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Not so Wordless Wednesday — Letters from a Doggy Inmate


Dear Bloggers,

It’s my first night at Doggy Central. I’ve been here before, but somehow this time it’s different. I really didn’t want to go this time. Once again, Mama happened to mention that the hotel was doggy friendly. She told me that in the fall after I finish up class we’ll pack up a doggy backpack for me and hit the road all together. But for now, I’m trapped at Doggy Jail Central.


Yes, the people are nice, but they are not MY people.

It is an all night party here. We don’t have cages at Doggy Central. We are “free” to roam around our little dog area. There are plenty of interesting back ends to sniff.

However, you have to be a bit careful around here– Lot’s of dominating type dogs. I’m really not into that! A couple of my deep growls and that’s the end of that! You have to show everyone who’s the Alpha and then they’ll leave you alone. I’ll bet that Yorkie will think twice next time he tries to jump ME!

I’ve found a cell mate – a pug that’s planning a break out on Sunday. He’s working on a tunnel under the plastic play house. I hear him scratching now.

The dachshund says that he can do a nice tattoo of a mermaid on my belly if I trade him one of my greenie snacks. I don’t want a mermaid. I might like a nice bone or picture of steak. I’ll talk to him more about it in the morning. The poodle is trying to sniff my butt as I write this. He’s okay. I’ll sniff him a bit later. The Dachshund says that Greenies are like gold here. I can get anything I want if I have enough greenies – extra treats, belly rubs from other dogs, extra wet food! I’m going to save mine. Who knows what I might have to trade them for?

I can hear a lonely hound in the big dog side howling a mournful tune.

Wow! He sounds just like Johnny Cash!

Come back soon family!

I’ve scratched the first day of my imprisonment stay here into the wall behind the fake grass indoor potty.


One night down! 4 more to go!



Inmate #007


Interview with a Texas “Dawg” – a Snorkie Report

Hi Everybody!


Opie Here!


As many of you know, my Mama and the boys are in Texas and a Texas dawg named Bogie usurped was invited to guest blog on MY BLOG!


I found it necessary to get on my doggie cell phone and talk to this Bogie person and find out the true scoop. What follows is a true transcript of our conversation. Bogie and I both have smart phones so some pictures were transmitted as well.



Opie: Hello, Bogie how are you doing?


Bogie: Well Hey Opie! Just fine, well not really, I’m feeling a little poorly. My glucose levels are kind of crazy right now and I have my ups and my downs. I wanted to thank you for loaning me the boys for a few days. That made me feel real good. You’re a true friend buddy.



Bogie in repose


Opie: Uh, er, of course well feel free… ah…. Anytime Bogie!



Me hanging my head in shame


Bogie: I’ve been meaning to ask you, Opie… where did you get your name?

Opie: Oh, I’m named after some kid on a TV show — Opie Taylor.


Bogie: Small world. I’m named after some famous actor — Humphrey Bogart. They used to call him Bogie. Of course, I have to be honest, sometimes my name gets changed. My Daddy will sometimes call me Booger!



Me laughing


Opie: That’s pretty funny!


Bogie: Yeah, It’s funny for about 5 minutes and then it’s old. Humans, I tell you! The silliest stuff makes them laugh. What’s funny to me is that they think that we’re their pets. I think it’s the other way around. Afterall, I don’t pick up their human patties, but they pick up my doggy patties.


Opie: Ha! You got that right! You don’t see me picking up my hu-brothers poop. WORD!


Bogie: Your Mama took some nice pictures of me. I like the picture taking, but my mama decided I needed my hair brushed. That was not fun.



Bogie after his ears were brushed!
Aren’t they fluffy?

Opie: Dude, tell me about it. I head for the hills when I see that grooming brush comes out. Do you have one of those sharp needley ones?



Me heading for the hills!


Bogie: Oh dog, yes Mama tries to be gentle, but I’d rather do anything than endure the hair pulling.


Opie: Why can’t they leave us alone? Why do we have to be clean?


Bogie: I know what you mean… Some gardeners came by the house the other day, and they brought all this nice smelly mulch. There it was a HUGE pile of it… It was so…. Fragrant!


Opie: Tell me more… don’t leave me hangin’ bro


Bogie: Well, I was all set to leap right into the middle of it and roll around and just luxuriate in that soft great smelling stuff and…


Opie: What happened, what happened?



Bogie: I leaped right dead in the middle of it and commenced to rolling and rubbing my back and head into the danged whole thing. It was wonderful. I pushed myself real deep into it so I could get the full effect. It was great! That there mulch was doggie ambrosia!


Opie: Oh that sounds totally awesome!…I wish I could have been there.


Bogie: There was enough for 3 or 4 dogs to have a fine old time! Unfortunately, the grooming van lady showed up pretty soon afterward and I lost all my beautiful smell. Dad Burn it!


Opie: Oh Infamous!


Bogie: You said a mouthful partner! I got washed brushed, clipped and snipped. I hate vans almost as much as I hate the mail carrier.


Opie: I know what you mean dude! Now, I hear you’ve been feeling under the weather. What’s up with that?


Bogie: Well, I am a diabetic. This means that my body does not process something called glucose well. If the levels are too low or too high then I feel kind of rotten. I don’t want to do anything but lie around, and I feel so tired I don’t want to chew a hedgehog. Worse — I have to have insulin shots every day and worse yet Mama or the vet has to stick me with sharp lancets to test my blood all the time. I really hate that. My Mama would love for someone to tell her a better way to test my blood than scraping it out of my ear. We are both kind of squeamish about that. Lately, I’ve had some trouble keeping my glucose levels right. My vet’s doing his darndest to help me out. My Mama says he’s the best, and he is a nice guy. I’d like him a dang site better without any sharp objects.



Bogie, he’s a little tuckered out.


Opie: This the same guy who recommended that I stay in my collar for 30 days?


Bogie: Well, yes. Sorry about that. If I’d been in the room, I’d a nipped him. Doggy brotherhood and all that! I’m sure he meant well though. He’s a pretty nice guy… for a vet. They’ve got treats at his clinic and they feed me when I’m getting my sugar tested. He can’t be all bad, right?


Opie: I reserve judgment. He is sticking you with needles and he made me wear this collar. He’s not batting a thousand with me, but if you like him I guess he’s okay. I sure hope you start to feel better soon. I’d love to come down to Texas and play some bitey face.


Bogie: Thanks for your warm wishes partner. There’s nothing better than a good game of bitey face. I play chase with my friend Coco the bagle ( Basset/Beagle) By the way, how’s your histio thingie?


Opie: Well, I’ve still got it, but it’s a lot smaller. I’m still in the collar of horror! But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My mama takes it off every once and a while to see if I can leave my thingie alone. To my shame I’ve failed the test every time. It really doesn’t itch, but I really want to lick it anyway. She won’t let me put my tongue anywhere near it. The collar is starting to look at little worse for wear too. There’s a little hole in it near the Velcro.



Me still in the collar of horror


Bogie: Well I’m guessin’ that eventually, that thing will just bust. Take it from me old son – you need to keep your tongue off your histio thingie WHEN SHE’S LOOKIN’!!! Try and hold off till she leaves the room or somethin’ Use you doggy brain, partner. Humans can’t hear or smell as well as we can. And even I’m a dang site faster than my Mama. You can hightail it under the bed and have a fine old time if you play your cards right!



Opie: Good advice Bogie. Bogie….


Bogie: Yeah?


Opie: I have to admit something to you. .. I was a little jealous of you being a guest blogger and spending time with my Mama and boys in Texas. I was all prepared to snarl at you a little, but dude even over the phone you smell like a righteous dog to me. I apologize for my feelings of ill will.



Bogie: Think nothin’ of it partner. You’re a young dog yet and a rescue to boot, just like me.


I understand how it is.


We love our humans so much that sometimes we don’t want to share’ em with anybody. But you’re learning that those big lovin’ humans got room in their hearts for lots of dogs even if their houses and wallets don’t. The whole reason that we have’em is cuz they got hearts as big as Texas.


And Partner, that’s mighty big.


I can see that you are a worthy canine my friend.


I won’t hold it against you.


Opie: Dude, you rock!


Bogie: Yeah, well so do you Opie! Well, I hear the dinner gong in the kitchen. I think Mama has an egg for me tonight as well as my duck! Gotta scoot! I’ll talk to you again partner.



Opie: Nice talking to you, Bogie. Enjoy your dinner!


Egg? Duck?…mmmmm!



As you can see, Bogie is a Righteous Dawg!


Hopefully, we’re being seeing and hearing a bit more from him.


Your Pals,


Bogie and Opie





Howdy From Texas – From a true Good Old Dawg or Get along little Bogie!


Hey Y’all,


My name is Bogie ( Short for Bogart!) and I’m from Dallas. My good pal Opie, or at least Opie’s Mom, is letting me be a guest blogger while she’s visiting her folks in “Big D”! Some of you all may have heard of me. My vet gave Opie’s Mama some advice about his histiocytoma thingie. Sorry about that business Opie. If I’d known he was gonna recommend that collar of horror for you for 30 days, I’d a bit him the leg. Oh well, I was a little under the weather during all that business. I’m still a little poorly. I’m a diabetic. I’m sure some of you know how hard that is for a good old dog. But I don’t let it get me down. I still rule the roost and for good reason!

As you can see, I am a handsome fellow!


My mama is best friends with Opie’s Grandma Gloria! Actually, I’ve known Opie’ hu-brothers longer than he has. I could say they were MY boys before they were his.

They learned to walk a dog, give belly rubs and scratch a good old dog in all the right places from me!

I don’t mean to boast, or maybe I do, but I am living a good life here in Big D. Yes, it’s hot, and I do NOT like thunder and lightening, but I live in a lovely air-conditioned home with my Mama Linda. As you can see, I have the run of the house.

This is my couch.

This is my pillow on my couch. (Actually, all the pillows are mine!)

This is my Mama’s bed, but we all know it’s really mine! And yes, these are my pillows. Indeed, this is my domain!

I do love my pillows, but you know what I love best of all, partners?

I love sitting in my Mama’s arms. I feel the best here.

I have to tell you I have landed with all 4 paws in the clover these past 10 or 11 years. When Mama rescued me, I was starving!

I’ve been living the good life here ever since! I have toys, pillows and all the food I want to eat.

I tell you we rescued doggers are really happy and grateful for our Mamas and Daddies.

It’s not just the food either. Although, honestly I do love the food!

Uhmm, I think it’s getting near suppertime now!

It’s not the luxurious outdoor accommodations either!

Here I am sunbathing in the garden!

It’s not even the boys that come to give me love!


It’s the love of my Mama and Daddy!

I’m where I want to be – at my Mama’s knee.

Well, thanks for reading along y’all. And Opie, don’t be too jealous of the time I spent with your boys!

Thanks for loaning them to me for a little while. We had a nice visit!

Hugs and Licks to all

From Bogie a true Good Ol’ Dawg!


Where the Wild Snorkies Are – A bed time story for naughty doggies!

By Storese Meatstack as told to Opie’s Mom

Inspired of course by Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are – Our family’s favorite bedtime story!

The night that Opie put on his Human suit and made mischief of one kind

And another

His mother called him “WILD THING!”

And Opie said “I’LL EAT YOU UP! Or GRRRRRRRR!”

So he went to bed without eating anything.

That very night in Opie’s crate a blanket forest grew until his ceiling hung with soft flannel and the wall became the world all around and a freeway tumbled by with a private van for Opie and he drove all through a night and day and in and out of weeks and almost over a year to where the wild things are.

And he when he came to the place where the wild things are they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws. They also yipped their terrible yips and barked their terrible barks and howled their terrible howls!

Till Opie said “BE STILL!” And tamed them with the magic trick

of sniffing all of their butts and they were frightened and called him the most wild thing of all

and made him King of all wild things.

And now, cried Opie, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

Play Wild Rumps Video Now Please 🙂


“Now Stop!” Opie said and sent the wild things off to drink water.

But Opie – King of the Wild things was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.

Then from far away he smelled duck, potato and liver treats and little boy feet.

So he gave up being king of the wild things

But the wild things cried, “Oh please don’t go we’ll eat you up – we love you so!”

And Opie said, “No!”

The Wild things yipped their terrible barks and howled their terrible howls and sniffed each other’s butts, but Opie got his leash and caught the magic van ride home

And drove back over a year and in and out of weeks and through a day and into the night of his very own home

Where he found his supper waiting for him

And it was still…. In the bowl!

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How I spent Wednesday at Doggie Central

While my family pined away for me

Hi All,

By the time most of you read this today on Thursday. I will be home with my family, probably fresh from a bath! Mama never managed to get the webcam to “save as” the pictures of me at Doggy Central, but Gregory did show her the “snip it” feature on the computer. So we do have some photos.

I’ll let the web cam stills tell the story of my day at Doggy Central.

First, let me say, that I didn’t want to leave my Mama when they dropped me off. I tried to lower my center of gravity and… well I had to be dragged out. I did not really behave in a “dogly” fashion.

However, once I was there… there were so many butts to sniff and bizarre toys to climb on that I ended up having a decent time. I was kind of tired from the dog park. So, after dinner and some of my duck stick bits, I was kind of sleepy.

You see these little blue beds. We can sleep on these. Some dogs take naps during the day on them. I had a blanket last night. Mama told the lady that I’m used to sleeping in the bed with them. I can’t bring my own toys or blanket, but they gave me something warm last night.

Some dogs were kind of noisy during the night. It was not as quiet as it is at my house. Of course, once Mama and Daddy start snoring maybe it’s not all that different. I did manage to get some sleep, but I’ll admit I got up and walked around a little bit.

When I woke up the next day, I had my familiar breakfast of kibble. Additionally, I got a special bonus. One of the guys took me for a walk. I was really excited at first. I thought he was going to take me to my Mama. Unfortunately, he didn’t. When I got back, there were more doggies there and we played a bit.

I really enjoyed playing with the three white poodles. They come to Doggy Central all the time. In this picture we are trying to see what’s going on in the other small dog room. One of our attendants was over there. She smells like treats!

There are four big rooms of dogs at Doggy Central – two small dog rooms and two big dog rooms. I’m in the smallest small dog room. The other small dog room has bigger small dogs in it. Mama likes me to stay with the little guys. I don’t mind. The some of the bigger small dogs are actually big dog puppies and not really that small.

Maybe because I was so tired from my noisy neighbors, my walk or just missing my Mama. I finally just had to lie down and take a nap. Mama told me when I got back that I should try and stay in the line of site of the camera.

I was really in line this time. I was “dog” tired!

Of course, this didn’t last long. I was back on my feet in no time at all. Dogs were always running around, barking, and our attendant was frequently on our side of the wall mopping up our little puddles and picking up our little “offerings.”

As you can see, I’m worn out for a moment.

But it didn’t take long for me to perk up to see what was going on.

Mama says that this trip was to accustom me to being at Doggy Central. She wanted me to understand that she will always come and get me. She doesn’t want me to feel abandoned when or if they go on trips.

Well honestly I don’t feel abandoned at all. The other dogs are fun and interesting to play with.

The people are nice enough.

But I still will miss my family and be glad when they return.

Friendly Friday – Opie and Friends!

My Buddies – Doggy and Human!


Hi All, Opie here. I thought it might be fun to show you some of my buddies!

So here they are – Opie and Friends!     

Poppy and I are really “gettin’ it on” Good times!

Here’s a better shot of Poppy!

This is Woody! We are just reacquainting ourselves.

It was a good day at Oberrieder Dog Park. Don’t know these guys but we had fun!

I didn’t catch this guy’s name either, but he was only interested in a quick sniff. He didn’t stay long.

And here are my best friends in the whole world! My big hu-brother Greg!

And my little hu-brother Michael!

They are my “bestest” friends in the whole



Opie Puts his Paw Down Over Doggy Couture and makes a Deal

Hi there Opie here,

I am a long haired Snorkie. I have fine white, wispy and beautiful white and grey hair that covers my entire body. I’ll admit I don’t’ have an undercoat, but this winter my hair came in pretty thick. Mama says it’s my winter coat. Okay, so Mama explain to me why you’ve bought me a Christmas sweater and blue and green sweater and a rain coat and a parka? I’m not a short haired almost hairless doggy, and there is NO snow on the ground where we live. Why do you insist on buying me these things?

Mama: Well, Opie you look so cute in them.

Opie: Cute…that’s why you put me in those sweaters and things because I look CUTE!

Mama: Now Opie, be reasonable. You know it’s mostly for a photo opportunity. I’m not keen on you rolling in the mud in that new green and purple sweater and I tossed the parka. It was too small.

Opie: Mama will you admit that our weather does not really support these….doggy clothes.

Mama: Now listen when I send you out in the AM it is about 40 degrees outside, and a few weeks ago it was colder than that and rainy. I’m not going to apologize for putting you in a rain coat. You have another think coming Mr. Furry Pants.

Opie: Now calm down. I’ll admit that on raining cold mornings a rain coat or a sweater might not be out of line, but will you admit that right now with a high today of 72 a sweater is unnecessary.

Mama: Did I put you in a sweater today?

Opie: No, but…

Mama: Have I put you in a sweater or coat any day that the weather did not call for it. Do you remember this deluge? Do you remember be wet on every part of your little furry body except where the raincoat covered you?












Mama: Do you remember this deluge? The water came up past the sidewalk that day.
You dog paddled during the walk!















Do you remember finding the only dry spot on our lawn – in the overgrown ground cover!












You know why the squirrels weren’t out Opie? Because they DIDN’T HAVE RAIN GEAR!!!!
Opie: Uh…
Mama: And the sweaters — How long do have on these sweaters usually?
Opie: Uh…














Mama: About 4 minutes tops… just enough time to snap several photos using the continuous shooting mode. After that time you start biting it and pulling it off. Are you really busting my chops over these little doggy sweaters – each of which you’ve only worn once?













Opie: Uh…Er…Uh….

Mama: Now what brought this on… it was NOT that silly WSJ article on Yahoo. Opie: Well, no…
Mama: Come on out with it…

Opie: Well, it was Charlie.

Mama: Charlie! Who the devil is Charlie?

Opie: Here Mama! This is Charlie and Mavis too.

Mama: Oh I see.

Opie: Mama they had on coats and sweaters at the day care the whole time we were there, and we were indoors. And you can see they have lots of hair. Both of them are Pomeranians.

Mama: Opie I don’t know why their owners sent them to an indoor daycare in coats and sweaters. Maybe they have health issues or maybe … well I did see a lot of dominating going on when I checked in on you. Maybe their owners think that’s some sort of protection? I don’t know what the situation is so I’m not going to say. The back end of that place is open to the outdoors.

Opie: Mama, that is so lame. I just want to be sure that you don’t send me to the daycare place in my sweater or raincoat. Mavis and Charlie stayed on their cots the whole time and never played. I think they were too hot to play. I wanted to play with them!

Mama: Opie I’ll make a deal with you. How about I only put you in those doggy clothes when the weather requires it and maybe for a quick 3-4 minute photo opportunity tops. That includes antler ears and elf hats and that cool little t-shirt I saw on the internet the other day.

Opie: Can’t you Photoshop in the antlers and the elf hat next year?

Mama: Maybe … do we have a deal?

Opie: Okay…Hey Mama maybe I should help Charlie take off his coat next time I go to day care. It does look nice and chewy.

Mama: Opie….!

Snorkie Report – Dog breed with a bad rep!

Bark No to Canine Profiling!


Hi there!
Opie Here!

You know some people just look at me and think I’m some sort of lap dog! That’s just not fair. They look at my Yorkie cousins the same way sometimes. But that’s not fair. We are descended from proud breeds that were bred to help man. Dogs of all sizes and types have been man and woman’s best friend for thousands of years. And if I like to sit in someone’s lap from time to time, what’s it to you? Stop with the labels people!

I was surfing the net with Mama and came across this great video. It’s below and Mama is going to put it on my Favorite Videos Page, too.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, but let’s really look at it. Isn’t it really bad mamas and daddies that cause the problem? If Mama and Daddy hadn’t taken some extra time to socialize get me used to Daddy, I might have a bad reputation. When I first came to my house, I used to bark and nip at Daddy and bark at everyone on the sidewalk. Mama had to cross the street because I was a little obnoxious. I even barked at two pitties on a walk once. I feel really bad about that. They weren’t going to bark at me. I’m the one that started the barking.

“Neighborhood Pitties — if you read my blog and even if you don’t, I apologize for that incident on Overland Blvd. I know better now. Next time, I’ll let you smell my butt. ”

I hardly bark at anyone anymore (just squirrels and the mail carrier). I get along with all the Daddies that walk my friends in the neighborhood.

Maybe the naughty doggies don’t have mamas and daddies who do what’s necessary to help their doggies be good doggies. We doggies need love, but just like my human brothers, you can’t let us get away with everything. (Well, you could let us have that pumpkin pie on the kitchen counter or that steak on the dining room table.) We also need exercise and stimulation. Maybe the naughty doggies are tied up, never walked, never taken to a dog park or trained to do bad things. I think some people may drive some poor doggies nuts when they don’t treat them well. Mama is always watching to make sure I don’t get too bored. She hates Oberrieder dog park, but she takes me anyway. (Mama: It’s too small Opie – I don’t’ hate it, but it hardly seems worth the drive!)

It all boils down to what I said a few blogs ago. People need to get the dogs that fit them, and that they can be responsible for. I’m big enough and active enough for my family.

I feel really sorry for Pit bulls. I don’t think they deserve their bad reputation. Anyway, enjoy the video. It really says it all anyway. Canine Profiling is Wrong!

Look at this face! He’s ALMOST as cute as me.



Dog Park Hijinx

Opie and Friends at the Dog Park

This has sound so adjust your volume. Enjoy!

School — I guess, I’ll tolerate it

Hi all,

Opie here.  My boys Gregory and Michael go to school ALL THE TIME!  When they first adopted me in July, they were with me all the time but near the beginning of September they started going away early in the morning and not coming back until later in the afternoon. Then they didn’t really have time to play with me. They were sitting at the table doing things with those funny sticks that no one will let me chew and Gregory, my big brother was on the computer and NOT looking at my Blog.

Mom explained to me that they were going to school.  I don’t like it.  I really didn’t like  that idea.  I want them home with me all the time.

Mom has been taking me along in the van when she takes the boys in the morning.  Dad bought me a new seat belt harness and I sit in the middle seat of the van. Michael sits next to me and Gregory sits in the front with Mom. I I love riding in the car.   She let’s a window down and I love the  interesting  street smells as we drive by.

We Get To School

I love the ride, but I hate it when we finally get to the school. These strangers are waiting at the curb to take MY boys out of the car.  The Van is MY TERRITORY and those are MY BOYS.  KEEP AWAY FROM MY BOYS!   I bark at them and you know what?

They ignore me!  The boys get out of the car and take all there stuff and disappear into this big building.  This makes me sad and my bark turns into a little crying.  I miss them and I am a little scared of these teacher people. What are they doing to my boys?   They are STRANGERS!

Gregory and Michael walking away!

Mom, always talks to me in a calm voice as pull away from the curb and takes me directly to the dog park.  Seeing my buddies, Poppy, Isabella, Chase or Woody or Drake or my new friend Rocky usually makes me feel a lot better.   We wrestle and race around for a while and I feel lots better.

This is me having a good time at the Dog park with Poppy! I'm the one jumping over his head!

Mom says I’ll get used to it.  I do love riding in the car with them. Mom takes me other places too.

The best part of the day is when she takes me with her to pick them up!  I  bark at the principle, because he’s kind of scary, but I am too happy to see the boys to bark at the teachers.  They are so glad to see me!  I get lots of pets and scratches behind my ears and if I turn around in the seat I can get a tummy rub too!

I miss my boys, but if they keep coming home I guess I can tolerate the school thing.