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Happy Thanksgiving – I am Thankful for…

Hi All,

Opie here!

As I lay here under my mom’s chair smelling the sweet and amazing smell of candied yams, and the pungent and strangely meaty smell of collard greens cooking, I think that it’s time that I made up my list of things to be thankful for. After all, I live an amazing life. I’m not dead, and that’s good. I was rescued from the pound and that’s great! Lots of my doggie sisters and brothers (and some cats too) have not been as lucky as me. I have to take stock and express my thankfulness for my situation.

So here goes.

I am thankful for my family. They take good care of me even though I don’t get as many walks as I used to and people are always playing loud xbox games instead of walking me, and sometimes my hu-brothers forget to put the extra little cheese or rice in my kibble so that it tastes better. I am thankful for them.

I am thankful for my soft bed even though mama whisked it away yesterday and washed all the good smell out of it.

I am thankful for my bully stick… oh my bully stick…. My precious, wonderful bully stick!

I am thankful for my daddy who gives the best belly rubs in the world and lets me sleep at the foot of the bed. I’d rather sleep nearer his head, but maybe not ’cause he snores so loud.

I am thankful the special treat I know I’m going to get in my bowl!

I am thankful for the mail carrier who never complains about all the mean things I say to her as she trying to put mail in the mail slot. Luckily, she doesn’t understand doggie language.

I am thankful for the squirrels that give me something to chase in my yard. I am especially thankful for the really fat one that that keeps falling out of the tree. He’s especially fun to chase. I almost got him by his furry little tail yesterday!

I am thankful for my grandma and grandpa who give good belly rubs and think that I should be fed more meat, and lots of treats.

I am thankful for all my toys even though some of them are in the toy hospital ’cause I tore holes in them.

I am thankful for Mama who sews up my chewed up toys and lets me chew on her slippers a little bit and sneaks me one of the boys’ old socks when she finds them irredeemably full of holes.

I am thankful that she hasn’t figured out who put the holes in them in the first place.

I am thankful for my boys who give me lots of pets and love.

I am thankful for the car even though lately we’ve only gone to the groomer and the vet.

I am thankful that I don’t have anything wrong with me that requires “OUTRAGES” from the vet.

I am thankful for my big black nose ’cause mama loves it so much.

I am thankful for all the wonderful things in my life that make it wonderful.

I am thankful for all the lovely people who rescue doggies and even cats like me.

I am thankful for all the lovely people who are kind to animals, children and each other ’cause it’s really the best way to be.

Well, I’m sure I’ve left something off fellow bloggers, but mostly I am thankful for you all for reading my blog EVEN when I wasn’t paying much attention to it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Your Pal,



Thankful to be Back!

Hey All!

Opie here!

I know I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been busy taking care of my pack – Mom, Dad, the boys. It’s been a really, really, busy time. Lots of stuff has happened.

First of all, I’m fine. I am doing really well. For a while I had a lot of trouble keeping my weight up. That kibble did not just did not taste wonderful to me. I frequently did NOT eat my breakfast or dinner. Now, though, Mom has been adding a little bit of shredded cheese to my meals. I have to say that’s been great. I usually got a little treat of cheese every day, but Mom decided that a little cheese added to my bowl would really add some “Umami” to my meal. Boy was she right!

So, now I am at the weight the vet wants me to be, and I feel great!

Nothing like being well fed and at the correct weight!

Don’t I look great?!

I find that I’m really rather relaxed and mellow now. Amazing what a delicious meal will do, right?

Unfortunately, some bad stuff has happened too. I discovered that I have a phobia of flies.

I hate flies.

I try and kill them every time I see them, but if I fail. I can’t help it. I turn tail and run and to my shame … hide. Think about it — they are not birds or squirrels. They are part of that tribe of flying things that FIGHTS BACK by STINGING YOUR NOSE! And look at this picture of one I found. Isn’t it creepy? It looks like an alien!

I don’t know about you, but I love my nose and don’t want it to suffer any insult! Especially, by that alien looking thing!

As a result of my phobia, Dad is getting ready to install a doggie door so that after I come back in from a trip outside, nobody has to jump up and quickly shut the back door. Sadly, it’s kind of my own fault that the flies got in the house in the first place.

On the upside, my folks are very sympathetic to my phobia and the boys are quite good at killing flies. Gregory nailed one with his basketball shoe a couple of months ago. Mom was not very happy about him throwing his big size 13 shoe in the house, but I had no problem with it. Another fly bit the dust and that was A-OK with me!

Enough about those rotten, moscas!

Good news for all doggies!


What does that mean for us!!!

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but it means great left overs and add- ins to my kibble. Here’s what I’m looking forward to.

Turkey meat, turkey meat, turkey meat and turkey meat!


The other thing I get to look forward to is lots and lots of pets and tummy rubs from my grandpa and grandma who come to visit during my most favorite holiday of all time.

I’ll be back soon to tell you how my holiday went. I intend to have some great naps on my very, very, very full belly!

So, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Your Snorkie Extraordinaire,


New Years Resolution from a Snorkie Named Opie

Hi Fellow Doggers,


Happy 2012!


It’s traditional for folks in my family to make New Year’s Resolutions!

(Whether they keep them or not is a different story.)

Mom has an interesting view on them.

She makes her resolutions achievable within the first month of the New Year.

I’m going to do the same thing.

So here are my New Year’s Resolutions.

I resolve:

To bark at the postal carrier with even more ferocity

(I must stop that person from coming on my porch! It is an outrage!)

To beg for more treats

(Mom’s got a pork roast in the oven. I resolve to get a nice juicy piece of it!)

To achieve maximum cuteness

(Okay, I’ll admit, that’s really too easy.)

To get MORE toys next Christmas

(I’m busy tearing the head of my new monkey, already ripped the guts out of my new stuffed pig. This is a cinch! )

To get a whole piece of bacon at least once a week when Mama cooks breakfast

I just have to be in the kitchen at the appropriate time. Mom dropped a piece on the floor this AM. I missed it by 3 seconds!)

To guilt the boys and Mama and Daddy into MORE walks

(Already located my leash, I will now drag it around the house!)

To catch that fat squirrel that taunts me.

(Dad got some nuts in his Christmas stocking… Can you say Bait?)

Mama says I shouldn’t make too many. Then they become impossible to manage.

(I think I’ve got this locked!)

Well, those are my resolutions fellow doggers.

Feel free to share yours in your comments on my blog today.

Oh and……


Merry Boo-Boo Christmas!

Hi Fellow Doggers,

Well, I did it. I have another health issue. This time it was a boo-boo.

Mama thinks that a black cat has crossed my path or I broke a mirror, or that I spilled some salt!

Before you all get worried on my behalf – don’t. I mean don’t worry. I’m fine.

Here’s what happened. (Or at least what Mama thinks happened.) She’s not too far wrong, only it wasn’t a cat. (Tee Hee!)

It was about 11:30 PM. I heard an interloper in the back yard. Mom and Dad didn’t hear it — Just me. Anyway, I did my little “pee – pee dance” body language.

(They’ve gotten very good at letting me out since my little accident a few weeks ago.)

I went out the back door – into the darkness — and almost caught what smelled like a “cat” lolling about in our backyard. Of course, I told him off.

Mama says that my bark sounded very different than the normal – “I’m here! Stay out.” She said it sounded more like, “I almost got you, you “*&%^” varmint! Come back here and get an introduction to my teeth!”

She interprets my barks pretty well.

Anyway, the “cat” got away. I never laid a paw on it, and it didn’t lay a claw on me either. However, I chased it pretty good under several bushes and all over the yard until it unfairly jumped out of the yard over the fence.

Mama came outside just in time to see me demonstrate my cool speed moves under the bushes. She never really saw the “cat”. She hardly saw me. I was the “White Flash” zipping by. I think I even heard a sonic boom.

(I’m not bragging. I am just THAT fast! )

Anyway, after the excitement I did my business and went back inside the house.

What Mama and Daddy didn’t know — because we all went right to bed – was that I got a boo-boo on my head. I connected with a branch and it took a little chunk of my skin off the top of my head. Dog, did it sting, but I don’t whine ( except when I have to pee). I didn’t cry or anything.

I am not a wussy dog!

Remember – I’m a Snorkie, and I’m tough!

The next morning, Dad woke up first and gave me my usual head scratch. Let me reiterate that I did not whine or cry. Dad thought I had some schmootz in my hair and sat up to pick it out. It wasn’t schmootz. It was dried blood and a scab!

The scab is about ½ the size of my mom’s pinky nail.

During the night my boo-boo bled and scabbed over. Mom and Dad both looked at it. Michael and Gregory looked at it. Michael wanted to take me to the vet.

Dad decided that I could pass on the vet because the boo-boo was already healed over and had made a scab.

The good part about my boo- boo – according to Dad and Mom — is that I can’t reach it to lick it. I’ll admit that did want to give it a few licks, but a weird thing happened. It was a little itchy, but then I kind of forgot all about it. I think it healed faster because I didn’t lick it.

More importantly, I’ve dodged a vet visit.

So Merry Boo-Boo Xmas fellow doggers!

Do you think Santa will take pity on me and get me a bit more stuff?

This is my “please sir, may I have some more” face. Pretty effective right!

Of course, now, people are watching me all the time when I come back from outside. That’s actually kind of cool. I’ve been getting a lot more belly rubs and ear scratches. I have to say I like ear scratching almost as much as belly rubs. Nobody wants to disturb my scab. I’m beginning to love my scab!

Well, Gotta run fellow doggers! I hear some vermin rooting around in the back yard.

Happy Holidays!

Your Pal

The “Opie nator”

The Tough as Nails Snorkie!

Dear Santa – A Snorkie’s Christmas List

Dear Santa Claus,

I know that you are a great animal lover! You’ve taken great care of your magic reindeer all these years. You are also such a handsome man, (and no, I am not just sucking up because you are the bringer of gifts, you really are a handsome man.) You have a wonderful beard – almost as lovely as mine. Your white hair gleams – almost as much as mine does. You must know you are one of my favorite humans besides my family.

Who else would I allow in my house in the dead of night? You know you’re my homie!

Anyway, let me get down to brass tacks. I have some requests for this Christmas. You can put them in my doggy stocking or under the tree.

I’ve been a very good boy by the way. I know I must certainly be on your list of good doggies. Actually all of us in this house have been pretty good. My guess is you’ll have lots of stuff for my hu-brothers.

So here’s my list.

  1. 30 pound bag of Duck Jerky – I love that stuff!

  2. 1000 foot extension leash for chasing squirrels at least 2 blocks ahead of mom on walks

  3. Mail Carrier Location
    device so they can’t sneak up on my porch while I’m taking a nap

  4. 1 Case of Best Bully Sticks — You’re going to bring me that anyway, right?

  5. Doggy Door so that I can go to the backyard at will – Mama wants one that she can lock, but you don’t need to add that feature.

  6. Plans for a Burmese Opossum/Raccoon Trap – Do I really need to explain that?

  7. Stuffed Chipmunk – ’cause they’re fun and I bit the head off my other one

  8. Stuffed Squirrel – ’cause they’re fun and I bit the head off my other one

  9. Stuffed Opossum – ’cause they’re fun and I bit the head off my other one
  10. Stuffed Skunk – ’cause they’re fun and I bit the butt off my other one. I kept thinking it was trying to spray me.
  11. 5 cans of Tennis balls – ’cause I keep chewing my old ones “bald”
  12. Fuzzy slippers that look just like Mom’s but are Mine to chew on. Frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is. One tiny little hole and it’s like the whole world exploded. Sheesh!
  13. 4 dozen white athletic socks – just like my hu-brothers, but are mine to chew on.
  14. “Whack a squirrel” video game by Xbox Kinect – That looks SOOOOOO fun!
  15. Some light reading
    1. To Kill a Squirrel – by Barker Lee
    2. The Poodle with the Dragon Tattoo – by Stieg Barkson
    3. The Poodle who pulled the Cat’s tail – by Stieg Barkson
    4. If you give a Dog a Donut – Laura Numeroff (human author, really!)
    5. Of Mice and Mastiffs – John Steinbark
    6. Lassie – the Unauthorized Biography – by Wolf Tailwagger
    7. Bo – First Dog for the First Family an Autobiography — by Bo Obama
  16. Gift Certificate for one free bite on Mail carrierPlease, please, please, please, please!
  17. Homemade liver treats – I’d like Mama to make them, but if Mrs. Claus is a competent cook, I’ll take them from her. (I’ll take them from anybody!)
  18. My own couch in front of the TV –My hu-brothers keep squishing me!
  19. A red fire hydrant for the backyard – because Tuesday, Chewy and Momo will be SOOOOO Jealous! They’re my buds in the ‘hood.
  20. Gift Certificate for unlimited tummy rubs and head scratches – Yeah Baby!
  21. 25 free rides to the dog park – I don’t have to go with Mama. I’ll take a cab! Who needs a leash?
  22. Plane ticket to visit all my blog buddies across the country – Especially my friend Sage so we can go to the 1000 acre park! And my buddy Bogie in Texas. But I’m not riding in anybody’s cargo hold. I may be able to fit under the seat if Mama doesn’t bring any carry on items!


Of course Santa, I reserve the right to modify and expand this list. But I think for now, this is probably a good place for you to start.

I have great confidence that a handsome bearded jolly person like you will have no trouble finding and providing these items for me. Remember I’ve been a very, very good doggie! By the way, if you see any Christmas outfits on Mama’s list, don’t even bother with them. She thinks she wants to dress me up, but she’s getting old and confused. She doesn’t really want to do that. So, if you see that on her list, please cross it out chalk it up to early dementia on her part.


I promise. I am NOT wearing any more Christmas outfits even if I do look stunningly handsome in them.

Some things are just beneath a Snorkie’s dignity.


Oh one last thing Santa,


  1. For you to be extra careful about placing little doggies and kittens in stockings this year. Please make certain that they go to good homes that really want them and understand how much love and care we doggies and kittens too need. Please make certain that the rescued doggies and kitties find FOREVER homes. It’s so sad when someone gives some child a pet without thinking about whether that pet is a good fit for the family or whether they should even have one at all. So please Santa be extra careful. You’re smart dude so I know you’ll probably do this anyway, but I can’t let this opportunity to talk to you pass without a gentle reminder.


Well say “high” to reindeer and the elves for me. (BOL!)


Licks and Sniffs,


Your Pal Opie


A Snorkie’s Thanksgiving Day Poem

By Opie, Snorkie Laureate of the house

The scents of autumn fill the air,

My nose is twitching for my share

Of delicious things that Mama makes-

Savory meats, veggies, tasty cakes.

It is that special time of year

When doggies all should stay quite near

When Mama or Daddy calls you close

Even if it is to give a dose

Of medicine for an itchy spot,

Or brush out the hairs that made a knot

Because after”Good Boy” will soon follow

Lovely things dogs love to swallow.

But I digress about the food

It puts me in such a mood

To recount the things for which I’m grateful.

So here we go … I have a plateful.

I give thanks for my family dear

Without whom I’d be prone to tear

And Sad, lonely — hungry too.

Thank you all for my rescue.

I am thankful also for all those folks

Who tire themselves trying to coax

Others to give deep and well

So other fur friend sadness they can quell,

And all the doggies and cats and things

Can find joy of home that parents bring

To loving pets who nuzzle and lick.

(Yes, I’m grateful as well, that I’m not sick.)

So, good home, good health and love are what I’m grateful for

And if I’d more time, I’d write some more,

But Happy Thanksgiving my Fur Friends.

Go eat some Turkey! This is the end!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Fathers Day – A Snorkie Tribute to my Daddy and All the Daddies in the World!

I want to wish a Happy Fathers Day to

all the Daddies and Wanna-be-Daddies out there!

We Celebrate Your Day!

So I Opie – Snorkie Extraordinaire – Wish You an Alpha Dog’s Day!


Eat your food, hopefully with lots of good meat!

Get lots of treats and belly rubs.

Let someone scratch you behind the ears.

Chew on your favorite toys!

Scratch yourself wherever you can

and have great dreams during nice long naps in the sun!

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

I always feel especially safe when Daddy holds me.

I have it on good authority that everyone in the family feels this way!

And why not?

He is the Alpha Dog!

We love you lots and lots!

Love and Licks,

Your Pack

Mama and my Hu-Brothers —

Your fur challenged pups!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day

to all our

Pet Blogging Pals!



From Opie and







Happy Easter – Opie’s First Easter and ….

His First

Easter Egg


What the heck are these things – hmmmm?

I can’t quite figure this out… smells like….something….sweet!


Happy Easter!


Revelations and Revelations!

Hello Fellow Doggers,

What follows is my manifesto for Doggy Freedom. Today is the day for all of us to throw off our collars and take over.

Last night, I revealed myself to my family, my true self. I spoke and I don’t mean in our secret “bark” language, but I spoke in English to my Mom. I must admit her reaction was surprising. She was in the process of sitting in her chair and somehow missed it and fell flat on her posterior. I walked over to her to make certain she hadn’t hurt herself.

“Mama, are you okay?” I queried. Her mouth was open and she was making strange gulping sounds.

“Opie, did you just talk?”

“Yes, I did. Are you okay?”

Alerted by the huge boom Mama made when she hit the floor, the rest of the family came in. I wanted to put them at ease and so I informed them that Mom seemed to be okay, but had lost her ability for speech temporarily.

Michael and Greg had their mouths hanging open. Only Dad seemed to be unperturbed.

“Opie, I take it that she fell down when you started talking.” He said.

“Yes, Dad, that’s exactly it.” I affirmed.

“Not surprising, it’s a bit of a shock to discover that the family pet can speak. Oh and speak well!” He chuckled.

I must admit I blushed a bit at this.

“Oh Pshaw” I said.

The boys had not uttered a sound.

“Well, I’ve got a teleconference. You guys try not to make so much noise okay.” Dad said, and with that he turned around and went back into his office. I heard him immediately get on his speaker phone and jump into the conversation with his colleagues.

“Well, Mom. Are you okay to drive? I have some errands I’d like to run with you. Oh and I won’t need a leash. I’m not running off anywhere.”

Mama got up from the floor, still in a state of shock. I looked up at her.

“Opie are you going to probe me or anything,” she asked shakily.

“Probe — Oh, No Mom I’m not an alien. Gosh I can’t imagine that you really believe in that malarkey! Alien!” I snorted. “No, I’m just an earth bound dog. We dogs are all native to earth. We just have kept the talking thing down to a minimum. I’ve decided that it’s time that we changed a few things around here and the only way that was going to happen was if you really understood me.” I licked her hand a little.

At this point Mom seemed to be more herself. I think she understood that I was still her Opie — Her number one Poochie woochie!

Mama and I had a wonderful time on our errands.

Mama and I went to the pet store where she bought me these wonderful duck treats. I saw some interesting stuffed squirrels, but I had bigger burgers to broil! We went to the supermarket where I directed her to buy me several pounds of hamburger, chicken, pork sausage and a really super big container of peanut butter. We almost had some trouble at the market. I’m not a service dog and so they didn’t want to allow me in. However, once I explained everything to the supermarket manager he didn’t really have much of an argument against it. When I left, the box boy was throwing some water on his face. He seemed to be coming around.

Our next trip was for Mama. We picked up Michael and Gregory and went to the wicked witch’s house. This is the lady that yelled at Michael and me once because I was pooping on their lawn. She really shouldn’t yell at other people’s children when their Mamas are standing right there. It creates bad blood. Mama seemed to almost skip up the sidewalk to her house. Mama is generally not a fast walker, but she was really moving up the walk way to the house.

She knocked on the door. The witch answered. Mama just told me to tell her what I thought of her actions that long ago day back in the summer.

Well, I informed her that I thought it was uncalled for to be so harsh with my 8 year old brother. We had no idea she had felt the way she did about her lawn. We had bags to pick up my little work product. I told her that calm quiet communication is what we had hoped for. I told her that now that we understood her abhorrence of canine product that I would definitely continue to a different yard and instruct my cohorts to do the same. I further told her that I hoped that this would patch things up between her and my mom and that we could continue now on as good neighbors. I looked up at Mama to see how she felt about my little speech. She seemed to be grinning from ear to ear. Michael had developed a case of the giggles. Gregory was recording the whole thing on his phone. The wicked witch however seemed to have paled considerably. She was making that fish sound and then suddenly her eyes rolled up to the back of her head and BOOM. She fainted. I’m not certain she took my speech as well as I’d hoped. Mama seemed to be quite pleased with me though. After reviving the old lady with some “medicinal brandy” Mom found on the coffee table, we headed home. On the way, Mom sang this funny Ding- Dong song and did all sorts of dancing.

“Now isn’t this better mom. I don’t need a leash! You can dance home and I’m not going anywhere but with you!” I said.

“Opie my dear – you said a mouthful!” She grinned and picked me up and kissed me right on my nose. I love it when she does that!

Anyway, Doggers it was a good day. I urge you to reveal your true selves to your families. After the initial shock, you’ll be surprised at how well your hu-parents take it.

Well, got to run now Doggers! Dad’s calling a family meeting. He says my revelation has inspired him to make some revelations of his own.

I wonder what that funny green glow is coming out from his office door. Oh My Dog! Dad seems to be pulling his own head off and now he looks kind of like a……