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Super Bowl Dog Hop!

Hi All, Opie here!All Things Dog Blog

Okay, I get it now. It’s not a dog park! These guys play this game on the field. Looks like game of fetch and tug to me!

Mama and the boys and Grandma and Grandpa are going to watch the game!

I fully expect there to be lots of yelling.

I also expect to get a lot of scraps.

I realize that the Super Bowl is NOT this!

I was hoping it would be this, but that’s okay!

I know what it will be.

Mama and Daddy and everybody eating stuff and….

Dropping it on the floor!!!!

And then I’ll STRIKE!!!

That’s why they call me Wolf Dog!

Happy Super Dog Blog Hop!


Meat and Cheese – a Snorkie’s dream come true?

Hi All,

Opie here!

My Mama and Daddy have been obsessed with the magic screen lately. They’ve been watching these guys in motorcycle helmets run around on a green yard chasing a brown chew toy for hours today. I’ve spent most of the time in Daddy’s lap, but he’s been rather uncomfortable to sit with. He keeps yelling and hopping up and down. On the upside, I managed a few stolen Doritos. Daddy is really happy with this Green packing team that just won. He jumped up and the Doritos hit the floor. Call me Opie the Opportunistic!

I asked Mama what these Green Packers pack. Mama says they pack the football across the field and make touch downs. Mama also says that the name comes from the meat packing company that sponsored their uniforms when they first began. MEAT PACKING! Well these are my kind of people! I’m kind of excited that the Meat packers are going to a Super Bowl. This sounds exciting! I wish I could go. I’d like to get some of that cheese that I see people wearing at the game. Meat and Cheese! A dog’s dream! (See my friend getting a taste of the hat! I wish I could get me some of that!) However, I’m generally not too happy with this obsession with the magic box. They should focus on me, not those silly humans.

To be fair, I can see the fascination with the big cheese hats. That usually catches my attention, but the guys running round and landing on each other. Well, it looks like a dog pile to me. You be the judge. Here’s a puppy pile I found on the internet.

The second picture is a Green Bay Packers pile. Which one do you think is cuter?

It’s obvious to me. Now if the Green Bay Packers brought some of their meat to the pile and maybe some cheese too, I think they would definitely be the more attractive pile. I’ve decided that the brown chew toy they play with is a meat ball. Now I would chase that. I probably wouldn’t share it though. I’m just being honest. I’d be at the bottom of the pile with my teeth firmly in it.

Anyhow, we’ll see how this Super Bowl thing goes in a few days. I have some thoughts on that too. I hope the Green guys bring a lot of meat and cheese. Mama says that it will wall to wall people. Well, with all that cheese and meat, it could be wall to wall doggies too!

Truly the only saving grace to my parents’ football obsession is the snacks. I’ve stolen a lot of Doritos today!

Come to think of it… maybe it’s not such a bad obsession after all.