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Not the least bit Wordless Wednesday — Australian Artifacts and New York City Blues and other Doggy complaints

Hi Fellow Doggers,

I know it’s been a really long time between blogs. I do apologize for that. I’ve been such a busy doggy – sleeping, eating, walking, pooping, barking, running, playing, chewing, barking, barking, barking. Uh well, I did do a lot of barking lately. No reason, just cuz!

I have to say I’ve been getting lots of pets and cuddles, so I haven’t had a lot of time to dictate my blog to Mom. When Gregory returned from Australia, he was as glad to see me as I was to see him!

Anyway, he brought back a lot of interesting things that I’ve tried to get my teeth into more than once.

This thing is a didgeridoo.

Gregory makes a funny noise from it. I don’t like that noise at all. I ran all the way out of the room when he blew through it. Now I won’t go near it. He says that this is just a small one, that there are bigger ones. The sound that comes out of  this thing makes my fur crawl! A bigger one might make me bite someone. ( Namely, the person blowing the didgeridoo!)

It looks like a fancy bully stick , but it’s not to my taste!

This other thing is called a boomerang.

Gregory says that if you throw it far enough, it comes back to you. He hasn’t thrown it yet. Mom says our yard is too small, and it looks like it might take someone’s head off. Seriously, what good is a stick that will come back to you? Granted, I’m not that great at “Fetch,” but I resent this “Fetch” shortcut. What next – virtual walks? Hmm, I’m not too sure about this thing. I think I’ll chew it down to a nub once I get my teeth into it. It hasn’t made any odd sounds, so it’s fair game!

Gregory does have some interesting artifacts from Australia, but I think the best thing he brought home was himself.

It’s pure misery when I’m missing a member of my pack. It’s almost as bad as when they all run off on “vacation” and leave me at Doggie Central.

Which they did almost as soon as Gregory got back!

I hate Spring Break! Why does everyone think this is a good thing? I mean the term has “BREAK” in it for dog’s sake! Mom, Dad, Gregory and Michael went off to New York City for Spring Break.

I asked Mom really nicely if I could go too, but she said that I would hate the plane ride. I’m too big to fit in a carrier under the seat, and even if I scrunched myself down I’d be miserable and stressed out. She says I’d bite the flight attendants’ ankles.  I’d probably get the whole family  put on the “no fly” list.

Nothing she said convinced me that my going on a plane was a bad thing!

Anyway, they were gone for a whole week, which meant I was at Doggie Central for a whole week! Don’t get me wrong. I like the folks at Doggie Central. They’re nice, and I usually get along with all the other doggies incarcerated boarded there. However, it is NOT home. And even worse, I have to have a bath before Mama liberates picks me up .

Now of course, we are entering the season of summer vacation. I’m a little worried that I might get a “summer cut” like last summer.

Remember this!

I don’t mind a trim, but come on. Don’t I look a little naked?

I kind of needed that t- shirt Mom put on me.

I think my pack may take another trip this summer, but I’m going to lobby for a car trip and someplace I can go too, or maybe not at all!

I think Mom might be weakening on this issue. She took lots of pictures of dogs in New York and says that it was clear that New York is a very doggy friendly place. They even have bronze sculptures of doggy poo in their famous art museums.  If that isn’t dog friendly, I don’t know what is. 

Mom says that I would have loved a walk in Central Park. She’s right? I would have, but I don’t need a big fancy park. I just need my family, my neighborhood and my backyard to have an excellent time.

Please do me a favor, fellow doggers!

Please ask Mama to either take me on the next trip or stay home with me.

I really hate it when they leave.

See, here’s my sad face.

Think it’ll work on her? No — Don’t answer that!

Well, I hear her coming with my leash fellow doggers.

Gotta walk!

Smell you later!

Your pal,



Wordless Wednesday – Doggy Spa?

Doggy Bath!

Doggy Massage!

Doggy Beauty!

Almost Wordless Wednesday — And the Winner is…..

It’s Awards Time!

First of all, I want to thank all the great bloggers and commenters who took a stab at creating a slogan for my badge. Your entries were top drawer. Your entries made me want to create more badges to fit your slogans!

Thank you so much for your participation.

And now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for

Drum roll please…….


And the winner is…



The (mis) Adventures of Sage…..

Here is my badge in all it’s “badgey” glory!

Thanks to Sage!

Kudos to Sage for discovering the slogan that fits me to a “T”!

Of course, it’s fitting that Sage be the one to win. After all, we began pet blogging together. Sage’s blog was probably the first one that Mama ever read. I urged her to subscribe to it and we’ve been blog buddies ever since.

Who is Sage?

Sage is mostly Australian Kelpie! She loves water, playing with other dogs, playing with her doggy bro, Toby and hanging out with her Mom and Dad! She blogs pretty regularly and seems to always be having some sort of adventure! She’s a great girl. My secret fantasy is to visit Sage and run around that 1000 acre dog park with her. I’m not too keen on water, but I’ll watch her play in the pond! To find out more about her hijinx and her great fun, you should check out her blog!

For those of you unfamiliar with the fabulous Sage here are some wonderful pictures of her.

Click on any one of her pictures and you’ll end up at her blog which is full of excellent photos of her.

She’s a great girl and I feel I’m lucky to have her as a blog buddy.


Isn’t she just spectacular!

I told you she loves water! Wait for me Sage!

Is there a raft around here somewhere?

I think she’s just about to run off and jump in the water. She’s posing because it’s important to her Mama. I know how that is Sage. Sometimes we just have to please our Mamas by letting them take photos.

I know you ran off to play as soon as you heard the click!

As you can see, Sage is not just a smart lady; she’s a beautiful one as well!

I hope everyone hops over to see her today and in the coming days as well.

If I can borrow her slogan!

No bones about it

Sage is all about love!

By the way,

Be sure and check Sage’s blog!

The ( mis) Adventures of Sage at the following URL –


Sniffs and Licks,

Your Pal,


P.S. Hey Sagie, I made you a badge!



Wordless Wednesday – Science Cat


Opie here!

You may be wondering who this cat is. Well, he is Science Cat. He’s a stray that lives at California Science Center.

Mama saw him on the way to pick up my hu-brothers from Science Camp.

He was quite friendly and allowed a nice picture.

It’s a shame he’s homeless.

He seems quite well fed and even a bit content.

I think he’s been adopted by the folks at the science center, but who knows?

Mama really liked his pose. I’m just tolerating this feline usurper of my photo space.

I’m not a “cat” dog.

Anyway, happy almost Wordless Wednesday.

(Geez, just ’cause I’ve been running out of the frame and turning my back end to the camera… you have to put a cat in the blog. Can anyone say passive aggressive? )

Your disgruntled pal,


Wordless Wednesday: Free from the Blue Donut!


I’m Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Ding Dong The Donut is Dead!



Not sorry to see you go!



I’m Free to be me!

Ah Squirrel Old Friend!


I’m Back!

This wasn’t just a dream was it?


No Sweet Puppy!

This is reality!

You’re Free!


Wordless Wednesday — Where’s my Mama and where are my boys?

They put stuff in funny boxes with wheels. Mama gave me an extra big hug and tummy rub told me she loved me and …..

Daddy came back without them. They’re not back yet.

How long?

Daddy says they’ll be back soon. I hope so.

I’ve been crying!

Wordless Wednesday—A Snorkie’s HALO dreams

When the boys are shooting aliens

The best place to be is under the coffee table!

But sometimes I have funny dreams.

I am in the middle of a battlefield or….

Just call me Master Chief!


Plenty of Words Wednesday – Let Me Give You a Piece of My Mind!

Hi All,

Opie here!

How would you feel? If you discovered that

this blue monstrosity around my neck was going to be your friend for at least 25 more days?


Let me tell you how this transpired!

Grandma called from Texas! She and her friend Linda were on an emergency run with Bogie, Linda’s very cool terrier dawgins, to his Harvard educated Vet.

Bogie is a diabetic and his sugar was low and he was feeling pretty rotten.

(By the way, they fixed Bogie’s sugar level, and he’s home now playing with dog toys!)

Anyway, Bogie’s vet is very nice, very friendly. A real down home guy who is not averse to giving out vet medical advice to any that ask for it.

Well Grandma, told him about my histio thingy. He said he’d talk to my Mom.

Now imagine me. I’m minding my own business in CALIFORNIA. Grandma calls and puts this Texas Vet on the phone to Mama.

Mama is consulting a TEXAS vet about my histio thingy!

During the conversation, it comes out that I’m still a little, just a little, well, maybe just a wee bit obsessed with trying to lick the histio thing!

The vet then says, “Well I reckon it takes about a month for the histiocytomas to vamoose. Little Opie should probably keep the collar on for pert near a month until it either shrinks to an unnoticeable size or hits the road entirely, I reckon.”

(I may have taken some artistic license with the Vet’s Texas accent. I seem to be feeling a bit sarcastic right now.


He also said Mama might have to take me in for some minor SURGERY to get it taken off if it doesn’t get any better!


Needless to say, I’ve started chewing on the phone cords. And if I get my paws on Mama’s cell phone, I will chew it down to the circuitry. I ‘m a double dose of terrier – You know I can do it!

At minimum, I’m deleting Grandma’s number off Mom’s cell phone.


Oh Yeah, Grandma – I blame you for this!

Mama was thinking about days with this thing– NOT MONTHS!


I’m just kidding. I’m not a dog who holds grudges… often. I’m sure that eventually I’ll calm down.

That piece of grilled hamburger Mama gave me seems to have soothed me somewhat.

(Guilt –The Snorkie’s Best friend.)

I’ve been looking at catalogues and I think I found a “Pro Collar” in pink that would look really good on Grandma!

Hey Grandma, let’s wear them together!

I’m not bitter, really I’m not!

Wordless Wednesday – Summertime if George Gershwin had loved a Snorkie!


Summer time

And the living is easy.

Dogs are wrestling

And the squirrel is mine.

Oh, my Dad’s asleep,

And I’m licking my brother

So hush little doggy

Don’t you cry!

And now here Are

Louis and Ella


Show you how



Really is!


Here is Ella in Concert!

I’m Sulking! I’m Mad and …. I’m full.

Opie here! Mama says that I’m pouting, but I think I have a right to pout!

Look at this Cake!

Doesn’t it look delicious? Do you think I got ANY of it?

Do you think I got a crumb? Do you think I got to lick icing off anyone’s fingers?

Do you think I got one of those wax stick things?

No, I didn’t!

I wanted some cake too!

So, maybe I am sulking!

Who decided that chocolate cake was bad for doggies?

I smell a conspiracy!

How can anything that smells that yummy and that everyone else seems to love so much be bad for us doggies?

Daddy tried to make me feel better with a new bully stick.

I’ll admit that this is a tasty bully stick.

I was also encouraged to get into all the family photos.

This is my favorite! The Grandparents love my glossy hair.

As you can see, I am extra glossy from all the petting and stroking I got while they were here.

I do love it when they visit.

Mama kept a close eye on Grandpa.

I know HE would have given me some cake!

Psst… Grandpa, next time I’ll lick your ankle when the coast is clear, okay?

Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday Hu-brother Gregory!

I expect to have some of your birthday cupcakes this weekend or somebody’s guitar case might get nibbled on!

And that’s not a threat at all.

It’s a promise.

 I just had to vent fellow doggers!

I suppose I don’t have much really to complain about.

I got lots of treats and belly rubs. Tons of attention! Grandpa says that I must be the best dog in the world!

And…the bully stick is  so very tasty!

Yummy, yummy bully stick of deliciousness!