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Pet Rescue – LHM’s and Other Specific Breeds

Hi all,

Opie here!

As we near the end of my adoption anniversary month, pet rescue is on my mind. Mama ran into some people a few days ago who were looking for a dog. They wanted a specific breed. Mama wanted a specific breed too – LHM Loveable Hypoallergenic Mutt!

This is what this breed looks like with his full coat on.

LHM’s are frequently quite cute!

Here he is after a severe summer cut.

As you can imagine, we LHM’s have a variety of looks. With our many variations, we are probably one of the largest dog breeds in the world.

Here’s our recipe:

  • Take any hypoallergenic breed plus any other pure breed or LHM breed.
  • Add a lot of love and cuddling to your LHM’s puppyhood
  • Result — a “BONEY- FIDE”

I may have Mama petition the AKC to recognize our status. Who knows? We may be at the dog show next year!

(I know I can run around a carpet and earn treats as well as a Rhodesian Ridgeback!)

The folks that mom talked to last week were very precise about what breed they wanted.

They wanted a Vizsula.

I must say this Vizsula is a very good looking dog.

And I am certain that this breed has an “L” for LOVEABLE in its genetic code. (We can’t all be pure bred LHM’s – poor hound!)

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a specific dog breed. However, I worry that people might end up getting a dog from a puppy mill or some other undesirable place because they are breed specific. Mama and I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick blog about places that you can go to RESCUE
the particular dog you want.

Unfortunately, no dog breed is immune to bad owners, irresponsible breeders and rotten circumstances. You can probably find any sort of dog you want at a rescue or even the dog jail
pound shelter.

Where to start?

Anyway, here are some great websites we found where people can begin their search for Breed Specific

    • They say all breeds, but we saw a lot of information about greyhounds and whippets and other sight hounds. This place is local for those in Southern California. When you check out this site be sure and surf around. There was a great photo of some whippets all piled together in a ….wait for it, wait for it….DOG PILE!


  • Of course, the American Kennel Club has a big directory that you can look at as well. It’s alphabetized! Of course, they make all sorts of disclaimers about their list – not responsible, not necessarily accurate, not endorsed… GEEZ why’d you provide it in the first place? It’s a good place to start, I suppose. American Kennel Club ( )


  • All about Dogs and Cats has an extremely comprehensive directory for breed rescues and good advice on how to deal with breed specific rescue organizations. I like this site. They have a blog called Paw Prints that I’ll be visiting soon! So whether you live in Texas, California, Pennsylvania or Nevada, or pretty much any state in the Union, this website has a great list for you. I was very impressed.

( )

Another great dog breed!

There is one other great breed of dog out there for those of you looking.

The LM breeds (Loveable Mutt)! They are an even larger and more varied group than my beloved LHM breed!

Lots of rescues handle this sort of doggy – more rescues than I can possibly list!

Whatever dog you want, make certain that you have L genetic trait in your own make up!

We doggies don’t do well with Mamas and Daddy’s who are missing this gene.

But if you have LOVE in your heart and a good dose of R (Responsibility!), I think we might accept you as our furrever friends.

Well, fellow doggers!

Gotta run!

Mama has an excess of L to pass on to me via a tummy rub!

Your Pal,



Almost Wordless Wednesday — And the Winner is…..

It’s Awards Time!

First of all, I want to thank all the great bloggers and commenters who took a stab at creating a slogan for my badge. Your entries were top drawer. Your entries made me want to create more badges to fit your slogans!

Thank you so much for your participation.

And now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for

Drum roll please…….


And the winner is…



The (mis) Adventures of Sage…..

Here is my badge in all it’s “badgey” glory!

Thanks to Sage!

Kudos to Sage for discovering the slogan that fits me to a “T”!

Of course, it’s fitting that Sage be the one to win. After all, we began pet blogging together. Sage’s blog was probably the first one that Mama ever read. I urged her to subscribe to it and we’ve been blog buddies ever since.

Who is Sage?

Sage is mostly Australian Kelpie! She loves water, playing with other dogs, playing with her doggy bro, Toby and hanging out with her Mom and Dad! She blogs pretty regularly and seems to always be having some sort of adventure! She’s a great girl. My secret fantasy is to visit Sage and run around that 1000 acre dog park with her. I’m not too keen on water, but I’ll watch her play in the pond! To find out more about her hijinx and her great fun, you should check out her blog!

For those of you unfamiliar with the fabulous Sage here are some wonderful pictures of her.

Click on any one of her pictures and you’ll end up at her blog which is full of excellent photos of her.

She’s a great girl and I feel I’m lucky to have her as a blog buddy.


Isn’t she just spectacular!

I told you she loves water! Wait for me Sage!

Is there a raft around here somewhere?

I think she’s just about to run off and jump in the water. She’s posing because it’s important to her Mama. I know how that is Sage. Sometimes we just have to please our Mamas by letting them take photos.

I know you ran off to play as soon as you heard the click!

As you can see, Sage is not just a smart lady; she’s a beautiful one as well!

I hope everyone hops over to see her today and in the coming days as well.

If I can borrow her slogan!

No bones about it

Sage is all about love!

By the way,

Be sure and check Sage’s blog!

The ( mis) Adventures of Sage at the following URL –

Sniffs and Licks,

Your Pal,


P.S. Hey Sagie, I made you a badge!



Badges? I Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Badges – Or Do I?

Hi All,

Opie Here!

As part of my anniversary present, Mama has decided to redo my blog badge. I don’t know what badges are for, but since I like anything that has my picture and name on it, I’m all for it!

Here is my new badge. It’s not quite finished because Mama has been having trouble thinking of a good slogan for my badge.

She started off with “Snorkie Power!” and “More treats for All!, but she’s thinks that’s a little boring. I suggested that she open this up for suggestions

So here it is –

My very first SLOGAN CONTEST!


Post a slogan that you think fits my picture and my personality in your comment to this blog.

This will be a fairly short contest. We’ll post the winning slogan on Monday!

You can post as many slogans as you wish. Be sure and post your blog URL along with your slogan. (On the off chance that WordPress garbles in some way!)

What does the winner get?


The winner will get to be the featured guest of honor on my blog! I will post your picture (your pet’s picture), your blog’s URL and say wonderful things about your intellect. If by chance you aren’t a blogger, I’ll still say wonderful things about your intellect and post a picture of your favorite pet. Once I inform you that you’ve won, you’ll need to email my mom a picture that you’d like featured in the blog for Tuesday! I’d like to get the winning blog posted in time for the Wednesday Blog Hop. That way you’ll get lots of extra hits on your blog!

A big “shout out” to all the other bloggers and of course my undying gratitude which as you know is priceless!

So let the games begin fellow bloggers!

Your Pal,


Wordless Wednesday – Science Cat


Opie here!

You may be wondering who this cat is. Well, he is Science Cat. He’s a stray that lives at California Science Center.

Mama saw him on the way to pick up my hu-brothers from Science Camp.

He was quite friendly and allowed a nice picture.

It’s a shame he’s homeless.

He seems quite well fed and even a bit content.

I think he’s been adopted by the folks at the science center, but who knows?

Mama really liked his pose. I’m just tolerating this feline usurper of my photo space.

I’m not a “cat” dog.

Anyway, happy almost Wordless Wednesday.

(Geez, just ’cause I’ve been running out of the frame and turning my back end to the camera… you have to put a cat in the blog. Can anyone say passive aggressive? )

Your disgruntled pal,


My Rescue Day! Reminiscence and Celebration

Hi All,

Opie here.


My One Year


This month last year I was adopted by my current family.

It’s only fitting to reminisce a bit about those early days so that we can all really appreciate the present!

I don’t remember my old family at all. That’s fitting since they didn’t think too hard about me when they dumped me at the Riverside County Shelter. The folks there try very hard to get cats and dogs adopted out, but Riverside Shelter is not a no-kill shelter. Last year they euthanized over 350 “adoptable” dogs. If the folks at Lhasa Happy Home Rescue had not picked me up last June, I might have been one of those unlucky pooches. Believe me it was quite lucky. Please note that I am NOT a Lhasa Apso. Luckily, Lhasa’s mission includes other small breeds. ( Snorkie’s must be included!) Randee said she fell in love with my ears!

Here is a picture of me in from those early times.

This was taken near the end of August 2010.

I’ve always loved belly rubs. And my ears are quite cute.

Randee, the head of the Lhasa rescue, immediately sent me to live with my Foster Mom. She had two kids and they were great to me. I don’t remember them very well now. I think I was a little traumatized by all the shifting from place to place. Consider this — I was with my first family as a puppy(home number 1) , then when I was about 6 months old they brought me to the pound ( home number 2) , then about a month later, Randee came and got me and I stayed with her ( home number 3) and then with Barbara ( home number 4) and finally…. Finally with my mama. That’s five
different places before I was 10 months old. Let’s face it. I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t really settle down until a couple of months after Mama and Daddy had me. Mama has the vet bills to prove it!

How My Mama Found Me

Mama’s allergic to most dogs so they looked on for a hypoallergenic dog. (By the way, we think that the study that said that hypoallergenic dogs don’t exist is deeply flawed.) Mama knew that if she went to the local pound, she was bound to fall in love with a dog that would make her eyes red and nose itchy. Finding a forever fur friend is a lifelong commitment. People need to use their heads along with their hearts to match themselves with an appropriate fur friend. Mama saw me online and I fit the bill. I was the right size for our house and the right breed or combination of breeds for her nose! She filled out the adoption forms, cleaned up the house for a home visit from the Lhasa volunteers, and then finally met me!

The rest, as they say, is history.

This is me that first day on Randee’s couch.

The picture is not good. Mama took it with her phone.

The whole family fell in love with me on the spot. Within about 3 hours I was on my way with Mama and the boys to buy me a bed, water and food bowl and dog food. With the exception of vet and grooming appointments, it’s been paradise here!

As he was giving me a belly rub, Daddy told me that I was spoiled rotten!

He’s right!

I am.

How Are We Celebrating My Anniversary?

Mama started the celebration by making my every day food especially savory.

I’ve had a little wet canned food mixed into my kibble every day. OMD! It’s heavenly! I’ve also shared family cook out grub! I’ll just say one word – Hamburger!

To complement my new hair cut, mama got me a t-shirt. I think I look tough.

Daddy thinks I look tough too! Here I am greeting him at the door!

I love Daddy! And I kind of like my t-shirt too. I don’t try and bite it off like my Christmas sweater.

It suits me perfectly.

SECURITY! That’s what I am, that’s my job!


It fits my new MUSCLE DOG look!

Mama has also taken me to the dog park a few times this month!

Of course, I don’t wear my t-shirt to the park.

I don’t want to make anyone jealous!

At the park Mama took some pictures of me before I got down to the serious business of playing!

Then it was play time!

Here I am with my new buddy! I never got his name. His Mama was way at the other end of the park!

And here’s my other buddy!

I’ve had a great time at the park! I’ve even renewed some old acquaintances.

I love riding in the car with Mama.

Here we are coming back from the park on one of our many trips this month!

This is just a taste of the type of things that we’ve been doing this month to celebrate my anniversary. Mama says there’s more fun on the way. She mentioned something about a play date with Mo-mo – the poodle down the street. And I think there’s more time at the dog park on the calendar!

But the truth is…

I don’t really need all this stuff.

I’m happy sitting on the couch with my hu-brothers while they play video games or practice the guitar.

I’m happy sleeping at the foot of Mama and Daddy’s bed.

I’m happy pressing my face into Mama’s hand for a ear scratch.

I’m happy sitting on Daddy’s lap while he’s watching a movie.

I’m happy because I’m in my house with a family that will NEVER give me up!

We belong together.

If I have a wish for my anniversary (like a birthday wish!),

It is that every dog and cat can have a forever home where people love and care for them.

That’s my anniversary wish!

I may keep Mama and Daddy up all night barking at critters in the back yard.

I may chew on somebody’s glasses if they are left in my reach.

I may threaten the mail carrier every morning.

I may run under the coffee table when the grooming brush comes out.

I may even jump on the dining room table and steal a piece of breakfast bacon!

But I know I am loved!

I am an integral part of the family

I’m home.


Smell you later fellow pet bloggers.

Licks and Sniffs,

Your Pal,




Catching up on our Blog Hiatus – A Snorkie Cumulative Report!

Hi All,

Opie here!

The first of July we were a little lax on our blogging. It was hot here in Southern California and Mama didn’t want to go near her computer.

Additionally, we were just tied up with all sorts of summer stuff.

So here’s our little catch up.

Most of these photos are pre-summer hair butchery cut

So here’s the update on what we did from July 1 through July 16th

Photo Hijinx

I spent a good portion of this part of the month getting chin rubs, head rubs, belly rubs, back scratching and all the lovely things that our mamas, papas and human brothers excel at.

I must say that mama is a genius behind the ears!

My New Bed!

I also got a new bed! I used to sleep in a nice wicker laundry basket in Mama and Daddy’s room, but I made a little bit too much noise getting comfortable. It wasn’t my fault that the wicker creaked and occasionally I tipped it over. So here is my new bed with my favorite doggy blanket! This is a great spot for a short nap during the day, but the truth is. This is my best spot right here! My older hu-brother snuck in the room in the early morning and took this picture of me and Daddy sleeping.

My Real Bed


My Borrowed Spectacles

I’ll admit though that all the books by my bed has had an effect on me. I think I’m starting to look like my human family. They all wear spectacles.

I think I look quite dashing in these nice blue frames!

Actually, these are Mama’s glasses. She thinks I might as well have them. If you look closely you might see the toothmarks I put in the lenses.

In my defense, I was new to the house. She left them on her desk. I’d never seen glasses before. I thought they were an interesting chew toy.

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

I didn’t do much on the 4th of July!

I did find a nice place to hide under Mama’s chair though.

My Summer Hair Cut

Of course you know that I got a short summer hair cut.

And that’s about it.

Now we’re all caught up.

Now what do you have to look forward to.

My anniversary blog!

Yes, that’s right. I was rescued during July. Mama has something special planned for me ( At least I know it’s not a haircut or a trip to the vet! ) And I imagine there will be pictures.

There might be funny hats.. although I hope not.

So keep reading the blog!

Smell you later,



Muscle Dog




Somebody stole my fur coat! A Snorkie’s cry for Help!

Hi All,

Opie here.

You remember me?

Well, this is what I looked like after I got my Pro Collar off!

See this happy furry dog!

This is what I look like all the time!

Happy! Furry! A gleaming white coat with a little curl in it!

I won’t say I’m “Coat Proud” but… GOL DANG IT! That’s exactly what I am!

Here is the Story of my Travail.

Due to the whole histiocytoma episode, I had not been to my monthly grooming in about 2 months.

My nails had gotten almost as long as my hair and I was bumping into things.

(Snoopy, I don’t now how you see anything!) I was bumping my head on the coffee table — a puppy move!

I was misjudging the distance for jumping on the bed and landing on my furry butt!

My hu-brothers vetoed the idea of a barrette to keep the hair out of my eyes, and I accidently scratched Mama jumping into her lap.

Mama decided it was time to go back to the groomer.

That morning she brushed me and brushed me and brushed me.

Unfortunately, I am prone to mats, especially on my legs. I’m also prone to running off when Mama brings out the brush.

She brushed me this time solid for about 30 minutes, feeding me duck treats to keep me from running off. (By the way, that really did work!)

It was an ordeal, but nothing compared to what was to come!

Off we went to the groomers.

I could wax poetic about the scents that went up my nose as we drove there.

I could wax poetic about the duck treats in the car, but I’ll cut to the chase!

Here is the result!

What the &^%$ happened to my fur coat?

Mama is in the dog house!

My hu-brothers are really mad at her. They miss my fluffy consequence!

In her defense, she didn’t tell the groomer to do this to me.

He called her at home and said that he couldn’t get the matted snarls out of my fur.

He said that he had to trim me more than usual to make it even.

I heard Mama say over the phone – “What mats. He didn’t have any mats when I brought him to you?”

I have a feeling I won’t be visiting the groomer anytime soon!

Mama mentioned something about just filing my nails down herself from now on!

I do miss my hair!

I’ll admit though that I’m a lot more aerodynamic now. It’s also a bit cooler. I seem to be a bit more energetic too!

Squirrels look out!

I’ve turned into a “MUSCLE DOG!”

Oh and my coat STILL gleams!

Do I forgive Mama? Of course I do!



And of course, there’s the other thing…

It will grow!

Mama’s determined that my hair MUST grow quickly.

I’ve told her that duck sticks make it grow faster.

Well, fellow doggers there’s an upside to everything!

Smell you later,