About: Here’s a little about us!

Opie mugging for the camera

I am a 40 plus year-old house frau with two boys.  We just adopted a new puppy named Opie.   This adoption has had its ups and downs. To keep from going crazy and to save my face book friends from having to read post after post about our new family travail with the dog I decided to blog about it. Hopefully, this will help others in the same boat.  They can learn from our experience and laugh and sympathize with our ups and downs with our new pup.  I have no doubt that Opie will  have provide lots of interesting material to share with readers. I hope you all enjoy it. I know I’m having fun writing it. Hopefully, I’ll get better at this maiden effort.



5 responses to “About: Here’s a little about us!

  • luvflamingos

    Opie is super cute! He uses the same blog template as our Stella!!!!!


  • deb bour

    I came across your blog and I must say I was really impressed by what I saw.
    I recently started a blog (about a month and a half ago) about our new Snorkie, Each day I write a new blog about my dog and my followers increase with each posting.
    I am very new to this blogging and someone told me to use blogspot.com to feature my blogs.
    I was also told you can make a little pocket change with each bog and that is just awesome because I love to write the blogs and to get paid for them is icing on the cake. 🙂
    I guess what I am doing here is asking for advice and or help in getting me started.
    Thanks so much for your time.
    Deb Bour

  • Tijo s.c

    Oh my gosh Opie looks just like my grandma’s dog! i was wondering do you still have him? because they are identical and your last post was the year she got him. thanks. 🙂

  • Tijo s.c

    P.s he is so cute and if he is still living with you it seems like they are related or something any way it is so cool that you did this

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