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Not the least bit Wordless Wednesday — Australian Artifacts and New York City Blues and other Doggy complaints

Hi Fellow Doggers,

I know it’s been a really long time between blogs. I do apologize for that. I’ve been such a busy doggy – sleeping, eating, walking, pooping, barking, running, playing, chewing, barking, barking, barking. Uh well, I did do a lot of barking lately. No reason, just cuz!

I have to say I’ve been getting lots of pets and cuddles, so I haven’t had a lot of time to dictate my blog to Mom. When Gregory returned from Australia, he was as glad to see me as I was to see him!

Anyway, he brought back a lot of interesting things that I’ve tried to get my teeth into more than once.

This thing is a didgeridoo.

Gregory makes a funny noise from it. I don’t like that noise at all. I ran all the way out of the room when he blew through it. Now I won’t go near it. He says that this is just a small one, that there are bigger ones. The sound that comes out of  this thing makes my fur crawl! A bigger one might make me bite someone. ( Namely, the person blowing the didgeridoo!)

It looks like a fancy bully stick , but it’s not to my taste!

This other thing is called a boomerang.

Gregory says that if you throw it far enough, it comes back to you. He hasn’t thrown it yet. Mom says our yard is too small, and it looks like it might take someone’s head off. Seriously, what good is a stick that will come back to you? Granted, I’m not that great at “Fetch,” but I resent this “Fetch” shortcut. What next – virtual walks? Hmm, I’m not too sure about this thing. I think I’ll chew it down to a nub once I get my teeth into it. It hasn’t made any odd sounds, so it’s fair game!

Gregory does have some interesting artifacts from Australia, but I think the best thing he brought home was himself.

It’s pure misery when I’m missing a member of my pack. It’s almost as bad as when they all run off on “vacation” and leave me at Doggie Central.

Which they did almost as soon as Gregory got back!

I hate Spring Break! Why does everyone think this is a good thing? I mean the term has “BREAK” in it for dog’s sake! Mom, Dad, Gregory and Michael went off to New York City for Spring Break.

I asked Mom really nicely if I could go too, but she said that I would hate the plane ride. I’m too big to fit in a carrier under the seat, and even if I scrunched myself down I’d be miserable and stressed out. She says I’d bite the flight attendants’ ankles.  I’d probably get the whole family  put on the “no fly” list.

Nothing she said convinced me that my going on a plane was a bad thing!

Anyway, they were gone for a whole week, which meant I was at Doggie Central for a whole week! Don’t get me wrong. I like the folks at Doggie Central. They’re nice, and I usually get along with all the other doggies incarcerated boarded there. However, it is NOT home. And even worse, I have to have a bath before Mama liberates picks me up .

Now of course, we are entering the season of summer vacation. I’m a little worried that I might get a “summer cut” like last summer.

Remember this!

I don’t mind a trim, but come on. Don’t I look a little naked?

I kind of needed that t- shirt Mom put on me.

I think my pack may take another trip this summer, but I’m going to lobby for a car trip and someplace I can go too, or maybe not at all!

I think Mom might be weakening on this issue. She took lots of pictures of dogs in New York and says that it was clear that New York is a very doggy friendly place. They even have bronze sculptures of doggy poo in their famous art museums.  If that isn’t dog friendly, I don’t know what is. 

Mom says that I would have loved a walk in Central Park. She’s right? I would have, but I don’t need a big fancy park. I just need my family, my neighborhood and my backyard to have an excellent time.

Please do me a favor, fellow doggers!

Please ask Mama to either take me on the next trip or stay home with me.

I really hate it when they leave.

See, here’s my sad face.

Think it’ll work on her? No — Don’t answer that!

Well, I hear her coming with my leash fellow doggers.

Gotta walk!

Smell you later!

Your pal,



I’m in the “Dog House” or How I Really Stuck my Nose in it!

Hi All,


Opie here! I have to take a bit of a low profile around the house. Mama’s a little annoyed with me. Michael and Gregory aren’t too thrilled with me either and I even managed to get on the wrong side of Dad.

What did I do?

Well… uh! It’s not really my fault. Somebody forgot to latch the screen. That’s the first thing that I’ll say about the incident.

This is me trying to keep a low profile


Additionally, in my defense it was NOT the usual person or the usual time.

And… (Oh… Mom says I should just get on with it.)

Well fellow doggers, I was being a vigilant Snorkie. I was on my bed minding my own business when that trespasser entered MY territory. He had the temerity to climb MY steps and come on to MY porch and try to slip things into MY mail slot. You know who I mean fellow doggers – the bane of all forthright canines – The Mail Carrier.

I warned him. I barked and barked out the window and then I ran to the front door. I gave him ample warning. He did not respect my position!

See! They even got me a uniform!

It’s not my fault that someone forgot to latch the screen.

I threw my 16 pound body at the screen door and it…. opened. Suddenly, I was staring at the intruder and there was nothing between him and me. I was just about to do what comes naturally when Gregory burst through the door commanding me to SIT! He startled me so much that I –well, I’m ashamed to say it – I ran. I ran down the driveway. But then Mama yelled my name and even though I only come when she calls about 60% of the time, this time I came right back to her. I was still a little scared. Gregory was still yelling at me to SIT. When I got to the porch steps I did just that, but did I get praise? … No, fellow doggers. I did not. I got picked up and given a time out in the back yard. Where is the fairness in that?

I could hear Mama asking the mail carrier if he was alright. I guess Gregory and I startled him a little bit. Mama apologized to him profusely — much to my disgust! Mama offered him water, ice water, juice or something stronger. (I don’t know what she meant by that.) She felt really sorry for him.

He wouldn’t take anything that Mama offered him. He said he was fine. Of course, he was fine – I never got to sink my teeth into him. Mama picked his bag up for him and handed it to him apologizing and offering him calming drinks all the while. He never really said anything to her, and then he continued to deliver the mail as if nothing had happened. When she came into the back yard she said that I was a very lucky dog. I don’t know why I’m so lucky. I think the mail carrier was lucky.

This is me being vigilant in my new uniform. I am so tough!


Now, I know how my friend Fergus felt when he bit that caterer setting up for his Mom and Dad’s wedding. Heinously unfair! Here we are doing our jobs – protecting our loved ones and we get into huge trouble!

I think my tail is now permanently tucked behind my legs. Gregory was so mad at me. Mama explained to me that little dogs like me with bad behavior can get a bad reputation and the postman might get mad and not deliver our mail anymore.

And that’s a bad thing? He doesn’t bring that much good stuff. Daddy gets grumpy when he gets mail, and Mom throws most of it into the recycling. It’s the UPS guy  who always brings stuff that people want. Oh sorry, Mom wants me to shut up about that!

You’d think that was enough right – that mail carrier incident, but I seemed to be kind of Accident Prone that day!

Another Incident

I really put my nose in it…

As the evening went on, Mama and Daddy forgave me. Daddy said I was just being a dog and protecting the house. Gregory forgave me as well. Unfortunately, I put my foot or rather my nose in it again later in the evening.

It was 11PM and Dad suggested that I could go outside one more time before lights out. I went out did my usual run, but I don’t know why I did it. I decided to rub my face in some of my old poop. When Mama let me back in, she didn’t notice. She was sitting on the bed and I jumped up and got a head scratch. I walked around a little, and I might have rolled around a bit on Mama’s bed.

They let me roll around in the bed because I’m so darn cute!


Then I went to see Daddy who was trying to find a good movie to watch. He’s the one that spotted it.

I had a bunch of poop
stuck on my snout hair. It was stuck well too!

Mama had to give me face shampoo. She was not happy. She was even more unhappy while checking the covers for any little poop crumbs I might have left. When I did my puppy rolls in the bed. Oopsy!

Evidently, this was not a good end to the day for Mama.

It wasn’t so hot for me either.

Now of course I’m in the “dog house.”

They all watch me like a hawk now. And Mama’s trying to find me an earlier scheduled obedience class.

Now this picture is posted over my bed! (Yeah, like I can read it! )


Well Fellow Doggers! I have really put my nose in it this time.

Mama is fully committed to this school thing, and I’m on lock down in the backyard during the hours that the mail carriers come.

Mama said something about making them forget we even have a dog!

Wish me luck as this new regime starts up.

Sniffs and Licks,


Prisoner #5

Happy Summer Fellow Doggers – YAHOO!


Hi All,

Opie here!

Yes, yes, I know! I’ve been grumpy lately about my lumpy thingy as my friend Sage calls it!

Can you blame me? I have an ITCH I am NOT ALLOWED TO SCRATCH!

The one bright spot of all this is that



So what does that mean for me?

It means!

  • REGULAR TREATS since they are trying to teach me new commands. ( Settle, Stay and Roll Over)

And of Course……



Even though I’ve been thoroughly annoyed with this pro collar thing, I have to say I’ve had some great quality time in the backyard with MAMA while she learns to use her new grill!

I’m her chief taster, even though she doesn’t always notice.

She drips all sorts of stuff on the pavement, and I can’t let the ants have it, right?

So get ready to be envious fellow doggers. Here’s what my summer kibble has been supplemented with

  • Smoked Beef Tri-Tip
  • Smoked Baby Back ribs
  • Grilled NY steaks

Oh and the latest deliciousness ….

  • Grilled Hamburgers.

Now I’ll admit I can’t say I’ve had a HUMAN portion of these delicacies. I’ve had a bite here and there, a tidbit only. My main meal consists mostly of Natural Balance Duck and Potato.

But Last night!


Last night, I had ½ a patty all to myself — Grilled to perfection by Mama JUST FOR ME!

I tell you Fellow Doggers – Puppy Dog Eyes are the best weapon in our arsenal of cuteness.

Don’t be afraid to use it shamelessly.

It doesn’t hurt to lick your Mama’s ankle while she’s putting the patties on the grill. Just a little doggy kiss that says – hello, cute doggie down here who loves you unconditionally, who’s trapped in a collar of shame, who smells your delicious food and never complains (in English) to you about anything … You Hoo!

And as EMERIL says,


Onto the grill goes a little meat patty just for me!

I tell you fellow doggers,

Summer is my favorite time of year.


Good food!

Good fun!

Great Company!


Happy Summer


Fellow Doggers!

Morning Walk with Opie – A Pictorial essay

Hurrah! We’re going on a walk! I have a new leash! It’s longer!

Interesting smells here!

This is my neighbor’s garden. Isn’t it nice?

Mom is quite jealous of her Lantana. Mama says it gets more sun so it’s not her fault that ours looks all scraggly.

I blame the cats. They poo in the bed! Nobody poos in my neighbors garden, including me!

We have continued on. It’s starting to warm up. I love this grass!


Lemme Go, Lemme Go, Lemme Go!

No, now I won’t sit or stay for the Bird of Paradise shot. I’ve got my eye on you squirrel!

I’ve still got my eye on you squirrel!

Well, I got dragged along to the other side of the street. We’re a few streets over now!

This is the jewel of the neighborhood according to Mama.

There’s no sidewalk here and the property owners have planted a garden that goes all up and down the curtilage.

We don’t poo or pee here either for obvious reasons.

See, it’s all the way to the curb! Well, that ends my morning walk.

Gotta secure my backyard from crows and squirrels now.

Have a great day everybody!

The Grandparents are Here! Treats and Belly Rubs Abound!


Hi All,

My Grandparents are here. What does this mean for me!

Treats, Treats, Treats!

Grandma has COOKIES in her purse! I can SMELL THEM!

Grandpa has a bag of duck treats!

I am so happy!

I’m going to eat until I burst! And get belly rubs until I can’t stand anymore

Bring it on Granny and Gramps!

Ahhhhhhhhh! Don’t be jealous of my great fortune! I can’t help grinning!

Wordless Wednesday – What I like to do on a cold rainy day in ….MAY?


If you turn the sound off that camera, I might be able to get some sleep!!!!


Opie The Music Coach, The Impresario, The Genius Snorkie!

Hi All

Opie here!

I wear many hats as the family’s most beloved!

One of them is Music Coach.

My favorite thing to do is to sit near or beside my hu –brother Michael and coach him on the finer points of music as he practices.

I promise you! He’s going places.

Here’s a little 3 minute film of ME coaching him!

His music is so soothing sometimes it puts me right to sleep!

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Snorkie Musing – Who was my Doggy Mama? Schnauzer or Yorkie Part I

Mother’s day is this Sunday. Around here my hu-brothers and my dad are keeping secrets from Mama. I think she’s going to get some presents on Mother’s day. I know she’s going to get some sort of brunch somewhere. I wish I could go. But if I know Mama, she’ll bring me something yummy back. I’m still having pieces of that Canadian bacon in my dinner and breakfast since Mama’s birthday breakfast on Wednesday. Yummy! I wonder what she’ll bring me on Sunday.

I vote for the steak place!

As much as I love my Mama, on Mother’s Day I can’t help thinking about my doggy Mama too.

I was just a little fellow when I got taken away.

I’ve been wondering if she was a Schnauzer mama or Yorkie mama.

I’m the same size as a mini schnauzer, but much bigger than a Yorkshire terrier. If you want to see great pictures and videos of mini schnauzers and white schnauzers, in particular, you should visit my friends Santa and Minnie at their blog, I am Santa a Miniature Schnauzer.

I started surfing the net to see look at all sorts of pictures of white schnauzers. I’ve got some pictures for comparison. You guys, tell me what you think?

By the way, this is Part 1 of the blog. I decided to compare myself to some white schnauzers first and then I’ll look at Yorkies in the next blog!

Part I

Are you my Schnauzer Mama?

Here I am in my red sweater at Christmas

Here’s a white schnauzer wearing a red t- shirt.

Do you see the resemblance? He’s got a nice big black nose like mine!

Here’s a white schnauzer with a schnauzer cut.

We have the same floppy ears and I have more hair on my tail, but it’s the same shape and length.

Here’s a white schnauzer puppy. I used to have a toy like that.

Of course, I destroyed it! Gee he sure looks like me!

Here are a bunch of white schnauzers.

Of course, they all have Schnauzer haircuts. Oh and somebody docked their tails.

I still have ALL my parts (well, almost all of them…whimper…I’ll never be a Daddy. 😦 )

Here’s a white schnauzer at a dog show.

He’s nice and shaggy like me! Funny that they let him in at all.

I think he must be a spectator.

This is my favorite picture!

A white schnauzer Mama!

Doesn’t she look like me… except I’m a boy?

One of those little puppies could have been me!

Now let’s compare some more pictures of me—Opie!

And yes, that’s my ball!

I had treed a squirrel in the front yard!

And here I am at the dog park!


I’m on the floor of the car on the way back from the dog park.

I had fun, but it was a really hot day! You can see my portable dog bowl in the next shot.

Now look at my stance!

Isn’t that a little “schnauzerish”?

This is a miniature white schnauzer with the full on hair do.

Look at our tails and our legs. I’ll admit, I don’t have the hairdo, but come on!

Okay, I’m convinced that I am definitely from some parent that’s a white schnauzer.

I like to imagine myself snuggling for milk with my doggy brothers and sisters.

It’s anybody’s guess!


But just in case!

Happy Mother’s Day – Schnauzer Mama!

I ❤ U


I’ll explore the possibility of a Yorkie Mama in my next blog! So stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of me.

Admittedly, it’s a cheesecake shot, but




Snorkie Report: Who Rescued Who? Rescue Dog Detects Cancer


Snorkie Report: Dogs continue to be amazing helpers of humans

Check out this informative video!


The moral of the story — Pay attention to your pet paying attention to you.  We love our Mamas and Daddys.

We can protect you more than you know.

Have a great rest of the week!

Your Pal,


Wordless Wednesday: Back Yard Domination – Or Empire of the Snorkie

My Domain



Zip —– Zip — ZING!



What’s this piece of roof doing here?

I smell a squirrel!





This is my yard.