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Words to live by… A Snorkie’s comment

Hi All,

I’m usually a pretty self centered kind of fellow. I mean, I want my kibble when I want it. I want my belly rubbed … all the time. I like what I like ,and if I don’t like it. I bark or growl or hide in my crate. That’s life right? But, every once in a while I get it. I get why Mama adopted me, why sometimes she shoves me in the bedroom so I won’t interfere with the neighbor who’s chasing that crazy Dachshund escape artist. I get why the boys give away their perfectly good books and toys to the little boy next door.

Here it is.

I’ll bet you get it too.

Have a Snorkie kind of a day!

Peace out,



Day 2 — Letters from a Doggie inmate

Hi all,

It’s me prisoner, I mean, guest #007 at Doggie Central.

I passed a quiet night here at Doggie Central. Interestingly enough, I seem to have graduated from the super small dog size of the place to the medium sized dog side of the place.

I don’t really mind. I just hope Mama can find me when she goes on the webcam.

If she finds me, she might find me showing everyone who is boss.

She might even catch me getting my Bone tattoo on my belly. I’m getting a nice meaty looking one. I had to trade the Dachshund 2 greenies for it, but I think it will be a rockin’ cool tat! It makes me look tough. Not that I’m not tough! I am very, very tough!

This is the really good side of the place. We have a direct route outside. As you can see, some of my subjects are cavorting outside. I like being able to go in and out at will. Obviously, only the very best dogs can be trusted like this.

Unfortunately, the pug has been placed in solitary confinement. They found his tunnel. Poor mutt! It’s too bad. But if you do the crime, you have do the time! I can hear him whining about his innocence.

Dude, they caught you with your paws in the drywall! Enough already!

I have a new cell mate! You can see him in the picture – the beagle taking a nap on the yellow platform. He’s very cool. He howls all night! That’s why he’s sleeping now. I don’t mind too much. He doesn’t sound like Johnny Cash. He’s more of a Kurt Cobain type singer. He makes me feel a little home sick – my hu-brother Gregory is a Nirvana fan.

I asked one of the dogs about the place that Mom, Dad and the boys went to. He’s been. He says I’m not missing too much. It’s a national park and while dogs are allowed, he’s not keen on any place where he might have to wear a bear bell. I know what a bell is. But what’s a bear? I’ve asked all the dogs in here.None of us know.

I’ll have to ask Mama when she comes back.  Maybe it’s a new breed of squirrel.

If any of you guys can explain what a bear is, please let me know. I really like to be up on my squirrel knowledge.

Anyway, I’ve got to run fellow doggers. It’s chow time, and they always over feed me. Tee Hee!

Sniffs and Licks,


Inmate #007

Almost Wordless Wednesday — And the Winner is…..

It’s Awards Time!

First of all, I want to thank all the great bloggers and commenters who took a stab at creating a slogan for my badge. Your entries were top drawer. Your entries made me want to create more badges to fit your slogans!

Thank you so much for your participation.

And now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for

Drum roll please…….


And the winner is…



The (mis) Adventures of Sage…..

Here is my badge in all it’s “badgey” glory!

Thanks to Sage!

Kudos to Sage for discovering the slogan that fits me to a “T”!

Of course, it’s fitting that Sage be the one to win. After all, we began pet blogging together. Sage’s blog was probably the first one that Mama ever read. I urged her to subscribe to it and we’ve been blog buddies ever since.

Who is Sage?

Sage is mostly Australian Kelpie! She loves water, playing with other dogs, playing with her doggy bro, Toby and hanging out with her Mom and Dad! She blogs pretty regularly and seems to always be having some sort of adventure! She’s a great girl. My secret fantasy is to visit Sage and run around that 1000 acre dog park with her. I’m not too keen on water, but I’ll watch her play in the pond! To find out more about her hijinx and her great fun, you should check out her blog!

For those of you unfamiliar with the fabulous Sage here are some wonderful pictures of her.

Click on any one of her pictures and you’ll end up at her blog which is full of excellent photos of her.

She’s a great girl and I feel I’m lucky to have her as a blog buddy.


Isn’t she just spectacular!

I told you she loves water! Wait for me Sage!

Is there a raft around here somewhere?

I think she’s just about to run off and jump in the water. She’s posing because it’s important to her Mama. I know how that is Sage. Sometimes we just have to please our Mamas by letting them take photos.

I know you ran off to play as soon as you heard the click!

As you can see, Sage is not just a smart lady; she’s a beautiful one as well!

I hope everyone hops over to see her today and in the coming days as well.

If I can borrow her slogan!

No bones about it

Sage is all about love!

By the way,

Be sure and check Sage’s blog!

The ( mis) Adventures of Sage at the following URL –


Sniffs and Licks,

Your Pal,


P.S. Hey Sagie, I made you a badge!



Friendly Friday – Opie and Friends!

My Buddies – Doggy and Human!


Hi All, Opie here. I thought it might be fun to show you some of my buddies!

So here they are – Opie and Friends!     

Poppy and I are really “gettin’ it on” Good times!

Here’s a better shot of Poppy!

This is Woody! We are just reacquainting ourselves.

It was a good day at Oberrieder Dog Park. Don’t know these guys but we had fun!

I didn’t catch this guy’s name either, but he was only interested in a quick sniff. He didn’t stay long.

And here are my best friends in the whole world! My big hu-brother Greg!

And my little hu-brother Michael!

They are my “bestest” friends in the whole



Dog Park Hijinx

Opie and Friends at the Dog Park

This has sound so adjust your volume. Enjoy!

School — I guess, I’ll tolerate it

Hi all,

Opie here.  My boys Gregory and Michael go to school ALL THE TIME!  When they first adopted me in July, they were with me all the time but near the beginning of September they started going away early in the morning and not coming back until later in the afternoon. Then they didn’t really have time to play with me. They were sitting at the table doing things with those funny sticks that no one will let me chew and Gregory, my big brother was on the computer and NOT looking at my Blog.

Mom explained to me that they were going to school.  I don’t like it.  I really didn’t like  that idea.  I want them home with me all the time.

Mom has been taking me along in the van when she takes the boys in the morning.  Dad bought me a new seat belt harness and I sit in the middle seat of the van. Michael sits next to me and Gregory sits in the front with Mom. I I love riding in the car.   She let’s a window down and I love the  interesting  street smells as we drive by.

We Get To School

I love the ride, but I hate it when we finally get to the school. These strangers are waiting at the curb to take MY boys out of the car.  The Van is MY TERRITORY and those are MY BOYS.  KEEP AWAY FROM MY BOYS!   I bark at them and you know what?

They ignore me!  The boys get out of the car and take all there stuff and disappear into this big building.  This makes me sad and my bark turns into a little crying.  I miss them and I am a little scared of these teacher people. What are they doing to my boys?   They are STRANGERS!

Gregory and Michael walking away!

Mom, always talks to me in a calm voice as pull away from the curb and takes me directly to the dog park.  Seeing my buddies, Poppy, Isabella, Chase or Woody or Drake or my new friend Rocky usually makes me feel a lot better.   We wrestle and race around for a while and I feel lots better.

This is me having a good time at the Dog park with Poppy! I'm the one jumping over his head!

Mom says I’ll get used to it.  I do love riding in the car with them. Mom takes me other places too.

The best part of the day is when she takes me with her to pick them up!  I  bark at the principle, because he’s kind of scary, but I am too happy to see the boys to bark at the teachers.  They are so glad to see me!  I get lots of pets and scratches behind my ears and if I turn around in the seat I can get a tummy rub too!

I miss my boys, but if they keep coming home I guess I can tolerate the school thing.

Man! That was scary!

Hi there,

Opie here.  I went to the dog park this morning after dropping off my human puppies at school.  My mom just discovered that there’s a really good crew of pups like me that come in the early morning.  We get along great. We run and play and really have a great time.  I had a good time last time I was there. I met Bella and Chase! They were really nice.  Today, I had a good time too. I met Bella and Chase and Princess and  Bailey. I think Bailey and Chase and I are going to be really good buddies.  

We have a really good dog park. Medium guys like me and little guys like Bella ( Schnoodle) and  Chase ( Chihuahua/Terrier/? )  all stay on once side of the fenced park and the big guys stay on the other side.

Tinkerbelle (cropped)

This isn't Chase, but it could be! He looks just like this.

Pete - Miniature Schnoodle

This isn't Bella, but she looks like this. Her hair is curlier and I think she's cuter, but she's my friend so I'm biased.


Today, the park was a little wierd.  Normally, I’m not real barky at the dog park.  But day, the minute I walked in this big white dog barked at me through the fence.  Well, I had to bark back didn’t I?  He was trash talking and … well, … Opie don’t play that!  This was kind of unusual, by the way.  Normally, the big dogs don’t even notice us.

My mom lured me away from the fence with a tennis ball, and soon I was playing with my friends.  I played fetch with Mom and she was really happy, because I usually don’t like to play fetch, but all my friends were doing it and they seemed to like it.  It was fun.  I like it when I get to play with Mom and the dogs.

This little guy looks like Chase, but it's another friend of mine. We're having a good time trying to dominate each other. But we are just playing!

This is me having a good time at the Dog park. We are just playing!

I'm so depressed

It really wasn't the bulldog's day. This isn't him, but he looked like this and he looked so sad when he left.

Two Dogs Fighting

Mom wouldn't take picture of the fight, but it was bad. This is a drawing she found on the Internet. Imagine more dogs in the picture. It was scary.

And then the park got scary

We were having a great time and suddenly I heard something scary.  A lady on the other side of the fence was screaming and crying. The big dogs were not barking in a nice way. They were growling, and this big old bulldog was on his back. They were biting him, and he was crying. All of us stopped and watched. The grown ups on our side of the fence were really quiet and really tense.   The people on the other side of the fence — the big dog side  — were all yelling at their dogs to stop biting the bull dogs. They were pulling on collars and trying to get them away.  I could tell the big dogs were really excited. They had been having fun biting the bull dog and they didn’t want to stop. They were in a frenzy.  There was one  really big guy in particular who wouldn’t stop.  His dad was using his strongest voice and pulling on his collar.  The bull dog wasn’t moving when they got the other dogs away.  His mom was crying. I looked back at my mom and the lady she’d been talking to ( Bailey’s mom). She had her hands over her mouth. They were crying too.  I think they were scared. I could tell my mom was upset. The lady picked up her bull dog and carried him to the fence. He  sat up. She got some water and a towel. I could see he had blood dripping from his head and around his neck.  My mom and the Bailey’s mom asked the lady if she needed anything.  There is an emergency vet a block from our park, and my vet is just a few blocks away.  I wanted the bull dog to got my vet. He’s really nice. He’s got great treats and I like his really soft voice. It makes me calm. I was feeling a little funny.

That was really scary. My friends and I didn’t play for a while after that. We sat by our moms and dads. We weren’t scared, though. We were guarding our moms and dads. I could tell they were unhappy.   The mean dog on the other side of the fence was still over there.  He’s big and if he wanted to I knew he could jump over the fence. I stayed right by my mom. I wasn’t scared, but I didn’t want him to bite any of my friends or my mom. If he bit my mom, I’d have to take him down.  I may be smaller than him, but that’s my mama and he’d better not try it.  I know Bailey was feeling the same way. She was right under he mom’s feet.  Princess and Chase were guarding their dad. 

Eventually, somebody threw Bailey a ball. I had to chase her and the ball, and we were back to playing.  We stopped again though because the mean dog started ANOTHER FIGHT!  He must have been in a really bad mood. Finally, his dad took him home. I think he was in trouble. He wasn’t going to get any treats when he got home.   I think he must have made some other big dogs get in a bad mood too. After he left the old dogs who’d been in the first fight and a couple of new dogs got into ANOTHER  fight.  That makes THREE fights!  I don’t think it was the same sort of thing though.  The new dogs came in with their dad and a really small human.  My mom says that type of human is called a toddler. I could hear them dogs, and they were just saying,  “Stay away from our human puppy. She’s ours and we guard her. Yes,  we know she smells good like food and poo, but she’s ours so BACK OFF!”   I can relate to that. I feel that way about my small humans. However, mine are lots bigger but somehow that doesn’t matter. They are mine and I love them!

Finally, it calmed down and Bailey and  I went back to playing.  We had a good time.

It was scary today, but it was exciting too.   I’m so sleepy.  I can’t wait to get in my bed and have a nice long nap.

Smell you later!

Your friend Opie