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Monday at the Videos – Snorkie style!

Mama was surfing around Youtube just fooling around looking for a particular video that she never found. However, she found something EVEN BETTER!

I like this one. I must admit I might a bare a resemblance to the main doggy hero in the film.

Except that I am not blue.

I hope you like it as well as I did too!


Oh and I want to wish my Grandma Gloria a Happy Birthday!

Have a birthday chuckle on me!

Your loving Granddog,



Opie’s Video Recommendations: Did we evolve from wolves? Why humans need dogs? Why do we have curly tails and patchy coats? Check it out!

Hi all Opie here!

Here is a sampling of some really neat programs about Dogs. Mom and Dad watched a great NOVA program over the weekend. I watched it too. It had lots of dogs in it and I just couldn’t tear my eyes away.  I think you’ll like these programs.

Nova Dogs Decoded – Really, really excellent program!  This is the preview.  The actual program aired over the weekend and is currently not available yet for streaming. However, there are clips and clips of it on YouTube.  I highly recommend this one. This is where I learned that  when Mama cuddles me it’s the same as when she cuddles her sons — she secretes Oxytocin which is the Mama  hormone. I secrete it too, and it makes us all feel all warm and fuzzy and good and happy when we cuddle.  Oxytocin is really good for all of us.   Scientists  postulate that it’s one of  the reasons why humans with dogs live longer and recover better from heart attacks and things like that.  It’s our Mama Daddy — love hormone.

 List of films that look good

Nature – Dogs that Changed the world — this is really good as well.  It talks about how humans owe their very development to our canine companionship . What would you guys be without us? It also says that  some humans have forgotten to be nice to us, and that’s really not good.

Nova: Canine Domestication  — I like this, too. Mom like’s John Lithgow!  He narrates.  This program takes some of the genetic information about us and explains how we evolved from wild wolves to domesticated dogs.  There’s some sad footage of silver foxes, but the information is really interesting.

These are really just a few cool programs.  You’ll learn more about me and my kind. I feel very empowered right now! 🙂


Your pal Opie