Opie’s favorite videos

Just a few of my favorites. Of course there’s this one.

Of course this one is all about me!

And this Video is just totally cool.  All the dogs are rescue dogs!

I got this from my FB friend Lhasa Happy Home Rescue. Thanks for sharing this guys! I’m passing it along. 🙂  

Here is another one. I found this on  the Life with Dogs Blog.

Look to the  right and you’ll find the link to this fabulous blog. Click the Watch on YouTube link when it pops up and a new window sending you to You Tube will open. 

I think I could have been on this video — I’ll have to tell Mama to start filming again. 🙂

2011 Rose Parade in Pasadena

The Natural Balance  float had these cool skim boarding dogs on it. Unfortunately, this is not the best video. I saw it live on KTLA our local channel and  they had the very best view of the float ias it was coming down the street with close ups of the dogs doing their very cool thing.  Here they are at rest doing it.  It’s still totally cool.  Or in the current venacular — SICK Man SICK!

Here’s one about Pit Bulls. Say No to Canine Profiling! 

There’s a catchy tune, too!

I found this video on one of my blog buddies blogs.  http://www.fumbledreturns.com. It’s really funny. Normally, I don’t tout a particular car, but this is really funny. I also used to have Suburu. It was a great car! Drove it until it disintegrated. LOL!



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