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What I got for my Birthday and How I scared the Stuffing Out of Mama!

Sunday was my actual birthday! When I woke up mama wished me a happy birthday and then rushed off to take Gregory to some kid’s house. When she came back, I got a lovely piece of turkey sausage in my breakfast and lots of tummy rubs. Turkey Sausage is so, so yummy. I had a smile on my belly all day after that! Mama promised me that my next presents would come on Monday. And they did! But before I tell you about them, I have to tell you about how I scared the stuffing out of Mama.

In the afternoon, Mama took me with her to pick up Gregory from that kids house. We drove a long time, longer than it takes me to go to the far dog park or to pick the kids up from school. It was a great ride. Mama let me ride in the front seat and let the window down a little. I had my head out the whole time! It was great! That was a present in and of itself. We finally got to the kid’s house. Mama turned off the car and my leash to the arm of the car seat and let the window almost all the way up. There was only a little bit of room left. She told me she’d be right back. She was getting Gregory from the kid’s house. I could hear lots of kids and even some dogs barking. I didn’t want her to leave me. I wanted to come too. She took the key out of the ignition and got out of the car. She locked the car with her car keys and made the car beep.

Mama waved at me and walked up the driveway. She said she was sorry, but she’d be right back. Well, I knew she would be but I couldn’t help whining and crying. And I really wanted to go with her into the house. There were more kids and dogs in there. So I jumped around a lot in the car. Guess what? The leash came loose. It just came off the arm of the car seat! Wow! Then I put my paws on the door of the car. I put my paws on the special button, and the window started to go down. Yippee! Usually only Mama can make the windows go up and down! So, being a dog of action I jumped out of the car and went looking for my Mama, my leash dragging behind me.

I found her. She was just walking back to the car with Gregory. She was really surprised to see me — really, really, really, really surprised. Gregory was surprised too. Mama grabbed my leash and asked what I was doing out of the car and how I got out. She told me what a good boy I was for coming straight to her and for not barking at any of the people in the driveway. She rubbed my head, scratched my hears and told me what a good Opie I was for being so smart to come straight to Mama. She wasn’t the least bit mad!

When we got back in the car, though, she was really upset about the window. She couldn’t figure out how I got it down if the car wasn’t on. I think she’s still scratching her head about it. She kept playing with the window and turning the car on and off when we went on my B-day trip to the Dog Park. On the car ride back she told me that I was a good boy, but I scared her really badly. She said I could have gotten really lost and that would be such a tragedy on my birthday to be lost. I could tell she was really scared. I wondered if she’d ever let me ride in the car again. She muttered something about it being a cold day some place (I didn’t catch where. She was muttering) before I got left in the car again. That’s fine by me. I don’t like being left in the car. Maybe from now on Mama will take me everywhere. Wouldn’t that be great?

Oh My Presents!


Okay, let me tell you…

I got three happy birthday tennis balls. I got Mr. Greenie to replace Mr. Weenie (I tore up Mr. Weenie a few days ago. He’s in the toy hospital.) Here is Mr. Weenie. I had him a week but then I tore his head off. He has the best little hat to chew on. I guess I got carried away.


Here’s my new Mr. Greenie. He’s got a cool head to chew on as well. Mama hopes he’ll last longer than Mr. Weenie.


I hope so. Mr. Greenie squeaks. So do my tennis balls. I also got a tennis ball bone. It’s great! It squeaks too. I also got my own personal portable water container for any dog park we got to.

Here I am playing with Mr. Greenie and my tennis ball bone. I can’t decide within one I like better. I love them both. I fetch and play tug of war with both of them. They are so fun!




Mama got me a new seatbelt harness too. I’m not too fond of that. Daddy and Mama put me in it today and adjusted it so I can’t get out of it and I can’t bite it very well. Mom muttered something about seeing if I could escape from this. I don’t’ quite know what she meant by that, but she kept telling dad to make sure it was good and snug. I kept thinking, “Okay, already! It’s snug enough!” I’m not keen on this particular present, but I am still grateful for ALL of my presents.

Best of all, Mama got me a beautiful doggy blanket. It’s just for me. I can sleep on it in my bed or on the couch or have it in the car. It’s soft and it has bones all over it. This will make for good dreams, right?

Oh and I went to Oberrieder Dog park today too. I hadn’t been in a long time. Luckily, there were some dogs there this time. I played with a little grey dog for a while. I tried to race with another dog, but she just wanted to smell everywhere. I did that for a while too but I was itching to play.

I had a great time. I’m going back again soon I think.

I want to thank all of you for my birthday wishes. It feels great to be 1. Michael says that I’m really 7.

I wonder if that means he’ll let me play Legos with him.



Riding in cars with the boys – YAHOO!

Hi All,

Opie here!

I just have to say how much I love riding in the car! I rode to school yesterday and today with the boys. I’ve always liked it, but it’s gotten even better since I chewed up my seatbelt harness. Mom put me in it yesterday. It’s too big, and I put a big hole in it. By the time, we got to school I was out of it. Mom didn’t notice since I’m in the back seat behind her chair, but Michael did. He rides with me in the back seat. He told Gregory who was in the front seat. They wrapped my leash all around Mom’s armrest so that I couldn’t hop out when they opened the door for school. Good thing, too. ‘Cause that’s exactly what I would have done! That place looks interesting and I wanted to go with my boys!

I was sad to see the boys go into that building and I whined a little. But Mama fixed me right up. She undid my leash a bit more and let me ride “shotgun.” She even let the window down a little bit so that I could stick my nose out. It was heavenly! So many smells! I smelled all these restaurants, people and I even smelled my dog park as we went by. It didn’t smell quite right – smelled kind of chemically and full of strangers. Mama growled as we drove by. She got some bad news about the park. They were supposed to finish up this month, but it looks like they won’t finish fixing it until January. I would have growled too, but we went by so fast and there were so many great smells.

This morning Mama didn’t even bother with the harness. She tied my leash on her armrest and made me sit on the floor between her and Gregory. I liked that. The floor is carpeted and not slippery. Gregory stroked my head all the way to school. That was great! Even better, somebody has been dropping French fries and crumbs down there on the floor. I had a little snack on the ride. I was travelling in style!

Once the boys got out, guess what!

You guessed it! I got to ride shotgun again.

I love riding in the car with the boys! The boys NEVER take me to the groomers or the vet. I can be sure that it’s going to be a “joy ride” when all of us get in the car!

Well, gotta go! It’s almost time for mama and me to pick up our boys! I may get to go in the car again! Yippee!

It’s a Dog Life – Ain’t it Grand?


This is one of my best days ever!



I’ll get to it before you can HUMAN CHILD!!!



Respect the Snorkie – Ball!



I’ve got my teeth on you… Victory is….



Hey, that’s my personal space… Ball, you are tricky!



But I win in the end!




Dog Park Hijinx

Opie and Friends at the Dog Park

This has sound so adjust your volume. Enjoy!

Where’s the Poop?

It’s beem rainy and cold over the last two days.  Opie had to have a wardrobe addition — a raincoat in order to have the a necessary walk. Remember, he is primarily a house dog, not an outdoor dog.  We are new dog owners so we try and do everything exactly as we should. We walk Opie and encourage him to “do his business” on the city owned curtilage and stay out of yards and flower beds.  After his little doggy guts are emptied we let him range a little in yards, knowing that he’s just sniffing about, no digging or eating of poisonous flowers allowed.

Camoflauge Poop

Walking the dog in the rain was not something we looked forward to.  As expected, it was wet and cold. However, I didn’t expect that my myopic view would be so greatlly handicapped by the rain.  Poor Opie’s mom wears the strongest prescription known to man. I can’t handle trifocals so I  have reading glasses, distance glasses and mid range glasses that I use for the computer.  ( I dont’ know where those are right now. So, I’m using my distance glasses. )  Here’s the problem.  The rain has blown down lots of leaves and other natural debris onto the city curtilage. Opie is capering around and doing a a new thing — pooping and walking around at the same time.  So instead of a neat and tidy pile of dog excrement, we get a trail of it, a trail that must be found during a small deluge and using eye glasses that need windshield wipers and a defogger.  Did I mention that we walked a good ways before he did his business so that I built up a nice sweat inside my rain coat?

Oh Joy!  I’m not sure I can find all his poop? Where the %^$()  is it?

I’ve become what I most abhor… a poop misser

Okay, now I’ve become one of those people I can’t stand and always bad mouth on my walks.

My usual  internal dialogue:  “Gee Whiz! How hard can it be to pick that up? What terrible pet owners!  Don’t they know they make the rest of us look bad?”

Rats!  If I didn’t get every little  acorn of poo I’m going to be labeled by my other pet owner cronies as one of those rotten folk that makes us all look bad. Rats, Rats and Double Rats!

Solution for Rainy Days

It’s raining no walk today buddy. Hit the back yard!

So in the wee hours of the morning when we normally would be jauntily traversing our city streets, stalking squirrels and adding to the city loam, we are instead sending Opie into the backyard.   My youngest watches from the back window so that we know when he wants to come in and when and if he does what he ought to do.

Backyard Dialogue

I’m in the kitchen throwing together school lunches.

Michael: Mom, he peed!

Me: Good did he poo?

Michael: No not yet?

Silence for a while.

Michael: Mom, he’s trying to catch a squirrel.

Me: Okay…

Michael: Mom he’s going behind the  Ficus in the ivy.

Me: Okay

Michael: Mom he’s digging under the swing set.

Me: Okay

Michael: Mom, he’s looking at the wall.

Me: Uh huh.. Okay.

Michael: Mom something dropped out of his butt. I think he pooped.

Me: Okay, let him in.

Older son, Gregory: He didn’t poo!

Michael: Did too!

Gregory: Well, where is it?

Michael: Over there by the bush in the flower bed.

Gregory: He was looking for a squirrel. He didn’t.

Michael: Did so!

Gregory: No, he didn’t!

Michael: Yes, HE DID!

Gregory:  Nope, he didn’t.

Me: BOYS!  Michael take a bag and get the poop! Gregory go with him!

Gregory: Why me?

Me: Because it’s your day to walk him and you’re not walking him in the rain, right?

Both boys are outside.  Some time passes.

Boys in unison: Mom, we can’t find it?

Did I mention that there is a fine rain falling.  We have a rather good sized yard with a huge 50 + year old ficus tree in it. It drops leaves like crazy.

Me: Come on in..

Both Boys: But Mom we might step in it sometime…

Me: Don’t worry about it come on in!

Oldest son: I don’t think he pooped at all.

Michael: Did too!

Gregory: Did not!

Michael: Did too!

Me: BOYS!!!!!

Did Opie poo or not. Who knows. We just know did not do it in the house and for that we are grateful.

Next big rainstorm… … I’m sending my husband out!

Wordless Wednesday — Opie’s Head Shots — L.A. Dog Stories

Opie the Ingenue

Emotionally Distant




Devil - may - care - sophistidog!

Dogs Rule! Pet Adoption Pet Rescue Drives

Help 4 Million Dogs Across the Country!

Hey everybody! I’m jumping on the band wagon to help ownerless doggies get a good meal and in some cases get a good owner.  I’m jumping on the band wagon with Bocci from Bocci’s Beefs and Pedigree Dogs to put a free meal  in a hungry little dog belly, or maybe a big doggy belly!

Go to face book and click on the DANG Button! Don't click it here!

Bocci points out that every year, more than four million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations. Hello! That’s scandalous!  Obviously, these dogs need owners, but that’s a lot of dogs, and they have to eat, right.  Pedigree has stepped up to the plate ( pardon the pun) and will donate food for every person who becomes a fan of theirs on Facebook.  I already did my part, and some pup is going to have a meal today that might otherwise not have.  You can go to this link to become a fan.   

Pedigree will donate a bowl of food to every dog in a shelter or rescue organization if you become a fan or “like” them on Facebook by September 19th.  So, go to the link and hit the button!  ( How long did that take 1 minute?)

I hope my readers will take full advantage of this great opportunity to help millions of homeless dogs. How often do we really get a chance to help our little furry friends en masse?

Okay now, if you want the dogs to have more, then post on your blog about this drive. Pedigree will donate one 20 pound bag of food to the shelters for every blog posting. How does that work? Make certain you have the words,   Dogs Rule  and Pedigree Adoption Drive.   Their search engines will find those key words and Presto — Huge bag of food for pups to eat on for a while! That works for me!

Please remember that Opie was once one of these millions of dogs.  I see pups every day on who’ve been rescued by foundations or are slated for execution because of this terrible situation. 

The least we can do is feed them!  So, all you have to do is

1. Become a fan of Pedigree Pet Rescue adoption Drive on Facebook, ( see link above)

2. And if you blog, do a quick blog about this, so that Pedigree automatically donates a 20 pound bag of food.

By September 19, 2010!

Yeah! Dogs Rule and  Go! Pedigree Adoption Drive!

What can you do locally?

Now, for my Angeleno buddies, what can you guys do? Well, you can do this  thing easily. But there’s one other thing I’d like you to note. 

Go to Face book and donate or sponsor somebody!

September 19th there will be a STRUT YOUR MUTT fundraiser.  I’ve been invited by Randee Goldman the founder and owner of Lhasa Happy Home Rescue, the place that rescued Opie.  I have a very warm place in my heart for this organization.

Here are the details:  Cut and pasted from the Strut your Mutt  Fan page on Facebook. Here is the direct link. or paste it into your browser.

It will be at the Santa Monica Pier from 8:30 – 10:30 AM on September 19, 2010

We will be doing a 1 mile walk to raise money for Lhasa Happy Homes, in conjunction with Best Friends, in an effort to put an end to homeless pets. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please join our “Dog Pack” and walk with us (and your pooch!) or just sponsor one of our walkers. EVERY PENNY raised goes directly to saving lives as we are a volunteer based group. HELP US SAVE INNOCENT LIVES!!! We appreciate your support!

Walk With Us:

Sponsor Us:
(or choose any of our other walkers!)

Message us with any questions and join us in Struttin Our Mutts!

This can be a great week for dogs. Let’s  feed our homeless and hungry pups! Let’s Strutt our Mutts!

Let’s really show the world that 


Lovin’ Life at the Dog Park!


A picture is worth a thousand words! And here are a few of mine on the subject of the dog park.


 Opie loves the dog park!  Here he is doing the whole getting acquainted butt sniff thing!

Getting to know you, getting to know all about your, hmm, hmm.. cup of tea..

Our little city has a great little dog park. We call it  “The Bone Yard”  I think it’s cool even though shade is at a premium in this park.  This park is the result of  a positive grassroots movement of pet owners that really worked hard to make the city get this thing “up off the ground.”   That’s not only cool, but rad as well!  It is a monument to pet advocacy. I feel uplifted every time I go even though when it was really being put together I had no pet and can claim zero credit for the parks creation.  

Those Kudos go to our local Friends of Animals community organization!  Bravo! Bravo! Bravo.

So what’s so great about the Bone yard?

Well, it’s divided into two sides — one for dogs under 25 pounds and timid dogs and dogs over 25 pounds. All the really humongous dogs are on one side of the fence and the itty bitty guys and timid guys  are on the other side.  Sometimes you see big guys with little buddies on the big guy side of the fence Opie certainly shows some interests in a particular big reddish labrador looking doggie over there. They sniff each other through the chain link fence. 

Hey Dude, How're they hangin' .. Oh sorry..they're not.. Awkward!

There are just a few rules for the park.

1. All the pups must be fixed ( This is not a ’60’s love in for pups!)

2. All dogs have to be licensed ( and the requirements for that are totally reasonable and the license is only $25) See my previous posting  about pet licensing. I am an advocate of that!

3. And if your dog is aggressive, ornery or just nuts.. don’t bother bringing him/her. The Bone Yard is all about friendly romping and good old fashioned butt sniffing. Cujo will have to stay home and chew on his mama and daddy for kicks.

4. All dogs must be OFF LEASH within the BoneYard.  At first this didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I noticed that dogs that come in on leash with nervous owners are really fearful and harassed by the other dogs. The owners end up tied up in their own leash from their dogs nervous circling .   Last week, two young women entered the park with their little poodle. They kept her on leash and she tied them up. I started looking for cameras. Surely we were being punked.  At the time, I didn’t have my camera or you’d be in for a treat. 

It’s really great to see the dogs roaming freely all over their section. Some folks take the opportunity to pay good hard games of fetch with their pooch.  The doggies fetch, run around, play, wrestle or just hang out under their owners bench in the shade.  There’s fun lovin’ in the air!

The park boasts a really good little doggy and people water fountain.  My only problem with it is that sometimes sand gets in the doggy part. I always scoop out all the muck and rinse it as best I can. Some owners are a little more concerned about that muck.  So they bring little portable doggy water bowls with them and fill them up on the people part of the fountain.  Now the picture I have here is not a picture of the fountain at the Bone Yard, but its the same type of thing.  Ours looks a little lower. I think the one on the big dog side is like this.

water fountain

Image by brododaktula via Flickr


The rest of the rules are no brainers extrapolations from plain old good manners. The rules are clearly posted at the park and also at the on the Friends of Animals website. So, really there is no excuse for breaking the rules. People have donated pooper scoopers and lots of people pick up after their own pet  poo as well as those of others who are a bit too oblivious to notice the steaming mountain behind the only shady bench.

Really, I am telling the truth.

 Besides butt sniffing,  Opie likes to do what most dogs like to do at the park. Run around like a crazy dog! And man oh man is he fast!  He can really book when he wants to get from point A to point B!

I’m the white blur heading full tilt toward that unsuspecting white dog. Ramming Speed!


Dog beach at Coronado, California.

Image via Wikipedia


Now, I am in search of a dog beach near our house to take Opie. I know there is one at  Coronado Island in San Diego.  However, that’s just a little further from my house than I’d like.  If anyone knows about any dog beaches in the L.A. area, please comment about it and let me know. 

Opie’s a California Doggie Dude, but he’s never been to the beach. I think that’s tragic.  I know he’ll go nuts about the seagulls and other  birds. He’ll dig in the sand. He might be afraid of the surf, but shouldn’t he get a chance to check it out a little bit?

He promises not to poo in the sand….much!

Really, would that face lie?