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Wordless Wednesday—A Snorkie’s HALO dreams

When the boys are shooting aliens

The best place to be is under the coffee table!

But sometimes I have funny dreams.

I am in the middle of a battlefield or….

Just call me Master Chief!



Ode to a Blue Donut and other Snorkie Poetry



Three Haikus on Blue Donuts and Soothing Baths


Blue donut collar

Hides my itchy bump from me.

When will all this stop?


A bath brings freedom.

Warm water soothes itchy bump.

Donut’s cast aside.


Blown dry silky smooth fur!

Oh No, the donut returns.

Freedom is short lived.


Ode to the Blue Donut


If you weren’t around my neck, I’d use you as a toy.

I’d chew and pound and roll on you and earn a strong “Good Boy!”

If you were free from my poor neck, I’d drag you to my crate,

I’d hide you with my bones and sticks until a later date.


But you are wrapped around my neck, linked firmly to my collar.

Your bulbous shape defeats my lick and makes me want to holler!

You’re with me in my waking hours and when I go to pee.

I dream of tearing you to shreds then licking at my knee.

One day I will be free of you, you blue inflated neck brace.

The squirrels no longer will be free to laugh right into my face.

I know you’re something that I need. I am resigned to it.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish you thrown into a pit.


That hope springs eternal is an often quoted phrase,

I hang my wishes on that line that freedom comes in days.



Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day

to all our

Pet Blogging Pals!



From Opie and







Opie sends his Valentines Greetings!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have a wonderful Day


I wish love and blessings to

All my Human and Furry Buddies!

Remember to support an Animal Rescue or Shelter Today!


Super Bowl Dog Hop!

Hi All, Opie here!All Things Dog Blog

Okay, I get it now. It’s not a dog park! These guys play this game on the field. Looks like game of fetch and tug to me!

Mama and the boys and Grandma and Grandpa are going to watch the game!

I fully expect there to be lots of yelling.

I also expect to get a lot of scraps.

I realize that the Super Bowl is NOT this!

I was hoping it would be this, but that’s okay!

I know what it will be.

Mama and Daddy and everybody eating stuff and….

Dropping it on the floor!!!!

And then I’ll STRIKE!!!

That’s why they call me Wolf Dog!

Happy Super Dog Blog Hop!