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Somebody stole my fur coat! A Snorkie’s cry for Help!

Hi All,

Opie here.

You remember me?

Well, this is what I looked like after I got my Pro Collar off!

See this happy furry dog!

This is what I look like all the time!

Happy! Furry! A gleaming white coat with a little curl in it!

I won’t say I’m “Coat Proud” but… GOL DANG IT! That’s exactly what I am!

Here is the Story of my Travail.

Due to the whole histiocytoma episode, I had not been to my monthly grooming in about 2 months.

My nails had gotten almost as long as my hair and I was bumping into things.

(Snoopy, I don’t now how you see anything!) I was bumping my head on the coffee table — a puppy move!

I was misjudging the distance for jumping on the bed and landing on my furry butt!

My hu-brothers vetoed the idea of a barrette to keep the hair out of my eyes, and I accidently scratched Mama jumping into her lap.

Mama decided it was time to go back to the groomer.

That morning she brushed me and brushed me and brushed me.

Unfortunately, I am prone to mats, especially on my legs. I’m also prone to running off when Mama brings out the brush.

She brushed me this time solid for about 30 minutes, feeding me duck treats to keep me from running off. (By the way, that really did work!)

It was an ordeal, but nothing compared to what was to come!

Off we went to the groomers.

I could wax poetic about the scents that went up my nose as we drove there.

I could wax poetic about the duck treats in the car, but I’ll cut to the chase!

Here is the result!

What the &^%$ happened to my fur coat?

Mama is in the dog house!

My hu-brothers are really mad at her. They miss my fluffy consequence!

In her defense, she didn’t tell the groomer to do this to me.

He called her at home and said that he couldn’t get the matted snarls out of my fur.

He said that he had to trim me more than usual to make it even.

I heard Mama say over the phone – “What mats. He didn’t have any mats when I brought him to you?”

I have a feeling I won’t be visiting the groomer anytime soon!

Mama mentioned something about just filing my nails down herself from now on!

I do miss my hair!

I’ll admit though that I’m a lot more aerodynamic now. It’s also a bit cooler. I seem to be a bit more energetic too!

Squirrels look out!

I’ve turned into a “MUSCLE DOG!”

Oh and my coat STILL gleams!

Do I forgive Mama? Of course I do!



And of course, there’s the other thing…

It will grow!

Mama’s determined that my hair MUST grow quickly.

I’ve told her that duck sticks make it grow faster.

Well, fellow doggers there’s an upside to everything!

Smell you later,




Wordless Wednesday — Dog Grooming Pique!


Yes, I'm beautiful, but I hate going to the groomers. I don't know if I forgive you.

Yes, I am now silky smooth, but I am so sad. How could you trick me like that?

No, I won't look at you!

I will forgive you, but now, I want to be alone.

A Trip to the Groomers – The Normal Routine!

I should know when I am going to the groomers. There’s a set routine that I should remember, but I get fooled EVERY TIME!

Mama is extra special nice to me on grooming day. She’s nice all the time, but I get some serious treats when it’s time for a shampoo, trim and nail filing (SHUDDER!)

The morning started off well, I suppose. I went outside and did my business. Mama fixed my breakfast a little earlier than usual. Daddy usually does it around 9:30 AFTER he’s eaten and read the paper and checked his email. This time Mama had my bowl right after I came in at 7:30 AM. She gave me my usual ½ cup of kibble, but then she went back the refrigerator and got some beef broth. She put a little in a glass container and stuck it in the microwave for a few seconds – just until it was warm, and I could smell the beef aroma. My mouth started to water. You all know what beef smells like when the delicious vapors are wafting through the air?


She poured a little of that over my kibble. Mmm — I knew that breakfast was going to be good. But she didn’t stop there. She went back to the refrigerator — I call it the FOOD TREASURE BOX – and brought out some HAM! She cut a little slice and cut it into tiny little pieces. Then she mixed it all in with my kibble. The ratio was precisely

Kibble – ham bit – kibble- ham bit – kibble- ham bit.

Well, I gobbled it right down! There was a party in my mouth!

Then, the next cool thing happened. I got my morning walk, and we walked TWICE as long as usual… well not really, mama had to sit on a neighbor’s wall a few times, but we were outside in the neighborhood a really long time. Oh and great news! The mean lady who lives on the corner is moving! When she leaves we won’t cross the street anymore to avoid her house. Mama can’t stand her because she yelled at my hu- brother Michael for letting me poop on her grass. Gee whiz lady we had bags! On our morning walk, we went a little ways up the hill, and I got to mark some new territory. We ran into a really nice Lhasa, but her Daddy didn’t want her to stop and play. When we got home, Mama stopped at the van instead of going into our house. My Snorkie senses should have been tingling but they were dulled by walkies and ham nummies! I hopped into the van like a naïve puppy! She let the window down a crack for me. As we drove off I got to smell all those wonderful smells. My last chance to come to my senses and my senses were OVERWHELMED!

Even though I was unfairly distracted by ham, long walks and “scentgasms”, I still should have known something was up. The dog groomers are right near a burger place. The smells of beef, bacon, cheese, chili cheese fries and fried chicken completely mask the smell of shampoo. As soon as we turned the corner, I knew I was in trouble!

We parked and I decided that I’d better just get it over with fast. So, I jumped out of the car really quickly. Unfortunately, I accidently tied mama up in the leash. I tied myself up pretty good too!

Mama rubbed my head untangled me, and we went in.

To be fair my groomers are pretty nice. They are always nice to me. They give me treats and rub my chin. The other dogs there seem happy. Faoud uses really good warm water to give me my bath, and he calls me darling and honey and baby all the time. He really loves dogs. I can tell. He gave me my first bath after I was rescued from “death row.” He does a lot of rescued dogs.

Most my dog friends in the neighborhood go to Faoud. I was tired from my walk and my belly was full from my very excellent breakfast. I slept a lot in my grooming crate until I got my “hair done.”

Here is my BEFORE picture

Now here is my AFTER Picture

Mama says I smell better, and I’ve had a pedicure. My belly was shaved and my back end is trimmed as well for hygiene reasons. Also, those matts that mama couldn’t get out are gone. Faoud just cuts them out. I’ll admit it’s better not to have so much of my hair in my eyes. My hair is really soft. It’s soft all the time, but it’s super soft now.

But let’s get down to brass tacks – Aren’t I beautiful?

Mama says that beauty is hard work. Well, I’ve done my “beauty chore” for the month!

Michael and mama came to get me from the salon. Faoud called her on her cell as soon as I was done.

I was so happy to get home!

And it was wonderful to have Michael rescue get me from the groomers. I jumped all over him and licked him and tried to eat him up in the car! Mama let the window down a little for me on the way back. Ahhh! The wind was blowing just right… cheese burgers, fried chicken, French fries and bacon were in the wind.

Oh it’s great to be with my family again.

I guess I don’t mind being clean.

Opie Hears a Who! What?

Or The Village of Opie

Hi all,

Opie here!

In the past I’ve had a bad habit of rolling in cat poo in our backyard. This has earned me several impromptu baths. I am happy to say that I’ve fallen out of love with that particular habit. I’ve learned my lesson. Look at my photo. Do I look happy? If there is any doubt let me just say this. NOT HAPPY!

Unfortunately, I have to suffer a new indignity. Rigorous Brushing after every backyard trip.

Let me explain. It all began when Gregory spotted this beetle crawling out of my hair and in between my eyes. There was some screaming and the next thing I knew someone was jamming a doggy wipe into my face and the grooming brush was coming toward my head. Then there was the time this huge spider decided to debark from me inside the house over the top of somebody’s foot. There was much screaming, again. Then of course there is the occasional ant that decides to peer out from between my beautiful white locks and say, “How, ya doin’?”

Look, when I go into the backyard I have to do a full sweep of the area for obnoxious trespassing rodents. Squirrels do occasionally come down out of their trees. I am a natural tracker. Sometimes my investigation takes me into the fern bed, the trumpet vines, the ivy, and the Nandina bushes. Sometimes the small inhabitants of this foliage decide to take a ride with me.

My mom is a pro animal kind of gal, but she draws the line at insects.

“Opie, as long as the bugs stay outside they are fine with me. Inside, it’s a different story entirely!”

She says this as she reigns death from above with her grooming brush and dry shampoo spray. Poor little ants, and beetles and baby spiders!

“Mama, I’m a village of small little six legged creatures. You should be more tolerant. They just hitched a ride. They’re like those little Whos in that story you read at Christmas.”

She, of course, ignores me and continues brushing and wiping. I already have to have drops on my back once a month for fleas. (I don’t mind that at all. I hate fleas) but ants…. Well they don’t bother me too much. They’re kind of cute. (Don’t tell anyone, but if you can get three in a row, they don’t taste too bad either. Shhh.)

Then Mama plays her trump card.

“Opie, you are the only one non- human creature allowed in our bed. If you want to sleep with us, the Whos gotta go.”





Michael chimes in, Maybe we should rename him Horton.” Boy, did Michael get a look!








So I am getting brushed EVERYWHERE until Mama is satisfied that I’m clean.


 To be fair, the most extensive brushing occurs after my last pee run. Also, to be fair, I like it when she does the area near my tail. It feels kind of soothing. Also, to be fair I have been known to drop off to sleep when she alternates the brushing with tummy rubbing.

I love sleeping with Mama and Daddy.




So long all you little 6 legged Whos!





Oops, I did it again… I can’t help it! I love to roll in lovely noxious stuff!


I did it again. Last night, I rolled in cat poo. I came in from my 9PM Backyard Pee, the last pee of the night. I thought I was fine, but then I walked in and everyone started batting the air.  Mom didn’t even try and use a wipe on me. She just started running water in the tub.

This was my THIRD BATH since LAST WEEK. This time Gregory took a picture.

Do I look Happy?

Guess what – I’M NOT!

I am fresh out of the tub. Mom just towel dried my head.

See how skinny I look. Mom kept me nice in warm in the towel.

Mom was prepared this time. She had special white dog shampoo and conditioner.

I must admit when I smell good. Everyone loves to cuddle me. The Boys stuck they noses into my coat and rubbed their faces in it.

Daddy says I’m a different color.

I must admit. I do clean up well.

Happy Thanksgiving — Uh Oh…. No… Not Again!

Our Thanksgiving morning began beautifully. Sunlight came streaming into the bedroom. Opie was sleeping peacefully on his side in between my husband and me. He looked so peaceful and content. I woke up groggy but rested.  My husband let Opie out into the back yard and reported that Opie had bolted to his favorite tree and done his duty with enthusiasm and passion.  I dropped back off to sleep.

Spongebob smelling something foul

Oh My God! What is that Smell!

Sometime later my husband let Opie back in.  This is what I heard as I burrowed deep into the warm covers.

“Did you have fun out there? … Wow you are really muddy!  No, not on the bed… OH MY GOD! WHAT’S THAT SMELL? OFF! OFF! OFF! “

I caught a whiff of something … and my nasal passageways slammed shut — I am a veteran mom and I have great olfactory self defense.  I stopped breathing immediately.  I pulled the covers farther over my head and shoved my head under the pillow.

Honey — the dog is a mess you’re going ot have to clean him up!” Said my husband.

Okay, some of you are wondering why the person who let the dog out into the muck that he rolled in is asking the person who was innocently sleeping and minding her own business to deal with this dirty job.  Well, here it is. You may recall that Opie was pretty leery of Dad when he was first adopted. Of course, he adores Dad now, but Dad has a lingering concern that because he’s not the top love monkey for Opie he will not get forgiven as easily for cleaning “assaults” as the number 1 love monkey.  As you all know, I am Opie’s number one love monkey. He loves me even though I’m the one that takes him to the vet for shots and rude examinations as well as the hated pet groomers.  He forgives me every time!  So these tasks fall to me. Besides, myhusband had to take the turkey out of the brine and do his magical Thanksgiving voodoo on it — a very important job!

I got up — put on my slippers and my glasses and headed to the living room where there was a brand new bottle of dry shampoo and doggy deodorizer. I went for the Chicken Jerky as well — Opie was going to need some persuading to sit still while I worked this stuff into his hair and brushed and washed  him with wipes and rags. Chicken Jerky is my secret weapon.

I went to work.  Half a bottle of dry shampoo later,  I asked my husband to wet a rag with warm water and some Dawn dishwashing soap! Whatever this stuff was it was not coming out.  I’d knocked out 50% of the smell, but Opie was still quite pungent.  He was going to compete with the smell of the turkey roasting.

Two of these Dawn filled wash clothes later and Opie  and I were headed toward the bathroom. Opie would have his first bath in the house!  I should mention we’d been reluctant to do this washing ourselves because his hair is so wispy. I had a horror of washing him and matting him up so  badly that we’d have to have his little body shaved. 

Turns out it wasn’t so bad. We have a shower/bath that has shower doors.  I ran the water and  set it perfectly ( I am thankful for our New Tankless Water heater that gives us INSTANT Hot Water — no waiting)  Opie and I got into the tub. ( Yes, I was still in my PJ’s.)  I set him down in 2 inches of warm water and watched the mud swirl away from his little paws.  We didn’t have any special doggy shampoo, but I’ve got kids. Here comes the Suave Kids 2 and 1 Wild Watermelon scented shampoo.  It’s kids shampoo, but it even has a dog on it! 

By this time Opie and I now have an audience. The boys are up. Gregory gets Opie a big Spiderman beach towel, runs to clean his grooming brush and fetches my blow dryer.  Opie had three shampoos and rinses.   Michael gave Opie a lot of sympathetic pats.

I would have taken a photo but ALL hands were busy with the dog or with the Turkey, so no camera.  Let’s just say the fluffy dog you see in the  top right hand corner of this page looked more like a miniature Italian Greyhound than a Schnauzer.

Italian Greyhound from 1915

Italian Greyhound -- What Opie looks like wet!


His hair was slicked down completely on his body. I made the water warmer — he was shivering. We got a great lather going, and finally he was rinsed.  I dried him off in the shower and then sat down on the closed lid of the toilet to dry him off.  Luckily, our heater was going full bore at this hour so all of us were toasty.  After some towel drying, Gregory started up the blow dryer. He stood about 3 feet back. My blow dryer can straighten hair and I’ve burned myself with it. I didn’t want Opie get burned.  We brushed and dried and brushed and dried and soon he was silky smooth.  We took a break from the dryer while Gregory washed Opie’s collar which turned out to be caked in the malodorous stuff. It was even stuck to his tags. (I began to see how people lose their dogs. On Black Friday, I’ll be at the pet store buying Opie a back up collar.)

Michael fetched some diaper wipes so that we could get the last of the goo out of Opie’s eyes. Michael and Gregory dried Opie’s collar.

Finally, he was done — 95% dry, but 100% clean!  He looked just as good as he does when we come back from the groomers. 

Total time for home grooming operation — 45 minutes!

We just learned something. Opie doesn’t have to wait for the groomers for a bath. Additionally, his hair feels really, really good!  Suave is quite good– it’ll do in a pinch.

Opie stayed clean the rest of the day. No more unsupervised backyard time until we locate it, and  the gardners come sweep it or dig it away.   Our day improved from then on . We shared a lovely meal with Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Joe.  Opie had a his own Thanksgiving meal of Innova Kibble with a layer of turkey breast and thigh meat with drippings as well. — that doesn’t count whatever he managed to scavange as I was chopping things for the dressing.  He spent most of the day with his nose in the air.   I was happy to fill his nostrils with the smells of roasting turkey, candied yams, collard greens and pumpkin pie.

Thoughts from Opie on the situation

How the @#$% was I supposed to know that really cool smelling stuff was going to get me into so much trouble! It smelled different from the last stuff I rolled in.  Geez! They are SOOOOOO picky!

I must say that I’d rather spend 45 minutes at home than 5 hours at the groomers, just sitting around and waiting.  Mom didn’t cut or clip anything and she even got in the tub with me.   All my family was with me.  Maybe home baths aren’t so bad.   But I don’t like that dryer. It’s too loud.

I can go anywhere in the house.  I can roll on everyone’s bed and Michael and Gregory have a lot of sympathy for me.  I’ve gotten tummy rubs from EVERYBODY today – even Grandpa Joe and Grandma Gloria. Joe says I’m spoiled.

Thanksgiving Dinner

My dinner was AMAZING! And the house smells like HEAVEN!   Grandpa Joe fed me MORE turkey when he took his plate to the kitchen. I heard Mama tell him not too, but he did it anyway.  Grandma gave me some too.  Later that night as Mom was putting things in the refrigerator she tore me a really good delicious piece — juicey and dark. 

I LOVE Thanksgiving!

Mom’s Dirty Trick!

Yes, I'm beautiful, but I hate going to the groomers. I don't know if I forgive you.

Opie here!

I just had to tell you about the dirty trick mom played on me yesterday! 

It was morning! I had been sent outside to patrol the backyard for squirrels. I scared two of them out of the tree and onto the roof!  It was a good day!  I did some of my business in the backyard and got lots of praise.  Mom was getting the boys ready for school.  I can’t go with them until I”ve done #1.  I can hold #2 pretty well until my walk or a trip to the dog park.

But I call FOUL!  I was a little slow coming to the door when Mom called me, and suddenly they were gone without me!  I didn’t get to ride in the car to school.  ( To be fair she called me a few times and came out and tried to catch me but the squirrels were talking trash to me!)

Then to add insult to injury — mom came running home, changed clothes and ran back out again. She said something about 3rd grade parent coffee, patted my head and ran out.

Where’s my WALK!!!! I can’t hold this stuff all day!  And.. there are squirrels growing complacent on the boulevards. They need to be “SCHOOLED” on who’s boss!

An hour later, mom breezed in.

I was very glad to see her. She seemed glad to see me too. She fed me and gave me water. She urged me to eat my kibble. She fed me from her hand. I love that! I always lick her  a little extra. She tasted like strawberry jam. Yum!

Then she got my leash! ( Good, because I was starting to sweat!)


We set out… a different way. That was okay by me. New squirrels’ scent, new crows.  But there were lots of people and cars on this walk. We crossed the street a few times.  I had to sit at the curb every time. 

Then I started to smell something familiar.

It smelled like…. SHAMPOO!

Oh My Dog!!!!  We’ve walked all the way to the DOG GROOMER!!!!


What a dirty trick, Mom!  

Now, I’m clean!

GRRRRRRRRRR! I liked my mud, my burrs, my special Odor de Pooch. I thought Mom liked the new grey tinge to my white fur from jaunt at the Oberrieder Dog Park.  Okay, so I left a foot print or two on the BLACK couch…it’ll wash.

I just had to share that.  I may never look at my leash the same way again.

Nah! Who am I kidding! 


Even to the dog groomers.

Wordless Wednesday — Oh How I Love the Rainy Days and the Happiness I feel inside…..

 The latest in Southern California Rainwear.

Petco $9.99! 

Tres Chic!

Opie in his new Emergency Raincoat

Opie Models his New Rain Gear -- Who said it never rains in Southern California?

Opie’s Many Names


O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other name would smell as sweet.. 

                                                  Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Opie has more than one name in our house. This is not surprising. We all have many names.  For example, I am Mom, Mama, Mommy, Josette, Honey, sweetie, and of course,  WOMAN!!!  As you can imagine, each of these names is evoked in a  different situation. The person using the name is usually in a distinct emotional state when using it.  Opie has different names as well. What follows is a list of his names and the situations which warrant each use.

Opie — Default name. He is referred to in casual conversation by this name. 

OPIE! – He’s being called for some reason.  Here are some  possible reasons:

  •  He’s on the couch trying to bury his bully stick
  •  He’s got  Dad’s cargo shorts in his mouth and Dad isn’t in them.
  •  He’s barking at a critter in the backyard after midnight.
  •  He’s knocked out the screen to get at the critter and bolted into the dark backyard after it.
  • He’s pulled the leash out of my hand in an effort to “climb” a tree to get at a squirrel.

DICKENS DAWG! –  My husband calls him this when he’s being a little Dickens and a rascally little fellow.

I’ve always wondered how that term evolved.  Charles Dickens is the only Dickens I can think of, but it seems odd to call evoke his name when calling someone a rascally mischievous character.  He certainly has some rascally characters in his novels.  The “Artful Dodger” comes to mind as well as Fagan from Oliver Twist and  Uriah Heep, the disgustingly “‘umble” character in Great Expectations.  Somehow, the use of the term “Dickens” to denote a rascally type fellow does not connect that well for me.   Wouldn’t it  be more logical to have developed specific references to the characters in our popular culture rather than  to their author?  I can easily see calling Opie, you little “Dodger,” and saying, ” Don’t give me those “Uriah Heep” eyes!

 If I make a reference to Cujo, you will immediately know I m referring to the vicious  dog in a Stephen King novel of the same name. If I say a dog sounded like the “Hound of the Baskervilles,”  you may not have read that  particular Sherlock Holmes story, but it sounds creepy and mysterious, right?  You don’t refer to a vicious dog as a little Stephen King or as a scary sounding dog as an Arthur Conan Doyle dog. We refer to them by their character names.  Cujo and The Hound!  It just doesn’t make sense. Okay, I digressed.

Honey Dawg — obviously, this is when he’s being sweet, nuzzling in for a pet, flipping over for a belly rub and showing his puppy adoration.  We call him this because it just feels right!

Crazy Nut Dog!  — This name is invoked when his squirrel frenzy will not make him mind!

Moron Dog — He’s usually done something stupid which has exasperated us — tied himself up in his leash, stepped in his water bowl and caused it to spill all over the kitchen floor, or worse yet stepped in another dog’s poo at the dog park, or gotten himself “marked” when he was smelling some dog’s underbelly while said dog was marking a pole. He got “baptised” today by Poppy, one of his little buddies.

Stink Dog — Well, I don’t really have to explain that do I?

Mama’s baby — When he’s the only sweet child in the house. He hasn’t forgotten his homework, had a tantrum, hit his brother, refused to do his chores or complained about the laundry not being done and not noticed that you are wearing a new outfit and feel a little fragile. Mama’s Baby always knows just when to come and sit  on your foot and look up at you and lick your knee. Mama’s baby knows just when a little doggy adoration is just what is needed.

And so those are the many names of Opie! He’s clearly a multi faceted dog.

I'm an onion. I have layers!

Opie — Silky Smooth and flea free! (hopefully)

Scratch, scratch, scratch! Thump, thump, thump.  Hmmm.  “Honey, I think the dog has fleas!”

Well, we are 5 days away from giving him his flea treatment, but he seems beset poor little guy.  I looked at his documents from the rescue organization. According to those documents, he had a flea treatment a little less than a month ago. In fact,  the form shows that he had his treatment the day we picked him up.   We are coming up quickly on the 30 day mark. I have to say I am not terribly impressed with this treatment. He’s been scratching since we’ve had him — so that would be 27+ days!  I”ve seen the evil  little fleas crawl across his snout. I’ve picked them off and crushed them between my finger tips. Never have a killed bug with more relish! ( Oh yeah, mosquitos!)   Fleas are the reason he’s banned from the bed.  Well, that and that special “odor de doggy” that he gives off from time to time. Luckily, we have leather furniture and hard wood floors. We only have rugs in the living room at the entry way and in the bathroom. There aren’t a lot of places for the little beasts to hang out other than Opie!

We’ve got to wash, vacuum and de- flea every place where Opie’s been and hope that’s enough. Our trainer had recommended a “flea bomb”.  However, I am not a fan of spraying poison indiscriminately all over my house.  My house is not a toxic waste dump! But we’ve got to take action.  Every time he scratches, we scratch — sympathetically, of course! ( We hope!)

Opie before going to the groomers

Here I am before going to the groomers. I think I'm going to the dog park.

So, at 10 AM I took Opie to the groomers for a bath and a clip.  Fouad, the groomer  told me to pick Opie up at 5PM. That gave us time to do a lot.  ( By the way, is this an excessive amount of time to be at the groomers?  I’m not at the beauty salon for 7 hours!  I’d go nuts! Poor Opie, I hope they have good magazines. )

10:15AM  I vacuum the h-e-double toothpicks out of the living room rug.

10:30AM I  spray allegedly “safe” flea spray on the living room rug.

10:35AM Gregory beats the h-e- double toothpicks out of the entry way rug. Then I vacuum it and spray it.

10:55 AM I put Opie’s doggy bed, blanket and towel in the washing machine and choose the steam clean option.

11:10 AM I pull the pillow covers off the throw pillows on the couch in preparation of washing them. I pull the rocking chair cushions off as well as well as the big yellow pillow from our bed that briefly served as Opie’s bed before we went to the pet store to get him the one in our room.

The day was filled with spraying flea stuff, Oxyclean, and washing and drying various bulky items.  By 4:30PM Opies personal bedding is completely dry. Other items are either in the wash or the dryer. The flea spray which needed at least an hour to dry has been dry for hours.

I'm silky smooth!

5PM I pick up Opie who is now silky smooth and beside himself with joy to see us. He looks like a midget Afghan hound with his silky do and newly shaved snout.  He smells divine!  He rides in my lap as Daddy drives us home. He sticks his nose out the window and gets his doggy high!

Once home, he’s a ball of excitement! He’s so glad to be home!  He’s also STARVING!  His last meal was at 7:30AM.  We feed him. Take his picture. Cuddle him and then put his Advantix on.  Dad and Greg take him for a walk immediately. That stuff has to dry and its best if it drys outside.  Besides that, Opie has been cooped up all day at the groomers. He needs a vigorous walk.  

“Gotta walk the cobwebs out,” says Daddy!

Now he’s home circling his bed, pawing at it, trying to stamp some of the dryer puffiness out of it.

My bed is puffy! But I am silky smooth!

Home… silky smooth and on his way to being flea free!