Things I love to chew on!

  1. Dark Rubber sandals

  2. Wallets

  3. Socks

  4. Hedgie

    Me and Hedgie!

  5. Squeaky bone

  6. Unused packages of lined note cards used for homework

  7. Erasers

  8. Pens

  9. Brassieres

  10. My own foot

  11. My tail

  12. Antler

  13. Bully Stick

  14. Random book next to my bed

  15. Dad’s Cargo shorts

  16. My leash

  17. My seat-belt halter

  18. Mom’s solar calculator

  19. My grooming brush

  20. Rolls of my poop bags

  21. Mitchael’s fuzzy slippers

  22. Dads Fuzzy slippers

  23. Mom’s Fuzzy slippers

  24. Mom’s tan sandals

  25. Mom’s black sandals

  26. The living room rug

  27. Mom and Dad’s comforter

  28. Gregory’s Cleats

  29. Dad’s leather sandals

  30. Two white pillows off the couch ( I destroyed them because the Boneyard was closed!)

  31. Corner of dining room table chair

  32. Handle of my big extendable leash — not a bright move on my part since I am on a short leash until Dad buys me a new big leash. 😦

  33. Michael’s handmade catapult – he’s kind of mad at me about that.

  34. Bag of wierd plastic puzzle pieces. ( I chewed up the directions to a brainteaser puzzle – Gregory is not happy with me.)

  35. Mp3 holder thingie ( Not fun to chew, but I lost it for Mom and Dad pretty good.)

  36. Mom’s fuzzy blue slipper

  37. Gregory’s  souvenir pen from NASA in Houston. ( I guess Failure is an option now.)


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