Three Scares for Mama over the Memorial Day Holiday!

Hi Everybody,

I gave Mama three bad scares over the weekend! I didn’t mean to do it, but here’s what happened.

Scare #1

In my yard, the crows have baby crows, and they are all trying to learn to fly. Evidently, they are slow learners! Dumb crows! I was capering about on my 4 legs when I was a puppy without any trouble!

Anyway, one of these fledgling fell out of the tree while I happened to be outside. Now, let me tell you! This is not a tiny bird! And it is NOT cute! My mama would agree with me, too! This crow was just a little bit smaller than its mama and daddy. In fact, it was almost as big as I am.

Well, the crow landed practically in my mouth on my head. I was barking at it, and it was cawing at me. All the other crows in the tree were making a terrible racket. Mama came running out as fast as she could; she was yelling something about some Alfred Hitchcock movie. I don’t know if she thought the crow would peck me, or I would take a chunk out of its wing. There are no pictures, because mama ran out bare foot and in her pajamas. She was yelling for Dad to bring the leash. He came running too, but somehow he had his shoes on.

They put the leash on me and I got dragged back inside. Mama ran her hands all over me. I was fine. The crow never got me. The fledgling hopped around for a while in the back and finally managed to fly back up to its perch on the tree.

That was Thursday morning.

Scare #2

Mama let me out for my normal potty run about 7AM. I could see her watching from the yard. I did my normal route around the wall, to the tree, to the side yard and then to the pittosporum bush. I was on my way back towards the house when what do you think happened?

A crow fell out of the tree right in front of me! I thought it was a sign! I hadn’t had my breakfast; I was a little hungry, peckish (if you’ll pardon the pun!) My wolf DNA kicked in. This fledgling seemed a bit bigger than the last one, or maybe it was my imagination. His beak certainly looked longer. It didn’t matter to me! It was time to eat some crow! So I lunged and barked and snapped, and it lunged and cawed and snapped!

The crows started making a racket again up in the trees. Mama came out of the house fast, but dressed this time and swinging my leash over her head like the blades of a helicopter. The birds had started to swoop a little. I think the fledgling’s Daddy came to rescue it. But my Mama is way tougher. She told both birds they’d end up in a pot if they touched me. I had the leash on me faster than you can say “Fried Crow!” Back into the house I went. Now this fledgling didn’t have much sense. About 10AM, three hours later, the gardeners came to do the yard. Mama went to talk to them. They came back and said the bird was STILL in the yard. So Mama called…. Dare I say it…? Animal Control!

About an hour later the Animal control guy came, but by that time the crow was gone. The Animal Control guy is the one that said that the crows had been falling out of the trees all over town!

Dumb Birds!

That was Friday morning.


Scare #3 — The Biggest and Worst Scare of All

Saturday night, I was lazing around the house. Mama, Daddy and my hu-brother were watching a movie. I was lying on mama’s foot licking her toe. She finally got the hint and reached down to give me a belly rub!

That’s when she saw it!

I had this big red bulbous THING on the elbow of my right foreleg!

It looked like a boo-boo to her. I think she thought it was a crow peck! This is how it looked the first time she saw it. This isn’t mine, but it looked a lot like this!

Daddy looked at it too!

They decided I needed to go to the vet, but since I wasn’t licking it and was being my normal self they felt they could wait and take me on Tuesday when my regular vet’s office was open. It didn’t seem like an emergency and there was no blood. Quite frankly it didn’t bother me at all. Mama and Daddy gave me a good belly rub and cuddled me a lot after that.

Eventually, I had to hide to get away from all that affection! I could tell Mama was worried.

This is what it looked like today. This is mine!

This Tuesday morning, she took me to the vet where she got scared and soothed almost simultaneously!

My vet, Dr. Galea, said I had a HISTIOCYTOMA tumor. Mama looked like she was going to cry. I think Dr. Galea thought so too because immediately he told her that it was not anything dangerous or even a big deal. They said it would go away on its own. However, he was going to make certain and that’s when the Vet visit turned bad for me!

He took out this big needle and STABBED my HISTO thing and pulled fluid out of it. Then we all went out of the exam room and into the lab and he looked at it under the microscope. He let Mama look too. I don’t think she wanted to look, but he made her look. He was right. It’s the HISTO thingy. Evidently, it’s a common thing in young dogs like me. It’s not contagious. It just happens and they come up and then they go away!

Mama found this picture on the Internet. She says it looks exactly like my slide!

Dr. Galea told Mama not to worry, but she came right home and “googled” the Histo thingy. According to the Internet and Dr. Galea, these things are usually benign. That means they don’t turn into cancer! They happen in young dogs (under 3 years of age) usually around the neck, hind limbs, trunk and feet. They can get infected though. Dr. Galea told mom to watch mine. It might get bigger. If it does, he’ll take it off. I don’t know what that means. Mama covered my ears at one point in the conversation.

Then the visit got even worse – Dr. Galea decided that I might as well have some shots since I was only a couple of weeks away from my regular visit. I got stabbed TWO MORE TIMES with the needle.

Mama seemed to feel a lot better after the vet visit. The vet decided not to give me any cream for my Histo thingy because he knew I’d just lick it off. He was right. I’ve been licking the place where he STABBED ME all morning!


So Mama had 3 scares this weekend about me! I didn’t even mention the stomach virus that my Hu-brother got or the Air Softing adventure that my other Hu-brother went on!

So I’m fine fellow doggers! Mama says her heart has finally stopped racing.

She loves me and doesn’t want anything bad to ever happen to me.

She told me she’d have plucked that crow, cleaned him and roasted him for my dinner if he’d pecked me!

I love my mama!

Mama! Sorry I scared you!






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4 responses to “Three Scares for Mama over the Memorial Day Holiday!

  • Judy

    Wow! Thank goodness you are okay. I had a similar experience with a baby robin hopping out of the nest in front of me. All these birds came out from all corners of the yard and started flapping and chirping. They do go to great lenghths to protect their baby birds but fortunately your mom was there to protect you:) We hope you feel better soon.

  • According to Gus

    Oh, Opie. What a traumatic week you’ve had. I think you better take it easy this week and give your mom a break. I don’t know if her nerves can take much more!!

  • Lindy MacDuff

    Too much excitement, for sure! Glad you’re okay and glad your mama is able to breathe a big sigh of relief now. Sorry for all those needle sticks you had to endure. I hope you were given some treats once you came home from the vet’s office.

  • Barb Blanco

    So glad that histo thingie wasn’t REAL seriouis. Sorry you have to be “stabbed” with that needle thing.
    Hope the crows are gone from your yard now.
    What a scary busy weekend for you all.

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