry, peckish (if you’ll pardon the pun!) My wolf DNA kicked in. This fledgling seemed a bit bigger than the last one, or maybe it was my imagination. His beak certainly looked longer. It didn’t matter to me! It was time to eat some crow! So I lunged and barked and snapped, and it lunged and cawed and snapped!

The crows started making a racket again up in the trees. Mama came out of the house fast, but dressed this time and swinging my leash over her head like the blades of a helicopter. The birds had started to swoop a little. I think the fledgling’s Daddy came to rescue it. But my Mama is way tougher. She told both birds they’d end up in a pot if they touched me. I had the leash on me faster than you can say “Fried Crow!” Back into the house I went. Now this fledgling didn’t have much sense. About 10AM, three hours later, the gardeners came to do the yard. Mama went to talk to them. They came back and said the bird was STILL in the yard. So Mama called…. Dare I say it…? Animal Control!

About an hour later the Animal control guy came, but by that time the crow was gone. The Animal Control guy is the one that said that the crows had been falling out of the trees all over town!

Dumb Birds!

That was Friday morning.


Scare #3 — The Biggest and Worst Scare of All

Saturday night, I was lazing around the house. Mama, Daddy and my hu-brother were watching a movie. I was lying on mama’s foot licking her toe. She finally got the hint and reached down to give me a belly rub!

That’s when she saw it!

I had this big red bulbous THING on the elbow of my right foreleg!

It looked like a boo-boo to her. I think she thought it was a crow peck! This is how it looked the first time she saw it. This isn’t mine, but it looked a lot like this!

Daddy looked at it too!

They decided I needed to go to the vet, but since I wasn’t licking it and was being my normal self they felt they could wait and take me on Tuesday when my regular vet’s office was open. It didn’t seem like an emergency and there was no blood. Quite frankly it didn’t bother me at all. Mama and Daddy gave me a good belly rub and cuddled me a lot after that.

Eventually, I had to hide to get away from all that affection! I could tell Mama was worried.

This is what it looked like today. This is mine!

This Tuesday morning, she took me to the vet where she got scared and soothed almost simultaneously!

My vet, Dr. Galea, said I had a HISTIOCYTOMA tumor. Mama looked like she was going to cry. I think Dr. Galea thought so too because immediately he told her that it was not anything dangerous or even a big deal. They said it would go away on its own. However, he was going to make certain and that’s when the Vet visit turned bad for me!

He took out this big needle and STABBED my HISTO thing and pulled fluid out of it. Then we all went out of the exam room and into the lab and he looked at it under the microscope. He let Mama look too. I don’t think she wanted to look, but he made her look. He was right. It’s the HISTO thingy. Evidently, it’s a common thing in young dogs like me. It’s not contagious. It just happens and they come up and then they go away!

Mama found this picture on the Internet. She says it looks exactly like my slide!

Dr. Galea told Mama not to worry, but she came right home and “googled” the Histo thingy. According to the Internet and Dr. Galea, these things are usually benign. That means they don’t turn into cancer! They happen in young dogs (under 3 years of age) usually around the neck, hind limbs, trunk and feet. They can get infected though. Dr. Galea told mom to watch mine. It might get bigger. If it does, he’ll take it off. I don’t know what that means. Mama covered my ears at one point in the conversation.

Then the visit got even worse – Dr. Galea decided that I might as well have some shots since I was only a couple of weeks away from my regular visit. I got stabbed TWO MORE TIMES with the needle.

Mama seemed to feel a lot better after the vet visit. The vet decided not to give me any cream for my Histo thingy because he knew I’d just lick it off. He was right. I’ve been licking the place where he STABBED ME all morning!


So Mama had 3 scares this weekend about me! I didn’t even mention the stomach virus that my Hu-brother got or the Air Softing adventure that my other Hu-brother went on!

So I’m fine fellow doggers! Mama says her heart has finally stopped racing.

She loves me and doesn’t want anything bad to ever happen to me.

She told me she’d have plucked that crow, cleaned him and roasted him for my dinner if he’d pecked me!

I love my mama!

Mama! Sorry I scared you!






Morning Walk with Opie – A Pictorial essay

Hurrah! We’re going on a walk! I have a new leash! It’s longer!

Interesting smells here!

This is my neighbor’s garden. Isn’t it nice?

Mom is quite jealous of her Lantana. Mama says it gets more sun so it’s not her fault that ours looks all scraggly.

I blame the cats. They poo in the bed! Nobody poos in my neighbors garden, including me!

We have continued on. It’s starting to warm up. I love this grass!


Lemme Go, Lemme Go, Lemme Go!

No, now I won’t sit or stay for the Bird of Paradise shot. I’ve got my eye on you squirrel!

I’ve still got my eye on you squirrel!

Well, I got dragged along to the other side of the street. We’re a few streets over now!

This is the jewel of the neighborhood according to Mama.

There’s no sidewalk here and the property owners have planted a garden that goes all up and down the curtilage.

We don’t poo or pee here either for obvious reasons.

See, it’s all the way to the curb! Well, that ends my morning walk.

Gotta secure my backyard from crows and squirrels now.

Have a great day everybody!

How to help Tornado Disaster Victims – two and four legged

Time for the Twilight Bark!

We are deeply saddened and amazed at the devastation caused by the category F5 tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri. The images in the media are devastating and the rising death toll and emotional toll is awful.

In the face of fearsome disasters people are rising to the call for help. All of over the country and the world, people are reaching out with their money, their concern and their prayers to help those devastated by tornadoes. If you surf the net, you’ll find videos of people, touched and moved by this disaster, who dropped what they were doing and drove to Missouri and to Alabama and other areas devastated to lend a helping hand — Not just Red Cross volunteers, but regular people with a will to help.

Obviously, we all can’t drive to the central U.S. and the South, but we can help with our money and our prayers. This blog post reprises some good information on how to help 2 legged and 4 legged victims of the tornado.

Please verify any organization that you choose to give money to. Even a small $10 donation will help. Many of these people have lost everything. Here is the information:

To help animal victims of the latest Tornadoes please follow this link to the Humane Society of Missouri . This organization is designated by the State Emergency Management Agency as the lead animal welfare agency in response to disasters and other emergencies in Missouri.

A Facebook page has been set up to reunite lost pets and families. Volunteers are being asked to foster displaced pets and post pictures of lost and temporarily abandoned animals. Facebook member have shared their pictures of devastation. Almost 4,000 members have joined and are reaching out by posting pictures and phone numbers, and donating. Click the link to follow Animals Lost and Found from the Joplin, MO Tornado.

Dog is rescued in the Joplin devastation.

Joplin children walk through the devastation with their dog.

A woman finds comfort with her little ferret.

Here is how you can help the 2 legged victims!


Rescue efforts are under way as residents of Joplin, Mo., try to pick up the pieces of their lives after a devastating tornado hit the city of about 50,000 and severe storms ravaged the Midwest this weekend.

At least 116 people have been reported dead in Joplin. Authorities say 25 percent to 30 percent of the city has been damaged by the tornado, which was reportedly one mile wide, with winds of nearly 200 mph.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Sunday evening and activated the National Guard. Find out below how to help this city, 160 miles south of Kansas City.

Donate to the Tornado Relief Effort

The American Red Cross is providing food, shelter and emotional support in Missouri, Minnesota and other parts of the Midwest.

To make a donation to the
American Red Cross’ Disaster Relief, visit its online donation page. Once there you can enter the zip code for Joplin, 64801, to make sure that the money will be directed to their local Joplin chapter.

You can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be sent to your local Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013.

Charlie Riedel/AP Photo

An emergency vehicle drives through a severely damaged neighborhood in Joplin, Mo., Monday, May 23, 2011. A large tornado moved through much of the city Sunday, damaging a hospital and hundreds of homes and businesses and killing at least 89 people.

World Vision teams are heading to Joplin, Mo., and northern Minneapolis, Minn., to assess the tornado damage. World Vision focuses on aiding children and is providing hygiene kits, cleaning supplies and other relief and building items.

To donate $10, or text the word “TORNADO” to 20222 or call 888-56-CHILD.

To donate to the United Way, call 417-624-0153.

The Salvation Army‘s emergency disaster services teams are helping to feed residents and first responders in Joplin; Reading, Kan.; and parts of Minnesota affected by the storms.

To donate to the Salvation Army’s efforts, visit
and click on the
donation page.

You can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY and donors can text “JOPLIN” to 80888 to make a $10 donation. And you can mail a donation to Joplin Tornado Relief, the Salvation Army, 3637 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo. 64111

To Help and Find Relatives

The American Red Cross’ Safe and Well website helps friends and family connect with those in devastated areas.

On Facebook, several pages have been created to assist concerned relatives in finding loved ones and getting information on how to help: Help Joplin and Joplin, Mo., Tornado Recovery.

Missouri residents with medical skills who want to help, can go to

ABC News affiliate contributed to this article.

We can show our love and caring by giving to those in need.



I’m Sulking! I’m Mad and …. I’m full.

Opie here! Mama says that I’m pouting, but I think I have a right to pout!

Look at this Cake!

Doesn’t it look delicious? Do you think I got ANY of it?

Do you think I got a crumb? Do you think I got to lick icing off anyone’s fingers?

Do you think I got one of those wax stick things?

No, I didn’t!

I wanted some cake too!

So, maybe I am sulking!

Who decided that chocolate cake was bad for doggies?

I smell a conspiracy!

How can anything that smells that yummy and that everyone else seems to love so much be bad for us doggies?

Daddy tried to make me feel better with a new bully stick.

I’ll admit that this is a tasty bully stick.

I was also encouraged to get into all the family photos.

This is my favorite! The Grandparents love my glossy hair.

As you can see, I am extra glossy from all the petting and stroking I got while they were here.

I do love it when they visit.

Mama kept a close eye on Grandpa.

I know HE would have given me some cake!

Psst… Grandpa, next time I’ll lick your ankle when the coast is clear, okay?

Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday Hu-brother Gregory!

I expect to have some of your birthday cupcakes this weekend or somebody’s guitar case might get nibbled on!

And that’s not a threat at all.

It’s a promise.

 I just had to vent fellow doggers!

I suppose I don’t have much really to complain about.

I got lots of treats and belly rubs. Tons of attention! Grandpa says that I must be the best dog in the world!

And…the bully stick is  so very tasty!

Yummy, yummy bully stick of deliciousness!

The Grandparents are Here! Treats and Belly Rubs Abound!


Hi All,

My Grandparents are here. What does this mean for me!

Treats, Treats, Treats!

Grandma has COOKIES in her purse! I can SMELL THEM!

Grandpa has a bag of duck treats!

I am so happy!

I’m going to eat until I burst! And get belly rubs until I can’t stand anymore

Bring it on Granny and Gramps!

Ahhhhhhhhh! Don’t be jealous of my great fortune! I can’t help grinning!

Wordless Wednesday – What I like to do on a cold rainy day in ….MAY?


If you turn the sound off that camera, I might be able to get some sleep!!!!


Opie The Music Coach, The Impresario, The Genius Snorkie!

Hi All

Opie here!

I wear many hats as the family’s most beloved!

One of them is Music Coach.

My favorite thing to do is to sit near or beside my hu –brother Michael and coach him on the finer points of music as he practices.

I promise you! He’s going places.

Here’s a little 3 minute film of ME coaching him!

His music is so soothing sometimes it puts me right to sleep!

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Wordless Wednesday: My Special Sleeping Place

I’m trying to have a nap.

Yes I know I’m tucked away under your desk with all this other stuff

I find the typing sound very soothing….zzzzzzzz.

What’s the big deal? It’s my bully stick – why can’t I bury it in the couch?

Hi All,

Opie here!

Mama’s annoyed because she found my bully stick in the couch. I don’t know why she should be annoyed. After all, it’s my bully stick and she found my super secret hiding place.

Daddy bought me a Bully Stick for Mothers Day? Evidently, this was to make up for the fact that the only thing left over from the MD Lunch was spaghetti and meat sauce and for some unknown reason I’m not allowed to have a taste of that. It smells heavenly, by the way!

Any-who, I got a brand new bully stick.


I chewed on it a while, but then I decided to hide it.

First, I walked all around the house looking for a good place to stash it. My brothers went running ahead of me and closed a bunch of doors. I have no idea why. Their room is full of nooks and crannies and a perfect place to hide stuff. I wonder if Michael is still made about that Lego model of his I chewed up. Hmmmm.

I tried to hide it in the laundry basket with the clean clothes. Gregory pulled it right out and gave it back to me. Then the basket ended up on a top of the washing machine.

I tried to hide it in Mama’s new shoes. Obviously, that didn’t work.

I tried to hide in a corner of the living room, but I couldn’t seem to dig up the hard wood floor.

Finally, the perfect spot — Right between Mama and Daddy on the couch! I “dug” into the couch bottom and nosed my prize into the back of the couch. Then I pushed the pillow back over the top of it.

Mama came right back to the couch after bringing Daddy a bag of popcorn and sat right on it. I

I suppose I should have expected that.

Now I have to find a new place to hide it.

I don’t know why Mama is pointing to my crate. My crate?


Gotta go!

Later Fur Friends!

Your Pal,


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day

to all our

Pet Blogging Pals!



From Opie and