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Boys in the Doghouse

Mama says it’s Murphy’s Law that anything that can go wrong will. Regarding us kids (fur and human), she says there is a corollary that says that if there is a big holiday coming up where good behavior is necessary and a good parental mood is a boon, the kids will misbehave in some way.

Yes, Fellow Doggers, that’s what, happened to me and my hu-brothers.

Here we are the day before Fathers Day. Mama has planned to make Daddy’s favorite breakfast, and we’re already gearing up for some really great Alpha dog favorite activities that everyone is going to love and well… we all messed up. … The good thing is that we did it before noon. This means we have the a good portion of the day left to make it up to Mama and Daddy (if I ever get out of this crate.)

What did we do?

It was all the same kind of thing really. We all got an “attitude”. I don’t really know what that means fellow doggers. Maybe your hu-moms and dads can explain it better than I can. I’ll just tell you what we did.

Let’s start with my big brother! Let me just say first that he’s a teenager.

What did he do? Well, he “sassed” Mama one too many times. How many is too many? Once is enough if Mama’s in a bad mood and she’s in one because of the “sass” the previous day. So, he got a big lecture about “attitude” and “long summer” and “lots to lose”… I didn’t’ pick up all of it. Mama was talking kind of fast.

Now my little brother — What did he do?

He was “provoking” – this is something that happens often. Usually, he provokes my big brother and there’s a little tussle. Then, Mama yells at both of them. This time it was me he provoked.

Now on to me – the prisoner.

I was sitting on the couch as usual keeping watch over my street. (It is mine; no one is allowed to walk on it and especially not on the family side of the street! By the way, when I mean no one, I mean no cats, dogs, humans, birds, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, or other vermin and especially no mail carriers!)

Somebody walked by and I was barking at them, issuing my usual threats. Michael decided that I shouldn’t do that, so he grabbed me. I wasn’t expecting him to grab me, so I growled and snapped at him. I didn’t get him. I just let him know I had teeth.

Mama heard me from the back bedroom and asked what happened. Michael told on me. (To be fair he left nothing out.) She called me “naughty dog.” She said that I am never to growl and snap at her puppies – ever. Then she told me to go to my crate for a time out. I’m not dummy. Mama was really mad ( Still in a bad mood from my older brother!) so I went into the crate with my tail tucked beneath my legs. Mama called me a good boy for doing that but said I needed some quiet time to myself. Then she closed the crate up.

At least Michael got a talking to about grabbing me when I’m in my territorial mode. She told him that I’m not supposed to growl and snap at him, but he’s not supposed to do things to make me growl and snap.

Provoking doesn’t get anyone off the hook with Mama. The provoker gets in the trouble and the sucker victim poor innocent provokee gets in trouble for succumbing to the provocation. Everybody loses. I suppose the lesson is that even if you’re provoked, that’s no excuse. I get it, but I’m not happy about it.

Michael and I are both pouting a little.

I can already see that Mama’s “mad face” going away. My older brother apologized and kissed her on the cheek. My younger brother said he was sorry immediately. He’s already quietly enjoying a movie on Netflix while I’m still in the “dog house.”

Hopefully, I’ll be out of this crate in time for all the cool Fathers Day stuff we do tomorrow.

Wish me luck fellow doggers!

Your Pal

Opie, inmate 23157


Words to live by… A Snorkie’s comment

Hi All,

I’m usually a pretty self centered kind of fellow. I mean, I want my kibble when I want it. I want my belly rubbed … all the time. I like what I like ,and if I don’t like it. I bark or growl or hide in my crate. That’s life right? But, every once in a while I get it. I get why Mama adopted me, why sometimes she shoves me in the bedroom so I won’t interfere with the neighbor who’s chasing that crazy Dachshund escape artist. I get why the boys give away their perfectly good books and toys to the little boy next door.

Here it is.

I’ll bet you get it too.

Have a Snorkie kind of a day!

Peace out,


The Grandparents are Here! Treats and Belly Rubs Abound!


Hi All,

My Grandparents are here. What does this mean for me!

Treats, Treats, Treats!

Grandma has COOKIES in her purse! I can SMELL THEM!

Grandpa has a bag of duck treats!

I am so happy!

I’m going to eat until I burst! And get belly rubs until I can’t stand anymore

Bring it on Granny and Gramps!

Ahhhhhhhhh! Don’t be jealous of my great fortune! I can’t help grinning!

Opie The Music Coach, The Impresario, The Genius Snorkie!

Hi All

Opie here!

I wear many hats as the family’s most beloved!

One of them is Music Coach.

My favorite thing to do is to sit near or beside my hu –brother Michael and coach him on the finer points of music as he practices.

I promise you! He’s going places.

Here’s a little 3 minute film of ME coaching him!

His music is so soothing sometimes it puts me right to sleep!

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Sunday Morning Snorkie Cartoons for the Pet Blogger

A Pet Bloggers Observations and Conclusions

Snorkie Report: Hey Gus… I Can Go to a Restaurant Too!

Hi All,

This article is dedicated to my blog buddy Gus of According to Gus. His mom writes a really great blog about him. You should go visit it right after you read my posting!

Gus usually gets to go to all kinds of places with his Mom and Dad. They take him on trips and he gets to go to restaurants and cafes.

I haven’t been so lucky. I’m a little growly and barky sometimes and so Mom and Dad thought I might make a big fuss at the restaurant. Geez, all because I barked at that lady with the cane and that kid in the stroller while we were on our walk and … well, you get the picture.

Anyway, I’ve been just exhausted since they got me out of Doggie Central (5 Nights away from Home!) I couldn’t stand being away from them after they got back and the feeling was mutual. Mama had no good human food in the house for breakfast so we ALL went out for breakfast!

We went to a little neighborhood place that had outdoor seating. It’s called the Rutts Hawaiian Café. Here is a picture of it from the web. We sat at the corner table right under the sign. Imagine me under that table! They specialize in Hawaiian/Polynesian/Japanese cuisine. They have these amazing dishes called “Royals” A royal is a big mound of rice with eggs and bean sprouts and meat and other yummy stuff all mixed into it. Mama had a Chashu Royal.

I sat under the table on Mamas foot. It was fun! (Mom apologizes for not have a photo, but she was still frazzled from her trip and the camera battery was dead anyway. She promises a picture next time we go out. Hopefully, that will be soon!)

I liked being with Mama and Daddy, and they brought a lot of treats for me to eat under the table. I don’t think the waitress even knew I was there. Although, sometimes I got up on two legs and put my paws on Mama’s leg. She gave me a piece of Chashu for my trouble — Japanese barbecued pork (also spelled char siu, chasu, cha siu, chashao, and char siew). Michael slipped me some bacon too. Oh it was heavenly! Enjoy these pictures of the actual dishes that some other customer took and uploaded to the internet! The food looks good and I can attest to the fact that it tastes good too!

Mama told me she was so proud of me. I didn’t bark at any of the people waiting for a table or even back at the dog that was around the side yard of the restaurant. That dog was complaining quite loudly about something! I was a perfect gentledog. It had probably nothing to do with the fact that my mouth was full of bacon, chashu and duck sticks most of the time.

My only complaint is that next time Mama should bring a pad or something for me to sit on under the table. That concrete was COLD! Mama put her feet under my butt. She said it was to keep me warm but her toes were like ice! YOUCH!

I can’t wait until we go out again. We may try the restaurant where my FB friend Fergus goes to lunch. He’s a big Rhodesian Ridgeback. Mama figures that if the café will let him hang out there, they’ll take a 20 pound Snorkie. (But between you and me, Fergus does NOT have my terrier personality!)

I can’t wait to go out again. Next time, I want to try the hamburger joint on the corner, and don’t forget the steak house down the street! I have no interest in that vegetarian place – no thank you very much!

See you later blog buddies! And for all you doggies going out to lunch right now

Bon Appétit

My Special Treat – Here’s a hint in life it said MOO!

Mama promised me a special treat after my time at Doggie Central!

She has lived up to her promise!

She went to a new restaurant on Friday called Baby Blues BBQ.

Daddy had Texas Ribs.

Guess what I had!

It’s almost bigger than ME!

If you think this looks juicy and delicious, you would be absolutely right!

Now you get to see how much I enjoyed my treat!

Be warned. I made a lot of noise chewing this bone up!


A Snorkie’s View of The Top Grossing Dog Movies of All time

Hi all,

Opie here!

This is Oscar weekend! So I thought I’d get in on Movie Mania, but I don’t care about some British guy with a speech impediment or some boxer, unless of course it’s a canine boxer. I like dog movies. So, mama found a list of the top grossing movies of all time. It turns out that Mama and Daddy and I have seen a lot of these movies. For those of you who haven’t seen them here’s a quick summary of what these movies are about and my take on them. Feel free to agree or disagree.

These movies made a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be nice if the producers gave just ½ a percent of their gross profits to doggy rescues. Even an eighth of a percent would be fabulous! It seems to me that doggy movies should do some good for the doggies that they portray. Pretty much every movie here illustrates our best qualities, our good relationships with our humans no matter how stupid those humans are and our ability to make the story turn out right!

Imagine how much dog food, how many rescue shelters, and vet bills ½ percent from just one of these movies would help.

Maybe some Hollywood producer will read my blog and get an idea.


I vow right now that if somebody does that my whole family will see the movie, and I’ll bet a lot of you guys will too! Anyway, here’s the list! Enjoy!

Top grossing dog movies of all time

  1. Marley & Me (2008) – $142,992,475 – Great story about a dog that really rules the roost. I love this wonderful “dawgins”! I wish I could do all the stuff he does! Unlike Cesar Milan, I have no problem with this doggy or his family! What’s wrong with the dog being the pack leader? What a precocious pup!
  2. 101 Dalmatians (1996) – $136,189,294 – heartrending tale of lost puppies and a really evil human aptly named Cruella Deville. I hung on the edge of my dog bed during it.
  3. Cats & Dogs (2001) – $93,385,515 — This is like Die Hard for Dogs. I love this movie!
  4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) – $92,072,613 – A horror film – dogs forced to wear numerous outfits, taken care of by a slovenly dog sitter and then LOST in a foreign country. Puppies should not be allowed to watch. It will give them nightmares. It gave ME nightmares! Beverly Hills is 5 minutes from my house…Chills!
  5. Eight Below (2006) – $81,612,565 — I watch this one over and over again. I love this film. However, I am awfully glad I don’t have to pull anything where I live. Personally, I know I would not have had any trouble catching a bird to eat. I do jump quite well. Dog Adventure at it’s very best!
  6. Snow Dogs (2002) -$81,172,560 – Well, I do have standards. Nobody looks good in this.
  7. Turner & Hooch (1989) – $71,079,915 – Once again, I do have standards – Hanks may be an Oscar winner, but I don’t get why he’s so annoyed with the dog in this one. He’s just being a dog, and the dog in my mind is a much better actor.
  8. 102 Dalmatians (2000) – $66,957,026 – I love these madcap dogs, but sequels are never a good idea.
  9. The Shaggy Dog (2006) – $61,123,569 – A true horror film. What happened to the dog’s personality? Completely taken over by the man. The horror! Like a doggy Exorcist
  10. Beethoven (1992) – $57,114,049 – This poor dog Beethoven turns out to be a hero for the family and the family in turn becomes a hero for him. It was a great dog action adventure.
  11. Beethoven’s 2nd (1993) – $53,443,066 – Okay I liked the first one, but I don’t do sequels.
  12. K-9 (1989) – $43,247,647—Well this one was kind of boring. It was not the GSD’s fault! Bad plot.
  13. Underdog (2007) – $42,937,703 – I love this film! The human element was weak but the dog rocked! Isn’t it every dog’s dream to fly!
  14. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993) – $41,833,324 — Mama says the book was better and the original movie was better too.
  15. Benji (1974) – $39,552,000 – yes I love this dog. He looks like me and he saves the day.
  16. Good Boy! (2003) – $37,667,746 — a good dog fantasy! Yeah see how happy you guys would be if we all left the planet. MISERABLE! So take better care of us!
  17. White Fang (1991) – $34,793,160 – a true wolf dog’s film. Five woofs!
  18. My Dog Skip (2000) – $34,134,641 – what’s not to love about this film. It has it all. Daddy says he teared up pretty good in this film. I whimpered a bit as well. Love this film.
  19. See Spot Run (2001) – $33,357,476 – typical dog thriller!
  20. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996) – $32,772,492 – once again I don’t do sequels.
  21. Because of Winn-Dixie (2005) – $32,647,042 – LOVE IT!
  22. Air Bud (1997) – $23,144,499 – Okay this was just silly. I have no desire to play basketball and I don’t know any dog who does. The dang ball is too big!
  23. Benji the Hunted (1987) – $22,257,624 – not too happy with sequels
  24. Cujo
    (1983) – $21,156,152 — Why didn’t these rotten people have Cujo vaccinated against Rabies. This movie enraged me. People who don’t vaccinate get what they deserve. Cujo is an avenger and a victim. Dog Tragedy!
  25. Iron Will
    (1994) – $21,006,361 – the dogs are the true stars of this. Should be Iron Dogs.
  26. Best in Show (2000) – $18,715,392 – Really cool! It made me want to be a show dog. Unfortunately, not possible since I’ve been fixed.

List retrieved from

WordPress Data leads Opie to “Classic Opie” Taylor

Hey guys,

Mama and I occasionally like to look at the search terms that readers use that result in them finding our blog.  It’s really funny how things end up.

Somebody asked what type of dog that Opie Taylor had. Remember Opie! He’s classic Opie. I’m named after him!  Mama and I were both kind of curious about that question.

Opie Taylor

Image via Wikipedia


So we did a little bit of Internet research. We found out that Opie did have a dog named Gulliver, but we didn’t find out what kind of dog he was.   Indeed, we couldn’t find the episode where we might even see him.

However, we made a really great discovery, or as Mama would say — rediscovery! ( She used to watch the show when she was little — she’s reminding me to tell you that they were re-runs and she is not nearly as old as all that!)  ( Yeah right! )

Anyway, we found a great episode of the Andy Griffith Show called “Dogs, Dogs, Dogs”

We’re going to give you Part I of that episode here and encourage you to watch all 4 parts.  ( no commercials so it’s fairly short for a TV episode!)  We watched the whole thing and it was just a delight!  It will make you smile and make you think a little too.   It’s hard sometimes to watch these old shows with 2011 sensibilities sometimes, but this show manages to retain a lot of charm.  Otis still irks me a little, but oh well… it was the 50’s or early 60’s right?

Here are some things to note while you watch

1.  Different views of Dogs

2. Barney’s Giraffe Story

3.  The effect  the Pack on the main tension of the story.  

4.  Children really are the best conscience  of our society. 

Anyhow, here’s the clip. Let us know  how you liked it.  YouTube will automatically feed you the next part.  Just click on the 2/4 clip to see the  next bit.


Magical Mutley Tour — Who am I? What am I really?


Well here goes… I am joining this Magical Mutley Tour blog hop kind of late, but what the hey!

I’ve always said that Opie is a Snorkie. I kind of stand by that, but who knows what else is in the mix. I am going by what was on his kennel card and we all know how accurate those are…. NOT!!! However, he definitely has a schnauzer snout and some wild Yorkie hair.

I sometimes have trouble picturing his Mama and Daddy. Both would be small dogs but we all know the Yorkie would be eeny weeny. He has some dopple ganger blog pals and he seems to have very strong schnauzer characteristics.

So here are the vital statistics.

Opie weighs a little over 20 pounds. (When we got him the vet said he was under weight at 15 pounds and he’s now a solid 20+) Still has his boyish figure though. We are watching the treats. (Noticed that as he walked by he shook the floor the other day) No more jerky for you Bub!

He’s about 16 inches tall.

He’s a jumper! He can jump a solid 4 feet straight up. He’s super fast as well and loves to run!

His personality traits

  • He’s super playful, loving, brave and territorial!
  • Protective
  • Take his guard dog responsibilities quite seriously. Yesterday, a stranger climbed over our fence while he was in the back yard (Don’t freak out! It was the neighbors’ cable guy) Opie chased the guy OFF our property with teeth bared, growling and barking like he meant business. The guy had to really hustle back over the fence. The guy returned about 10 minutes later and asked permission to enter the back yard (Hello — what he should have done in the first place!) Opie received treats for doing his job! This is exactly what you want your dog to do.
  • He’s got a fairly medium bark. Not yippy or high pitched at all, but not basset hound deep. He sounds bigger than he is.
  • Tolerant of 9 year old boys who insist on carrying him around like a baby.
  • Affectionate – loves to kiss ( lick)
  • A total belly rub pig
  • Sneaky and smart
  • Curious
  • Opportunistic (Drop a piece of steak that you’re cutting on the floor and see what happens.) We call him wolf dog sometimes!


    Okay now here’s the photo shoot!

    Here is Opie playing at the dog park WHICH IS STILL CLOSED!!!

    Opie looking pensively at the camera.

    Opie looking at his Yorkie cousins.

    Note the size difference please! Do you see why it’s hard to picture?

    Opie fresh from the groomer!

    Opie is conferring with other dogs at Overrieder Dog Park.

    Note that he is about the same size as the beagle.

    Opie being a belly rub pig!