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My Rescue Day! Reminiscence and Celebration

Hi All,

Opie here.


My One Year


This month last year I was adopted by my current family.

It’s only fitting to reminisce a bit about those early days so that we can all really appreciate the present!

I don’t remember my old family at all. That’s fitting since they didn’t think too hard about me when they dumped me at the Riverside County Shelter. The folks there try very hard to get cats and dogs adopted out, but Riverside Shelter is not a no-kill shelter. Last year they euthanized over 350 “adoptable” dogs. If the folks at Lhasa Happy Home Rescue had not picked me up last June, I might have been one of those unlucky pooches. Believe me it was quite lucky. Please note that I am NOT a Lhasa Apso. Luckily, Lhasa’s mission includes other small breeds. ( Snorkie’s must be included!) Randee said she fell in love with my ears!

Here is a picture of me in from those early times.

This was taken near the end of August 2010.

I’ve always loved belly rubs. And my ears are quite cute.

Randee, the head of the Lhasa rescue, immediately sent me to live with my Foster Mom. She had two kids and they were great to me. I don’t remember them very well now. I think I was a little traumatized by all the shifting from place to place. Consider this — I was with my first family as a puppy(home number 1) , then when I was about 6 months old they brought me to the pound ( home number 2) , then about a month later, Randee came and got me and I stayed with her ( home number 3) and then with Barbara ( home number 4) and finally…. Finally with my mama. That’s five
different places before I was 10 months old. Let’s face it. I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t really settle down until a couple of months after Mama and Daddy had me. Mama has the vet bills to prove it!

How My Mama Found Me

Mama’s allergic to most dogs so they looked on for a hypoallergenic dog. (By the way, we think that the study that said that hypoallergenic dogs don’t exist is deeply flawed.) Mama knew that if she went to the local pound, she was bound to fall in love with a dog that would make her eyes red and nose itchy. Finding a forever fur friend is a lifelong commitment. People need to use their heads along with their hearts to match themselves with an appropriate fur friend. Mama saw me online and I fit the bill. I was the right size for our house and the right breed or combination of breeds for her nose! She filled out the adoption forms, cleaned up the house for a home visit from the Lhasa volunteers, and then finally met me!

The rest, as they say, is history.

This is me that first day on Randee’s couch.

The picture is not good. Mama took it with her phone.

The whole family fell in love with me on the spot. Within about 3 hours I was on my way with Mama and the boys to buy me a bed, water and food bowl and dog food. With the exception of vet and grooming appointments, it’s been paradise here!

As he was giving me a belly rub, Daddy told me that I was spoiled rotten!

He’s right!

I am.

How Are We Celebrating My Anniversary?

Mama started the celebration by making my every day food especially savory.

I’ve had a little wet canned food mixed into my kibble every day. OMD! It’s heavenly! I’ve also shared family cook out grub! I’ll just say one word – Hamburger!

To complement my new hair cut, mama got me a t-shirt. I think I look tough.

Daddy thinks I look tough too! Here I am greeting him at the door!

I love Daddy! And I kind of like my t-shirt too. I don’t try and bite it off like my Christmas sweater.

It suits me perfectly.

SECURITY! That’s what I am, that’s my job!


It fits my new MUSCLE DOG look!

Mama has also taken me to the dog park a few times this month!

Of course, I don’t wear my t-shirt to the park.

I don’t want to make anyone jealous!

At the park Mama took some pictures of me before I got down to the serious business of playing!

Then it was play time!

Here I am with my new buddy! I never got his name. His Mama was way at the other end of the park!

And here’s my other buddy!

I’ve had a great time at the park! I’ve even renewed some old acquaintances.

I love riding in the car with Mama.

Here we are coming back from the park on one of our many trips this month!

This is just a taste of the type of things that we’ve been doing this month to celebrate my anniversary. Mama says there’s more fun on the way. She mentioned something about a play date with Mo-mo – the poodle down the street. And I think there’s more time at the dog park on the calendar!

But the truth is…

I don’t really need all this stuff.

I’m happy sitting on the couch with my hu-brothers while they play video games or practice the guitar.

I’m happy sleeping at the foot of Mama and Daddy’s bed.

I’m happy pressing my face into Mama’s hand for a ear scratch.

I’m happy sitting on Daddy’s lap while he’s watching a movie.

I’m happy because I’m in my house with a family that will NEVER give me up!

We belong together.

If I have a wish for my anniversary (like a birthday wish!),

It is that every dog and cat can have a forever home where people love and care for them.

That’s my anniversary wish!

I may keep Mama and Daddy up all night barking at critters in the back yard.

I may chew on somebody’s glasses if they are left in my reach.

I may threaten the mail carrier every morning.

I may run under the coffee table when the grooming brush comes out.

I may even jump on the dining room table and steal a piece of breakfast bacon!

But I know I am loved!

I am an integral part of the family

I’m home.


Smell you later fellow pet bloggers.

Licks and Sniffs,

Your Pal,





Snorkies, Shorkies, Morkies and Dorkies…. A beautiful Mutley potpourri


Hi guys,

Mama was wandering around the internet and ran into some very interesting breeds. She was very taken with the pictures. I must admit they are cute. Not as cute as I am, but still cute. Every one of these guys is mixed with a Yorkshire Terrier, like me. Remember I’m a Snorkie – Schnauzer + Yorkshire terrier. That’s why I have such a stupendous schnozzola.
I actually believe that I am more schnauzer than Yorkie – maybe I should really be called a Yauzer or Schnaukie? Anyway, here are some of my furry cousins.

Enjoy the photos and remember you can find all these guys at some rescue or shelter somewhere. I bet money that Lhasa Happy Home Rescue has some little guys just like this. All these guys are probably smaller than me.


This is SHORKIE. Doesn’t she look a little like me? Of course, I’m a boy. Opie don’t do bows! A Shorkie is a combination Shih Tzu + Yorkshire Terrier. I think this dog is particularly attractive, don’t you?


This is a MORKIE –or Yorktese. This pup is a combination Maltese and Yorkshire terrier. They are really small. Mama read that they might get as big as 8 pounds. Now I’m 20 pounds and I’m not the least bit overweight. Although I may have put on a few holiday pounds, I assure you I still have my svelte figure. I’d probably accidently crush this dog. I’m 20 pounds of pure muscle… and hair. I wouldn’t fit in anyone’s purse. No matter how roomy! ( Mama are you listening!?!)


Okay, I’ll admit this face is quite dashing. What do you expect? He’s a DORKIE! He’s a combination Dachshund and Yorkshire terrier. I don’t know why my human brothers are snickering, do you? He’s probably still smaller than me. Obviously, we Snorkies are the big dogs on this small breed block.

There are pictures of me all over this blog. Here are some of my SNORKIE cousins. My goodness—have you ever seen such a handsome gang of dogs.



And then of course, there’s ME!!!!

I thought it might be interesting to see what these funny named dogs really look like. But they all look cute to me, and I have a dog’s perception of beauty. This means I have excellent taste. What a great group of doggies!

What difference does it make what breed they are? We are all mixed up and we are all great dogs.

Mama and Daddy didn’t choose me because I’m a Snorkie. They chose me because I was RIGHT for the family! Of course, I’m naturally loveable!

I was on the short list of hypoallergenic dogs that were good with kids. Daddy says that all dogs have their charm and that it’s easy to fall in love. But it’s better to fall in love with a dog that you can love for the long haul, that’s compatible with your lifestyle.

They saw me and did what came naturally!

Of course, they fell in love.

This means that I’m their FOREVER puppy.

So, look at the pictures and see that we all have our charm. We all deserve a home where we fit.

If everyone chose the dog that fit, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many homeless pups out there. People fall in love with a pretty face and don’t consider our individual temperaments and the big responsibility we are even if we’re itty bitty like my Morkie cousins.

It’s okay to fall in love with a pretty face, but compatibility is forever and beauty fades. (Well, mine doesn’t but I’m very special!)

I know all my blogging buddies are compatible with their Mamas and Daddies. I’ve seen dogs living on farms, in apartments and houses, dogs that herd sheep or cattle, dogs that keep their Mamas company at their businesses and doggies that lay around the house most of the day. Bottom line is that we all fit. Let’s spread the word that adoption is great, but make certain that our “furrever” friends have mamas and daddy’s that fit.

What do you think?



Guido Needs a Home – Let’s Give Him One!

It’s Pet finder’s Internet Day!

What does that mean? It means that Opie and I have pledged to tell at least one person about a pet that needs adopting!

We’ve decided to tell EVERYONE on the INTERNET about GUIDO!

You’ll want to adopt Guido when you hear his story. Guido is being taken care of by Lhasa Happy Home Rescue. Just a little background.

When we made the decision to adopt a dog, we looked on We knew if we went directly to a shelter we’d end up with a dog we loved, but that might be completely inappropriate for our family. I would happily have spent the rest of my life on allergy medication with the pup we fell in love with. However, that was not the right thing for us to do. It’s not the right thing for anyone to do. Find the pet that fits you and your family. If more people did this, I believe we’d have fewer dogs in shelters and in trouble if people used their heads just a little bit.

We found Opie on , but he was being taken care of by Lhasa Happy Home Rescue. Guido is one of Lhasa’s dogs.

Here is a cut and paste of his story form Llasa and some adorable pictures.

THIS IS GUIDO….and a luckier boy you will not find.  This handsome, 17 lb, white, 3.5 yr old, Lhasa Apso was dropped off at the vet to be euthanized because his owner just didn’t want him anymore.  No reason given, she just didn’t want him.  His guardian angel, Tori, saw him and said, $#@? 

She took him home and said to this almost perfect boy, “we’ll find you a home” and she called Lhasa Happy Homes!  We’ll never be able to understand his human’s mindset…but we are grateful to Tori for saving Guido’s life.  Tori reports that this boy is a stud!  He is a lhasa with long legs, but a purebred who did come from a pet store in Westminister originally (birthday March 3, 2007). 

He understands “sit, let’s go, come, go potty and high 5!” 

He is good with older kids, dogs, cats, men, women…you name it!  He is a dog for all seasons!  He loves to ride in the car and is a perfect gentleman; does need some leash training, but does love his walks!  He doesn’t like crates, but is fine when he is getting groomed.  He loves toys…and is a little hard on them — so please have plenty back-ups ready!  He isn’t a barker, but will whine if he is left alone….still probably suffering from being abandoned….but likely will get over this.  He would love to be in a home with another dog…or a cat….he LOVES cats…and will give you kisses to show you how much he appreciates your caring for him after he knows you better….oh yeah, and he will sleep at the foot of your bed and move the toys off to make his comfy place!  He is a very loving dog who just wants to be back in a forever home where he can cuddle and love you …and let you know he truly wants to be your very best buddy!  

 If you love the breed, you’ll love Guido!

If you are interested in adopting this dog from Lhasa Happy Homes, please complete the Adoption Application on our home page and submit before calling. We will contact you once it has been reviewed

We hold our weekly adoption events most every Sunday at MY PET NATURALLY (check calendar link below for special events and directions). Here you will have an opportunity to interact with the dogs and see which might be a perfect fit with your household!

Our website is updated daily. Please do not apply for this dog unless your home fits the specified criteria. All our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, groomed, vet checked, dewormed, deflea’d and come with a leash, collar and LHH ID tag!

Thanks for considering saving a life…it will be the best gift you ever give yourself or your family.

If you are interested in any other dogs from Lhasa please enjoy the following slide show! It has sound.

 Enjoy the music too!




Baby – I’m Back! Opie’s in His groove!

Hi All,

Opie here! Mama’s been working like mad grading papers so I couldn’t get near the computer. She’s passed out now. She’s graded her 60 papers now, and she’s exhausted. It’s my turn now to get on the computer and catch up to everything. So here are a few things I’d like to jump on!

  1. My Healing Powers!

    In my last blog posting I was nursing Michael back to health. Well, you can imagine the results of MY tender loving care. He’s better. He bopped off to school this morning. His little boy tummy is A-okay. He’s going to refrain from eating bad kibble from now on! So, thanks for all the good wishes blog buddies!

  2. Big Boy is back!

    What you guys didn’t know is that my big boy, Gregory (Michael’s older brother) is back. He went on a field trip with his class to New York and Boston. I missed him a lot. I see no reason for any of my pack mates to leave town — OR the state — ever again! Hu-brothers have to stay home WITH ME! YOU GOT THAT MAMA!!!! Gregory’s glad to see me. He didn’t even mind that I chewed up the full bag of his highlighters that he left under his school pack. Mama found bits of plastic under the dining room table. I was really good at hiding it, but I’ve got to learn how to dump it in the kitchen trash next time. Nobody looks in there once the lid is closed. BOL

  3. What’s upcoming – ADOPT THE INTERNET DAY – March 15!

    I’m already gathering my information about great doggies that need a home and great shelters that need some donations. So get geared up for that. All we pet bloggers should do blogs on that day about doggies that need help and really make a strong effort to bring this issue to as many people as possible. Pledge to Adopt a Pet!  So get ready! Bloggers Start your Computers!!!!!…. whirrrrrr beep!

  4. Human Rescue – Pet blogger style

    “There but for the Grace of God, go I”

    Without our Hu-mamas and Hu- daddy’s where would we be? A lot of humans were hurt and killed by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I’m sure a lot of pets were lost too. I feel so sad for everybody over there. We dogs and cats should encourage our Mamas and Daddies to donate something for their relief as well. International rescue crews with rescue dogs are already on their way or in Japan right now. We pets have a fine tradition of helping our humans. Let’s keep that up. I’ve got mama’s credit card right now, and she promised me she’d donate something to the Red Cross. ( Click here to donate to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief) We live in California and tsunamis and earthquakes are a part of our lives too. Oberrieder Dog Park, where I went while my beloved bone yard was closed is in a marked Tsunami Flood zone!

    “There but for the Grace of God, go I” So make your Mama and Daddy pony up some cash for these folks.

    Here are some other  places that you can donate:

    GLOBALGIVING: Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Donate here.

    SAVE THE CHILDREN: Mobilizing to provide immediate humanitarian relief in the shape of emergency health care and provision of non-food items and shelter. Donate here.

    SALVATION ARMY: The Salvation Army has been in Japan since 1895 and is currently providing emergency assistance to those in need. Donate here.

    AMERICARES: Emergency team is on full alert, mobilizing resources and dispatching an emergency response manager to the region. Donate here.

    CONVOY OF HOPE: Disaster Response team established connection with in-country partners who have been impacted by the damage and are identifying the needs and areas where Convoy of Hope may be of the greatest assistance. Donate here.

    : Putting together relief teams, as well as supplies, and are in contact with partners in Japan and other affected countries to assess needs and coordinate our activities. Donate here.

    SHELTER BOX: The first team is mobilizing to head to Japan and begin the response effort. Donate here.

So, Pet Bloggers – Opie’s back on the computer! Here are some really cute pictures of me that I had Mama down load before she passed out from grading exhaustion! Enjoy!

See you on March 15!!!!


Happy Chinese New Year – Be Happy and Bunny Free!

Hi all, Opie Here!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Mama says that it is the year of the Rabbit! Unfortunately, this does not mean I get to eat them or chase them! I don’t really know what this year of the Rabbit thing is all about. Mama looked me up. I was born in the year of the Ox.

What does this mean? I did a little bit of research.

This is a really big celebration in Asia. It is the beginning of the Spring Festival, and people have lots of celebrations. I like celebrations!

Unfortunately, sometimes people aren’t very smart about their celebrating. Lots of people in China are buying bunnies to celebrate the New Lunar year. Sadly, a lot of these bunnies aren’t surviving. PETA has been warning people not to give into their impulse to buy a bunny. People who ordered a fluffy bunny are finding dead bunnies in their mail boxes because the poor little things don’t survive the shipping. You can read more about it in this article.

That’s so sad!

I forget sometimes that doggies and cats aren’t the only pets that get shoved into shelters. Bunnies will need rescuing too! People want a cute little bunny for the New Year, but bunnies are a big responsibility. Easter’s not such a great holiday for bunny’s either. Unwanted bunnies get abandoned and dumped just like doggies and cats. I’m a dog and usually to me a bunny is just another type of squirrel, but I can sympathize with any living creature that expected to be loved and taken care of and wasn’t. All of us – doggies, cats, bunnies, hamsters, ferrets, and any other type of animal that is made into a pet – expect to be taken care of forever. I know I’m really lucky because there were people out there at rescues ready to save me.

There are rabbit rescues and “pocket pet” rescues out there too. You can rescue a bunny at some local shelters and even through So I guess it’s time for people to think of better ways to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit than with bunny purchases.

I think that the best ways to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit are the following:

  1. Don’t buy a bunny!
  2. Save a bunny by rescuing one (If you are prepared to be a good bunny owner and be all that you should be!)
  3. Support a local rabbit and pocket pet rescue

Well, that’s enough preaching.

Have a great day everyone!

I wish everybody a safe and Happy Bunny Free New Year!

Gong Hey Fat Choy




Please Help – Adoption Alert for L.A. Burbank Area … or anyone willing to drive.

PLEASE help save this dog! He is soooo adoptable!!! The family is young, out of money and heartbroken!

They only have until Wednesday January 19, 2011 to find him a home of he’s off to the shelter.

He’s living in the abandoned house right now and neighbors are feeding him.

Obviously this situation can’t continue!


I just got the email today!

I received this plea from the the president of our Culver City Friends of Animals.

If you live in the L.A./ Burbank area this could be the dog you’ve always wanted. Even if you are a little further north, south, east or west please consider helping in some way – foster the dog yourself, contact a good rescue in the area, and/or share this blog!

To my East Coast, Midwest and Southern and European Blog buddies – if you’ve got Southern Cali friends and relatives please share this posting with them. This doggy sounds ideal.


Here is the background on the sad family and the dog.

This devastated young couple (under 30) with 2 children are heartbroken. The husband hasn’t worked a regular job in 2 years. They just got evicted and had to move in with his mother, who won’t allow them to have their family dog (Obi), who they rescued when he was 6 weeks old. They had a home arranged for Obi but the people backed out at the last minute. The young family has moved and Obi is at the empty house (neighbors are feeding him) until next week, when they are forced to take him to the Shelter! They have nowhere else to put him.

Obi is a 4 year old lovable, neutered, highly trained
(shakes, sits, high fives, lays down, fetches, etc.),
housebroken, great with kids, dog friendly, brindle lab/shep/pit mix.

Cats…if they run, he will chase themHe has all his shots, but they are due soon...This is a great dog that is healthy and just needs to be rescued or re-homed. 




Obi’s losing his entire world and the only family he has ever had!!!


The contact has offered to arrange transport for him…He is in Burbank, CA.

If this looks like a dog that you might like, make a comment and I’ll email you the contacts email address.

Snorkie Report – Dog breed with a bad rep!

Bark No to Canine Profiling!


Hi there!
Opie Here!

You know some people just look at me and think I’m some sort of lap dog! That’s just not fair. They look at my Yorkie cousins the same way sometimes. But that’s not fair. We are descended from proud breeds that were bred to help man. Dogs of all sizes and types have been man and woman’s best friend for thousands of years. And if I like to sit in someone’s lap from time to time, what’s it to you? Stop with the labels people!

I was surfing the net with Mama and came across this great video. It’s below and Mama is going to put it on my Favorite Videos Page, too.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, but let’s really look at it. Isn’t it really bad mamas and daddies that cause the problem? If Mama and Daddy hadn’t taken some extra time to socialize get me used to Daddy, I might have a bad reputation. When I first came to my house, I used to bark and nip at Daddy and bark at everyone on the sidewalk. Mama had to cross the street because I was a little obnoxious. I even barked at two pitties on a walk once. I feel really bad about that. They weren’t going to bark at me. I’m the one that started the barking.

“Neighborhood Pitties — if you read my blog and even if you don’t, I apologize for that incident on Overland Blvd. I know better now. Next time, I’ll let you smell my butt. ”

I hardly bark at anyone anymore (just squirrels and the mail carrier). I get along with all the Daddies that walk my friends in the neighborhood.

Maybe the naughty doggies don’t have mamas and daddies who do what’s necessary to help their doggies be good doggies. We doggies need love, but just like my human brothers, you can’t let us get away with everything. (Well, you could let us have that pumpkin pie on the kitchen counter or that steak on the dining room table.) We also need exercise and stimulation. Maybe the naughty doggies are tied up, never walked, never taken to a dog park or trained to do bad things. I think some people may drive some poor doggies nuts when they don’t treat them well. Mama is always watching to make sure I don’t get too bored. She hates Oberrieder dog park, but she takes me anyway. (Mama: It’s too small Opie – I don’t’ hate it, but it hardly seems worth the drive!)

It all boils down to what I said a few blogs ago. People need to get the dogs that fit them, and that they can be responsible for. I’m big enough and active enough for my family.

I feel really sorry for Pit bulls. I don’t think they deserve their bad reputation. Anyway, enjoy the video. It really says it all anyway. Canine Profiling is Wrong!

Look at this face! He’s ALMOST as cute as me.



In the Spotlight: Lhasa Happy Homes Rescues

Hi guys, I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front. I would say I’ve been busy, but I haven’t. I’ve been snoozing on the couch, chasing squirrels and playing with my new toys. Yes, I got Christmas presents, and I even got dressed up for Valentine’s Day! It’s my mom who’s been super busy. I won’t go into all the boring pointless stuff she’s been involved with. Let’s get back to what’s important… ME and what I want to say!

Yes, this is me dressed with a red heart ribbon. I was good in it for about 2 minutes and then I had a good time playing tug of war with it. Dress up can be fun!

However, that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. Today I want to shine the spotlight on my favorite pet rescue organization. Lhasa Happy Homes!
I came from there and I can’t help but feel really grateful to them for rescuing me. So I’d like to encourage all my blogger pals to support their local pet rescues in whatever way they can.


I owe this great organization MY LIFE!!!!

Lhasa Happy Homes rescues Lhasa Apsos mostly, but they aren’t really limited to that. After all, I’m a Snorkie. They rescue dogs that are about my size and smaller and maybe a bit larger. They have Lhasa Apsos, Shih Zus and other small breeds, like Maltese and Pomeranians. Anyway, they are a really great organization located in Los Angeles. They have people who act as foster moms and dads – Shout out to Barbara my old Foster Mama. They are always looking for people to act as foster moms and dads until their pups can find furrever homes. So if you are in the L.A. area, you should contact them to volunteer to be a foster parent.

I stayed with my Foster Mama, Barbara when I first came to LHH. I was happy there. She and her two kids were very nice to me. I’ll always be grateful to them. To understand how people get doggies from LHHs let me explain how Mama got me.

First, Mama and Daddy and the boys talked about getting a dog. The boys always wanted someone like me, but Mama and Daddy knew it would be a big responsibility and they wanted to be sure that the boys would hold up their end. Then because Mama is a big old softy – Daddy said that Mama had to look online first for a dog just the right size and temperament for our family. He was afraid that if we just showed up at the pound, Mama would fall in love with a dog that was too big, too small or too something for our family and then they’d be in trouble. I think that was the right thing to do. Clearly, I’m perfect! I’m the right size, temperament, and I also don’t make Mama sneeze. This is me with a buddy at the dog park last summer. I have my summer hairdo! It makes me look fast which of course I am! Super fast!

Mama looked on and put in her search conditions and 3 or 4 dogs popped up. For whatever reason, I was the first dog that she got to see in person. (You might say that Dad was right, that she was bound to fall in love with me. However, I prefer to believe that it’s because I was perfect for us!) The went to see me between times when Randee might have taken me to one of the adoption fair thingies she does at local pet supply stores – neither Mama or the boys could wait for the weekend. So Mama and Daddy and the boys went to Randee’s house to meet me.

Mama had to sign a really long contract and adoption application with Randee. Mama didn’t mind because she says it made her and Daddy really think about all that having a doggy entails. Sadly, lots of people don’t realize what a great responsibility it is to have a doggy. It’s the same as adopting a human child. You don’t’ give children back so you shouldn’t give doggies back either, right? Unfortunately, people abandon doggies all the time. I know that’s true. My old owners gave me up. I forgive them because my Mama and Daddy are way better. Mama says I shouldn’t judge, but well. Come on! Have you see me as a puppy? I was completely adorable. Obviously, there was something wrong with them. I’m perfect!

The contract has a clause in it as well that says essentially if the adopters don’t take very good care of me that LHHs can “redeem” me. Of course, that would never happen to me. My family takes excellent care of me (I go to the vet all the time for shots and checkups and once when Mama thought I was licking my nose too much!) As part of the contract I still wear an LHH tag around my collar. I wear my Mama’s tag too and I’m micro chipped with her information. Mama likes to say that I’m “lo-jacked” whatever that means. Bottom line – I’ve got lots of folks looking out for me.

I go to the groomer once a month, I get brushed, I get greenies so that my teeth stay sparkling and sharp and I get walks and lots of time to play and sleep. Mama even cooks me brown rice to make my kibble taste better. LHH interviewed my mama and even before I could see them they sent out a volunteer to do home inspection to make sure that Mama’s house and yard were safe for me. Needless to say, my family passed muster!

it’s a good idea to use rescues like Lhasa because they go to the shelters all the time to rescue dogs on death row and they get us our shots, take us to the vet and even make certain how socialized we are.

They have weekly events to so that you can come and see the doggies too! Here’s an event that’s going on this week. You should visit the website to see where the next one will be if you miss this one.


You can see adoptable doggies their best light. I have to say, I like LHH most because they go the extra mile to make certain that dogs are placed in homes where they will be loved forever and taken care of responsibly. They do their best to be sure that the rescued doggies don’t have to be rescued again!

You can get any sort of doggy you want from a rescue. There are all kinds of special breed rescues all over the country. I know some of my blog buddies came from rescues like that.

Mama says to be careful though. Some of them are breeders masquerading as rescues. She says that real rescues are registered as nonprofit organizations, like Lhasa.

Rescues also facilitate vet bills for Special Needs dogs. A city or county shelter might just murder, kill, euthanize, put to sleep a dog that has lots of medical problems, but a rescue will look at the doggy more carefully. If you go to the Lhasa Happy Homes site you’ll see that they take care of lots of dogs that have medical problems.

Some doggies had totally curable problems but for whatever reason the shelter wasn’t going to help as much as the rescue could and would. The best thing about Lhasa and probably other rescue organizations is that you can help those doggies and you don’t even have to live in Los Angeles to do so. You can donate over the internet. Just go to the website and read all about the poor sick doggies that need help with their vet bills. These doggies have some special needs and vet bills.

So please DONATE some $$$$!

If you are in the LA area and you’d like a little cute dog like me, then you should call Randee. Here is a screen shot of some of the pups that are available right now! You can also do a search on and get more information on the doggies. This is just a few of the doggies. They have lots of sweet doggies. (It makes me kind of sad to know these doggies don’t have forever families like I do. L)

Aren’t they cute?!! Almost as cute as me!!!!

For more information about this great doggies please go directly to

So spread the word to your friends in the Los Angeles Area that Lhasa Happy Homes has fabulous dogs that need forever homes.

You can donate money for the poor sick doggies at the website even if you don’t live in L.A., California or even the United States!

By the way, Mama says that most of you guys reading my blog are probably already pretty committed to helping the doggies.

She suggested that I ask you to tweet or “share” this article all over the place so more people can see it. She says you already know what’s important so this is like “preaching to the converted” (whatever that means). So, please hit the share button or just tell somebody to use a rescue instead of a breeder.

It’s not politically correct – it’s the absolute right thing to do.



Your pal,


Opie Tells Santa a Thing or Two

Santa Claus

I count at least 8 squirrel tails on this dudes face -- Geez every heard of a BARBER!

Mama says I need to write a letter to Santa Claus. I saw a picture of him. He’s this guy with this huge white beard. I hate beards! Mama says I can’t growl or bark at him when he comes down the chimney to leave presents for the boys. She says I’ll get a lump of coal if I’m bad. (What’s coal?) So, she suggested that I write him a letter. See that guy… looks like he’s got a dozen furry white squirrel tails on his face. I want to bite him!

Here goes!


From the Desk of Opie


(I totally dig my new stationery – Thanks Ma!)

Dear Santa,

I’d tell you to skip our house because I don’t like strangers, but Mama says that you’ll bring presents to my boys —  Gregory and Michael —  if they are good.

I say this to you IF THEY ARE GOOD!

Listen you Bearded Elf – Gregory and Michael are the best boys in the world. If you don’t bring them the stuff they want, you’ll have to deal with me. Your reindeer have antlers, but I CHEW ANTLERS! And I’ve got friends that eat dried VENISON in their kibble on a daily basis! So watch out! Rudolf’s red nose looks like a training treat to me!

Gregory and Michael are my boys!

They feed me, walk me, play ball with me and go with me to the dog park when they don’t have school.

They give the best tummy rubs in the world. They are my best buddies in the whole wide UNIVERSE!!!!

Their socks taste better than anybody else’s in the world! They want presents — then they should get presents. That’s the way I see it – no IFS ANDS or BUTSs. If they misbehave, they can’t help it. They are human puppies. I understand them – I’m a puppy too! Sometimes we pups just can’t help the trouble we get into.

For example, I can’t help chewing on socks, and especially Michael’s socks while he’s still in them. He has the best tasting toes! I can’t help rolling in stuff that to human noses smells bad. It smells great to me!  And what’s a little mud on Mom and Dad’s bed? It’ll wash off right?

Mama also says that you’ll bring me presents if I am good. Well, I’m as good as I can be. By that I mean that I am GRREAT!

Here’s my Christmas list:


More Chicken Jerky

Octopus Toy like I saw Lucy’s Human’s Blog only I’d like a purple one please.

A stuffed Squirrel toy that I can destroy

Reindeer Antler (I got my eyes on you!)

Hedgie with a red hat on so I can tear it off

New collar, preferably blue to go with my photo eyes

And no more trips to the groomer – Mama says that you can’t provide that, but if you’re magic like she says then do the job MAGIC MAN!

Mama says I should ask for less “ATTITUDE.”

My own monogrammed blanket for mom and daddy’s bed


Mama says I can also ask for stuff for other people.

So here’s what I want for my friends:

I want my dog park back so that my morning gang and I can play like mad again.

I want every dog at Lhasa Happy Home Rescue to get adopted.

I want everyone to donate a can or bag of dog food to a shelter.

I want all the cats to get adopted AND FIXED! (Seriously, we have a feral cat COMMUNITY here in Culver City! It’s scandalous!)

I want people to keep their dogs on leash so they don’t get lost or run over by cars. Really guys – Leashes = Love! Humans don’t drive well.

I want all shelters to be “no kill shelters.”

I want all army dogs to get chips so if they get lost nobody kills them at a shelter by accident.

I want a world where nobody hurts us or scares us or leaves us alone in a ditch until we don’t even look like dogs anymore. (Did you see that story on Bocci’s Blog?)

I want everyone to know how much love we have to give. All of us – big like my friends Sage and Fergus and little like my friends Chewy and Poppy and Woody!

Well Santa, that’s my list.


Oh, one last thing.


I want at least one squirrel to fall out of my tree this year and let me bite its bushy little tail!
Well gotta go Santa. See you December 25th!


Do your job! And I won’t bite you.


 Your pal,

Thomas Nast's most famous drawing, "Merry...

Hippie Santa!


P.S. Mama’s worried that I won’t get anything because I threatened you so many times in my letter, but I figure you know what’s important. I hear this “Spirit of Christmas” means good will toward men and animals. Believe me I’m no “Dog in a Manger.” I want all to enjoy what I’ve got. The more the merrier right?

“Any who”, Santa dude – You do what you gotta do, and so will I.  I figure you’ll be square with a California Snorkie even if you are wearing a dozen squirrels on your face — You old Hippie!


What Thanksgiving Means to Me — A Rescued dog


I was born near the first of December. Very soon after that I was sent away.  I lived in a shelter for a while and then I got rescued.  This is my first Thanksgiving so I don’t really know what to expect.  Mama says that it is a time for family and friends and to reflect on our blessings, the things we are thankful for.  She also says I’ll get a very special dinner that day – very meaty! Yum I can’t wait!

Mama is making me make a list of everything I am thankful for.

Here goes:

I am thankful for Mama and Daddy who adopted me into this family – I love them to infinity and beyond!

I am thankful for my two boys, Gregory and Michael – I love them. I wish they’d let me play with their toys. Their stuff looks so chewable!

I am thankful for Randi who first rescued me. She runs Lhasa Apso Happy Homes Rescue. I’m not a Lhasa Apso, but she loved my ears, so she saved me!

A Lhasa Apso.

Image via Wikipedia


I am thankful to Barbara, my last foster mom. She was great.

I am thankful that Mama and Daddy let me into their bed at night. I get to sleep with them and it is so, so nice.

I am thankful for walks in the neighborhood – It’s my job to keep it free of squirrels.

I am thankful for a big backyard to play in and the play set that I can climb up into to bark more effectively at the squirrels.

The squirrel is a red blur at the top of the ivy covered wall. When I jump, I'm just a foot short of the top.

I am thankful that Mama doesn’t seem to care about the big hole I’m digging next to the rose bush.

I am thankful for my bully stick. I love my bully stick. I wish I had a better place to hide it.

I am thankful for the ivy under the Ficus tree. I love that smelly stuff I roll in there. (I am not grateful for all the doggy deodorizer and doggy wipes mom uses on me when I do this.  I am also not grateful to the groomer. I hate having baths, and being clipped and brushed and being away from my family for so long. I hate it, hate it, hate it! )

I am thankful for my breakfast and my dinner. (Even though I wish I could have some of that ham and sausage Mama cooks on the weekend!)

I am thankful for the couch.  Need I say more?

I am thankful for the dining room table and boys who leave lots of crumbs.

Opie Crate Free and all over the furniture!

I am thankful for treats like dried chicken – I love that stuff!

I am thankful that Michael seems to drop lots of food off his plate under the table.

I am thankful for my Hedge hog toys – big Hedgie and little Hedgie

I am thankful for my doggy friend Chewy who plays with me a little when we meet on our walks.

I am thankful that Chewy’s Dad doesn’t seem to mind when we wrap him up in our leashes. He’s really nice.

I am thankful that Gregory likes to run on his walks with me. We go fast!

I am thankful for ALL of my dog park friends even if I haven’t seen them in a long, long time.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about your, hmm, hmm.. cup of tea..

I am thankful for all my pet blog friends – Sage, Chewy, Stella and Bocci in particular!

I am thankful for the Culver City Bone Yard – my dog park. I wish it were fixed now, but I’ll be really glad to get back to it.

I am thankful for my crate because it’s comfortable and smells like all the treats I get when I go in to it.

I am thankful Mama hasn’t left me alone locked up in the crate yet for more than 10 minutes.  I miss Mama so much.

I am thankful that Mama seems to be a pushover.

I am thankful that Daddy forgave me for being mean to him when I first was adopted.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  He gives the best chin and tummy rubs and always lets me on the couch and in the bed.

Ball? What Ball?

I am thankful for a lot of things.

I am thankful for the life that I have.

It makes me sad to think of so many doggies who don’t have anything to be thankful for. They don’t have food or mamas or daddies who love them. They have a steel cage and are scared and alone.

I am thankful that so many people are working to make those dogs (and cat’s too,  I suppose) lives better. I am thankful for all the pet adoption organizations and people that run them.

I’d be even more thankful if more doggies could get Mamas and Daddys.  I think I’d like that a lot.

I am even thankful for squirrels, crows and the cats that cross my backyard – they make life interesting. I enjoy a good chase!

Mama was right – writing down the things I’m thankful for really makes me feel good and lucky.   Well, I heard Mom’s going shopping for a big Bird later.  I wonder if it’s a crow. I’ll let you know later.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Pal,