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Wordless Wednesday: Free from the Blue Donut!


I’m Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Ding Dong The Donut is Dead!



Not sorry to see you go!



I’m Free to be me!

Ah Squirrel Old Friend!


I’m Back!

This wasn’t just a dream was it?


No Sweet Puppy!

This is reality!

You’re Free!



Interview with a Texas “Dawg” – a Snorkie Report

Hi Everybody!


Opie Here!


As many of you know, my Mama and the boys are in Texas and a Texas dawg named Bogie usurped was invited to guest blog on MY BLOG!


I found it necessary to get on my doggie cell phone and talk to this Bogie person and find out the true scoop. What follows is a true transcript of our conversation. Bogie and I both have smart phones so some pictures were transmitted as well.



Opie: Hello, Bogie how are you doing?


Bogie: Well Hey Opie! Just fine, well not really, I’m feeling a little poorly. My glucose levels are kind of crazy right now and I have my ups and my downs. I wanted to thank you for loaning me the boys for a few days. That made me feel real good. You’re a true friend buddy.



Bogie in repose


Opie: Uh, er, of course well feel free… ah…. Anytime Bogie!



Me hanging my head in shame


Bogie: I’ve been meaning to ask you, Opie… where did you get your name?

Opie: Oh, I’m named after some kid on a TV show — Opie Taylor.


Bogie: Small world. I’m named after some famous actor — Humphrey Bogart. They used to call him Bogie. Of course, I have to be honest, sometimes my name gets changed. My Daddy will sometimes call me Booger!



Me laughing


Opie: That’s pretty funny!


Bogie: Yeah, It’s funny for about 5 minutes and then it’s old. Humans, I tell you! The silliest stuff makes them laugh. What’s funny to me is that they think that we’re their pets. I think it’s the other way around. Afterall, I don’t pick up their human patties, but they pick up my doggy patties.


Opie: Ha! You got that right! You don’t see me picking up my hu-brothers poop. WORD!


Bogie: Your Mama took some nice pictures of me. I like the picture taking, but my mama decided I needed my hair brushed. That was not fun.



Bogie after his ears were brushed!
Aren’t they fluffy?

Opie: Dude, tell me about it. I head for the hills when I see that grooming brush comes out. Do you have one of those sharp needley ones?



Me heading for the hills!


Bogie: Oh dog, yes Mama tries to be gentle, but I’d rather do anything than endure the hair pulling.


Opie: Why can’t they leave us alone? Why do we have to be clean?


Bogie: I know what you mean… Some gardeners came by the house the other day, and they brought all this nice smelly mulch. There it was a HUGE pile of it… It was so…. Fragrant!


Opie: Tell me more… don’t leave me hangin’ bro


Bogie: Well, I was all set to leap right into the middle of it and roll around and just luxuriate in that soft great smelling stuff and…


Opie: What happened, what happened?



Bogie: I leaped right dead in the middle of it and commenced to rolling and rubbing my back and head into the danged whole thing. It was wonderful. I pushed myself real deep into it so I could get the full effect. It was great! That there mulch was doggie ambrosia!


Opie: Oh that sounds totally awesome!…I wish I could have been there.


Bogie: There was enough for 3 or 4 dogs to have a fine old time! Unfortunately, the grooming van lady showed up pretty soon afterward and I lost all my beautiful smell. Dad Burn it!


Opie: Oh Infamous!


Bogie: You said a mouthful partner! I got washed brushed, clipped and snipped. I hate vans almost as much as I hate the mail carrier.


Opie: I know what you mean dude! Now, I hear you’ve been feeling under the weather. What’s up with that?


Bogie: Well, I am a diabetic. This means that my body does not process something called glucose well. If the levels are too low or too high then I feel kind of rotten. I don’t want to do anything but lie around, and I feel so tired I don’t want to chew a hedgehog. Worse — I have to have insulin shots every day and worse yet Mama or the vet has to stick me with sharp lancets to test my blood all the time. I really hate that. My Mama would love for someone to tell her a better way to test my blood than scraping it out of my ear. We are both kind of squeamish about that. Lately, I’ve had some trouble keeping my glucose levels right. My vet’s doing his darndest to help me out. My Mama says he’s the best, and he is a nice guy. I’d like him a dang site better without any sharp objects.



Bogie, he’s a little tuckered out.


Opie: This the same guy who recommended that I stay in my collar for 30 days?


Bogie: Well, yes. Sorry about that. If I’d been in the room, I’d a nipped him. Doggy brotherhood and all that! I’m sure he meant well though. He’s a pretty nice guy… for a vet. They’ve got treats at his clinic and they feed me when I’m getting my sugar tested. He can’t be all bad, right?


Opie: I reserve judgment. He is sticking you with needles and he made me wear this collar. He’s not batting a thousand with me, but if you like him I guess he’s okay. I sure hope you start to feel better soon. I’d love to come down to Texas and play some bitey face.


Bogie: Thanks for your warm wishes partner. There’s nothing better than a good game of bitey face. I play chase with my friend Coco the bagle ( Basset/Beagle) By the way, how’s your histio thingie?


Opie: Well, I’ve still got it, but it’s a lot smaller. I’m still in the collar of horror! But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My mama takes it off every once and a while to see if I can leave my thingie alone. To my shame I’ve failed the test every time. It really doesn’t itch, but I really want to lick it anyway. She won’t let me put my tongue anywhere near it. The collar is starting to look at little worse for wear too. There’s a little hole in it near the Velcro.



Me still in the collar of horror


Bogie: Well I’m guessin’ that eventually, that thing will just bust. Take it from me old son – you need to keep your tongue off your histio thingie WHEN SHE’S LOOKIN’!!! Try and hold off till she leaves the room or somethin’ Use you doggy brain, partner. Humans can’t hear or smell as well as we can. And even I’m a dang site faster than my Mama. You can hightail it under the bed and have a fine old time if you play your cards right!



Opie: Good advice Bogie. Bogie….


Bogie: Yeah?


Opie: I have to admit something to you. .. I was a little jealous of you being a guest blogger and spending time with my Mama and boys in Texas. I was all prepared to snarl at you a little, but dude even over the phone you smell like a righteous dog to me. I apologize for my feelings of ill will.



Bogie: Think nothin’ of it partner. You’re a young dog yet and a rescue to boot, just like me.


I understand how it is.


We love our humans so much that sometimes we don’t want to share’ em with anybody. But you’re learning that those big lovin’ humans got room in their hearts for lots of dogs even if their houses and wallets don’t. The whole reason that we have’em is cuz they got hearts as big as Texas.


And Partner, that’s mighty big.


I can see that you are a worthy canine my friend.


I won’t hold it against you.


Opie: Dude, you rock!


Bogie: Yeah, well so do you Opie! Well, I hear the dinner gong in the kitchen. I think Mama has an egg for me tonight as well as my duck! Gotta scoot! I’ll talk to you again partner.



Opie: Nice talking to you, Bogie. Enjoy your dinner!


Egg? Duck?…mmmmm!



As you can see, Bogie is a Righteous Dawg!


Hopefully, we’re being seeing and hearing a bit more from him.


Your Pals,


Bogie and Opie





Howdy From Texas – From a true Good Old Dawg or Get along little Bogie!


Hey Y’all,


My name is Bogie ( Short for Bogart!) and I’m from Dallas. My good pal Opie, or at least Opie’s Mom, is letting me be a guest blogger while she’s visiting her folks in “Big D”! Some of you all may have heard of me. My vet gave Opie’s Mama some advice about his histiocytoma thingie. Sorry about that business Opie. If I’d known he was gonna recommend that collar of horror for you for 30 days, I’d a bit him the leg. Oh well, I was a little under the weather during all that business. I’m still a little poorly. I’m a diabetic. I’m sure some of you know how hard that is for a good old dog. But I don’t let it get me down. I still rule the roost and for good reason!

As you can see, I am a handsome fellow!


My mama is best friends with Opie’s Grandma Gloria! Actually, I’ve known Opie’ hu-brothers longer than he has. I could say they were MY boys before they were his.

They learned to walk a dog, give belly rubs and scratch a good old dog in all the right places from me!

I don’t mean to boast, or maybe I do, but I am living a good life here in Big D. Yes, it’s hot, and I do NOT like thunder and lightening, but I live in a lovely air-conditioned home with my Mama Linda. As you can see, I have the run of the house.

This is my couch.

This is my pillow on my couch. (Actually, all the pillows are mine!)

This is my Mama’s bed, but we all know it’s really mine! And yes, these are my pillows. Indeed, this is my domain!

I do love my pillows, but you know what I love best of all, partners?

I love sitting in my Mama’s arms. I feel the best here.

I have to tell you I have landed with all 4 paws in the clover these past 10 or 11 years. When Mama rescued me, I was starving!

I’ve been living the good life here ever since! I have toys, pillows and all the food I want to eat.

I tell you we rescued doggers are really happy and grateful for our Mamas and Daddies.

It’s not just the food either. Although, honestly I do love the food!

Uhmm, I think it’s getting near suppertime now!

It’s not the luxurious outdoor accommodations either!

Here I am sunbathing in the garden!

It’s not even the boys that come to give me love!


It’s the love of my Mama and Daddy!

I’m where I want to be – at my Mama’s knee.

Well, thanks for reading along y’all. And Opie, don’t be too jealous of the time I spent with your boys!

Thanks for loaning them to me for a little while. We had a nice visit!

Hugs and Licks to all

From Bogie a true Good Ol’ Dawg!


Wordless Wednesday — Where’s my Mama and where are my boys?

They put stuff in funny boxes with wheels. Mama gave me an extra big hug and tummy rub told me she loved me and …..

Daddy came back without them. They’re not back yet.

How long?

Daddy says they’ll be back soon. I hope so.

I’ve been crying!

Happy Fathers Day – A Snorkie Tribute to my Daddy and All the Daddies in the World!

I want to wish a Happy Fathers Day to

all the Daddies and Wanna-be-Daddies out there!

We Celebrate Your Day!

So I Opie – Snorkie Extraordinaire – Wish You an Alpha Dog’s Day!


Eat your food, hopefully with lots of good meat!

Get lots of treats and belly rubs.

Let someone scratch you behind the ears.

Chew on your favorite toys!

Scratch yourself wherever you can

and have great dreams during nice long naps in the sun!

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

I always feel especially safe when Daddy holds me.

I have it on good authority that everyone in the family feels this way!

And why not?

He is the Alpha Dog!

We love you lots and lots!

Love and Licks,

Your Pack

Mama and my Hu-Brothers —

Your fur challenged pups!


Wow — Another Blog Award! Snorkie Thanks!

Hi All,

Opie and Opie’s Mom here!

We just won an award from Oscar the Pooch. First of all, thank you, thank you and thank you!

Just like Oscar, we love winning awards. The best part of course is that we get to highlight some of our favorite blogs and generate some great readership for these worthy bloggers. So here are the rules for accepting the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.

To accept the award I must share seven interesting facts about us, and pass the award on to 15 new or newly discovered bloggers. It helps that there are two of us that contribute to this award. Readers will get to learn some interesting things about each other.

So here are our seven interesting facts.

  1. Opie is a midnight prowler. He sleeps most of the day even though we try and wear him out by playing and giving him walks. Nevertheless, sometime between 1-3 AM, he roams the house, his little nails clicking on the hardwood floor. He peers out the window and if we’re lucky DOESN’T see anything. If we are unlucky and a hapless raccoon, opossum or cat is traversing the yard, then we have to hear ALL about it. We know he’s just trying to keep us safe. He is our knight in shining armor! And just like a knight he’s a little noisy!


  2. Opie is still a picky eater. We changed from his Innova kibble to Natural Balance Duck and Potato, but we may have to make another shift. He’s not eating that now. It has to be doctored significantly with that duck and potato pasty stuff, left over hamburger or chicken breast. He dislikes all fruit and veggies. No carrot sticks for him. They say that dogs are supposed to be omnivores. However, Opie is a card carrying member of Carnivores R Us. Meat is his idol!

    He flings kibble from his bowl as if it has cooties. I’m looking at his mostly full bowl right now. It was served to him at about 7:30AM. He hasn’t taken a bite and yes, he’s had a good BM. I hope that wasn’t too TMI for you all, but we’re all pet blogger here, right? Our day sometimes revolve around our furrever friends potty habits.


  3. Our boys treat Opie like a third brother, but one who doesn’t say smart alecky things, hog the Xbox or emit foul humors as a joke. He’s their sweet little brother. His biggest complaint is that they tend to wake him up in the daytime to give him belly rubs and scratch behind his ears and balance a stuffed squirrel on his head.

    Poor long suffering puppy!


  4. Now about me – I am originally from Dallas, Texas, but I now live in sunny Southern California. I love both my states, but California has Texas beat as far as I’m concerned regarding weather. I can’t stand the heat. I’m not as broken up about the June Gloom as some of my Angelino friends. I love sunshine, but I’m not complaining about 68 degrees. Just not gonna do it! I’ve lived here since about 1985. My husband took me to all the tourist spots. The only place I haven’t been is Universal studios. The lines are daunting! I am duly daunted! I’ll have to skip the whole King Kong experience!


  5. Like Oscar’s mom, I’m a bookworm as well. I was an English major in college and loved it. I’ve read tons and tons of so called “good” literature, but now I like my junk literature. I love a fast paced adventure, and yes, I love women’s’ fiction. (Romance Novels!) I once took a friend to a Romance Writers of America meeting. I entertained ideas of writing my own novel. Result – she became an officer of the local RWA chapter and got 2-3 of her novels published. Me – years later I write a pet blog. LOL! Maybe one day I’ll write that great novel. I think the main character will have a dog, probably a Snorkie! I do read outside my genre. My boys read voraciously and my 13 year old is reading way above his level. (Sorry parental brag!) He recommends books to me all the time. I read all of the Susan Collins books (Hunger Games, etc) on his recommendation. I must say he has great taste. ( Oops, did I brag again, sorry) My eight year old is reading Catching Fire right now. (It’s just a statement of fact, not a brag, right?) Oh well, you’ve figured it out. I’m a proud mama! No apologies!


  6. By profession, I am an attorney, but I don’t practice anymore. Lawyers generally annoy me. LOL! I teach at an online University. I love this job because it allows me to do two things I love most in the world — Raise my boys and be completely involved in all aspects of their lives and teach. I come from a long line of teachers. My entire family teaches or has taught in the past. I tried to escape my fate by going to law school and practicing law, but I soon discovered that my true calling is telling people what to do teaching. I’ve taught Contracts, Torts, Civil litigation, and Legal Ethics courses. Currently, I’m teaching a study skills course. I actually like this one better than the legal subject matter courses, because it will help a student interested any subject area excel. So, if my legal studies students decide to become dentists, or accountants, or anything else, then what I’m teaching them is completely relevant. Since I kind of did the old switcheroo with professions, I am highly sensitive to promoting that possibility for others. If you don’t like what you do, stop doing it and do something else. It’s simple, but of course, it’s hard too!


  7. Before I had Opie, I hadn’t had a dog since I was 15 years old. I had two dogs then – Prince, a German Shepherd Collie mix, and Zsa-Zsa, a poodle. Prince was the sweetest most affectionate dog you could imagine. He loved everyone. He was a lousy guard dog. He’d roll over for a belly rub for anyone. Yes, anyone! Even a guy with a mask and black clothing trying to break into the house. Zsa-Zsa had the temperament her name implies. She’d bite the hand that fed her, hide under the couch and poop in your shoe on basic principle. She was famous for jumping on the dining room table and eating my T-bone steak and then growling territorially about it. She was a great dog! A true character. I love Opie, but having him has made me miss his predecessors more than I have in the intervening years. I suppose it’s because I know so much more now about dogs than I did before. I wish I could go back in time and take Prince to the dog park and play fetch, break Zsa Zsa of all her bad habits and take her to the dog park too. Give them all better food and more treats! Now, I get to put all my new good knowledge into “raising” Opie.

    Prince looked just like this.

    The Collie part of him made him a little bit smaller than a regular sized GSD.

    He was a big old softy. His teeth were just for show.

    Zsa-Zsa looked like this, but she didn’t spend much time outside. She preferred her spot under my mothers chair. She had GSD tooth envy. Her teeth were not just for show. She believed in sharpening them on human flesh at every opportunity. She was a character!

    A real bad a—!


Well, that’s it for me! Now here are 15 great blogs for you guys to check out! 15 blogs I’m giving this award to! I didn’t put them in any particular order. They all have their charm. These are all blogs that I follow and visit pretty regularly. Some are newish and some are not so new, but I like them. I think you will too! Enjoy!

And the Fifteen ( 15) Winners

of the Versatile Blogger Award


Wordless Wednesday—A Snorkie’s HALO dreams

When the boys are shooting aliens

The best place to be is under the coffee table!

But sometimes I have funny dreams.

I am in the middle of a battlefield or….

Just call me Master Chief!


Mondays in Dog land are for Play not Work! Come play with me!

Snorkie Monday


Here I am in a belly rub haze of pleasure!


Now it’s time for

squirrel mauling!




But what is this –



Come to me my pretty!

I shall roll you all around the house!

And pounce upon you!

Honing my terrier

super powers!

Ha! Ha!

Ode to a Blue Donut and other Snorkie Poetry



Three Haikus on Blue Donuts and Soothing Baths


Blue donut collar

Hides my itchy bump from me.

When will all this stop?


A bath brings freedom.

Warm water soothes itchy bump.

Donut’s cast aside.


Blown dry silky smooth fur!

Oh No, the donut returns.

Freedom is short lived.


Ode to the Blue Donut


If you weren’t around my neck, I’d use you as a toy.

I’d chew and pound and roll on you and earn a strong “Good Boy!”

If you were free from my poor neck, I’d drag you to my crate,

I’d hide you with my bones and sticks until a later date.


But you are wrapped around my neck, linked firmly to my collar.

Your bulbous shape defeats my lick and makes me want to holler!

You’re with me in my waking hours and when I go to pee.

I dream of tearing you to shreds then licking at my knee.

One day I will be free of you, you blue inflated neck brace.

The squirrels no longer will be free to laugh right into my face.

I know you’re something that I need. I am resigned to it.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish you thrown into a pit.


That hope springs eternal is an often quoted phrase,

I hang my wishes on that line that freedom comes in days.



Happy Summer Fellow Doggers – YAHOO!


Hi All,

Opie here!

Yes, yes, I know! I’ve been grumpy lately about my lumpy thingy as my friend Sage calls it!

Can you blame me? I have an ITCH I am NOT ALLOWED TO SCRATCH!

The one bright spot of all this is that



So what does that mean for me?

It means!

  • REGULAR TREATS since they are trying to teach me new commands. ( Settle, Stay and Roll Over)

And of Course……



Even though I’ve been thoroughly annoyed with this pro collar thing, I have to say I’ve had some great quality time in the backyard with MAMA while she learns to use her new grill!

I’m her chief taster, even though she doesn’t always notice.

She drips all sorts of stuff on the pavement, and I can’t let the ants have it, right?

So get ready to be envious fellow doggers. Here’s what my summer kibble has been supplemented with

  • Smoked Beef Tri-Tip
  • Smoked Baby Back ribs
  • Grilled NY steaks

Oh and the latest deliciousness ….

  • Grilled Hamburgers.

Now I’ll admit I can’t say I’ve had a HUMAN portion of these delicacies. I’ve had a bite here and there, a tidbit only. My main meal consists mostly of Natural Balance Duck and Potato.

But Last night!


Last night, I had ½ a patty all to myself — Grilled to perfection by Mama JUST FOR ME!

I tell you Fellow Doggers – Puppy Dog Eyes are the best weapon in our arsenal of cuteness.

Don’t be afraid to use it shamelessly.

It doesn’t hurt to lick your Mama’s ankle while she’s putting the patties on the grill. Just a little doggy kiss that says – hello, cute doggie down here who loves you unconditionally, who’s trapped in a collar of shame, who smells your delicious food and never complains (in English) to you about anything … You Hoo!

And as EMERIL says,


Onto the grill goes a little meat patty just for me!

I tell you fellow doggers,

Summer is my favorite time of year.


Good food!

Good fun!

Great Company!


Happy Summer


Fellow Doggers!