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A Snorkie’s Rant!

Hi Fellow Doggers,

I have a bone to pick with my family! I don’t know what happened, but suddenly they’ve decided to embark on all these “home improvements.”

I know, you’re thinking, “Home improvements? What’s wrong with that?”

Well, keep reading and I’ll tell you.

Every one of these home improvements has led to some discomfort for me. AND I DON’T LIKE DISCOMFORT OF ANY SORT!

Let’s take home improvement #1 – The new roof

Back in September, my mom and dad decided that we needed a new roof on the house. Personally, I thought it was neat to find little pieces of wood shingles in the grass after a mild wind storm. More sticks for me to bury.

Mom figured that I might object to guys tramping around on the roof, tearing it off, hammering and climbing on ladders.

She thought I might not take well to that. So, off I went to the kennel.

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that that was not a good thing for me.

My Bordadella shot didn’t work as well as it should have and I caught “Kennel Cough.” That was such a drag!

I had this nagging cough and I didn’t feel so hot. The up side was that I did have a lot of “Magic Cheese” for about 14 days. I also was “unenrolled” from my Obedience classes due to my contagious state.

I was really looking forward to getting my diploma.

I also picked up a rather itchy rash. Mom doesn’t think I got it at the kennel, but I’m pushing for a complete moratorium on doggy day cares so I’ll swear on a stack of “Dog Whisperers” that I caught it there. The rash necessitated another 14 days of “Magic Cheese”.

As you can see fellow doggers, if Mom and Dad had not fixed the roof, I would not have gone to doggy day care and ergo would not have contracted Kennel Cough! This in and of itself is sufficient evidence that home improvement is bad news for this Snorkie.

But there is more evidence to support my contention!

Home Improvement #2 – Painting the House

With the new roof it seemed only natural for mom and Dad to want to paint the house. Now personally, I thought the house was a becoming shade of “beigeish,” pinkish, grayish color. (Mom is reminding me that I’m color blind and should stop complaining.)

Well, fellow doggers, I thought that I had dodged the proverbial doggy day care bullet because I had such a short bout of wellness after my kennel cough. Remember after my kennel cough I got sick AGAIN. I had some mysterious stomach upset. I had hoped that Mom would have taken my illness into account and postponed the painting of the house, but no.

She muttered some folderol about getting the house painted by Thanksgiving. Anyway, there I was recuperating from the last bout of illness and here come these guys. They were scraping at the walls, the windows, sanding.

Worst of all, I was not allowed outside to bite them, and fellow doggers, they needed biting – especially the guy who was scraping paint off the front window – MY WINDOW!

Now I know you are as outraged as I am about the assault on MY WINDOW! However, this home improvement was even more horrific.

Just because I was running from room to room, barking my head off, scratching the shutters, trying to jump out the back door – generally showing those TRESPASSING PAINTERS WHO IS BOSS – I got….


Now you must understand, I know how to “go to crate” Mama trained me with duck sticks and other tasty treats to go there whenever she says to go. (Crate Training Blog Posts.)But guys, she hardly ever tells me to go to crate! I can stay at home alone uncrated. I use my crate primarily as a goodie stash! I don’t stay inside very long. I might have a nap in there if the boys are playing a loud video game but generally, I don’t hang out there.

I prefer a nice soft lap.

Mama moved my crate AWAY from MY Window and pulled it in the middle of the room behind the chair and covered up the side that faced the window with my doggy blanket. Occasionally, she let me out when the painters were working on other side of the house, but when they were on MY SIDE OF THE HOUSE. I got CRATED!!!

Do you now see why home improvements are NOT
a friend to dogs? I couldn’t care less that the house is now a deep golden color or that the old paint peeled double hung windows are now all crisp and white!


Home improvement is not my friend and certainly not a friend to any dog that I can think of!

So let’s sum up.

Home improvements caused me to contract kennel cough, a rash and be crated IN MY OWN HOUSE!!!

I appeal to you fellow doggers

Tell your Mamas and Daddys to eschew Home Improvement!

Be content with your dilapidated roof, your ugly house color, your squeaky floor boards, your leaky bathtubs!

Keep doggies in the house!

Keep workmen OUT!!!

If that doesn’t work, point out that vet bills totally blow!

This has been another Snorkie rant!

Peace Out!



Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig!

Hello Fellow Doggers!

I’ve been sprung from Doggie Central! I’m home. Mama and Daddy came home early!

They were so eager to see me that they decided to cut their little trip short. ( It had nothing to do with the fact that their hotel had ants and they’d already changed rooms twice, that they’d seen all there was to see at the Sequoia National Forest, that Mama was sick to death of driving up and down winding Mountain roads with death as a certainty drop offs! It had nothing to do with any of that!)

Here I am Home again!

I’m exhausted! Daddy’s giving me a much needed scratch behind the ears and it’s just heavenly!

Well, I made it fellow doggers. I want to thank you for your support during my jail travail.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without you. Yes, I was the Alpha over there, but I’d rather be the low man on the totem pole here at home.

Well, I’m sleepy again. I’ll be sleeping a lot for a little while.

Catch you later,


Parolee #007

Day 2 — Letters from a Doggie inmate

Hi all,

It’s me prisoner, I mean, guest #007 at Doggie Central.

I passed a quiet night here at Doggie Central. Interestingly enough, I seem to have graduated from the super small dog size of the place to the medium sized dog side of the place.

I don’t really mind. I just hope Mama can find me when she goes on the webcam.

If she finds me, she might find me showing everyone who is boss.

She might even catch me getting my Bone tattoo on my belly. I’m getting a nice meaty looking one. I had to trade the Dachshund 2 greenies for it, but I think it will be a rockin’ cool tat! It makes me look tough. Not that I’m not tough! I am very, very tough!

This is the really good side of the place. We have a direct route outside. As you can see, some of my subjects are cavorting outside. I like being able to go in and out at will. Obviously, only the very best dogs can be trusted like this.

Unfortunately, the pug has been placed in solitary confinement. They found his tunnel. Poor mutt! It’s too bad. But if you do the crime, you have do the time! I can hear him whining about his innocence.

Dude, they caught you with your paws in the drywall! Enough already!

I have a new cell mate! You can see him in the picture – the beagle taking a nap on the yellow platform. He’s very cool. He howls all night! That’s why he’s sleeping now. I don’t mind too much. He doesn’t sound like Johnny Cash. He’s more of a Kurt Cobain type singer. He makes me feel a little home sick – my hu-brother Gregory is a Nirvana fan.

I asked one of the dogs about the place that Mom, Dad and the boys went to. He’s been. He says I’m not missing too much. It’s a national park and while dogs are allowed, he’s not keen on any place where he might have to wear a bear bell. I know what a bell is. But what’s a bear? I’ve asked all the dogs in here.None of us know.

I’ll have to ask Mama when she comes back.  Maybe it’s a new breed of squirrel.

If any of you guys can explain what a bear is, please let me know. I really like to be up on my squirrel knowledge.

Anyway, I’ve got to run fellow doggers. It’s chow time, and they always over feed me. Tee Hee!

Sniffs and Licks,


Inmate #007

Wordless Wednesday – Canine Boarding Photographic Planning

Almost wordless Wednesday

We are going away for a week and Opie must be “kenneled” while we are gone.

In order to accustom him to the boarding facility, he’s been having sleep overs.

For those who are thinking about how to do this here is a pictorial account of what we are doing to get Opie ready for our trip away.

First, off to the Dog Park!

This is so he doesn’t associate riding in the car with going someplace unpleasant —

All the time! ( Trips to the vet, the groomers, the day care — YUCK) Instead, think of trips to the dog park, the pet store and to pick the boys up from school and just to have a really good SNIFF FEST!

Here he is at the dog park!

Good times!

On the way home we stopped at the pet store and bought some new treats and extra food.

Highly recommend – Welcome Home Duck sticks ( really easy to break up into smaller pieces, unlike any of the jerkies which you need to take the kitchen shears to cut reasonably.)

Then we went home for a bit – mostly to gather up his food for the two night sleep over, his snacks and to write his name on his harness (Just like camp – we have to label everything!)


another Car ride, and soon we were at Doggie Central.

The idea behind going to the park was to make him a little tired before we leave him at the Doggie Central boarding facility. We also wanted to give him some quality play time with some canine pals. Not pictured is all the affection he got at home. Beau coup Tummy Rubs and lots of duck treats for sitting and staying like a champion.

That night we missed him terribly in the night! There was much vocal complaining from his hu-brothers and I’ll admit I didn’t sleep as well without him walking on me at least once during the night. Every time I heard a siren go by I worried that the facility was burning down with my dog in it.  I finally had to get up and play a little IPAD scramble to clear my head.

Yes, I’m a true mom!  Paranoid to the max!
However, Opie seemed to pass a decent night.

Here are today’s Webcam pix.

I love the webcam!


Weirdly, the save function for the webcam is not working!

So, sorry for the picture of my screen fellow bloggers.

However, if you choose any facility for your dog make sure they have a webcam. I think it’s stupid for them not to have one. They are not that expensive, easy to install and the peace of mind they give a dog owner is really measurable.

I wonder if they could put webcams in the schools too! At least the pre-schools!  Just a thought.  ( Paranoid Mamas of the world UNITE!)

(And yes, I am doing weight watchers online. I have a blog there that I am not paying much attention to. LOL)

Still, it’s reassuring to see him running around the next morning. He seems calm and the little dominator dogs that were their back in January do not seem to be there today. Excellent!

I fully expect him to be worn completely out when we pick him up tomorrow morning.

Two nights at Doggie Central!

I forsee a special chicken breast dinner for a certain Mr. Furry Pants. 🙂


Hopefully, these two nights will be enough to prepare him for the 5 nights coming up. It won’t seem as if we’ve abandoned him.  That coupled with a few extra perks we’ve arranged should make it more bearable.

The real question is whether we’ll be able to stand it.

Once again, Thank God for Webcams!

Don’t board your dog without them!  



We Both Survived His first Doggy Sleep Over – Opie’s Back!

Opie did well on his first sleep away adventure.

However, he’s completely exhausted now.

I think the pictures tell the story better than I can.

I am so tired. All I want to do is sleep.


So sleepy — Eyes closing, body relaxing, shutting down..

Nuzzling in.

Yes, I can sleep like a Billy Goat. Zzzzzzz….

By the way, luckily when Opie fell off the couch he slid off on the cushion side.

He’s positioned himself in a much safer location.


Opie Puts his Paw Down Over Doggy Couture and makes a Deal

Hi there Opie here,

I am a long haired Snorkie. I have fine white, wispy and beautiful white and grey hair that covers my entire body. I’ll admit I don’t’ have an undercoat, but this winter my hair came in pretty thick. Mama says it’s my winter coat. Okay, so Mama explain to me why you’ve bought me a Christmas sweater and blue and green sweater and a rain coat and a parka? I’m not a short haired almost hairless doggy, and there is NO snow on the ground where we live. Why do you insist on buying me these things?

Mama: Well, Opie you look so cute in them.

Opie: Cute…that’s why you put me in those sweaters and things because I look CUTE!

Mama: Now Opie, be reasonable. You know it’s mostly for a photo opportunity. I’m not keen on you rolling in the mud in that new green and purple sweater and I tossed the parka. It was too small.

Opie: Mama will you admit that our weather does not really support these….doggy clothes.

Mama: Now listen when I send you out in the AM it is about 40 degrees outside, and a few weeks ago it was colder than that and rainy. I’m not going to apologize for putting you in a rain coat. You have another think coming Mr. Furry Pants.

Opie: Now calm down. I’ll admit that on raining cold mornings a rain coat or a sweater might not be out of line, but will you admit that right now with a high today of 72 a sweater is unnecessary.

Mama: Did I put you in a sweater today?

Opie: No, but…

Mama: Have I put you in a sweater or coat any day that the weather did not call for it. Do you remember this deluge? Do you remember be wet on every part of your little furry body except where the raincoat covered you?












Mama: Do you remember this deluge? The water came up past the sidewalk that day.
You dog paddled during the walk!















Do you remember finding the only dry spot on our lawn – in the overgrown ground cover!












You know why the squirrels weren’t out Opie? Because they DIDN’T HAVE RAIN GEAR!!!!
Opie: Uh…
Mama: And the sweaters — How long do have on these sweaters usually?
Opie: Uh…














Mama: About 4 minutes tops… just enough time to snap several photos using the continuous shooting mode. After that time you start biting it and pulling it off. Are you really busting my chops over these little doggy sweaters – each of which you’ve only worn once?













Opie: Uh…Er…Uh….

Mama: Now what brought this on… it was NOT that silly WSJ article on Yahoo. Opie: Well, no…
Mama: Come on out with it…

Opie: Well, it was Charlie.

Mama: Charlie! Who the devil is Charlie?

Opie: Here Mama! This is Charlie and Mavis too.

Mama: Oh I see.

Opie: Mama they had on coats and sweaters at the day care the whole time we were there, and we were indoors. And you can see they have lots of hair. Both of them are Pomeranians.

Mama: Opie I don’t know why their owners sent them to an indoor daycare in coats and sweaters. Maybe they have health issues or maybe … well I did see a lot of dominating going on when I checked in on you. Maybe their owners think that’s some sort of protection? I don’t know what the situation is so I’m not going to say. The back end of that place is open to the outdoors.

Opie: Mama, that is so lame. I just want to be sure that you don’t send me to the daycare place in my sweater or raincoat. Mavis and Charlie stayed on their cots the whole time and never played. I think they were too hot to play. I wanted to play with them!

Mama: Opie I’ll make a deal with you. How about I only put you in those doggy clothes when the weather requires it and maybe for a quick 3-4 minute photo opportunity tops. That includes antler ears and elf hats and that cool little t-shirt I saw on the internet the other day.

Opie: Can’t you Photoshop in the antlers and the elf hat next year?

Mama: Maybe … do we have a deal?

Opie: Okay…Hey Mama maybe I should help Charlie take off his coat next time I go to day care. It does look nice and chewy.

Mama: Opie….!

Doggie Day Care – a Snorkie’s Eye View


Transcript of the conversation between Opie and Mama

Before going to Doggy Central


Mom: Opie you’ve been involved in some unacceptable behaviors lately. We’ve got to do something.
Opie: Oh Mom are you still mad about the Pumpkin Pie incident. I promise I won’t do that again. (Certainly not in that way – sotto voce)

Mom: The Pie thing was irritating, but I’ve forgiven you for that. I’m not talking about that. You’ve been trying to chew your foot and your tail! You’re bored!

Opie: I want more walks and playtime outside.

Mom: Opie you know it gets dark sooner, and the boys have lots of homework and haven’t been able to give you as much time as they’d like. The weather’s been horrible, too.

Opie: I know. I hate the rain. Why can’t you teach me to use that little room you guys go into? You could let me play with your shoes?

Mom: Hmm. Opie you need a new stimulating activity, a new experience. So, today we are going someplace new.

Opie: A dog park?

Mom: Err Um not exactly, but there will be other dogs there to play with.

At this point Mom pulled out my leash. After a quick pee run we jumped into the car. We pulled up to this big building, and I could smell lots and lots of dogs, and I could hear arffing, woofing,barking, and ruffing.

Opie: Come on Mama! Hurry up!

We entered the building and a lady came around the counter and gave me a treat. She smelled nice and the treat was yummy. Then I sat with Mama on the couch while she filled out all sorts of forms. Eventually, a man came and took my leash.

Opie: Mama, this guy smells like a pet groomer!

Mama: You’re not getting groomed. Opie what are you doing? Get up and walk like a dog.

I have to admit that I had lowered my center of gravity and gone all limp. He had to drag me out of the room. I know what dog shampoo smells like and this guy reeked of it!

The door closed behind me. I was in a big room with climbing things in it and soft cushiony platforms everywhere. I could hear the dogs, but I couldn’t see them. I was alone. Shampoo man disappeared through a door and reappeared with a grey schnauzer under his arm that he set right in front of me.

Schnauzer: Hi what’s your name? I’m going to sniff you butt. You can sniff mine if you want. Are you an aggressive dog? I sure hope not. You look nice but they don’t let aggressive dogs in here. You have to be a nice doggy and friendly and let me sniff your butt. Here is mine!

Opie: Sniff, sniff Hey, My name is Opie. What’s your…?

Then another dog came in.

Poodle: Bonjour Monsieur doggie, I am here now. You may meet me and sniff my derriere I shall sniff yours. Hmm, you have not been to the groomers recently, non? You seem alright. We shall play together. I believe you are tres charmant, oui? You can see that I am very beautiful and charmant as well. We shall have good times, mon ami!

Chihuahua: Que pasa compadre! Como te llamas? I don’t need to sniff your butt. I can tell that you are an okay dude. Watch out for the French chick, she ….

Jack Russell: What ho! A new member for our merry band? Welcome to the small dog room, my good dog. We can tell that you…

Then a horde of other little dogs came in — All wanting to smell my butt.

I have to say it was STIMULATING!!! I spent about two and a half hours meeting and greeting, running from one butt to the other.

It looked a little like this, but indoors.

The schnauzer was very friendly but so was everyone. They told me that their Mamas and Daddy’s would pick them up later that day. They come here so that they aren’t lonely during the day when their Mamas and Daddies work. They told me about meal times and treat times and outdoor times. Some of them even get walks outside the building. Several of them even have sleepovers! I asked about the other dogs I heard.

Poodle: Cherie, those are the large dogs. They are tres charmant but they keep us separated. They like to play and we do too, but their teeth and claws are quite big n’est pas? The other dogs are les petit enfants the…. How you say? Puppies.

The rest of the afternoon we ran around swapping squirrel stories, and occasionally somebody would sit down and have a little nap.

Shampoo man never shampooed me, but he gave me lots of treats. I decided not to hold his shampoo smell against him. It told my new friends about my pie raid. The Jack Russell had an equivalent story about something called pot pie. He said that pie has meat in it.

Jack Russell: Cherries? My dear fellow, we are descendants of wolves, my boy. Meat is what we should always strive for. Pie! Give me Meat Pie, I say! What, what!

Jack Russell was going to tell me all about meat pies and then I heard my boys! AND MOM!

The man came and got me and let me run into the reception area. He put my leash on and opened the door.

Opie: Mama, Mama, Mama! Boys, Boys, Boys!!!

I was so happy to see them. They were glad to see me too!

All in all it was a pretty decent day.

Mama: Did you have a good time, Opie. Were the other doggies nice?

Opie: Yes Mama!

Mama: Good Opie because we’ll visit this place again soon.

I was just exhausted when we got home. I slept so deeply. I felt no desire to chew my tail or my foot. I was just happy to snooze next to Mama and Daddy on the couch and later cuddle up next to them in bed and sleep ALL Night.

Day care was fun! I think I could go back for a short while.


Opie’s finished writing this part here’s my part.

Opie was visiting a cage free doggy day care. Doggy Central boards dogs there as well for people who go off on vacation. I wanted Opie to have a good experience and he’ll be going back fairly regularly to get him accustomed to it. I don’t want to just leave him some place unfamiliar when we eventually fly off for a family vacation. I had heard good things about this particular day care. The dogs like the cage free nature of it; they screen all the dogs for aggressive behavior. They are open 24/7. They are right next to a dog training studio and as well. Half the block is made up of dog professionals of some type.

Best of all they have a web cam!

Yes, I can take my laptop wherever we go and check on Opie via webcam!

The webcam allows you to capture stills of your dog.

After about 30 minutes of technical issues. I finally got it to work. I think this is the best thing ever.

The only drawback is that there are lots of blind spots. As long as your dog stays in the center of the room then you have a great view. However, if you dog is hugging the wall directly underneath the camera, like Opie did most of the time, then it’s a little trickier.

Anyway, we are still in the preliminary testing phases of this Day care thing, but so far so good.