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Pet Rescue – LHM’s and Other Specific Breeds

Hi all,

Opie here!

As we near the end of my adoption anniversary month, pet rescue is on my mind. Mama ran into some people a few days ago who were looking for a dog. They wanted a specific breed. Mama wanted a specific breed too – LHM Loveable Hypoallergenic Mutt!

This is what this breed looks like with his full coat on.

LHM’s are frequently quite cute!

Here he is after a severe summer cut.

As you can imagine, we LHM’s have a variety of looks. With our many variations, we are probably one of the largest dog breeds in the world.

Here’s our recipe:

  • Take any hypoallergenic breed plus any other pure breed or LHM breed.
  • Add a lot of love and cuddling to your LHM’s puppyhood
  • Result — a “BONEY- FIDE”

I may have Mama petition the AKC to recognize our status. Who knows? We may be at the dog show next year!

(I know I can run around a carpet and earn treats as well as a Rhodesian Ridgeback!)

The folks that mom talked to last week were very precise about what breed they wanted.

They wanted a Vizsula.

I must say this Vizsula is a very good looking dog.

And I am certain that this breed has an “L” for LOVEABLE in its genetic code. (We can’t all be pure bred LHM’s – poor hound!)

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a specific dog breed. However, I worry that people might end up getting a dog from a puppy mill or some other undesirable place because they are breed specific. Mama and I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick blog about places that you can go to RESCUE
the particular dog you want.

Unfortunately, no dog breed is immune to bad owners, irresponsible breeders and rotten circumstances. You can probably find any sort of dog you want at a rescue or even the dog jail
pound shelter.

Where to start?

Anyway, here are some great websites we found where people can begin their search for Breed Specific

    • They say all breeds, but we saw a lot of information about greyhounds and whippets and other sight hounds. This place is local for those in Southern California. When you check out this site be sure and surf around. There was a great photo of some whippets all piled together in a ….wait for it, wait for it….DOG PILE!


  • Of course, the American Kennel Club has a big directory that you can look at as well. It’s alphabetized! Of course, they make all sorts of disclaimers about their list – not responsible, not necessarily accurate, not endorsed… GEEZ why’d you provide it in the first place? It’s a good place to start, I suppose. American Kennel Club ( )


  • All about Dogs and Cats has an extremely comprehensive directory for breed rescues and good advice on how to deal with breed specific rescue organizations. I like this site. They have a blog called Paw Prints that I’ll be visiting soon! So whether you live in Texas, California, Pennsylvania or Nevada, or pretty much any state in the Union, this website has a great list for you. I was very impressed.

( )

Another great dog breed!

There is one other great breed of dog out there for those of you looking.

The LM breeds (Loveable Mutt)! They are an even larger and more varied group than my beloved LHM breed!

Lots of rescues handle this sort of doggy – more rescues than I can possibly list!

Whatever dog you want, make certain that you have L genetic trait in your own make up!

We doggies don’t do well with Mamas and Daddy’s who are missing this gene.

But if you have LOVE in your heart and a good dose of R (Responsibility!), I think we might accept you as our furrever friends.

Well, fellow doggers!

Gotta run!

Mama has an excess of L to pass on to me via a tummy rub!

Your Pal,



How to help Tornado Disaster Victims – two and four legged

Time for the Twilight Bark!

We are deeply saddened and amazed at the devastation caused by the category F5 tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri. The images in the media are devastating and the rising death toll and emotional toll is awful.

In the face of fearsome disasters people are rising to the call for help. All of over the country and the world, people are reaching out with their money, their concern and their prayers to help those devastated by tornadoes. If you surf the net, you’ll find videos of people, touched and moved by this disaster, who dropped what they were doing and drove to Missouri and to Alabama and other areas devastated to lend a helping hand — Not just Red Cross volunteers, but regular people with a will to help.

Obviously, we all can’t drive to the central U.S. and the South, but we can help with our money and our prayers. This blog post reprises some good information on how to help 2 legged and 4 legged victims of the tornado.

Please verify any organization that you choose to give money to. Even a small $10 donation will help. Many of these people have lost everything. Here is the information:

To help animal victims of the latest Tornadoes please follow this link to the Humane Society of Missouri . This organization is designated by the State Emergency Management Agency as the lead animal welfare agency in response to disasters and other emergencies in Missouri.

A Facebook page has been set up to reunite lost pets and families. Volunteers are being asked to foster displaced pets and post pictures of lost and temporarily abandoned animals. Facebook member have shared their pictures of devastation. Almost 4,000 members have joined and are reaching out by posting pictures and phone numbers, and donating. Click the link to follow Animals Lost and Found from the Joplin, MO Tornado.

Dog is rescued in the Joplin devastation.

Joplin children walk through the devastation with their dog.

A woman finds comfort with her little ferret.

Here is how you can help the 2 legged victims!


Rescue efforts are under way as residents of Joplin, Mo., try to pick up the pieces of their lives after a devastating tornado hit the city of about 50,000 and severe storms ravaged the Midwest this weekend.

At least 116 people have been reported dead in Joplin. Authorities say 25 percent to 30 percent of the city has been damaged by the tornado, which was reportedly one mile wide, with winds of nearly 200 mph.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Sunday evening and activated the National Guard. Find out below how to help this city, 160 miles south of Kansas City.

Donate to the Tornado Relief Effort

The American Red Cross is providing food, shelter and emotional support in Missouri, Minnesota and other parts of the Midwest.

To make a donation to the
American Red Cross’ Disaster Relief, visit its online donation page. Once there you can enter the zip code for Joplin, 64801, to make sure that the money will be directed to their local Joplin chapter.

You can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be sent to your local Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013.

Charlie Riedel/AP Photo

An emergency vehicle drives through a severely damaged neighborhood in Joplin, Mo., Monday, May 23, 2011. A large tornado moved through much of the city Sunday, damaging a hospital and hundreds of homes and businesses and killing at least 89 people.

World Vision teams are heading to Joplin, Mo., and northern Minneapolis, Minn., to assess the tornado damage. World Vision focuses on aiding children and is providing hygiene kits, cleaning supplies and other relief and building items.

To donate $10, or text the word “TORNADO” to 20222 or call 888-56-CHILD.

To donate to the United Way, call 417-624-0153.

The Salvation Army‘s emergency disaster services teams are helping to feed residents and first responders in Joplin; Reading, Kan.; and parts of Minnesota affected by the storms.

To donate to the Salvation Army’s efforts, visit
and click on the
donation page.

You can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY and donors can text “JOPLIN” to 80888 to make a $10 donation. And you can mail a donation to Joplin Tornado Relief, the Salvation Army, 3637 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo. 64111

To Help and Find Relatives

The American Red Cross’ Safe and Well website helps friends and family connect with those in devastated areas.

On Facebook, several pages have been created to assist concerned relatives in finding loved ones and getting information on how to help: Help Joplin and Joplin, Mo., Tornado Recovery.

Missouri residents with medical skills who want to help, can go to

ABC News affiliate contributed to this article.

We can show our love and caring by giving to those in need.



Snorkie Report: Aid to Tornado Victims — Human and Animal

In the spirit of “pulling together” let’s tackle the problems of our four legged Tornado victims.

Keep reading! Click on links and go directly to the Red Cross Website to make a donation for disaster relief. If you are near the affected area, some of these links will lead you to specific lists of items that you can bring or send to the various shelters that are trying to help the devastated areas.

This is a reprint of an article that appeared at

On April 29th

How To Help Animals of Alabama Tornado

ALABAMA (ANIMAL RESCUE) – Between Japan’s earthquake and tsunami and now the Southern state tornadoes, Mother Nature has been on a carnage bender the past couple of months. But as they say, it’s not what happens to us, but how we respond that’s important. Global Animal Foundation is collecting donations on behalf of vetted rescue groups on the ground working to shelter, feed, rehabilitate and reunite pets with their guardians.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society
Animals Lost & Found from the Tornadoes in Alabama on 4/27/11

We hope that Global Animals the world over will consider responding to the animals in need in the US after this most recent disaster with the heartfelt support shown to Japan’s lost and injured animals. Below are links to several resources and ways to help.  – Arthur Jeon, Global Animal

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — After the deadly storms that ripped through Alabama and the rest of the deep south on Wednesday, both people and pets are trying to recover and get their bearings.

The barrage of storms battered the region, wreaking havoc and razing buildings down to the slab, killing at least 291 people across six states. Most of the deaths, 204, were in Alabama, with Tuscaloosa bearing the brunt.

Thousands more have been injured, and untold more have been left homeless, hauling their belongings in garbage bags or rooting through jumbled piles of wood  to find anything salvageable. Across nine state there are power outages and thousands of homeless people staying in Red Cross shelters.

Animals have suffered as much as the people. A Facebook page
set up to reunite lost animals with their owners is up:

The site, titled Animals Lost & Found from the Tornadoes in Alabama on 4/27/11, was set up by a group of Alabama pet rescuers. It’s acting as a central location for people who have lost or found animals or who want to volunteer to foster displaced animals. There was also information about veterinarians providing free services in storm-damaged areas. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society has also been listing lost pets on its website and has tips for how to best search for a lost pet.


Donate Now To Assist Pets Affected By 4/27 Tornadoes

  The Greater Birmingham Humane Society has a great website that has concrete good information for how to help those in this disaster.


Snorkies, Shorkies, Morkies and Dorkies…. A beautiful Mutley potpourri


Hi guys,

Mama was wandering around the internet and ran into some very interesting breeds. She was very taken with the pictures. I must admit they are cute. Not as cute as I am, but still cute. Every one of these guys is mixed with a Yorkshire Terrier, like me. Remember I’m a Snorkie – Schnauzer + Yorkshire terrier. That’s why I have such a stupendous schnozzola.
I actually believe that I am more schnauzer than Yorkie – maybe I should really be called a Yauzer or Schnaukie? Anyway, here are some of my furry cousins.

Enjoy the photos and remember you can find all these guys at some rescue or shelter somewhere. I bet money that Lhasa Happy Home Rescue has some little guys just like this. All these guys are probably smaller than me.


This is SHORKIE. Doesn’t she look a little like me? Of course, I’m a boy. Opie don’t do bows! A Shorkie is a combination Shih Tzu + Yorkshire Terrier. I think this dog is particularly attractive, don’t you?


This is a MORKIE –or Yorktese. This pup is a combination Maltese and Yorkshire terrier. They are really small. Mama read that they might get as big as 8 pounds. Now I’m 20 pounds and I’m not the least bit overweight. Although I may have put on a few holiday pounds, I assure you I still have my svelte figure. I’d probably accidently crush this dog. I’m 20 pounds of pure muscle… and hair. I wouldn’t fit in anyone’s purse. No matter how roomy! ( Mama are you listening!?!)


Okay, I’ll admit this face is quite dashing. What do you expect? He’s a DORKIE! He’s a combination Dachshund and Yorkshire terrier. I don’t know why my human brothers are snickering, do you? He’s probably still smaller than me. Obviously, we Snorkies are the big dogs on this small breed block.

There are pictures of me all over this blog. Here are some of my SNORKIE cousins. My goodness—have you ever seen such a handsome gang of dogs.



And then of course, there’s ME!!!!

I thought it might be interesting to see what these funny named dogs really look like. But they all look cute to me, and I have a dog’s perception of beauty. This means I have excellent taste. What a great group of doggies!

What difference does it make what breed they are? We are all mixed up and we are all great dogs.

Mama and Daddy didn’t choose me because I’m a Snorkie. They chose me because I was RIGHT for the family! Of course, I’m naturally loveable!

I was on the short list of hypoallergenic dogs that were good with kids. Daddy says that all dogs have their charm and that it’s easy to fall in love. But it’s better to fall in love with a dog that you can love for the long haul, that’s compatible with your lifestyle.

They saw me and did what came naturally!

Of course, they fell in love.

This means that I’m their FOREVER puppy.

So, look at the pictures and see that we all have our charm. We all deserve a home where we fit.

If everyone chose the dog that fit, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many homeless pups out there. People fall in love with a pretty face and don’t consider our individual temperaments and the big responsibility we are even if we’re itty bitty like my Morkie cousins.

It’s okay to fall in love with a pretty face, but compatibility is forever and beauty fades. (Well, mine doesn’t but I’m very special!)

I know all my blogging buddies are compatible with their Mamas and Daddies. I’ve seen dogs living on farms, in apartments and houses, dogs that herd sheep or cattle, dogs that keep their Mamas company at their businesses and doggies that lay around the house most of the day. Bottom line is that we all fit. Let’s spread the word that adoption is great, but make certain that our “furrever” friends have mamas and daddy’s that fit.

What do you think?



Japanese Aid – Time for the Internet Twilight Bark!

Paws for Japan

Remember 101 Dalmatians. In that classic film, Pongo and Perdita use the Twilight Bark to get help from all the dogs they can to find their stolen puppies.

It’s time for us to use our Internet Twilight Bark to aid a global effort to help the people and pets of Japan. There is just too much devastation to be addressed. We all need to pitch in so that we can make a difference. Blog Paws/Be the Change for Pets
has organized Paws for Japan for Japan to promote Word Vets. World Vets is ( a IRC 501©(3) organization) that is coordinating relief efforts to help Japan. Today is the day that we pet bloggers blog about this. Opie and I are late in the day, but our hearts are with this. The idea is to blog, tweet, and share and spread the word by spreading awareness. Tell everyone about this effort. Donate what you can to any of these organizations. This essentially an Internet Twilight Bark. Instead of animated fictional dogs, we are trying to help real flesh animals that are suffering an unimaginable devastation. Remember – “There but for the Grace of God, go I”

Guido Needs a Home – Let’s Give Him One!

It’s Pet finder’s Internet Day!

What does that mean? It means that Opie and I have pledged to tell at least one person about a pet that needs adopting!

We’ve decided to tell EVERYONE on the INTERNET about GUIDO!

You’ll want to adopt Guido when you hear his story. Guido is being taken care of by Lhasa Happy Home Rescue. Just a little background.

When we made the decision to adopt a dog, we looked on We knew if we went directly to a shelter we’d end up with a dog we loved, but that might be completely inappropriate for our family. I would happily have spent the rest of my life on allergy medication with the pup we fell in love with. However, that was not the right thing for us to do. It’s not the right thing for anyone to do. Find the pet that fits you and your family. If more people did this, I believe we’d have fewer dogs in shelters and in trouble if people used their heads just a little bit.

We found Opie on , but he was being taken care of by Lhasa Happy Home Rescue. Guido is one of Lhasa’s dogs.

Here is a cut and paste of his story form Llasa and some adorable pictures.

THIS IS GUIDO….and a luckier boy you will not find.  This handsome, 17 lb, white, 3.5 yr old, Lhasa Apso was dropped off at the vet to be euthanized because his owner just didn’t want him anymore.  No reason given, she just didn’t want him.  His guardian angel, Tori, saw him and said, $#@? 

She took him home and said to this almost perfect boy, “we’ll find you a home” and she called Lhasa Happy Homes!  We’ll never be able to understand his human’s mindset…but we are grateful to Tori for saving Guido’s life.  Tori reports that this boy is a stud!  He is a lhasa with long legs, but a purebred who did come from a pet store in Westminister originally (birthday March 3, 2007). 

He understands “sit, let’s go, come, go potty and high 5!” 

He is good with older kids, dogs, cats, men, women…you name it!  He is a dog for all seasons!  He loves to ride in the car and is a perfect gentleman; does need some leash training, but does love his walks!  He doesn’t like crates, but is fine when he is getting groomed.  He loves toys…and is a little hard on them — so please have plenty back-ups ready!  He isn’t a barker, but will whine if he is left alone….still probably suffering from being abandoned….but likely will get over this.  He would love to be in a home with another dog…or a cat….he LOVES cats…and will give you kisses to show you how much he appreciates your caring for him after he knows you better….oh yeah, and he will sleep at the foot of your bed and move the toys off to make his comfy place!  He is a very loving dog who just wants to be back in a forever home where he can cuddle and love you …and let you know he truly wants to be your very best buddy!  

 If you love the breed, you’ll love Guido!

If you are interested in adopting this dog from Lhasa Happy Homes, please complete the Adoption Application on our home page and submit before calling. We will contact you once it has been reviewed

We hold our weekly adoption events most every Sunday at MY PET NATURALLY (check calendar link below for special events and directions). Here you will have an opportunity to interact with the dogs and see which might be a perfect fit with your household!

Our website is updated daily. Please do not apply for this dog unless your home fits the specified criteria. All our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, groomed, vet checked, dewormed, deflea’d and come with a leash, collar and LHH ID tag!

Thanks for considering saving a life…it will be the best gift you ever give yourself or your family.

If you are interested in any other dogs from Lhasa please enjoy the following slide show! It has sound.

 Enjoy the music too!




Baby – I’m Back! Opie’s in His groove!

Hi All,

Opie here! Mama’s been working like mad grading papers so I couldn’t get near the computer. She’s passed out now. She’s graded her 60 papers now, and she’s exhausted. It’s my turn now to get on the computer and catch up to everything. So here are a few things I’d like to jump on!

  1. My Healing Powers!

    In my last blog posting I was nursing Michael back to health. Well, you can imagine the results of MY tender loving care. He’s better. He bopped off to school this morning. His little boy tummy is A-okay. He’s going to refrain from eating bad kibble from now on! So, thanks for all the good wishes blog buddies!

  2. Big Boy is back!

    What you guys didn’t know is that my big boy, Gregory (Michael’s older brother) is back. He went on a field trip with his class to New York and Boston. I missed him a lot. I see no reason for any of my pack mates to leave town — OR the state — ever again! Hu-brothers have to stay home WITH ME! YOU GOT THAT MAMA!!!! Gregory’s glad to see me. He didn’t even mind that I chewed up the full bag of his highlighters that he left under his school pack. Mama found bits of plastic under the dining room table. I was really good at hiding it, but I’ve got to learn how to dump it in the kitchen trash next time. Nobody looks in there once the lid is closed. BOL

  3. What’s upcoming – ADOPT THE INTERNET DAY – March 15!

    I’m already gathering my information about great doggies that need a home and great shelters that need some donations. So get geared up for that. All we pet bloggers should do blogs on that day about doggies that need help and really make a strong effort to bring this issue to as many people as possible. Pledge to Adopt a Pet!  So get ready! Bloggers Start your Computers!!!!!…. whirrrrrr beep!

  4. Human Rescue – Pet blogger style

    “There but for the Grace of God, go I”

    Without our Hu-mamas and Hu- daddy’s where would we be? A lot of humans were hurt and killed by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I’m sure a lot of pets were lost too. I feel so sad for everybody over there. We dogs and cats should encourage our Mamas and Daddies to donate something for their relief as well. International rescue crews with rescue dogs are already on their way or in Japan right now. We pets have a fine tradition of helping our humans. Let’s keep that up. I’ve got mama’s credit card right now, and she promised me she’d donate something to the Red Cross. ( Click here to donate to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief) We live in California and tsunamis and earthquakes are a part of our lives too. Oberrieder Dog Park, where I went while my beloved bone yard was closed is in a marked Tsunami Flood zone!

    “There but for the Grace of God, go I” So make your Mama and Daddy pony up some cash for these folks.

    Here are some other  places that you can donate:

    GLOBALGIVING: Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Donate here.

    SAVE THE CHILDREN: Mobilizing to provide immediate humanitarian relief in the shape of emergency health care and provision of non-food items and shelter. Donate here.

    SALVATION ARMY: The Salvation Army has been in Japan since 1895 and is currently providing emergency assistance to those in need. Donate here.

    AMERICARES: Emergency team is on full alert, mobilizing resources and dispatching an emergency response manager to the region. Donate here.

    CONVOY OF HOPE: Disaster Response team established connection with in-country partners who have been impacted by the damage and are identifying the needs and areas where Convoy of Hope may be of the greatest assistance. Donate here.

    : Putting together relief teams, as well as supplies, and are in contact with partners in Japan and other affected countries to assess needs and coordinate our activities. Donate here.

    SHELTER BOX: The first team is mobilizing to head to Japan and begin the response effort. Donate here.

So, Pet Bloggers – Opie’s back on the computer! Here are some really cute pictures of me that I had Mama down load before she passed out from grading exhaustion! Enjoy!

See you on March 15!!!!


A Snorkie’s View of The Top Grossing Dog Movies of All time

Hi all,

Opie here!

This is Oscar weekend! So I thought I’d get in on Movie Mania, but I don’t care about some British guy with a speech impediment or some boxer, unless of course it’s a canine boxer. I like dog movies. So, mama found a list of the top grossing movies of all time. It turns out that Mama and Daddy and I have seen a lot of these movies. For those of you who haven’t seen them here’s a quick summary of what these movies are about and my take on them. Feel free to agree or disagree.

These movies made a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be nice if the producers gave just ½ a percent of their gross profits to doggy rescues. Even an eighth of a percent would be fabulous! It seems to me that doggy movies should do some good for the doggies that they portray. Pretty much every movie here illustrates our best qualities, our good relationships with our humans no matter how stupid those humans are and our ability to make the story turn out right!

Imagine how much dog food, how many rescue shelters, and vet bills ½ percent from just one of these movies would help.

Maybe some Hollywood producer will read my blog and get an idea.


I vow right now that if somebody does that my whole family will see the movie, and I’ll bet a lot of you guys will too! Anyway, here’s the list! Enjoy!

Top grossing dog movies of all time

  1. Marley & Me (2008) – $142,992,475 – Great story about a dog that really rules the roost. I love this wonderful “dawgins”! I wish I could do all the stuff he does! Unlike Cesar Milan, I have no problem with this doggy or his family! What’s wrong with the dog being the pack leader? What a precocious pup!
  2. 101 Dalmatians (1996) – $136,189,294 – heartrending tale of lost puppies and a really evil human aptly named Cruella Deville. I hung on the edge of my dog bed during it.
  3. Cats & Dogs (2001) – $93,385,515 — This is like Die Hard for Dogs. I love this movie!
  4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) – $92,072,613 – A horror film – dogs forced to wear numerous outfits, taken care of by a slovenly dog sitter and then LOST in a foreign country. Puppies should not be allowed to watch. It will give them nightmares. It gave ME nightmares! Beverly Hills is 5 minutes from my house…Chills!
  5. Eight Below (2006) – $81,612,565 — I watch this one over and over again. I love this film. However, I am awfully glad I don’t have to pull anything where I live. Personally, I know I would not have had any trouble catching a bird to eat. I do jump quite well. Dog Adventure at it’s very best!
  6. Snow Dogs (2002) -$81,172,560 – Well, I do have standards. Nobody looks good in this.
  7. Turner & Hooch (1989) – $71,079,915 – Once again, I do have standards – Hanks may be an Oscar winner, but I don’t get why he’s so annoyed with the dog in this one. He’s just being a dog, and the dog in my mind is a much better actor.
  8. 102 Dalmatians (2000) – $66,957,026 – I love these madcap dogs, but sequels are never a good idea.
  9. The Shaggy Dog (2006) – $61,123,569 – A true horror film. What happened to the dog’s personality? Completely taken over by the man. The horror! Like a doggy Exorcist
  10. Beethoven (1992) – $57,114,049 – This poor dog Beethoven turns out to be a hero for the family and the family in turn becomes a hero for him. It was a great dog action adventure.
  11. Beethoven’s 2nd (1993) – $53,443,066 – Okay I liked the first one, but I don’t do sequels.
  12. K-9 (1989) – $43,247,647—Well this one was kind of boring. It was not the GSD’s fault! Bad plot.
  13. Underdog (2007) – $42,937,703 – I love this film! The human element was weak but the dog rocked! Isn’t it every dog’s dream to fly!
  14. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993) – $41,833,324 — Mama says the book was better and the original movie was better too.
  15. Benji (1974) – $39,552,000 – yes I love this dog. He looks like me and he saves the day.
  16. Good Boy! (2003) – $37,667,746 — a good dog fantasy! Yeah see how happy you guys would be if we all left the planet. MISERABLE! So take better care of us!
  17. White Fang (1991) – $34,793,160 – a true wolf dog’s film. Five woofs!
  18. My Dog Skip (2000) – $34,134,641 – what’s not to love about this film. It has it all. Daddy says he teared up pretty good in this film. I whimpered a bit as well. Love this film.
  19. See Spot Run (2001) – $33,357,476 – typical dog thriller!
  20. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996) – $32,772,492 – once again I don’t do sequels.
  21. Because of Winn-Dixie (2005) – $32,647,042 – LOVE IT!
  22. Air Bud (1997) – $23,144,499 – Okay this was just silly. I have no desire to play basketball and I don’t know any dog who does. The dang ball is too big!
  23. Benji the Hunted (1987) – $22,257,624 – not too happy with sequels
  24. Cujo
    (1983) – $21,156,152 — Why didn’t these rotten people have Cujo vaccinated against Rabies. This movie enraged me. People who don’t vaccinate get what they deserve. Cujo is an avenger and a victim. Dog Tragedy!
  25. Iron Will
    (1994) – $21,006,361 – the dogs are the true stars of this. Should be Iron Dogs.
  26. Best in Show (2000) – $18,715,392 – Really cool! It made me want to be a show dog. Unfortunately, not possible since I’ve been fixed.

List retrieved from

Opie sends his Valentines Greetings!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have a wonderful Day


I wish love and blessings to

All my Human and Furry Buddies!

Remember to support an Animal Rescue or Shelter Today!


Snorkie Report – The Lange Foundation – Angels walking among us


…And a Valentine’s Day Call to Action

A few days ago I did a favor for one of my son’s friends and brought him back to school for his rehearsal after a basketball game. It was the best experience of the week after a rotten two hours of L.A. traffic and being confused about where the team was playing that day. Inadvertently, the team coach left my son’s friend at the other team’s school. We drove him back to our school for his school musical rehearsal. During the trip we talked about our dogs. His family has three — All older dogs and with some problems. He told me about Loki, who has one eye and adores his Mom. I know what that’s like. Loki was from the Lange Foundation. I’d heard of them. I remember looking through their dogs on when we were looking for our furrever friend. I also might have seen them on an old episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. In any case, Opie and I promised that we’d spend some time talking about pet rescue issues at least once a week. I’ve fallen a little behind with that promise, but hopefully, this Snorkie Report on the Lange Foundation and a Valentine’s Day Call to Action will make up for it.

The Lange Foundation is a wonderful organization. It is a no kill shelter for dogs and cats that need to be re-homed. Lange volunteers rescue dogs and cats that are just about to be euthanized. I’d like to shine the spotlight on them with my blog buddies. They are doing a wonderful and amazing job here in Los Angeles and it would be great for them to continue doing this wonderful job. I’d like to also encourage people to donate to The Lange Foundation.

Here are some of the wonderful animals that can be adopted. This is Lady. She is a 10 year old Mini Pin.  This little gal is going blind so she knows that she has to pay attention to everything around her.  In no time, she has figured out her surroundings and is practically the queen of this castle! Because of her disability, Lady is very attached to people and loves so much.

This is Tigger!

Tigger 10 year old poodle that was returned to Lange Foundation after 10 years; he needs to be on special food and maybe some medication, but he is a doll, and he deserves a second chance. Maybe through Lange he’ll get that chance.

Puppies and kittens are easy to adopt, but what about an older dog or a dog with injuries, or an FIV cat? Lange foundation is trying to help these hard to place animals. They need your help. They are also involved in saving horses as well. They’ve built an amazing facility in California’s Canyon country that houses some retired dogs, cats AND horses. It is a sanctuary for rescued dogs, cats and horses that are so neglected and abused that they are beyond rehabilitation. At the sanctuary at St Bonnie’s they have a permanent home with loving staff and volunteers.

The Lange Foundation was founded in 1993 by Gillian Lange, recipient of the City of Los Angeles St. Francis of Assisi Award in recognition of her work on behalf of abandoned and neglected animals since 1974.  To date, she has helped rescue and place over 20,000 cats and dogs that would have otherwise been destroyed in shelters.”

My poor words are not nearly as effective as the video you are about to see about the Lange foundation and the link to their website.

I urge you to click on the link and donate something directly to the shelter.

I also have a Valentine’s Day suggestion.

Valentine’s Day Call to Action!

If your honey loves chocolate or negligees or a fancy meal from you, consider supplementing your V-day celebration with a true gift of love.

Give a donation to Lange or the rescue of your choice in their name as part of their gift. My hubby and boys are going to get something special in their chocolate boxes this year — A receipt for a donation in their names to Lange Foundation.
Without organizations like this many of us would be without our furrever friends. It hurts my heart to think that someone might have thrown Opie away. It makes me cry to think about all the others. We could stick our heads in the sand and not think about it, but consider that a small donation, even $10 could be the tipping point for a rescue’s budget. It might be one more doggy that gets saved or one more FIV kitty that get’s a home, or one more horse that is saved from the glue factory ( oh yeah, that still exists!)

So for Opie’s sake and all the little doggies, kitties and horses who need our help –

Let’s make a difference


February 14!

I know among my readers I am preaching to the converted. We’d probably all empty the tissue box watching Lange Foundations videos, but we all have tweet buttons and Facebook pages and friends who we chat on the phone or online with. Pass the word along and let’s see if we can make miracles happen for some wonderful rescues – Lange and/or those in your area.