Snorkie Musings

Squirrel 5

Wanted Dead or Alive ( Preferably well chewed!)

Bushy Tailed Rodent — Wanted Dead or Dead!


Yesterday, I saw a squirrel in our backyard. It called me a bunch of bad names.   This means WAR!!!! He sat on the back fence and taunted me.  I jumped.

I think he was surprised by how far I jumped. I can jump really high.

Mom came running out in her bare feet and took a picture of me jumping, but I was too fast for her, as usual. I am a white blurr springing through the air!

The squirrel is a red blur at the top of the ivy covered wall. When I jump, I'm just a foot short of the top.

I have my eyes on that squirrel. This is what I was bred for! The eradication of rodents!

Be warned squirrel — It’s ON!!!!  — That’s a promise! Grrrrrrrr!

Look at me! I 'm on high alert! Def com 2 for squirrels!


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