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We Both Survived His first Doggy Sleep Over – Opie’s Back!

Opie did well on his first sleep away adventure.

However, he’s completely exhausted now.

I think the pictures tell the story better than I can.

I am so tired. All I want to do is sleep.


So sleepy — Eyes closing, body relaxing, shutting down..

Nuzzling in.

Yes, I can sleep like a Billy Goat. Zzzzzzz….

By the way, luckily when Opie fell off the couch he slid off on the cushion side.

He’s positioned himself in a much safer location.



Doggie Day Care – a Snorkie’s Eye View


Transcript of the conversation between Opie and Mama

Before going to Doggy Central


Mom: Opie you’ve been involved in some unacceptable behaviors lately. We’ve got to do something.
Opie: Oh Mom are you still mad about the Pumpkin Pie incident. I promise I won’t do that again. (Certainly not in that way – sotto voce)

Mom: The Pie thing was irritating, but I’ve forgiven you for that. I’m not talking about that. You’ve been trying to chew your foot and your tail! You’re bored!

Opie: I want more walks and playtime outside.

Mom: Opie you know it gets dark sooner, and the boys have lots of homework and haven’t been able to give you as much time as they’d like. The weather’s been horrible, too.

Opie: I know. I hate the rain. Why can’t you teach me to use that little room you guys go into? You could let me play with your shoes?

Mom: Hmm. Opie you need a new stimulating activity, a new experience. So, today we are going someplace new.

Opie: A dog park?

Mom: Err Um not exactly, but there will be other dogs there to play with.

At this point Mom pulled out my leash. After a quick pee run we jumped into the car. We pulled up to this big building, and I could smell lots and lots of dogs, and I could hear arffing, woofing,barking, and ruffing.

Opie: Come on Mama! Hurry up!

We entered the building and a lady came around the counter and gave me a treat. She smelled nice and the treat was yummy. Then I sat with Mama on the couch while she filled out all sorts of forms. Eventually, a man came and took my leash.

Opie: Mama, this guy smells like a pet groomer!

Mama: You’re not getting groomed. Opie what are you doing? Get up and walk like a dog.

I have to admit that I had lowered my center of gravity and gone all limp. He had to drag me out of the room. I know what dog shampoo smells like and this guy reeked of it!

The door closed behind me. I was in a big room with climbing things in it and soft cushiony platforms everywhere. I could hear the dogs, but I couldn’t see them. I was alone. Shampoo man disappeared through a door and reappeared with a grey schnauzer under his arm that he set right in front of me.

Schnauzer: Hi what’s your name? I’m going to sniff you butt. You can sniff mine if you want. Are you an aggressive dog? I sure hope not. You look nice but they don’t let aggressive dogs in here. You have to be a nice doggy and friendly and let me sniff your butt. Here is mine!

Opie: Sniff, sniff Hey, My name is Opie. What’s your…?

Then another dog came in.

Poodle: Bonjour Monsieur doggie, I am here now. You may meet me and sniff my derriere I shall sniff yours. Hmm, you have not been to the groomers recently, non? You seem alright. We shall play together. I believe you are tres charmant, oui? You can see that I am very beautiful and charmant as well. We shall have good times, mon ami!

Chihuahua: Que pasa compadre! Como te llamas? I don’t need to sniff your butt. I can tell that you are an okay dude. Watch out for the French chick, she ….

Jack Russell: What ho! A new member for our merry band? Welcome to the small dog room, my good dog. We can tell that you…

Then a horde of other little dogs came in — All wanting to smell my butt.

I have to say it was STIMULATING!!! I spent about two and a half hours meeting and greeting, running from one butt to the other.

It looked a little like this, but indoors.

The schnauzer was very friendly but so was everyone. They told me that their Mamas and Daddy’s would pick them up later that day. They come here so that they aren’t lonely during the day when their Mamas and Daddies work. They told me about meal times and treat times and outdoor times. Some of them even get walks outside the building. Several of them even have sleepovers! I asked about the other dogs I heard.

Poodle: Cherie, those are the large dogs. They are tres charmant but they keep us separated. They like to play and we do too, but their teeth and claws are quite big n’est pas? The other dogs are les petit enfants the…. How you say? Puppies.

The rest of the afternoon we ran around swapping squirrel stories, and occasionally somebody would sit down and have a little nap.

Shampoo man never shampooed me, but he gave me lots of treats. I decided not to hold his shampoo smell against him. It told my new friends about my pie raid. The Jack Russell had an equivalent story about something called pot pie. He said that pie has meat in it.

Jack Russell: Cherries? My dear fellow, we are descendants of wolves, my boy. Meat is what we should always strive for. Pie! Give me Meat Pie, I say! What, what!

Jack Russell was going to tell me all about meat pies and then I heard my boys! AND MOM!

The man came and got me and let me run into the reception area. He put my leash on and opened the door.

Opie: Mama, Mama, Mama! Boys, Boys, Boys!!!

I was so happy to see them. They were glad to see me too!

All in all it was a pretty decent day.

Mama: Did you have a good time, Opie. Were the other doggies nice?

Opie: Yes Mama!

Mama: Good Opie because we’ll visit this place again soon.

I was just exhausted when we got home. I slept so deeply. I felt no desire to chew my tail or my foot. I was just happy to snooze next to Mama and Daddy on the couch and later cuddle up next to them in bed and sleep ALL Night.

Day care was fun! I think I could go back for a short while.


Opie’s finished writing this part here’s my part.

Opie was visiting a cage free doggy day care. Doggy Central boards dogs there as well for people who go off on vacation. I wanted Opie to have a good experience and he’ll be going back fairly regularly to get him accustomed to it. I don’t want to just leave him some place unfamiliar when we eventually fly off for a family vacation. I had heard good things about this particular day care. The dogs like the cage free nature of it; they screen all the dogs for aggressive behavior. They are open 24/7. They are right next to a dog training studio and as well. Half the block is made up of dog professionals of some type.

Best of all they have a web cam!

Yes, I can take my laptop wherever we go and check on Opie via webcam!

The webcam allows you to capture stills of your dog.

After about 30 minutes of technical issues. I finally got it to work. I think this is the best thing ever.

The only drawback is that there are lots of blind spots. As long as your dog stays in the center of the room then you have a great view. However, if you dog is hugging the wall directly underneath the camera, like Opie did most of the time, then it’s a little trickier.

Anyway, we are still in the preliminary testing phases of this Day care thing, but so far so good.