Mysterious Boo-Boo!

Hi Fellow Bloggers!


Opie’s Mom here!


I have a mystery! Opie is keeping secrets and not the good kind!


Please chime in if this has ever happened to your furbaby!

Our day was very peaceful. I was taking care of some family business, yelling at insurance companies, running to the post office, calling and making various appointments for things, synching my phone. Finally, everything was done. Throughout all of this Opie had been lazing about in my bedroom or maybe in his Dad’s office full of the final bit of turkey that I carved off the carcass for him to mix with his kibble. This snoozing was interrupted by his normal harangue against the mail carrier, the UPS guy and the Fedex guys that stopped in during the morning.

At some point in time, my husband let Opie out for a little personal time. I have no recollection of when he came in, but I know I was not the one who let him in the back door. Opie’s taking to taking his afternoon siestas on my bed in the back bedroom so I didn’t think anything of it that I hadn’t seen him for a while.

After finishing all my duties and chores, I decided to take on the mountain of laundry in that room. As I entered the room I saw something that I normally see in the middle of the yard, or on the edge of the flower bed or sitting in the bottom of a blue plastic baggy! You guessed it! Poop…in my bedroom, right in front of my bed!


Now fellow bloggers, I’d been dealing with corporate flunkies all day and so I’ll admit my first thought was not what it should have been. What it should have been was, “Why is my fully house trained dog who has excellent bowel control and right now a perfect diet pooping WHERE HE SLEEPS?” That should have been my thought but it wasn’t. Opie came out of the office with his ears and tail down and walking kind of funny. It took my husband me a second, but we noticed that he was limping. Why is he limping?

Okay, we’ve looked and we’ve examined. We can’t find anything. So we call the vet who can’t see us until 4PM this afternoon since all the DVMs in the place are tied up in surgeries. So I’m watching him now to see if I need to take him to the ER Vet ( OMG I HOPE NOT!) They’ve told us to watch him. Which even though I’m typing furiously, I am. He’s chewing on his paw, the paw that we can’t see anything on right now. He’s drunk a little from his bowl and he’s sitting on the cool kitchen tiles.

. … I just took him outside to pee. I am encouraged. He is moving pretty fast on his little three legs, a little less chipper, but there’s some pep in his limping gate.

I’ll let you all know what’s gone on after the vet.

We’ll have to figure out this mystery of what happened to his leg, paw or haunch? And how we fix it? In the 50 minutes that I’ve been watching him and intermittently writing this blog to keep my head from exploding he seems to have perked up a bit.

Wish us luck fellow bloggers. Hubby and I were just saying this AM how much we love Opie. I know we give him a curmudgeonly persona – terrier pride and all that –but the truth is that he’s a pure lap dog. We both talk to him when we’re stressed out. I hear my husband telling him how wonderful he is and complaining to him about various and sundry annoyances during the day, even suggesting that some people might need an Opie bite to keep them in line. Opie lick more like it.

I’ll keep you informed fellow bloggers,

Opie’s Worried Mom – Signing off.


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