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Oh My Dog! An Embarrassment of Riches

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh My Dog – I have a lot of blog buddies to thank. This month been full of wonderful surprises for Opie’s Mom’s Blog! We owe so many thanks to some very special bloggers. So we thought we’d say thank you and give a shout out to all of them at once! First of all, many wonderful thanks to Carrie Lea at All Things Dog Blog. We won her contest and received wonderful gifts from the Mankind Dog store. I got a wonderful Mug and Opie’s styling in his new kerchief. Here is our belated, but sincere thank you!

Now if that weren’t enough we’ve won the Stylish Dog Blog Award AGAIN!

Thank you so much Debby and Kirby at Kirby the Dorkie.
We are just as tickled to win it now as we were the first time. Debby and Kirby run a beautiful blog! And you all should check it out. Opie is wiggling with excitement that he’s won this award again.

The way this award works is to tell 7 random things that the bloggers don’t know about you and then nominate 15 other blogs to the award. Thinking of 7 random things is easy, but narrowing our list of great blogs down to 15 other blogs is really, really, hard. There are so many great blogs out there! However, we are quite happy to be able to name 15 more great blogs out there for everyone to visit. Their links will be at the end of this posting.

And there’s more….

We said that we had an embarrassment of riches! We do. We won a wonderful handmade doggy necklace from
Roxie the Traveling Dog
. If you get a chance go to her blog and check out the wonderful necklaces and handmade items. Opie’s necklace is custom made to his cute little neck. We got to choose our color and design.

Here is ours on Opie! He’s wanted to show it to full advantage so he’s facing away from the camera.

Here it is straight out of the mailing envelope.

Isn’t it lovely! We just got it TODAY!

Here are some other necklaces that are custom made. Check these out!

I think they are lovely. You can find these necklaces and even more beautiful handmade items at their other website. Desert Raven Art.( http://www.desertravenart.com ). Believe me; I’m making a wish list!

We said we had an embarrassment of riches didn’t we?

So many things to be thankful for!

So many generous pet bloggers on the Internet!

So here is our really big


for all the wonderful prizes and awards!
We really appreciate all of you so much for taking the trouble to acknowledge our little blog.

Oh and Opie says –

“Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick!”

Oh, before we forget – here are 7 random things about us for the Stylish Blogger Award!

  1. I think I missed the dog park more than Opie did! It’s a great place to meet people who think like I do. We had a “morning crew going” We drank our coffee and watched our dogs wrestle and had a great time chatting about life. It was the best grown up human “play date” place! You could pick up tips about great vets, bad vets, good food, bad food, great groomers, bad groomers and even dog training tips with live show and tell action!
  2. Opie sleeps for about ¼ of the night in his basket at the foot of our bed and then at some point manages to work his way onto the bed and get his head on either my pillow or Daddy’s pillow. His breath is horrible.
  3. Opie leaves at one point during the night because his parents snore very loudly. I won’t say who’s louder, but it isn’t me!
  4. The exterior of the car is very clean, but the passenger window is filled with nose prints.
  5. Opie listens to Grandma talk to him over the phone and licks the phone.
  6. My best day ever is when I am covered in boys – at the bottom of a dog pile with my sons draped over me and my Opie trying to wiggle his way into the pile too!
  7. I was happy when Opie lunged menacingly at the guy trying to sell me a $30,000 new roof! Opie hates solicitors! I gave Opie a big strip of chicken jerky for cutting the hard sell routine short with his incessant barking. Good barking Opie!


Here are 15 Fantastic Blogs that you should definitely check out!

They are in no particular order.


Once again, a big thank you to Kirby the Dorkie, All things Dog and Roxy the Travelling Dog!



You Guys Rock!



Opie and Opie’s Mom


I’d like to Thank Paw Print City Times and the Academy for….

Opie and I would like to thank Paw Print City Times for this wonderful award Stylish Blogger Award.

We just started blogging in July of 2010 and it’s really been fun. We’ve both learned a lot and we’ve both had a blast doing the blog! It makes us both pretty happy to meet so many people and doggies who are on the same page with us.

Writing this blog has been like a VIRTUAL PLAYDATE! I originally started blogging just to deal with the overwhelming excitement our family experienced with our little Opie. Blogging has become much more than just that. I never expected to learn so much over the past months and have so much fun. Opie’s had some fun as well. He may not like his most personal moments exposed to the world, but well those are the breaks. LOL!

In the spirit of the award we are supposed to share seven things about ourselves and then nominate 15 wonderful blogs for this great award. First of all, we found way more than 15 blogs to give this award to. There are so many excellent bloggers out there. If I put down all the blogs that I wanted to, the list would look like the Saturday Blog Hop! I have to say that the quality of all the pet bloggers I’ve visited over the months has been exceptional.

Okay, so here are the seven random things about me and Opie that you might not know.

  1. My favorite color is blue. I don’t know what Opie’s favorite color is, but I always try to get him things that go great with his lovely white silky fur. He can wear pretty much anything.
  2. I have a secret desire to be a Romance Writer, but I only have about 10 pages worth of attention span and then I get bored. So, I’m long winded for a blogger, but lack the endurance of a hardcore novelist. My hope is that regular blogging will work my writing muscles hard for the marathon of writing a novel.
  3. Opie as most of you know is a Snorkie – schnauzer+ Yorkshire terrier. However, he seems to have a rather big dog attitude about himself as well as a very deep “masculine” bark. He sounds bigger than he is. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s just those two dog breeds.
  4. Opie loves walks, but he pulls like a crazy dog on the walk with me. We are working on it, but it’s been slow going. The problem must be  me because he doesn’t pull with his Dad at all. Rotten little mutley! Taking advantage of Mama like that. Shame!
  5. We are a rock and roll family, and Opie must necessarily be a rock and roll dog. He likes to sit under my sons’ feet while they are practicing their electric guitars. And yes, their amps are on! He seems to really like Michael’s rendition of Hotel California and the metal head Snorkie is a hard core Nirvana fan as well. He doesn’t howl. He just sits and listens and occasionally drops off to sleep. I’m thinking about getting him a little rock and roll t-shirt with a guitar on it. Luckily, he has not chewed on anyone’s guitar. He has a healthy sense of self preservation!
  6. Opie is a much desired dog. My kids earned him. They had to demonstrate responsibility toward several other pets before being even allowed to think about getting a dog. Opie’s precursors were several freshwater fish that  lived out their normal fishy life spans until some rotten aquarium store contaminated our tank with a ridiculous number of snails. I hate snails. Then, a hamster named Max — Much beloved. He escaped his cage twice. I found him both times. The first time he managed to get out of the house  I caught him in the backyard flower bed before the feral cats got to him. The second time he nearly gave me a heartattack because he decided to crawl into my bed while we were sleeping. He’s really lucky he didn’t get swatted to kingdom come. The boys kept their room and the living room clean and straight for 6 solid months. Then, we started trawling for rescued dogs that were hypoallergenic. Yes, Opie’s Mom is allergic to dogs and cats.
  7. My fantasy is to have a larger house so that I can have at least one more dog friend for Opie. I know he gets lonely, but our house is just too small. I’d like a little dog about the same size as Opie so that they will be on an even footing and good buddies. Maybe with more space we could foster a dog as well. I keep buying lottery tickets! So wish me luck!


Now here are the blogs Opie and I are giving the award to.

Like my predecessor, we will probably be naming some blogs that have already won the award previously, but we also hope you’ll see some blogs you haven’t seen before. Please take the opportunity to visit them, especially the ones that are new to you. All of the blogs  listed are both beautiful in form and content. We know you are going to enjoy them. They are stylish not only in format and design, but also in their content. They have wonderful substantive content on a regular basis. They are all a delight.

There is no particular order – alphabetical or otherwise, just how they come to my mind.

  1. I am Santa a Miniature Schnauzer
  2. Will My Dog Hate Me
  3. Paw Prints on my Heart
  4. Dobermans by the sea
  5. Maggie Mae
  6. From Sophie’s View
  7. Tanks Two Cents
  8. Park Avenue Chihuahua
  9. Stella: A blog about a Schnoodle
  10. According to Gus
  11. The Clampets
  12. Brown Dog CBR
  13. Schnauzer and Schnauzer
  14. The ( mis) Adventures of Sage

These are all wonderful blogs. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to visit them.

Once again, Opie and I say thank you to Paw Print City!