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Man! That was scary!

Hi there,

Opie here.  I went to the dog park this morning after dropping off my human puppies at school.  My mom just discovered that there’s a really good crew of pups like me that come in the early morning.  We get along great. We run and play and really have a great time.  I had a good time last time I was there. I met Bella and Chase! They were really nice.  Today, I had a good time too. I met Bella and Chase and Princess and  Bailey. I think Bailey and Chase and I are going to be really good buddies.  

We have a really good dog park. Medium guys like me and little guys like Bella ( Schnoodle) and  Chase ( Chihuahua/Terrier/? )  all stay on once side of the fenced park and the big guys stay on the other side.

Tinkerbelle (cropped)

This isn't Chase, but it could be! He looks just like this.

Pete - Miniature Schnoodle

This isn't Bella, but she looks like this. Her hair is curlier and I think she's cuter, but she's my friend so I'm biased.


Today, the park was a little wierd.  Normally, I’m not real barky at the dog park.  But day, the minute I walked in this big white dog barked at me through the fence.  Well, I had to bark back didn’t I?  He was trash talking and … well, … Opie don’t play that!  This was kind of unusual, by the way.  Normally, the big dogs don’t even notice us.

My mom lured me away from the fence with a tennis ball, and soon I was playing with my friends.  I played fetch with Mom and she was really happy, because I usually don’t like to play fetch, but all my friends were doing it and they seemed to like it.  It was fun.  I like it when I get to play with Mom and the dogs.

This little guy looks like Chase, but it's another friend of mine. We're having a good time trying to dominate each other. But we are just playing!

This is me having a good time at the Dog park. We are just playing!

I'm so depressed

It really wasn't the bulldog's day. This isn't him, but he looked like this and he looked so sad when he left.

Two Dogs Fighting

Mom wouldn't take picture of the fight, but it was bad. This is a drawing she found on the Internet. Imagine more dogs in the picture. It was scary.

And then the park got scary

We were having a great time and suddenly I heard something scary.  A lady on the other side of the fence was screaming and crying. The big dogs were not barking in a nice way. They were growling, and this big old bulldog was on his back. They were biting him, and he was crying. All of us stopped and watched. The grown ups on our side of the fence were really quiet and really tense.   The people on the other side of the fence — the big dog side  — were all yelling at their dogs to stop biting the bull dogs. They were pulling on collars and trying to get them away.  I could tell the big dogs were really excited. They had been having fun biting the bull dog and they didn’t want to stop. They were in a frenzy.  There was one  really big guy in particular who wouldn’t stop.  His dad was using his strongest voice and pulling on his collar.  The bull dog wasn’t moving when they got the other dogs away.  His mom was crying. I looked back at my mom and the lady she’d been talking to ( Bailey’s mom). She had her hands over her mouth. They were crying too.  I think they were scared. I could tell my mom was upset. The lady picked up her bull dog and carried him to the fence. He  sat up. She got some water and a towel. I could see he had blood dripping from his head and around his neck.  My mom and the Bailey’s mom asked the lady if she needed anything.  There is an emergency vet a block from our park, and my vet is just a few blocks away.  I wanted the bull dog to got my vet. He’s really nice. He’s got great treats and I like his really soft voice. It makes me calm. I was feeling a little funny.

That was really scary. My friends and I didn’t play for a while after that. We sat by our moms and dads. We weren’t scared, though. We were guarding our moms and dads. I could tell they were unhappy.   The mean dog on the other side of the fence was still over there.  He’s big and if he wanted to I knew he could jump over the fence. I stayed right by my mom. I wasn’t scared, but I didn’t want him to bite any of my friends or my mom. If he bit my mom, I’d have to take him down.  I may be smaller than him, but that’s my mama and he’d better not try it.  I know Bailey was feeling the same way. She was right under he mom’s feet.  Princess and Chase were guarding their dad. 

Eventually, somebody threw Bailey a ball. I had to chase her and the ball, and we were back to playing.  We stopped again though because the mean dog started ANOTHER FIGHT!  He must have been in a really bad mood. Finally, his dad took him home. I think he was in trouble. He wasn’t going to get any treats when he got home.   I think he must have made some other big dogs get in a bad mood too. After he left the old dogs who’d been in the first fight and a couple of new dogs got into ANOTHER  fight.  That makes THREE fights!  I don’t think it was the same sort of thing though.  The new dogs came in with their dad and a really small human.  My mom says that type of human is called a toddler. I could hear them dogs, and they were just saying,  “Stay away from our human puppy. She’s ours and we guard her. Yes,  we know she smells good like food and poo, but she’s ours so BACK OFF!”   I can relate to that. I feel that way about my small humans. However, mine are lots bigger but somehow that doesn’t matter. They are mine and I love them!

Finally, it calmed down and Bailey and  I went back to playing.  We had a good time.

It was scary today, but it was exciting too.   I’m so sleepy.  I can’t wait to get in my bed and have a nice long nap.

Smell you later!

Your friend Opie


Lovin’ Life at the Dog Park!


A picture is worth a thousand words! And here are a few of mine on the subject of the dog park.


 Opie loves the dog park!  Here he is doing the whole getting acquainted butt sniff thing!

Getting to know you, getting to know all about your, hmm, hmm.. cup of tea..

Our little city has a great little dog park. We call it  “The Bone Yard”  I think it’s cool even though shade is at a premium in this park.  This park is the result of  a positive grassroots movement of pet owners that really worked hard to make the city get this thing “up off the ground.”   That’s not only cool, but rad as well!  It is a monument to pet advocacy. I feel uplifted every time I go even though when it was really being put together I had no pet and can claim zero credit for the parks creation.  

Those Kudos go to our local Friends of Animals community organization!  Bravo! Bravo! Bravo.

So what’s so great about the Bone yard?

Well, it’s divided into two sides — one for dogs under 25 pounds and timid dogs and dogs over 25 pounds. All the really humongous dogs are on one side of the fence and the itty bitty guys and timid guys  are on the other side.  Sometimes you see big guys with little buddies on the big guy side of the fence Opie certainly shows some interests in a particular big reddish labrador looking doggie over there. They sniff each other through the chain link fence. 

Hey Dude, How're they hangin' .. Oh sorry..they're not.. Awkward!

There are just a few rules for the park.

1. All the pups must be fixed ( This is not a ’60’s love in for pups!)

2. All dogs have to be licensed ( and the requirements for that are totally reasonable and the license is only $25) See my previous posting  about pet licensing. I am an advocate of that!

3. And if your dog is aggressive, ornery or just nuts.. don’t bother bringing him/her. The Bone Yard is all about friendly romping and good old fashioned butt sniffing. Cujo will have to stay home and chew on his mama and daddy for kicks.

4. All dogs must be OFF LEASH within the BoneYard.  At first this didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I noticed that dogs that come in on leash with nervous owners are really fearful and harassed by the other dogs. The owners end up tied up in their own leash from their dogs nervous circling .   Last week, two young women entered the park with their little poodle. They kept her on leash and she tied them up. I started looking for cameras. Surely we were being punked.  At the time, I didn’t have my camera or you’d be in for a treat. 

It’s really great to see the dogs roaming freely all over their section. Some folks take the opportunity to pay good hard games of fetch with their pooch.  The doggies fetch, run around, play, wrestle or just hang out under their owners bench in the shade.  There’s fun lovin’ in the air!

The park boasts a really good little doggy and people water fountain.  My only problem with it is that sometimes sand gets in the doggy part. I always scoop out all the muck and rinse it as best I can. Some owners are a little more concerned about that muck.  So they bring little portable doggy water bowls with them and fill them up on the people part of the fountain.  Now the picture I have here is not a picture of the fountain at the Bone Yard, but its the same type of thing.  Ours looks a little lower. I think the one on the big dog side is like this.

water fountain

Image by brododaktula via Flickr


The rest of the rules are no brainers extrapolations from plain old good manners. The rules are clearly posted at the park and also at the on the Friends of Animals website. So, really there is no excuse for breaking the rules. People have donated pooper scoopers and lots of people pick up after their own pet  poo as well as those of others who are a bit too oblivious to notice the steaming mountain behind the only shady bench.

Really, I am telling the truth.

 Besides butt sniffing,  Opie likes to do what most dogs like to do at the park. Run around like a crazy dog! And man oh man is he fast!  He can really book when he wants to get from point A to point B!

I’m the white blur heading full tilt toward that unsuspecting white dog. Ramming Speed!


Dog beach at Coronado, California.

Image via Wikipedia


Now, I am in search of a dog beach near our house to take Opie. I know there is one at  Coronado Island in San Diego.  However, that’s just a little further from my house than I’d like.  If anyone knows about any dog beaches in the L.A. area, please comment about it and let me know. 

Opie’s a California Doggie Dude, but he’s never been to the beach. I think that’s tragic.  I know he’ll go nuts about the seagulls and other  birds. He’ll dig in the sand. He might be afraid of the surf, but shouldn’t he get a chance to check it out a little bit?

He promises not to poo in the sand….much!

Really, would that face lie?