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My Obedience School Evaluation – How I did!

Hi All,

You know that Mama was completely committed to sending me to Obedience School after all my bad behavior. Well, I went for my school evaluation on Wednesday. The trainers had to determine whether I’d be better in a group class or in private lessons.

Mama was keeping her fingers crossed for a group class. The prices were listed on the website for group classes but not for the private lessons. Mama says that if a site won’t say how much it is over the internet, then it’s probably a scary price. She gave me a little walk before we went to calm me down. She wanted me to be at my best. I don’t know what she was so nervous about. I ACED the evaluation.

Chris greeted us when we got to the school. He was kind of nice. I was a little bit scared of him so I barked at him a little bit. He backed off and went into a big room ahead of me. We went in there and he threw me a treat. Hmmm! Tasty! He kept throwing them near me and eventually I got a little closer and took them from his hand. He was steady talking to Mama the whole time, not paying me much attention. The room was really interesting.

This school had all kinds of neat stuff for a dog to sniff. There was this big roof thing that I could climb on. Once I got to the top I was nose to nose with Mama. I liked that a lot. Mama says they do something called “agility training” at the school too.

Obviously, this isn’t me, but it could be.

She said that if I get my good doggy citizen certificate that she might spring for some agility training.

I don’t really know what that is, but if it involves getting to climb on that roof and other cool stuff, then I might like it.

I am visualizing my success.

Eventually, Kris started having me do things for my treat. I had to touch his hand with my nose while he gave me a treat in the other hand. He did this a lot. He told Mama that it was to get me accustomed to seeing a hand coming toward me and not to be scared. He seems to think that most of my barking has to do with fear.

Yeah, I agree – I’m trying to put a good SCARE into people so they don’t eat me my mom.

Remember I’m a security dog!

The treats were really good, and I started doing all sorts of things for him. I sat every time he asked me to. Mama decided to show me off. I settled and rolled over for her and she didn’t give me anything other than love!

This Kris dude is pretty smart! He immediately suggested that I might need to be in Obedience II class, the more advanced class, rather than Obedience I.

See how smart I look!

Well, of course I’m advanced. And he’s very bright to notice! I think we’ll get along just fine!

Mama wants me to be in the first basic class, though. She thinks I might have gaps in my knowledge.

So, as you can see I passed my evaluation with flying colors!

I am going to the group class.

Yippee! Well, Yippee for passing, I’m still not so sure I’ll like this class, but if it involves lots of treats and climbing on the roof thing then I might be able to stand it. Mama says we start October 15 so you’ll be seeing a lot of blog posts about my training during October and November.

My eye lids are so, so heavy! I have to go take a nap now fellow bloggers. I’m all tuckered out from my visit to school.

Mama seems very pleased with me and I know that’s a good thing. My belly is nice and full of treats too. This could be a win-win for all of us.

My eyes are closing now…

Smell you later,

Your Pal,



What do you mean I’m going to school?


Hey Fellow Doggers,

It looks like I’m really going to do it. Mama is going to sign me up for school. She’s trying to decide right now if we’ll go Saturdays or take an evening class during the week. She hasn’t called the school yet, but she’s read all of their reviews on YELP and they have more good reviews than bad! So, we’re going to Zoom Room!

Frankly, I think the big draw is that they are right next to Doggy Central, my doggy day care and boarding place. Mama has high hopes for me. She says I’m kind of an advanced student. Unlike the other dogs, I’m firmly on the right track. I just wander off it from time to time. Tee Hee!

You see. I can sit 80% of the time and stay about 75% of the time. Ever since Mama saw Santa and her buddies from I am Santa a Miniature Schnauzer rolling over, she’s been teaching me to roll over as well. I can roll on my back for a tummy rub, but I stop half way. Mama’s a terrible teacher. She gives in when I give her the “Puppy Dog” look (You know the one I mean fellow doggers!) She gives me a tummy rub AND my treat. She’s such a push over.

(The puppy dog look– I can get away with anything with this look!

BOL! )

I’m going to school because mama wants me to be a good doggy citizen. She wants me to be able to go with the family on trips and hang out at outdoor cafes. I’m certainly all for that. I don’t much like getting left home alone. Additionally, as much as I like the all dog partying at Doggy Central, I prefer to hang with my regular pack. If I can learn to get along with folks that aren’t MY humans, not bark too much, and not rumble at men with beards, then that would be just great! We’re shooting for a Good Doggy Citizen certificate!

Mama says I should VISUALIZE my success! Mine will be a little less messy, but you get the idea!

Once my classes start, I’ll be sharing my experiences with all of you.

I plan on being an A student at this school. It’s how the boys in this family roll. Oops, did I accidently brag about my hu-brothers. Oh well! What did you expect? They’re my pack mates – my fur challenged homies!

Do you think I should bring a bully stick or an apple for the teacher?


I’m a little conflicted!

Anyway, have a great week fellow doggers.

I’ll be doing some last minute partying at Doggy Central while Mom and the boys head off for one last little vacation.

Keep visiting my blog. Check out some of my old articles in the archives.

Sniffs and Licks,

Your pal,


What’s this? Dogs at the Spa!

Okay guys, you want to know what’s got my fur in an uproar?

Spas – That’s what!

They didn’t tell me (or maybe they did but I was chewing on my bully stick,) but Mama and Grandma went off to some “SPA” together.

SPA! I know what that is. That’s when you’re minding your own business and someone dumps you in a bathtub right?

I have no idea why Mama and Grandma would want to go and do such a thing!

So now I am Mama and Grandma-less until they get back!

Insult upon insult! Looking at Mama’s Facebook page I discover that she’s taken pictures of OTHER DOGS AT THE SPA!



They might as well rename the joint!!!!



Dogs walking along the beach at Terranea Resort and Spa in Palos Verdes



Dogs taking walks with their Mamas! I overheard Mama say that this Dachshound turned over for a BELLY RUB AND MY MAMA GAVE IT TO HIM.




More dogs walking outside the Resort Restaurant!



Dogs walking in front of my Mama’s Room!



SPA CAT! Are you kidding me?



Whole family with dog walking past Mama’s room!



Following the red brick road at the spa!



Just a dang minute! He’s got a gentle leader to keep him from being a bad walker!

I’m a good walker!



They are walking the dog AND the baby!



Hey! That dog looks like of like me! (Well me when I had my fur coat!)



Hey! That’s a puppy!



Hey! I know that hand! Why are you petting the puppy!



What the…! Is that puppy in your hotel room?



That puppy better not be in the lap of who I think he’s in the lap of!



Oh Grandma, say it isn’t so!

Mama – you got some ‘xplaining to do!



That was 11 dogs and 1 Cat at the spa with you!

— Now please tell me again why I couldn’t go?

Fellow bloggers DEMAND AN EXPLANATION from my mom!

Don’t be bought off by tales of my unfriendly nature to humans while I’m on leash, or my tendency to bark and defend my territory, or chew on things that look interesting.

Don’t be bought off by the very flimsy excuse of an all girls spa weekend!

I’ve been neutered! I should have been able to go too!


P.S. I have it on good authority that there were several OTHER dogs present that are not pictured here.

Almost Wordless Wednesday — And the Winner is…..

It’s Awards Time!

First of all, I want to thank all the great bloggers and commenters who took a stab at creating a slogan for my badge. Your entries were top drawer. Your entries made me want to create more badges to fit your slogans!

Thank you so much for your participation.

And now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for

Drum roll please…….


And the winner is…



The (mis) Adventures of Sage…..

Here is my badge in all it’s “badgey” glory!

Thanks to Sage!

Kudos to Sage for discovering the slogan that fits me to a “T”!

Of course, it’s fitting that Sage be the one to win. After all, we began pet blogging together. Sage’s blog was probably the first one that Mama ever read. I urged her to subscribe to it and we’ve been blog buddies ever since.

Who is Sage?

Sage is mostly Australian Kelpie! She loves water, playing with other dogs, playing with her doggy bro, Toby and hanging out with her Mom and Dad! She blogs pretty regularly and seems to always be having some sort of adventure! She’s a great girl. My secret fantasy is to visit Sage and run around that 1000 acre dog park with her. I’m not too keen on water, but I’ll watch her play in the pond! To find out more about her hijinx and her great fun, you should check out her blog!

For those of you unfamiliar with the fabulous Sage here are some wonderful pictures of her.

Click on any one of her pictures and you’ll end up at her blog which is full of excellent photos of her.

She’s a great girl and I feel I’m lucky to have her as a blog buddy.


Isn’t she just spectacular!

I told you she loves water! Wait for me Sage!

Is there a raft around here somewhere?

I think she’s just about to run off and jump in the water. She’s posing because it’s important to her Mama. I know how that is Sage. Sometimes we just have to please our Mamas by letting them take photos.

I know you ran off to play as soon as you heard the click!

As you can see, Sage is not just a smart lady; she’s a beautiful one as well!

I hope everyone hops over to see her today and in the coming days as well.

If I can borrow her slogan!

No bones about it

Sage is all about love!

By the way,

Be sure and check Sage’s blog!

The ( mis) Adventures of Sage at the following URL –

Sniffs and Licks,

Your Pal,


P.S. Hey Sagie, I made you a badge!



Catching up on our Blog Hiatus – A Snorkie Cumulative Report!

Hi All,

Opie here!

The first of July we were a little lax on our blogging. It was hot here in Southern California and Mama didn’t want to go near her computer.

Additionally, we were just tied up with all sorts of summer stuff.

So here’s our little catch up.

Most of these photos are pre-summer hair butchery cut

So here’s the update on what we did from July 1 through July 16th

Photo Hijinx

I spent a good portion of this part of the month getting chin rubs, head rubs, belly rubs, back scratching and all the lovely things that our mamas, papas and human brothers excel at.

I must say that mama is a genius behind the ears!

My New Bed!

I also got a new bed! I used to sleep in a nice wicker laundry basket in Mama and Daddy’s room, but I made a little bit too much noise getting comfortable. It wasn’t my fault that the wicker creaked and occasionally I tipped it over. So here is my new bed with my favorite doggy blanket! This is a great spot for a short nap during the day, but the truth is. This is my best spot right here! My older hu-brother snuck in the room in the early morning and took this picture of me and Daddy sleeping.

My Real Bed


My Borrowed Spectacles

I’ll admit though that all the books by my bed has had an effect on me. I think I’m starting to look like my human family. They all wear spectacles.

I think I look quite dashing in these nice blue frames!

Actually, these are Mama’s glasses. She thinks I might as well have them. If you look closely you might see the toothmarks I put in the lenses.

In my defense, I was new to the house. She left them on her desk. I’d never seen glasses before. I thought they were an interesting chew toy.

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

I didn’t do much on the 4th of July!

I did find a nice place to hide under Mama’s chair though.

My Summer Hair Cut

Of course you know that I got a short summer hair cut.

And that’s about it.

Now we’re all caught up.

Now what do you have to look forward to.

My anniversary blog!

Yes, that’s right. I was rescued during July. Mama has something special planned for me ( At least I know it’s not a haircut or a trip to the vet! ) And I imagine there will be pictures.

There might be funny hats.. although I hope not.

So keep reading the blog!

Smell you later,



Muscle Dog




Morning Walk with Opie – A Pictorial essay

Hurrah! We’re going on a walk! I have a new leash! It’s longer!

Interesting smells here!

This is my neighbor’s garden. Isn’t it nice?

Mom is quite jealous of her Lantana. Mama says it gets more sun so it’s not her fault that ours looks all scraggly.

I blame the cats. They poo in the bed! Nobody poos in my neighbors garden, including me!

We have continued on. It’s starting to warm up. I love this grass!


Lemme Go, Lemme Go, Lemme Go!

No, now I won’t sit or stay for the Bird of Paradise shot. I’ve got my eye on you squirrel!

I’ve still got my eye on you squirrel!

Well, I got dragged along to the other side of the street. We’re a few streets over now!

This is the jewel of the neighborhood according to Mama.

There’s no sidewalk here and the property owners have planted a garden that goes all up and down the curtilage.

We don’t poo or pee here either for obvious reasons.

See, it’s all the way to the curb! Well, that ends my morning walk.

Gotta secure my backyard from crows and squirrels now.

Have a great day everybody!

Saturday Blog Hop — What if we had a FETCH A THON?

Hi All,

Opie here! You all must know that it’s sometimes hard being the only doggy in the house. The family goes off to some event and leaves you at home for hours. It is a little annoying to be left out of the fun, especially when it involves


My hu-brothers were at their school’s Hoop-a-thon! They raise money for their school by shooting lots of baskets. People pay by the basket! Last year they bought new uniforms for the teams and stuff like that.

 I wish I could have gone. I think I could make a basket. I can fly through the air and DUNK! Like a DUNKIN’ MACHINE!

I can nose dribble, and in a game I’m good at tripping up the other guy.

My hu-brothers agree that I have SPEED! AGILITY! HEART!


Maybe because I am such an AWESOME BUT

My hu- brother let me wear his Hoop-A-Thon Medal.

I think I look quite snazzy. Mama just needs to sew up the ribbon so that it will fit me properly. (I love the fact that I can probably chew the medal a little bit if it dangles down a bit, but don’t tell Michael that!)

Maybe we should have our own DOGGY–THON! I know some of you don’t have my MAD BASKETBALL SKILLS, so maybe we could make it something that every four legged FIDO can participate in. How about a Doggy FETCH-A-THON! We don’t have to limit it to Balls. It could be anything you like to fetch – balls, Frisbees, sock monkeys, stuffed squirrels. We could have it in a big green sunny dog park! Ahhhh! Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

I’m going to talk to Mama about this. There are so many good causes to raise money for!

BEST OF ALL – we could have neat medals for our participation! And think of the treats!!!

What do you say doggers?

Gotta run! Michael wants to shoot some HOOPS with me! I have to be gentle and not beat him TOO badly. He  is my LITTLE hu-brother!

Grins and Licks Fellow Doggers!

Your Pal,


Friendly Friday – Opie and Friends!

My Buddies – Doggy and Human!


Hi All, Opie here. I thought it might be fun to show you some of my buddies!

So here they are – Opie and Friends!     

Poppy and I are really “gettin’ it on” Good times!

Here’s a better shot of Poppy!

This is Woody! We are just reacquainting ourselves.

It was a good day at Oberrieder Dog Park. Don’t know these guys but we had fun!

I didn’t catch this guy’s name either, but he was only interested in a quick sniff. He didn’t stay long.

And here are my best friends in the whole world! My big hu-brother Greg!

And my little hu-brother Michael!

They are my “bestest” friends in the whole



Happy Birthday to my Hu –Brother Michael!

A Birthday Poem in honor of my Hu-brother’s 9th Birthday!



If I had a birthday wish for you,

It’d be you were a puppy too!

I’d sniff your butt and lick your nose

And you’d have claws instead of toes.

We’d chew up Mama’s favorite shoes,

And piddle on Dad’s important News.

But you’re not a puppy. That is clear,

But you have the heart or pretty near

Of one who loves to jump and play.

So that is why I have to say,

You are my funny human brother

Who lets me share his dearest mother

And snuggle in the bed sometimes

And helps me make up silly rhymes.

You let me chew up all your laces

And you scratch me in all the places

That I love and need a rub!

Yes, you are the king of belly rub!

Sometimes I chew a little off your toe

But you never tell me Whoa!

You play full out and fast and hard

And that is why I call you “pard”.

You put beef broth into my food

For that you are the coolest dude!

I hope you get all your treats,

And we’ll play more as weather heats!

Happy Birthday Dearest Mike

I hope you get all the stuff you like!


Licks and Tummy Rubs


Lots of Love,


Your puppy brother








Rain, Rain Go Away Come again some Other day!

Preferably while I’m sleeping and then dry up conveniently by the time I get up.

Hi All,

Opie here,

It’s been raining and raining and raining here in Southern California. I’m bummed. The boys are out of school and I was looking forward to some high quality walks. Gregory is playing basket ball at school and planned on running me good. I was looking forward to it. He always takes me on nice long walks. But it’s been nothing but rain nonstop. Every walk I’ve had has been about 2-3 minutes. Just long enough for me to do my duty and get the heck back inside.

Of course, mom says we need the rain. L.A. is basically a desert. But come on! I think rain is God’s squirt bottle. I hate squirt bottles. Nothing good comes out of squirt bottle.

My dear furry friends – you know what I mean. Mom doesn’t use one on me, but I have this lingering dislike of them. I think it must have happened before Mom adopted me. Gives me a chill to think of it. Baths, squirt bottles, rain… it’s all the same. The only silver lining of this nonstop cloud cover is my rain coat. It keeps the rain from on me too much. But the hood defeats me. I just can’t keep up.

Anyway, here are some photos and film of me today. We had a small breather. Mom just decided to walk as long as she could before it started drizzling. It was a full 30 minutes. We took pictures. I caught up on my peemail. (Sparse traffic due to the downpour) looked for squirrels ( they are holed up somewhere) stepped in quite a few mud puddles and got yanked a way from some interesting mushrooms growing up on all the lawns. Mama says that we doggy’s make the mushrooms grow. Hmm. Interesting.

Enjoy the pictures. I don’t know when I’ll get to have a walk like that again. It’s raining again! Whine, whine, whine. L

Oh there’s a song that goes with this little film. Please adjust your volume accordingly.