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A Snorkie’s Thanksgiving Day Poem

By Opie, Snorkie Laureate of the house

The scents of autumn fill the air,

My nose is twitching for my share

Of delicious things that Mama makes-

Savory meats, veggies, tasty cakes.

It is that special time of year

When doggies all should stay quite near

When Mama or Daddy calls you close

Even if it is to give a dose

Of medicine for an itchy spot,

Or brush out the hairs that made a knot

Because after”Good Boy” will soon follow

Lovely things dogs love to swallow.

But I digress about the food

It puts me in such a mood

To recount the things for which I’m grateful.

So here we go … I have a plateful.

I give thanks for my family dear

Without whom I’d be prone to tear

And Sad, lonely — hungry too.

Thank you all for my rescue.

I am thankful also for all those folks

Who tire themselves trying to coax

Others to give deep and well

So other fur friend sadness they can quell,

And all the doggies and cats and things

Can find joy of home that parents bring

To loving pets who nuzzle and lick.

(Yes, I’m grateful as well, that I’m not sick.)

So, good home, good health and love are what I’m grateful for

And if I’d more time, I’d write some more,

But Happy Thanksgiving my Fur Friends.

Go eat some Turkey! This is the end!

Happy Thanksgiving!




Happy Birthday to my Hu –Brother Michael!

A Birthday Poem in honor of my Hu-brother’s 9th Birthday!



If I had a birthday wish for you,

It’d be you were a puppy too!

I’d sniff your butt and lick your nose

And you’d have claws instead of toes.

We’d chew up Mama’s favorite shoes,

And piddle on Dad’s important News.

But you’re not a puppy. That is clear,

But you have the heart or pretty near

Of one who loves to jump and play.

So that is why I have to say,

You are my funny human brother

Who lets me share his dearest mother

And snuggle in the bed sometimes

And helps me make up silly rhymes.

You let me chew up all your laces

And you scratch me in all the places

That I love and need a rub!

Yes, you are the king of belly rub!

Sometimes I chew a little off your toe

But you never tell me Whoa!

You play full out and fast and hard

And that is why I call you “pard”.

You put beef broth into my food

For that you are the coolest dude!

I hope you get all your treats,

And we’ll play more as weather heats!

Happy Birthday Dearest Mike

I hope you get all the stuff you like!


Licks and Tummy Rubs


Lots of Love,


Your puppy brother








Haikus – Bully for Bully Stick


Yes, I have the soul of a poet.

Haiku #1

Steer muscle baton

brings happiness to Opie,

but where to hide it?





Haiku #2

Oh, my lovely, lovely bully stick!

Meaty stick brings joy

and instinct to hide it well.

Alas, no digging.






Haiku #3

Hedgehog and Antler

Abandoned for Bolly.

Poor hog,  poor antler.


Haiku #4

Safe and secure place!

Bully meat stick hidden well.

Uh oh! Where is it?

Only squeaky ball remains loyal.


My hedge hog has fled.

Only bone and ball remain.

Oh well, ball can sqeak!