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Not so Wordless Wednesday — Letters from a Doggy Inmate


Dear Bloggers,

It’s my first night at Doggy Central. I’ve been here before, but somehow this time it’s different. I really didn’t want to go this time. Once again, Mama happened to mention that the hotel was doggy friendly. She told me that in the fall after I finish up class we’ll pack up a doggy backpack for me and hit the road all together. But for now, I’m trapped at Doggy Jail Central.


Yes, the people are nice, but they are not MY people.

It is an all night party here. We don’t have cages at Doggy Central. We are “free” to roam around our little dog area. There are plenty of interesting back ends to sniff.

However, you have to be a bit careful around here– Lot’s of dominating type dogs. I’m really not into that! A couple of my deep growls and that’s the end of that! You have to show everyone who’s the Alpha and then they’ll leave you alone. I’ll bet that Yorkie will think twice next time he tries to jump ME!

I’ve found a cell mate – a pug that’s planning a break out on Sunday. He’s working on a tunnel under the plastic play house. I hear him scratching now.

The dachshund says that he can do a nice tattoo of a mermaid on my belly if I trade him one of my greenie snacks. I don’t want a mermaid. I might like a nice bone or picture of steak. I’ll talk to him more about it in the morning. The poodle is trying to sniff my butt as I write this. He’s okay. I’ll sniff him a bit later. The Dachshund says that Greenies are like gold here. I can get anything I want if I have enough greenies – extra treats, belly rubs from other dogs, extra wet food! I’m going to save mine. Who knows what I might have to trade them for?

I can hear a lonely hound in the big dog side howling a mournful tune.

Wow! He sounds just like Johnny Cash!

Come back soon family!

I’ve scratched the first day of my imprisonment stay here into the wall behind the fake grass indoor potty.


One night down! 4 more to go!



Inmate #007


How I spent Wednesday at Doggie Central

While my family pined away for me

Hi All,

By the time most of you read this today on Thursday. I will be home with my family, probably fresh from a bath! Mama never managed to get the webcam to “save as” the pictures of me at Doggy Central, but Gregory did show her the “snip it” feature on the computer. So we do have some photos.

I’ll let the web cam stills tell the story of my day at Doggy Central.

First, let me say, that I didn’t want to leave my Mama when they dropped me off. I tried to lower my center of gravity and… well I had to be dragged out. I did not really behave in a “dogly” fashion.

However, once I was there… there were so many butts to sniff and bizarre toys to climb on that I ended up having a decent time. I was kind of tired from the dog park. So, after dinner and some of my duck stick bits, I was kind of sleepy.

You see these little blue beds. We can sleep on these. Some dogs take naps during the day on them. I had a blanket last night. Mama told the lady that I’m used to sleeping in the bed with them. I can’t bring my own toys or blanket, but they gave me something warm last night.

Some dogs were kind of noisy during the night. It was not as quiet as it is at my house. Of course, once Mama and Daddy start snoring maybe it’s not all that different. I did manage to get some sleep, but I’ll admit I got up and walked around a little bit.

When I woke up the next day, I had my familiar breakfast of kibble. Additionally, I got a special bonus. One of the guys took me for a walk. I was really excited at first. I thought he was going to take me to my Mama. Unfortunately, he didn’t. When I got back, there were more doggies there and we played a bit.

I really enjoyed playing with the three white poodles. They come to Doggy Central all the time. In this picture we are trying to see what’s going on in the other small dog room. One of our attendants was over there. She smells like treats!

There are four big rooms of dogs at Doggy Central – two small dog rooms and two big dog rooms. I’m in the smallest small dog room. The other small dog room has bigger small dogs in it. Mama likes me to stay with the little guys. I don’t mind. The some of the bigger small dogs are actually big dog puppies and not really that small.

Maybe because I was so tired from my noisy neighbors, my walk or just missing my Mama. I finally just had to lie down and take a nap. Mama told me when I got back that I should try and stay in the line of site of the camera.

I was really in line this time. I was “dog” tired!

Of course, this didn’t last long. I was back on my feet in no time at all. Dogs were always running around, barking, and our attendant was frequently on our side of the wall mopping up our little puddles and picking up our little “offerings.”

As you can see, I’m worn out for a moment.

But it didn’t take long for me to perk up to see what was going on.

Mama says that this trip was to accustom me to being at Doggy Central. She wanted me to understand that she will always come and get me. She doesn’t want me to feel abandoned when or if they go on trips.

Well honestly I don’t feel abandoned at all. The other dogs are fun and interesting to play with.

The people are nice enough.

But I still will miss my family and be glad when they return.

Our First Sleep Over – Opie’s Mom Report

I’m a Mama on the Edge!

Hi All,

Opie’s Mom here!

I have to say I have mixed feelings about the subject of this posting – Opie’s first sleep over. Maybe I’m looking for moral support. (No maybe about it!) So here goes!

Opie’s Dad and I are going to a wedding. We’ll be gone all day and won’t return until late. The boys will have a sitter with them the whole time, but Opie is a little “funny” with the sitter. Sometimes he loves her to pieces, and sometimes inexplicably he becomes highly suspicious of her. I would trust his judgment but our Delfina has been taking care of Gregory since he was in diapers and Michael since he came home from the hospital. The boys love her, and she loves them! She loves Opie too. It could be that Opie smells Delfina’s little dog and is wondering when her little ball of fluff is going to encroach on his territory. Maybe this is what puts him on edge.

We don’t know.

Opie’s Dad suggested that this weekend was the perfect time to get Opie used to being without us over night. We will go away for Spring Break and for some weekends in the summer. His reasoning is that Opie should build up to being left at Doggie Central for a week or more. This, of course, makes sense. He might think he’s been abandoned if we leave him just “cold turkey” for a week. I certainly don’t want him to think that. We want him to expect our return. BECAUSE WE WILL!

This attack of nerves feels suspiciously like the attack I had when I sent my 12 year old on his school trip alone across the country for the first time. Just like that trip, I’m worrying how Opie’s going to deal with sleeping without Mom and Dad. I worry whether he’ll be comfortable or scared, whether he’ll eat well, whether he’ll get along with the other dogs, whether the people will be nice to him. I know the people are nice. I’ve met them, but what if the day crew is nice and the night crew is a bunch of dog hating sadists? Opie’s Dad thinks I’m paranoid. Maybe I am. But there’s a reason I refer to myself as Opie’s Mom.

This is what we Moms do. We worry. We are paranoid – and LORD HELP THE PERSON THAT HARMS MY KID or SWEET LITTLE DAWGINS! Sorry — just had paranoia surge.

Of course, it’s only one night, right? He’ll be okay for one night.

The question is — Will I?

Expect a blog about Opie’s return from his sleep over by the end of the weekend. I know I’ll have to write about it. In the meantime, feel free to offer any moral support you feel you can.

Well, so long all,

Opie’s Nervous Paranoid Mom


Please enjoy some pictures of my sweet little fur ball!