Michael Vick – Why don’t you just shut the “H” UP!

Hi Guys,

This is Opie’s Mom. I usually don’t blog about unhappy things. Usually, we’re just a happy go lucky little dog blog because we’re a happy go lucky family. But this morning I opened up my computer read about that Putz Michael Vick! I’m trying to put the flames out on my hair right now!

Be warned – this is a rant!

Now, I thought this was a dead issue. He’s a rotten guy, not a role model. He did his time in prison. He’s had to do some things to rehabilitate his image. He’s attempted to say he’s remorseful for his dog fighting. We all knew it was a load of dog poo, but at least we could forget about him and move on to happier news.

Well, here he is again. This time it’s “People don’t understand where I come from…. Whine, whine, whine.” Fine! Whine about it. I don’t care, but then he drops his “culture bomb.”

Here’s the bomb:

Incredibly enough, Vick then made himself out to be some kind of innocent victim in the whole sordid episode.

“I think that’s accurate,” he told Leitch, when asked if some people couldn’t possibly understand that part of black culture. “I mean, I was just one of the ones who got exposed, and because of the position I was in, where I was in my life, it went mainstream. A lot of people got out of it after my situation, not because I went to prison but because it was sad for them to see me go through something that was so pointless, that could have been avoided.”

This is from the article. Here’s the URL so you can read this garbage for yourself and tear your hair out. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Vick-on-dogfighting-in-GQ-8216-People-act-lik?urn=nfl-wp5294

I protest. Dog fighting as part of black culture? Hold On! I’m African American.

I grew up in the ghetto of South Dallas! The Klan used to have marches in Dallas when I was little. There are still parts of town my Mom won’t set foot in.

Dog Fighting? Dog Fighting? DOG FIGHTING!!!!!!!

Okay – here’s the deal. Do Not — I repeat Do Not hang that in the “Black Culture Bin” Absolutely Not. To be absolutely accurate, you can see that Vick didn’t actually bring up that reference, but his answer confirms his belief in it. He didn’t say, “No that’s not part of Black culture!” He rolled right along with this –well dare I say it – RACIST comment! Then to add insult to injury, he appoints himself the savior of those “A lot of People” who now have gotten out of dog fighting. PULEEZE!

Most – no — every black person I know is or would be horrified to have that rotten thing hung on our culture. So, Michael Vick Shut Up!

Don’t try and blame the murder of innocent dogs on your culture. That’s just oh… this is a family blog…. (Just think to yourself of every blue word you ever heard – that’s exactly what’s in my head! He burns me completely up! )

Here it is: Be a man and place the blame where it lies – on your own poor choices. I know lots of people –of different ethnicities — that grew up poor and underprivileged. Oh and Gee whiz, I even know some poor white folks, too. They made choices in their lives that usually did not include harming innocents. They didn’t bet or participated in dog fights. Gee, what did they do? I don’t know? – Went to school, got jobs, went to church, got married, worked like crazy to make certain their kids had a better life. They didn’t dog fight, cock fight or race turtles. The worst thing anyone did that I know was play a little poker, dominoes or bridge, watch a little nascar, watch the football games on major holidays and maybe participate in football pool about it.

Last time I checked no animals were killed in any of these activities. I think PETA would agree with me!

It burns me up when a whole culture is blamed for one individual’s bad judgment, poor moral set point, and evil nature. The choices of individuals do not paint an entire culture. Logic of this sort is the foundation of racism!

Poor you – Just like millions of other poor kids you had it rough. Grow a set Mike.

Own you own idiocy. Don’t pull Black culture into it. Don’t even pull your economics into it!

I am an African American woman. My parents were not rich. We lived in the ghetto. The family behind our house kept horses, chickens and pigs. I fed the horse apples when my Mama wasn’t looking. We grew up with dogs. Not one of them was ever “fought”. My GSD used me like a chew toy sometimes, but he loved me. I learned from him that dogs can purr if you scratch behind their ears just right. I had a bull dog too—same lesson. My poodle taught me that black dogs CAN jump! My dogs taught me about unconditional love and compassion. My grandmother kept Pekinese – Yes, the Ancient Chinese used to raise them to fight lions, but Snowball and Caesar enjoyed a good game of fetch and head scratches. I don’t believe my grandmother ever used them to fight the local lions! Angel however did love to nip people and had some aggression towards small children who liked to pull her tail. (Imagine that!) My mother tells stories of stray dogs that came to stay with her for a while and then just wandered off! No stories about dog fights – stories about segregation and Jim Crow– yes, but no dog fights.

So just Shut Up Michael Vick. Nobody wants to hear you whine, and this black woman wishes you had a MUZZLE! What you’re spewing is idiocy. People live in conditions worse than you can imagine all over the world. People make choices on how to live their lives in those conditions. Some of them choose to work hard and do their best to be good human beings. They choose to be kind to animals and to each other. Saying and in any way supporting the statement that this sort of cruelty is a part of a culture is inaccurate and shameful.

Ghandi grew up in the poorest country on earth. Last time, I checked he did not fight Pit Bulls on the Ganges!

I believe that we are all individuals with the ability to choose how our lives can be. Stuff happens to us, but we can choose! I can choose not to hit the person in the mouth who yelled a racial epithet at me a few years ago. I choose to be a positive loving person. I choose not to whine about my life and move on. I choose to raise my children to respect all cultures – to be good citizens of the world! I would choose this if I lived in a mud hut or a mansion in Rhode Island. In my work, I’ve met hundreds of people who live in terrible conditions who make a daily choice to be moral, hardworking, kind and loving to each other. That usually includes their animals. They choose to be positive role models for their families; they choose self improvement; they choose to work towards their dreams. They don’t choose to hurt anything or anybody! Oh… and they don’t whine!

Life happens, but we are the choices we make. There is no point in whining about it. So, stop your whining Vick. You chose to fight dogs even though you were making a great living playing football. You could have divested yourself of it the minute the NFL contract was signed, but you didn’t, and you got caught and everyone got to see what a nasty piece of work you are.

Don’t say people don’t understand you because of your culture. … Well, low and behold… I’m part of your culture, brother man, and guess what? I DO understand you. I understand that you made poor choices and you are now unwilling to take full and complete responsibility for it. Just like a poorly brought up child, you want to point the finger at something else. How sad!

Grow a set. Be a man. Yeah, life has been awful for you! You are a rich NFL player who got caught doing something vile.

If you can’t take full responsibility for your life, just shut up! The rest of America doesn’t want to hear about it!

Or as this black woman likes to say….

Talk to the hand!

Okay… fellow bloggers! The rant is now over.

Every once in a while something just sets my hair on fire.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming regarding Opie and his travails! Please scroll down and re-read Opie’s amusing letter from Doggy Central!


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