I’m Sulking! I’m Mad and …. I’m full.

Opie here! Mama says that I’m pouting, but I think I have a right to pout!

Look at this Cake!

Doesn’t it look delicious? Do you think I got ANY of it?

Do you think I got a crumb? Do you think I got to lick icing off anyone’s fingers?

Do you think I got one of those wax stick things?

No, I didn’t!

I wanted some cake too!

So, maybe I am sulking!

Who decided that chocolate cake was bad for doggies?

I smell a conspiracy!

How can anything that smells that yummy and that everyone else seems to love so much be bad for us doggies?

Daddy tried to make me feel better with a new bully stick.

I’ll admit that this is a tasty bully stick.

I was also encouraged to get into all the family photos.

This is my favorite! The Grandparents love my glossy hair.

As you can see, I am extra glossy from all the petting and stroking I got while they were here.

I do love it when they visit.

Mama kept a close eye on Grandpa.

I know HE would have given me some cake!

Psst… Grandpa, next time I’ll lick your ankle when the coast is clear, okay?

Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday Hu-brother Gregory!

I expect to have some of your birthday cupcakes this weekend or somebody’s guitar case might get nibbled on!

And that’s not a threat at all.

It’s a promise.

 I just had to vent fellow doggers!

I suppose I don’t have much really to complain about.

I got lots of treats and belly rubs. Tons of attention! Grandpa says that I must be the best dog in the world!

And…the bully stick is  so very tasty!

Yummy, yummy bully stick of deliciousness!


About Opie and Opie's Mom

Snorkie with attitude. My mom writes about me and sometimes she lets me write something too. I was rescued July 11, 2010! I am so happy! I love my family and I hate squirrels. I don't know any cats but the neighborhood cats are fun to bark at. Read Opie's Mom's Blog to find out more about me. View all posts by Opie and Opie's Mom

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