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Happy Fathers Day to the Top Dog at Our House


We Love You Alpha Dog!

I’ll admit it. I’m always begging for your attention.

But it’s only ’cause I love you so much…even more than bacon!


Opie and the rest of the fur kids.

Oh and Opie’s Mama too!


Happy Fathers Day – A Snorkie Tribute to my Daddy and All the Daddies in the World!

I want to wish a Happy Fathers Day to

all the Daddies and Wanna-be-Daddies out there!

We Celebrate Your Day!

So I Opie – Snorkie Extraordinaire – Wish You an Alpha Dog’s Day!


Eat your food, hopefully with lots of good meat!

Get lots of treats and belly rubs.

Let someone scratch you behind the ears.

Chew on your favorite toys!

Scratch yourself wherever you can

and have great dreams during nice long naps in the sun!

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

I always feel especially safe when Daddy holds me.

I have it on good authority that everyone in the family feels this way!

And why not?

He is the Alpha Dog!

We love you lots and lots!

Love and Licks,

Your Pack

Mama and my Hu-Brothers —

Your fur challenged pups!