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Wordless Wednesday – Disaster in Japan is Ongoing

Media categorizes stories as “post” disaster, but

It looks like it’s still going on to me.

He’s lost his whole world. Please keep helping

Now, the worry is that frightened pet owners have abandoned their pets in radiation contaminated areas.

Read the whole article at the L.A Times.


Snorkie Report: Hey Gus… I Can Go to a Restaurant Too!

Hi All,

This article is dedicated to my blog buddy Gus of According to Gus. His mom writes a really great blog about him. You should go visit it right after you read my posting!

Gus usually gets to go to all kinds of places with his Mom and Dad. They take him on trips and he gets to go to restaurants and cafes.

I haven’t been so lucky. I’m a little growly and barky sometimes and so Mom and Dad thought I might make a big fuss at the restaurant. Geez, all because I barked at that lady with the cane and that kid in the stroller while we were on our walk and … well, you get the picture.

Anyway, I’ve been just exhausted since they got me out of Doggie Central (5 Nights away from Home!) I couldn’t stand being away from them after they got back and the feeling was mutual. Mama had no good human food in the house for breakfast so we ALL went out for breakfast!

We went to a little neighborhood place that had outdoor seating. It’s called the Rutts Hawaiian Café. Here is a picture of it from the web. We sat at the corner table right under the sign. Imagine me under that table! They specialize in Hawaiian/Polynesian/Japanese cuisine. They have these amazing dishes called “Royals” A royal is a big mound of rice with eggs and bean sprouts and meat and other yummy stuff all mixed into it. Mama had a Chashu Royal.

I sat under the table on Mamas foot. It was fun! (Mom apologizes for not have a photo, but she was still frazzled from her trip and the camera battery was dead anyway. She promises a picture next time we go out. Hopefully, that will be soon!)

I liked being with Mama and Daddy, and they brought a lot of treats for me to eat under the table. I don’t think the waitress even knew I was there. Although, sometimes I got up on two legs and put my paws on Mama’s leg. She gave me a piece of Chashu for my trouble — Japanese barbecued pork (also spelled char siu, chasu, cha siu, chashao, and char siew). Michael slipped me some bacon too. Oh it was heavenly! Enjoy these pictures of the actual dishes that some other customer took and uploaded to the internet! The food looks good and I can attest to the fact that it tastes good too!

Mama told me she was so proud of me. I didn’t bark at any of the people waiting for a table or even back at the dog that was around the side yard of the restaurant. That dog was complaining quite loudly about something! I was a perfect gentledog. It had probably nothing to do with the fact that my mouth was full of bacon, chashu and duck sticks most of the time.

My only complaint is that next time Mama should bring a pad or something for me to sit on under the table. That concrete was COLD! Mama put her feet under my butt. She said it was to keep me warm but her toes were like ice! YOUCH!

I can’t wait until we go out again. We may try the restaurant where my FB friend Fergus goes to lunch. He’s a big Rhodesian Ridgeback. Mama figures that if the café will let him hang out there, they’ll take a 20 pound Snorkie. (But between you and me, Fergus does NOT have my terrier personality!)

I can’t wait to go out again. Next time, I want to try the hamburger joint on the corner, and don’t forget the steak house down the street! I have no interest in that vegetarian place – no thank you very much!

See you later blog buddies! And for all you doggies going out to lunch right now

Bon Appétit

I’m Back — Snorkie Snorkie– Fire department focuses on saving pets



Hi All,

First of all, I’m back! You may not have known this, but I’ve been in the doggy boarding for FIVE nights!  Mom and Dad and the boys went off to San Francisco. Mama checked on me on the webcam every day, but I didn’t know it.  I had fun, but I’m tired and I’m awfully glad to be back home. Mom says there were lots of dogs in San Francisco and they missed me terribly — Mom and Dad and the boys, those S.F. dogs don’t even know me.

Anyway, I’m home now.  Dad found this great article in the L.A. Times. I think it’s just great. What do you think?

Here is my first Snorkie Report since I’ve been back! Enjoy!  Click on the article link for the whole article. Find out why this funny doohinkie is on that stuffed cat in the picture.

Fire department focuses on saving pets.

Snorkies, Shorkies, Morkies and Dorkies…. A beautiful Mutley potpourri


Hi guys,

Mama was wandering around the internet and ran into some very interesting breeds. She was very taken with the pictures. I must admit they are cute. Not as cute as I am, but still cute. Every one of these guys is mixed with a Yorkshire Terrier, like me. Remember I’m a Snorkie – Schnauzer + Yorkshire terrier. That’s why I have such a stupendous schnozzola.
I actually believe that I am more schnauzer than Yorkie – maybe I should really be called a Yauzer or Schnaukie? Anyway, here are some of my furry cousins.

Enjoy the photos and remember you can find all these guys at some rescue or shelter somewhere. I bet money that Lhasa Happy Home Rescue has some little guys just like this. All these guys are probably smaller than me.


This is SHORKIE. Doesn’t she look a little like me? Of course, I’m a boy. Opie don’t do bows! A Shorkie is a combination Shih Tzu + Yorkshire Terrier. I think this dog is particularly attractive, don’t you?


This is a MORKIE –or Yorktese. This pup is a combination Maltese and Yorkshire terrier. They are really small. Mama read that they might get as big as 8 pounds. Now I’m 20 pounds and I’m not the least bit overweight. Although I may have put on a few holiday pounds, I assure you I still have my svelte figure. I’d probably accidently crush this dog. I’m 20 pounds of pure muscle… and hair. I wouldn’t fit in anyone’s purse. No matter how roomy! ( Mama are you listening!?!)


Okay, I’ll admit this face is quite dashing. What do you expect? He’s a DORKIE! He’s a combination Dachshund and Yorkshire terrier. I don’t know why my human brothers are snickering, do you? He’s probably still smaller than me. Obviously, we Snorkies are the big dogs on this small breed block.

There are pictures of me all over this blog. Here are some of my SNORKIE cousins. My goodness—have you ever seen such a handsome gang of dogs.



And then of course, there’s ME!!!!

I thought it might be interesting to see what these funny named dogs really look like. But they all look cute to me, and I have a dog’s perception of beauty. This means I have excellent taste. What a great group of doggies!

What difference does it make what breed they are? We are all mixed up and we are all great dogs.

Mama and Daddy didn’t choose me because I’m a Snorkie. They chose me because I was RIGHT for the family! Of course, I’m naturally loveable!

I was on the short list of hypoallergenic dogs that were good with kids. Daddy says that all dogs have their charm and that it’s easy to fall in love. But it’s better to fall in love with a dog that you can love for the long haul, that’s compatible with your lifestyle.

They saw me and did what came naturally!

Of course, they fell in love.

This means that I’m their FOREVER puppy.

So, look at the pictures and see that we all have our charm. We all deserve a home where we fit.

If everyone chose the dog that fit, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many homeless pups out there. People fall in love with a pretty face and don’t consider our individual temperaments and the big responsibility we are even if we’re itty bitty like my Morkie cousins.

It’s okay to fall in love with a pretty face, but compatibility is forever and beauty fades. (Well, mine doesn’t but I’m very special!)

I know all my blogging buddies are compatible with their Mamas and Daddies. I’ve seen dogs living on farms, in apartments and houses, dogs that herd sheep or cattle, dogs that keep their Mamas company at their businesses and doggies that lay around the house most of the day. Bottom line is that we all fit. Let’s spread the word that adoption is great, but make certain that our “furrever” friends have mamas and daddy’s that fit.

What do you think?



Dog Park Hijinx

Opie and Friends at the Dog Park

This has sound so adjust your volume. Enjoy!