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Wordless Wednesday – Doggy Spa?

Doggy Bath!

Doggy Massage!

Doggy Beauty!


Somebody stole my fur coat! A Snorkie’s cry for Help!

Hi All,

Opie here.

You remember me?

Well, this is what I looked like after I got my Pro Collar off!

See this happy furry dog!

This is what I look like all the time!

Happy! Furry! A gleaming white coat with a little curl in it!

I won’t say I’m “Coat Proud” but… GOL DANG IT! That’s exactly what I am!

Here is the Story of my Travail.

Due to the whole histiocytoma episode, I had not been to my monthly grooming in about 2 months.

My nails had gotten almost as long as my hair and I was bumping into things.

(Snoopy, I don’t now how you see anything!) I was bumping my head on the coffee table — a puppy move!

I was misjudging the distance for jumping on the bed and landing on my furry butt!

My hu-brothers vetoed the idea of a barrette to keep the hair out of my eyes, and I accidently scratched Mama jumping into her lap.

Mama decided it was time to go back to the groomer.

That morning she brushed me and brushed me and brushed me.

Unfortunately, I am prone to mats, especially on my legs. I’m also prone to running off when Mama brings out the brush.

She brushed me this time solid for about 30 minutes, feeding me duck treats to keep me from running off. (By the way, that really did work!)

It was an ordeal, but nothing compared to what was to come!

Off we went to the groomers.

I could wax poetic about the scents that went up my nose as we drove there.

I could wax poetic about the duck treats in the car, but I’ll cut to the chase!

Here is the result!

What the &^%$ happened to my fur coat?

Mama is in the dog house!

My hu-brothers are really mad at her. They miss my fluffy consequence!

In her defense, she didn’t tell the groomer to do this to me.

He called her at home and said that he couldn’t get the matted snarls out of my fur.

He said that he had to trim me more than usual to make it even.

I heard Mama say over the phone – “What mats. He didn’t have any mats when I brought him to you?”

I have a feeling I won’t be visiting the groomer anytime soon!

Mama mentioned something about just filing my nails down herself from now on!

I do miss my hair!

I’ll admit though that I’m a lot more aerodynamic now. It’s also a bit cooler. I seem to be a bit more energetic too!

Squirrels look out!

I’ve turned into a “MUSCLE DOG!”

Oh and my coat STILL gleams!

Do I forgive Mama? Of course I do!



And of course, there’s the other thing…

It will grow!

Mama’s determined that my hair MUST grow quickly.

I’ve told her that duck sticks make it grow faster.

Well, fellow doggers there’s an upside to everything!

Smell you later,



Interview with a Texas “Dawg” – a Snorkie Report

Hi Everybody!


Opie Here!


As many of you know, my Mama and the boys are in Texas and a Texas dawg named Bogie usurped was invited to guest blog on MY BLOG!


I found it necessary to get on my doggie cell phone and talk to this Bogie person and find out the true scoop. What follows is a true transcript of our conversation. Bogie and I both have smart phones so some pictures were transmitted as well.



Opie: Hello, Bogie how are you doing?


Bogie: Well Hey Opie! Just fine, well not really, I’m feeling a little poorly. My glucose levels are kind of crazy right now and I have my ups and my downs. I wanted to thank you for loaning me the boys for a few days. That made me feel real good. You’re a true friend buddy.



Bogie in repose


Opie: Uh, er, of course well feel free… ah…. Anytime Bogie!



Me hanging my head in shame


Bogie: I’ve been meaning to ask you, Opie… where did you get your name?

Opie: Oh, I’m named after some kid on a TV show — Opie Taylor.


Bogie: Small world. I’m named after some famous actor — Humphrey Bogart. They used to call him Bogie. Of course, I have to be honest, sometimes my name gets changed. My Daddy will sometimes call me Booger!



Me laughing


Opie: That’s pretty funny!


Bogie: Yeah, It’s funny for about 5 minutes and then it’s old. Humans, I tell you! The silliest stuff makes them laugh. What’s funny to me is that they think that we’re their pets. I think it’s the other way around. Afterall, I don’t pick up their human patties, but they pick up my doggy patties.


Opie: Ha! You got that right! You don’t see me picking up my hu-brothers poop. WORD!


Bogie: Your Mama took some nice pictures of me. I like the picture taking, but my mama decided I needed my hair brushed. That was not fun.



Bogie after his ears were brushed!
Aren’t they fluffy?

Opie: Dude, tell me about it. I head for the hills when I see that grooming brush comes out. Do you have one of those sharp needley ones?



Me heading for the hills!


Bogie: Oh dog, yes Mama tries to be gentle, but I’d rather do anything than endure the hair pulling.


Opie: Why can’t they leave us alone? Why do we have to be clean?


Bogie: I know what you mean… Some gardeners came by the house the other day, and they brought all this nice smelly mulch. There it was a HUGE pile of it… It was so…. Fragrant!


Opie: Tell me more… don’t leave me hangin’ bro


Bogie: Well, I was all set to leap right into the middle of it and roll around and just luxuriate in that soft great smelling stuff and…


Opie: What happened, what happened?



Bogie: I leaped right dead in the middle of it and commenced to rolling and rubbing my back and head into the danged whole thing. It was wonderful. I pushed myself real deep into it so I could get the full effect. It was great! That there mulch was doggie ambrosia!


Opie: Oh that sounds totally awesome!…I wish I could have been there.


Bogie: There was enough for 3 or 4 dogs to have a fine old time! Unfortunately, the grooming van lady showed up pretty soon afterward and I lost all my beautiful smell. Dad Burn it!


Opie: Oh Infamous!


Bogie: You said a mouthful partner! I got washed brushed, clipped and snipped. I hate vans almost as much as I hate the mail carrier.


Opie: I know what you mean dude! Now, I hear you’ve been feeling under the weather. What’s up with that?


Bogie: Well, I am a diabetic. This means that my body does not process something called glucose well. If the levels are too low or too high then I feel kind of rotten. I don’t want to do anything but lie around, and I feel so tired I don’t want to chew a hedgehog. Worse — I have to have insulin shots every day and worse yet Mama or the vet has to stick me with sharp lancets to test my blood all the time. I really hate that. My Mama would love for someone to tell her a better way to test my blood than scraping it out of my ear. We are both kind of squeamish about that. Lately, I’ve had some trouble keeping my glucose levels right. My vet’s doing his darndest to help me out. My Mama says he’s the best, and he is a nice guy. I’d like him a dang site better without any sharp objects.



Bogie, he’s a little tuckered out.


Opie: This the same guy who recommended that I stay in my collar for 30 days?


Bogie: Well, yes. Sorry about that. If I’d been in the room, I’d a nipped him. Doggy brotherhood and all that! I’m sure he meant well though. He’s a pretty nice guy… for a vet. They’ve got treats at his clinic and they feed me when I’m getting my sugar tested. He can’t be all bad, right?


Opie: I reserve judgment. He is sticking you with needles and he made me wear this collar. He’s not batting a thousand with me, but if you like him I guess he’s okay. I sure hope you start to feel better soon. I’d love to come down to Texas and play some bitey face.


Bogie: Thanks for your warm wishes partner. There’s nothing better than a good game of bitey face. I play chase with my friend Coco the bagle ( Basset/Beagle) By the way, how’s your histio thingie?


Opie: Well, I’ve still got it, but it’s a lot smaller. I’m still in the collar of horror! But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My mama takes it off every once and a while to see if I can leave my thingie alone. To my shame I’ve failed the test every time. It really doesn’t itch, but I really want to lick it anyway. She won’t let me put my tongue anywhere near it. The collar is starting to look at little worse for wear too. There’s a little hole in it near the Velcro.



Me still in the collar of horror


Bogie: Well I’m guessin’ that eventually, that thing will just bust. Take it from me old son – you need to keep your tongue off your histio thingie WHEN SHE’S LOOKIN’!!! Try and hold off till she leaves the room or somethin’ Use you doggy brain, partner. Humans can’t hear or smell as well as we can. And even I’m a dang site faster than my Mama. You can hightail it under the bed and have a fine old time if you play your cards right!



Opie: Good advice Bogie. Bogie….


Bogie: Yeah?


Opie: I have to admit something to you. .. I was a little jealous of you being a guest blogger and spending time with my Mama and boys in Texas. I was all prepared to snarl at you a little, but dude even over the phone you smell like a righteous dog to me. I apologize for my feelings of ill will.



Bogie: Think nothin’ of it partner. You’re a young dog yet and a rescue to boot, just like me.


I understand how it is.


We love our humans so much that sometimes we don’t want to share’ em with anybody. But you’re learning that those big lovin’ humans got room in their hearts for lots of dogs even if their houses and wallets don’t. The whole reason that we have’em is cuz they got hearts as big as Texas.


And Partner, that’s mighty big.


I can see that you are a worthy canine my friend.


I won’t hold it against you.


Opie: Dude, you rock!


Bogie: Yeah, well so do you Opie! Well, I hear the dinner gong in the kitchen. I think Mama has an egg for me tonight as well as my duck! Gotta scoot! I’ll talk to you again partner.



Opie: Nice talking to you, Bogie. Enjoy your dinner!


Egg? Duck?…mmmmm!



As you can see, Bogie is a Righteous Dawg!


Hopefully, we’re being seeing and hearing a bit more from him.


Your Pals,


Bogie and Opie





Wordless Wednesday — Dog Grooming Pique!


Yes, I'm beautiful, but I hate going to the groomers. I don't know if I forgive you.

Yes, I am now silky smooth, but I am so sad. How could you trick me like that?

No, I won't look at you!

I will forgive you, but now, I want to be alone.

Oh My Dog! An Embarrassment of Riches

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh My Dog – I have a lot of blog buddies to thank. This month been full of wonderful surprises for Opie’s Mom’s Blog! We owe so many thanks to some very special bloggers. So we thought we’d say thank you and give a shout out to all of them at once! First of all, many wonderful thanks to Carrie Lea at All Things Dog Blog. We won her contest and received wonderful gifts from the Mankind Dog store. I got a wonderful Mug and Opie’s styling in his new kerchief. Here is our belated, but sincere thank you!

Now if that weren’t enough we’ve won the Stylish Dog Blog Award AGAIN!

Thank you so much Debby and Kirby at Kirby the Dorkie.
We are just as tickled to win it now as we were the first time. Debby and Kirby run a beautiful blog! And you all should check it out. Opie is wiggling with excitement that he’s won this award again.

The way this award works is to tell 7 random things that the bloggers don’t know about you and then nominate 15 other blogs to the award. Thinking of 7 random things is easy, but narrowing our list of great blogs down to 15 other blogs is really, really, hard. There are so many great blogs out there! However, we are quite happy to be able to name 15 more great blogs out there for everyone to visit. Their links will be at the end of this posting.

And there’s more….

We said that we had an embarrassment of riches! We do. We won a wonderful handmade doggy necklace from
Roxie the Traveling Dog
. If you get a chance go to her blog and check out the wonderful necklaces and handmade items. Opie’s necklace is custom made to his cute little neck. We got to choose our color and design.

Here is ours on Opie! He’s wanted to show it to full advantage so he’s facing away from the camera.

Here it is straight out of the mailing envelope.

Isn’t it lovely! We just got it TODAY!

Here are some other necklaces that are custom made. Check these out!

I think they are lovely. You can find these necklaces and even more beautiful handmade items at their other website. Desert Raven Art.( http://www.desertravenart.com ). Believe me; I’m making a wish list!

We said we had an embarrassment of riches didn’t we?

So many things to be thankful for!

So many generous pet bloggers on the Internet!

So here is our really big


for all the wonderful prizes and awards!
We really appreciate all of you so much for taking the trouble to acknowledge our little blog.

Oh and Opie says –

“Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick!”

Oh, before we forget – here are 7 random things about us for the Stylish Blogger Award!

  1. I think I missed the dog park more than Opie did! It’s a great place to meet people who think like I do. We had a “morning crew going” We drank our coffee and watched our dogs wrestle and had a great time chatting about life. It was the best grown up human “play date” place! You could pick up tips about great vets, bad vets, good food, bad food, great groomers, bad groomers and even dog training tips with live show and tell action!
  2. Opie sleeps for about ¼ of the night in his basket at the foot of our bed and then at some point manages to work his way onto the bed and get his head on either my pillow or Daddy’s pillow. His breath is horrible.
  3. Opie leaves at one point during the night because his parents snore very loudly. I won’t say who’s louder, but it isn’t me!
  4. The exterior of the car is very clean, but the passenger window is filled with nose prints.
  5. Opie listens to Grandma talk to him over the phone and licks the phone.
  6. My best day ever is when I am covered in boys – at the bottom of a dog pile with my sons draped over me and my Opie trying to wiggle his way into the pile too!
  7. I was happy when Opie lunged menacingly at the guy trying to sell me a $30,000 new roof! Opie hates solicitors! I gave Opie a big strip of chicken jerky for cutting the hard sell routine short with his incessant barking. Good barking Opie!


Here are 15 Fantastic Blogs that you should definitely check out!

They are in no particular order.


Once again, a big thank you to Kirby the Dorkie, All things Dog and Roxy the Travelling Dog!



You Guys Rock!



Opie and Opie’s Mom

A Trip to the Groomers – The Normal Routine!

I should know when I am going to the groomers. There’s a set routine that I should remember, but I get fooled EVERY TIME!

Mama is extra special nice to me on grooming day. She’s nice all the time, but I get some serious treats when it’s time for a shampoo, trim and nail filing (SHUDDER!)

The morning started off well, I suppose. I went outside and did my business. Mama fixed my breakfast a little earlier than usual. Daddy usually does it around 9:30 AFTER he’s eaten and read the paper and checked his email. This time Mama had my bowl right after I came in at 7:30 AM. She gave me my usual ½ cup of kibble, but then she went back the refrigerator and got some beef broth. She put a little in a glass container and stuck it in the microwave for a few seconds – just until it was warm, and I could smell the beef aroma. My mouth started to water. You all know what beef smells like when the delicious vapors are wafting through the air?


She poured a little of that over my kibble. Mmm — I knew that breakfast was going to be good. But she didn’t stop there. She went back to the refrigerator — I call it the FOOD TREASURE BOX – and brought out some HAM! She cut a little slice and cut it into tiny little pieces. Then she mixed it all in with my kibble. The ratio was precisely

Kibble – ham bit – kibble- ham bit – kibble- ham bit.

Well, I gobbled it right down! There was a party in my mouth!

Then, the next cool thing happened. I got my morning walk, and we walked TWICE as long as usual… well not really, mama had to sit on a neighbor’s wall a few times, but we were outside in the neighborhood a really long time. Oh and great news! The mean lady who lives on the corner is moving! When she leaves we won’t cross the street anymore to avoid her house. Mama can’t stand her because she yelled at my hu- brother Michael for letting me poop on her grass. Gee whiz lady we had bags! On our morning walk, we went a little ways up the hill, and I got to mark some new territory. We ran into a really nice Lhasa, but her Daddy didn’t want her to stop and play. When we got home, Mama stopped at the van instead of going into our house. My Snorkie senses should have been tingling but they were dulled by walkies and ham nummies! I hopped into the van like a naïve puppy! She let the window down a crack for me. As we drove off I got to smell all those wonderful smells. My last chance to come to my senses and my senses were OVERWHELMED!

Even though I was unfairly distracted by ham, long walks and “scentgasms”, I still should have known something was up. The dog groomers are right near a burger place. The smells of beef, bacon, cheese, chili cheese fries and fried chicken completely mask the smell of shampoo. As soon as we turned the corner, I knew I was in trouble!

We parked and I decided that I’d better just get it over with fast. So, I jumped out of the car really quickly. Unfortunately, I accidently tied mama up in the leash. I tied myself up pretty good too!

Mama rubbed my head untangled me, and we went in.

To be fair my groomers are pretty nice. They are always nice to me. They give me treats and rub my chin. The other dogs there seem happy. Faoud uses really good warm water to give me my bath, and he calls me darling and honey and baby all the time. He really loves dogs. I can tell. He gave me my first bath after I was rescued from “death row.” He does a lot of rescued dogs.

Most my dog friends in the neighborhood go to Faoud. I was tired from my walk and my belly was full from my very excellent breakfast. I slept a lot in my grooming crate until I got my “hair done.”

Here is my BEFORE picture

Now here is my AFTER Picture

Mama says I smell better, and I’ve had a pedicure. My belly was shaved and my back end is trimmed as well for hygiene reasons. Also, those matts that mama couldn’t get out are gone. Faoud just cuts them out. I’ll admit it’s better not to have so much of my hair in my eyes. My hair is really soft. It’s soft all the time, but it’s super soft now.

But let’s get down to brass tacks – Aren’t I beautiful?

Mama says that beauty is hard work. Well, I’ve done my “beauty chore” for the month!

Michael and mama came to get me from the salon. Faoud called her on her cell as soon as I was done.

I was so happy to get home!

And it was wonderful to have Michael rescue get me from the groomers. I jumped all over him and licked him and tried to eat him up in the car! Mama let the window down a little for me on the way back. Ahhh! The wind was blowing just right… cheese burgers, fried chicken, French fries and bacon were in the wind.

Oh it’s great to be with my family again.

I guess I don’t mind being clean.

Oops, I did it again… I can’t help it! I love to roll in lovely noxious stuff!


I did it again. Last night, I rolled in cat poo. I came in from my 9PM Backyard Pee, the last pee of the night. I thought I was fine, but then I walked in and everyone started batting the air.  Mom didn’t even try and use a wipe on me. She just started running water in the tub.

This was my THIRD BATH since LAST WEEK. This time Gregory took a picture.

Do I look Happy?

Guess what – I’M NOT!

I am fresh out of the tub. Mom just towel dried my head.

See how skinny I look. Mom kept me nice in warm in the towel.

Mom was prepared this time. She had special white dog shampoo and conditioner.

I must admit when I smell good. Everyone loves to cuddle me. The Boys stuck they noses into my coat and rubbed their faces in it.

Daddy says I’m a different color.

I must admit. I do clean up well.

Opie — Silky Smooth and flea free! (hopefully)

Scratch, scratch, scratch! Thump, thump, thump.  Hmmm.  “Honey, I think the dog has fleas!”

Well, we are 5 days away from giving him his flea treatment, but he seems beset poor little guy.  I looked at his documents from the rescue organization. According to those documents, he had a flea treatment a little less than a month ago. In fact,  the form shows that he had his treatment the day we picked him up.   We are coming up quickly on the 30 day mark. I have to say I am not terribly impressed with this treatment. He’s been scratching since we’ve had him — so that would be 27+ days!  I”ve seen the evil  little fleas crawl across his snout. I’ve picked them off and crushed them between my finger tips. Never have a killed bug with more relish! ( Oh yeah, mosquitos!)   Fleas are the reason he’s banned from the bed.  Well, that and that special “odor de doggy” that he gives off from time to time. Luckily, we have leather furniture and hard wood floors. We only have rugs in the living room at the entry way and in the bathroom. There aren’t a lot of places for the little beasts to hang out other than Opie!

We’ve got to wash, vacuum and de- flea every place where Opie’s been and hope that’s enough. Our trainer had recommended a “flea bomb”.  However, I am not a fan of spraying poison indiscriminately all over my house.  My house is not a toxic waste dump! But we’ve got to take action.  Every time he scratches, we scratch — sympathetically, of course! ( We hope!)

Opie before going to the groomers

Here I am before going to the groomers. I think I'm going to the dog park.

So, at 10 AM I took Opie to the groomers for a bath and a clip.  Fouad, the groomer  told me to pick Opie up at 5PM. That gave us time to do a lot.  ( By the way, is this an excessive amount of time to be at the groomers?  I’m not at the beauty salon for 7 hours!  I’d go nuts! Poor Opie, I hope they have good magazines. )

10:15AM  I vacuum the h-e-double toothpicks out of the living room rug.

10:30AM I  spray allegedly “safe” flea spray on the living room rug.

10:35AM Gregory beats the h-e- double toothpicks out of the entry way rug. Then I vacuum it and spray it.

10:55 AM I put Opie’s doggy bed, blanket and towel in the washing machine and choose the steam clean option.

11:10 AM I pull the pillow covers off the throw pillows on the couch in preparation of washing them. I pull the rocking chair cushions off as well as well as the big yellow pillow from our bed that briefly served as Opie’s bed before we went to the pet store to get him the one in our room.

The day was filled with spraying flea stuff, Oxyclean, and washing and drying various bulky items.  By 4:30PM Opies personal bedding is completely dry. Other items are either in the wash or the dryer. The flea spray which needed at least an hour to dry has been dry for hours.

I'm silky smooth!

5PM I pick up Opie who is now silky smooth and beside himself with joy to see us. He looks like a midget Afghan hound with his silky do and newly shaved snout.  He smells divine!  He rides in my lap as Daddy drives us home. He sticks his nose out the window and gets his doggy high!

Once home, he’s a ball of excitement! He’s so glad to be home!  He’s also STARVING!  His last meal was at 7:30AM.  We feed him. Take his picture. Cuddle him and then put his Advantix on.  Dad and Greg take him for a walk immediately. That stuff has to dry and its best if it drys outside.  Besides that, Opie has been cooped up all day at the groomers. He needs a vigorous walk.  

“Gotta walk the cobwebs out,” says Daddy!

Now he’s home circling his bed, pawing at it, trying to stamp some of the dryer puffiness out of it.

My bed is puffy! But I am silky smooth!

Home… silky smooth and on his way to being flea free!

Opie’s Bed Head

The only person I can imagine who doesn’t have a bad hair day is a person who is entirely bald.   But who would think that a dog could have bad hair days?  Just look at this mop!

Opie ‘s hair is fine and  wavy and mats up almost instantly.  Brushing once a day is just not enough.  His coat just won’t stay untangled.  He seems to have a permanent case of ‘bed head”    But we love his moppy messiness!  His original name was “Chewy” We don’t think it was just because he loves to gnaw on antlers. He does bear some resemblance to George Lucas’   Chewbacca.   Although in my opinion he looks more like the Jim Candy version from “Spaceballs”.  His groomer has recommended and ultra fine grooming brush with needle sharp prongs. This works well and his  nice “Do” lasts  until the next time the boys take him outside for a walk or a rousing game of wounded caribou.  Opies favorite thing to do is throw himself to the ground roll in the grass.   His favorite place to sit outside seems to be in a major ant highway.  So now  we brush again to get the twigs, leaves and dirt out of  and to get pick the ants off him before he drags them back into the house.   Sometimes I can just see little Opie from the town of Mayberry in his striped shirt covered in mud.  Yes, this is the right name for you!